White Wind Wavespell



Initiated today Friday 29 July 2016

 with a galactic portal

a human evolution potentiality 


This is the challenge and new learning code for human evolution 

This is the second sign of 20 Signs
It is the 13 day process following on from

Red Moon Wavespell

What we have been encountering over the past 13 days as to authenticity and honesty ~ awakening to in the Green Castle of the heart in the Mayan 260 day evolution process
Is now bringing us the next level of refinement

This is how each Castle of 4 Wavespells evolves our personal


collective process

White Wind is all about truth coming from our spirit self
free of distortions from our personal human being journey
The lifetime personal enlightenment process of the human being
is to be able to embody our spirit self
By becoming aware of our ancestral codes and wounding
and if we choose to be of the belief:
By becoming aware of our past lives and reincarnation process and wounding

Then working with these codes to evolve our ancestral and spiritual lines 

It sounds complicated
but actually all that we need to know
is revealed the further we go into this process
on a personal level and on a daily level

There is no time in that sense 😉

Each person is revealing their personal codes on a daily basis
through their interactions with the environment
especially with other people
especially with birth family
This is all part of the process
At this time in human evolution

We are returning to balance :

Masculine and Feminine within us
Giving and receiving
Heart and Mind
Human self and Spirit Self
working together in alchemy

To create the future Avatar

The embodiment within the person

At this Leo Sun time this is so key


To become very aware of oneself
That is the focus
To learn about oneself and what I love to do and create
What are my gifts ?
What is my heart’s desire ?
To expand on this way of being to truly live from the heart
At the same time:
What is stopping me from this?
What hurts my heart?
What life learning has revealed wounding in relationship ?
Because of this past wounding what is still repeating today?
What is showing up daily to remind me of this?

Emotional triggering is going to be really strong for the next 12 months

All that is creating disharmony and imbalance is coming to the surface
Pluto in Capricorn bigger picture cycle

It is coming up to the light for our conscious awareness

Some of it is glaringly obvious ~ in the political arena worldwide for example ~ it defies logical belief ~ because…
We are awakening to the truth of how human beings create their world stage from their inner beliefs
How we are learning how that works now
That the heart keeps bringing us what is seeking healing
So we can personally heal and learn how to love and accept ourselves
then do that with other people as a result
Creating Heaven on Earth on all levels
Letting go of Neptunian fantasies
Ready to hear that inner child who is seeking to be heard, loved and accepted
All is in the starry skies to assist in that process 😉
Leo is all about love
It is Fire energy
Moving energy
Letting go of our frozen moments
Becoming aware of how our past generations have experienced emotional and physical trauma
How we are still playing that out in some way
So we can end it now

