Rooted 52 Day Course


The next 52 day Course

begins on Thursday 20 May 2021

As the lockdown comes to an end you may be feeling a little lost and untethered

This course is designed to help you focus


begin to birth your new earth vision:

Are you ready to let your light shine ?

Each 13 day segment will guide you


Awaken to a new vision for your future

It has been seeded long ago and started to sprout during this unprecedented time

Begin to take action to start to build it with new knowledge.

Feel inspired to begin to create.


Refine your life plan

Work at a whole new level with a Cosmic map to guide you.

This reveals key ancestral patterns that are essential to know to grow your new future.

Gain clarity and purpose about your new life goals and how to achieve them.

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Time to recycle.

Unveil the key inherited family stories that are keeping you locked in the past.

Discover ancient magical tools that reveal a new destiny for you.

Feel inspired to create the life you want to live and gain confidence to do it.

Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

Embody the new path:

See your past through different eyes.

Know that everything was essential to allow your gifts to emerge at this time as part of a wider circle of human evolution.

Continue with this journey feeling your inner peace expand as you become more grounded and centred. Emerge and shine your light.



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Rooted Course

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