I am a

holistic therapist

living in the amazing sacred landscape


Glastonbury in Somerset.

I specialise in energy coaching

I offer a person to person service and group workshops.

We are in an amazing transformation time on the planet. 

Knowing about your Cosmic Codes is very empowering at this time.
I work on Zoom too so can connect to people anywhere in the world.

Glastonbury is a major pilgrim site and an energetic supernova.
It has attracted people for thousands of years.

On the landscape there is an amazing Zodiac

where I hold Open Your Heart Retreats.

At the moment I am focusing on sharing a bigger picture perspective

using the

Mayan Wavespell Calendar and Starcode Astrology.

This inspires people to see more information about themselves and why they are here.
The combination creates a powerful focus and life coaching tool.

Expansion of the life journey is key at this time.

I assist people in creating the life they want now using energy therapies.

In particular I use

Emotional Freedom Technique ~ also known as Tapping.

I use this as an alchemical tool to release old storylines in life


rewrite new inspiring ones.

Love to hear from you.



14 thoughts on “About

    1. Yes I can send you info about your Starcode and Mayan sign if you send me your time/date/place of birth. I hadn’t heard of Mintaka before ~ just checked it out. Thank you for expanding my awareness 🙂


  1. Greetings Lovely One. I am hoping that you have not forgotten about me. Blue Self Existing Night KIN 43. I know that you are very busy. Peace and love to you always.


  2. How perfect is Perfection. Timing IS everything.That the gift arrived on that day is more than coincidence. It is synchronicity. I am so glad it resonates with you. I chose carefully, and asked for guidance. May you walk in Beauty.


  3. I have enjoyed your rather intuitive posts and found many useful frames. I would like to have a personal Mayan Astrology report. Do you did those? and how much roughly will that cost? In US dollars
    Birthdate 3/31/1967
    yes i have time and place.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Tina Thank you for getting in touch. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you lovely. I have been busy this last week. I charge £22 for a report which is recorded. We can also do live chat too on Zoom if you wish so you can ask questions. At todays rate that is $29.49. Hope to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying my posts. Hugs x


  4. Hi Jo
    have just discovered your site and really love it ,thank you so much for sharing the full spectrum of your life walk experience and the knowledge and wisdom gained
    i resonated strongly with your own intense journey recognising same commitment devotion and intensity in my own
    i would love to connect and have a chat about working with you to expand and deepen my own knowledge I am red spectral serpent kin 245 of polar family planet Maldeck having recently discovered my kin 245 tone 11 being 7th clear sign of 13 on lid of sarcophagus of pakal voton
    would love to deepen and expand my connection
    In Lak esh Tracy


  5. Hi Jo
    Just following up on our conversation and checking in with you to see if you have any free time in your calendar to chat coming up and what is best way to connect
    Love Tracy


  6. Hi Jo
    Lovely to hear back i have left message on Skype how ever the request process been updated ,so hope you are able to accept and receive message if not its tracy.rossiter5
    will be wonderful to connect so looking forward to it in terms of time difference i find works well my night your morning as an example 8pm here is 9am your time happy to play around either side of these in aligning times if it helps you organise i am free 5th 9th 6th next week ,hoping one of these work for you looking forward to connecting Love Tracy


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