White Wind’s planet is Uranus

Today we have Uranus stationing retrograde at 24 degrees of Aries
A harp which plays itself.
Joy and freedom are perfect companions along the greater way. Joy celebrates existence with a passion and a power and a fervent insistency. Freedom keeps on opening the context to make it more universal, more resonant, and more karma-free. Moving along this way is a creative feast of self-discovery and exploration of the edges. When selfhood is free to improvise and is open-ended, it is an unqualified blessing. You most especially demonstrate and embody a self-generative style and substance that is wildly needed and inspirationally infused into the collective bloodstream. So that we can get on with innovations and limitless worlds, and feel confident that there is somebody there pioneering the bold reaches forward who is too foolish to stop for anything.
This is the essence of the Fool Card in Tarot
New beginnings coming from those who dare challenge the collective status quo mindset and be the change
We also have Mercury in Leo at 28 degrees :
LEO 28
Men doing gymnastics.
Physical, material existence in a sturdy body in time and space is the greatest agony and the greatest ecstasy that could ever be. It is agony in that you are so weighed down by the gravity of things, sorely troubled, heavily impacted, just about immobilized. It is ecstasy in that you can do so much with it, and when you mobilize yourself to take hold of the body and wield it as an instrument and a vessel, the physical turns into a masterpiece, a wonder, a delight unsurpassed. You experience the heights and depths of ambivalence toward incarnation and embodiment, feeling both repelled and attracted by the core drama of life in this Earth. When you feel good, everything glows with promise. When your life-force ebbs and becomes stagnant, the world is saturated with abysmal dread. Learn to harness embodied selfhood into something more constant and satisfying, even with repeated bouts of coming up against resistance, and habit dying hard. Rigidity versus fluency. You have a creative dilemma with so much growth, outlasting your own inner enemies and becoming Earth-worthy in the physical–triumphantly and with lasting imprint.
Our Higher God and Goddess self squaring Mars who is now back in Scorpio ~ also at 28 degrees
What is seeking integration within each one of us to create a phoenix from the ashes ?
What is seeking death to create a rebirth and reboot on planet earth’s humanity?
A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.
This is radical reform time and for people who are truly on the self reform path of spirituality
All is here now for each person to work with and evolve very quickly when we are ready to embrace the dark side of ourselves
and love ourselves once again
This is the personal fall from grace
It is only a perception in many ways
A mindset that creates a change in our whole being
That is all of humanities past
and holds the seeds of humanities future too
It is already written in the book of human evolution
All the individual need to is decide to be their truest beautiful self
and do it 😉
Decide how to learn again how to relate from a place of love
No matter what is happening all around
No matter what others are doing or saying
To be the absolute impeccable person on the path of the heart

Just sharing this links that I have learned from this week :


Lion’s Gateway :


New Moon in Leo on Tuesday :

Leo New Moon at 10 degrees:
LEO 10
A man putting olive oil all over his body.
Physical life is so much agony and so much ecstasy that it stretches your body’s ability to move with the flux and ferment. You are called upon to behold yourself, to witness to the central flame and to endow your personal embodied self with a daily rhythm of self-remembrance and self-revitalization. You can do nothing for anybody else unless you are whole within yourself. There is an urgent call, an inward stirring to offer to yourself the full power of your destiny path, to become bonded and fused with the truth of your being. There is also a transcendent power, a greater selfhood-presence blessing, preserving, and sustaining your path in this world. So that the light can burn brighter through the joy in your heart and your vital physical embodiment, given through yourself to all.
We are in dark moon time ~ the time before birth or the pre menstural time for a woman
At this time now and also as a collective time in the transition of humanity
Dark Goddess time when all the repression of the sacred feminine , is coming to an end
The Universe , that we are, has it all worked out ~ only our conditioned mind resists this
Once we really start to unlock our personal mysteries and release ourselves we are removing our veil
A chandelier which holds lit candles.
Creative selfhood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.
Love these degrees 
from Inside Degrees
Once the human being decides to be their heart’s desire
Everything in the Universe works with that intent
The road will be rocky at times
There will be times of sorrow
There will be extreme challenges because that is the process of evolution
It is all part of the process
It is what has to happen to birth a new child
Free of wounding
Like we were in many ways as children fresh from spirit
only as adults we have everything we need to work wisely and responsibly
free on all levels

free to love

free to be our true nature

It is so worth it

Sharing this picture today from 2 years ago when I co created with my friends in Glastonbury
It was an amazing time and wow what has changed since then on our journeys ?
Things we did not know then
Lots of crying since then
Lots of anger release
To reform ourselves
Love you two and all the other amazing people in my life who have helped me on my journey in different ways
All of it is exactly as it was meant to be
So today we can set an intention to allow ourselves to be guided by our Universal Dancer Self who has the answers for our next steps
If only we will listen and make the space
do the dance
to be free from our fear
Lots of love to all

Blue Electric Monkey



Blue Electric Monkey 


The picture I have used for this article is of

Hanuman ~ the Hindu God 

More info about him here :


The key about this info that I am focusing on is :

He played a key part in an epic war against a demon God

He was the son of a wind God (Hermes/Mercury/Thoth in other frameworks)

