Book with Jo Cosmic Codes

Learning about your Cosmology and Astrology empowers you and unlocks your soul journey by giving you a map to navigate your path.

These amazing tools also reveal past life karmic patterns and assist us in exploring what we have come to reveal and heal

This is life changing and can be used at key universal and personal times to assist in powerful transformations

As we unlock our personal mystery the universe reveals it’s secrets

and life becomes more magical


Mayan Sign In Depth Reading

Learn about your Mayan Sign and what cycle you are currently on. Focus on key questions that you would like to explore and reveal the magic of your Cosmic Code. Remember your star seeded gifts Unlock your personal soul mission



Cosmic Codes Astrology

Your entry into the world shows a magical pattern Learn more about how the starry skies are influencing you Come with key questions Asteroids will bring new conscious focus Limitless insights for you to empower yourself


More in depth readings


Moon Goddess ~ 2 hours . Chart and EFT coaching

We are in a 13 year cycle of the Moon Goddess and the return to balance of the sacred feminine . Explore how your life can be transformed through personal empowerment We look at your chart with key asteroid placements. This includes an energy coaching session to create a focus and dynamic shift.