His name can mean ~ pride that was destroyed 

My perception of this is that it is a mythological event

that has been created to embed

a process in humanity

A transformational process

of human evolution

which is also

what the 13 Clear Signs reveal 


In the early stages of humanity and it’s consciousness evolution

this is akin to stories of wisdom


morality through all cultures and ages


stories told to children

fairytales that are often dark




these stories go into a deeper place in the collective consciousness

Now we are starting to work with these archetypes in a whole new way

Humanity is ready to shape their reality


We have been shaping reality unconsciously en masse for millenia

So we can see what creates what

As always this is my experiential opinion

I am a common woman

I have an intention to share my journey and consciousness

It is not my intention to create offence or be disrespectful

This is key awareness too

This is key to working with conscious intention


being as clear a communicator as I can 

being respectful


letting go of what other people think

because I cannot control anyone else 


their opinion of me and my opinions 

All opinions are valid and valued in this amazing 

Reality Game that we are all in

I am writing this in a Capricorn Full Moon energy 

just having gone into Aquarius

at 5 degrees as I initiated this blog 

Humans worshipping an obese nature goddess.
The feminine is the most ancient and the most futuristic of source energies. It is far back and near forward. Either or both ways, in source wisdoms or in awakening vision, you cleave to the Mother for inspiration, guidance, and sustenance. Your whole heart and soul are given over to the lineage of those who know and serve the Goddess. An evolutionary return on the next spiral to a fresh individual discovery of just how to follow the Divine Feminine within Earth expression. Moving into innovations, breakthroughs, epiphanies. Living for these. And in the stream of a whole new world coming into being, right in the center of what is vital and pivotal and must come out. You feel synchronized with the collective, riding the crest of the wave, knowing and remembering what living in the Earth is truly all about.


Articles about this Full Moon at 27 degrees here:

Chani Nicholas 

Joness Jones 

As I write this we are in the last few days of Cancer Sun


Cosmic Moon Day 24 

Moon Day 24 is my Moon Day 🙂 

Every Mayan Moon Day 24 I get deeper insights 

If you know yours tune in to this awareness every month


We are in the last few days of

the Mayan Year

White Planetary Wizard 

the manifestation 10th day code of

Red Serpent Wavespell~ relationship process and the 13 day code that takes us into the heart of the matrix



Blue Monkey Wavespell



Asteroid consciousness coming in ~ new codes of self empowerment and letting the magic flow through us

How has this year been for you ? 

Have you found it easy to go with the flow of the universe rather than your own will ?

We are approaching a tremendously powerful transition year

Blue Spectral Storm


Planet ~ Pluto

On the day I am writing this

Red Overtone Skywalker

Planet Mars

This is the 5th code of

Red Moon Wavespell

The awakening code in the

Green Castle of the Heart



Vladimir Kush ~ Ocean Sprouts 

The 13 day process of

being truth

being the beacon of light

Free of corruption

by transforming corrupted code

corrupted life events

ancestral healing

ancestral awareness

Creating Heaven on Earth through each one of us

as an individual releasing times of Hell on Earth 


Vladimir Kush ~ above the sea level 

Here is a love~ly blog about this code:

13x productions :

Moon Wave Reborn 

This 13 clear sign is

I believe

The alchemy code essence

of the 13

It is the heart of the matter

Venus is the planet

It is literally the spine of the Tzol Kin

It is the central column

The top of the pyramid process

The Blue Castle

The Blue 13 day process of transformation




Born from the Sea  ~  Vladimir Kush 

Blue Monkey Wavespell

It is what this 260 day process is all about

Transforming our childhood experiences

so we can grow into emotional maturity

as a collective through each individual doing this maturation process



only then

will we have a harmonious safe space for all

because all will understand what creates peace and harmony

and be it

and live it

This process has always been happening

because all is necessary for human beings to know this

All this pain

All this suffering over thousands of years on planet earth

Has created a structure

A foundation stone

That we are now ready to place another layer on

Everything is perfectly aligned

On time



just because it is going to take time

as long as it takes

For those who are ready to do the process now


It can begin and expand

Peace begins with me



Ascend the Spirit ~ Vladimir Kush 

There is no need for anyone else to do anything

When the individual has that focus on the outside 


a need for everything else


everyone else

to change to be happy

this peace process cannot happen

The ego misdirects and wants to create

a conditioned consumer dream

That is the collective humanity delusion now:

If I buy enough stuff

If I am beautiful enough

If I have the “right” car

If I have the optimum career

A beautiful body/face/dress/wife/husband

If I have more money than my boss


We are all in that money spin doctor game on some level



Vladimir Kush 


in the world we live in right now

it is true that most of us do need money to live


there is a myth that there is a shortage of it

Yet in truth ?

Look around at the

new buildings

new roads

new trains

new stadiums

new structures that corporations are somehow accessing ?

Think about it

Know it is simply another myth an urban fairytale that is obscene and terrible


yet a necessary experience to witness what the ego can do when at it’s most pathological 



It is time for humanity to wake up

to yet another level of man’s inhumanity to man

and see how that ego pathology

has morphed for this generation

For whatever excuse aka lie

It is systemic and we all do it at some level for many reasons 

Be a hypocrite

Live a lie

To try and survive

Do what we know 

Time to see a different solution?


Vladimir Kush 

It is radical

It is hard to swallow for the ego

It leads to freedom

It lets go of blame

It allows new solutions to be created

It is an inner job

All of this war and aggression

comes from our childhood experiences


our ancestor’s childhood experiences

that is where the root structure is 


Vladimir Kush 


From our child development

When we could not get our own way

Because an adult said no

Simplistic ?

Yes and the truth is most things are very simple at their core

All the technology we have today was created by a human being who once had an issue in their childhood

Take washing up for example

Do you want to play out in the garden with your friends in the sunshine ?

Or wash a pile of dishes that someone else had made ?

Food for you maybe that you didn’t like and had to eat

and now you have to wash the many pots as well





at all those around you

especially those making you do that or ridiculing you

and no way to avoid that

or the next level was even worse if you did

as maybe it was compounded with guilt and shame and humiliation

or more punishments so any choice available is an unwanted choice 

Take education for example

4 T

Pink Floyd animation from The Wall

Do you want to go and sit in a classroom with an adult who doesn’t like their job

learning about something that has zero interest for you


no practical or fun application with a group of peers

who are equally unhappy about said situation


may even blot out all learning opportunities whether you want them or not

because they are louder and ruder

and more aggressive than you 

Do you want to go to a place where you are bullied every day by other children

and adults


now have to pay for it at a so called higher level

with no guaranteed position at the end of this system you had to do

Now law in the UK


when you have got yourself in debt and have no money

have a pittance given to you ~ eventually

as long as you agree to take any job

virtually any where

for a pittance

Do you want to wear a uniform and be a clone

Do you want to serve others who are rude and bully you?

Do you want to coercively bullied ?

This is now illegal in the UK for person to person

Article here

yet our authority systems are doing it every day to all citizens

So is it a surprise that our society has issues ?

Is it a surprise that our society is sick ?

People are not machines

People are amazing beings

I know what I am sharing here

Is so simple in many respects

It will be ridiculed by many

As I said earlier it ain’t rocket science 😉 and no surprises to many

and yet once you start to do your research and go down that rabbit hole

it get’s even darker than a

Stephen King Novel but that is where we have to go to find out the truth 


All the evidence is there in plain sight of our mad society 


what it is creating

and how corporations are actively seeking to overrule laws


common sense


these are also individuals


human beings that are no different to anyone else

yet think that they are 

These individuals are the key power manipulators

who extort and manipulate society rules

to bully and get what they want

through fear and abuse

and yet  

seemingly many people admire them


create TV shows about them doing exactly that


even vote them into positions of power ???

All parts of the system are essential to it’s expansion and creation


Vladimir Kush ~ Behind the trees

If we look at generational patterns

using tools like



The Mayan Calendar

we can look in depth at family patterns

How each generation has followed on from the last

Seeking to deal with their childhood issues



This is key to this Astrological time of year

The astrological time of Cancer and Capricorn

The Mother and The Father

The Matriarch and the Patriarch

All our structures

that we create with throughout life


formed in the 4th House 


Vladimir Kush Moonwatch

In the natural zodiac this is Cancer

Where the bottom rung of

The Stairway to Heaven is

Midheaven being where we are manifesting our personal

Heaven on Earth

In the natural zodiac this is Capricorn

The 10th House

Here is an image I found to illustrate this ~ link to Dustin’s Website below :

What we manifest throughout life

is structured in our roots of childhood

Home and Family 

Our birth tribe 

If you start to look at your family constellations

you will see how they have shaped and formed your personal patterns


Vladimir Kush 

I offer you:

It is what we are here for to be consciously aware of at this time

To focus on how the home is the creation crucible

How it has been put under great stress


it’s importance has been overlooked

in a society who does not seem generally to value that

or understand that

part of our structure

which does not create something consumable

with a monetary value


this is total madness and unworkable

Something has got to give

at the moment that is the human beings who are collapsing under the strain

In turn becoming a “burden” on a system that is already under pressure

This week I have been noticing this in structures I have

Canopies pulled too tightly ripping under the strain in the wind

Pulled this way and that

Getting thinner

The fabric weakening

overstretched for a long time like me

Bed sheets pulled beyond their size eventually giving way

A tiny hole pulled apart eventually gives way to the forces

Coming undone



Surrender to the stronger forces

Time to stop resisting what is
knowing it cannot be sustained

I cannot sustain living like this with too much to do


too little resources


no way to do it 

Mission Impossible 

How many times have I been in this insane situation at work and at home ?


a pill will not fix this

Who does the housework? The garden? The nurturing?

Working a 40 hour week minimum with commuting on top that you don’t get an allowance for ?

Two weeks holiday a year if lucky?


Madness Process ~ outcome ?


Vladimir Kush

This process is designed purposefully

on one level

to restrain and control



by wilful children

lacking emotional maturity

lacking restraint

lacking the will to do what is needed from a place of integrity

from a place of balance

from a place of wisdom


inner control 


how is that possible when conditioned codes of co dependency

do not allow that

actively promote addiction and dependency



Look at the evidence of all these business models ~ no long term vision because ?

It is not a pretty sight ~ it is a road to nowhere in it’s present format

Often men are excluded from their children’s bonding process

Children are often placed in nursery and child minding with strangers

Births are managed clinically

I am not stating any of this to criticise simply stating truth

(Things are changing too bringing a turnaround )

Everything is being machinated to the extreme


it is madness

The feminine aspects are being repressed and denied

The simple and free things in life are no longer valued or even recognised by many

My Grandparents were born at the start of the world war times



Their generation experienced first hand what it was like to be a child

in a time of threat and


There has often been a propaganda myth circulated

that unwed mother’s


single parents

was a new bad thing that arrived in the 80’s by the media in the UK

There were lots of single parents in these earlier times

Lots of unwed mother’s throughout time

Lots of sex before marriage throughout time

Lots of men coming back from the war with post traumatic stress

Lots of women too with post traumatic stress who were nursing these men in the field

and at home

Dealing with the aftermath

My Great Grandmother had six boys…

that she looked after most of the time as a single parent

Her husband became an invalid after the first world war 

with no support whatsoever from the state system

that decided there had to be war 

She took in washing and lodgers

as if 6 boys to look after wasn’t enough

She killed herself in her 60’s 

She had had enough 

This is a common story in our history


very typical 


things have moved on in many ways 

on the economic and material level 

One of her son’s 

my Grandfather

was a Leo 

Like many of his peers he had

Saturn in Cancer 

A structure of emotional security 

An emotional feminine energy 


Cancer being the sign connected to the Moon 


This is a fabulous article about Saturn in Cancer 

I have learned so much by reading it 



Generational patterns of bringing light in 1915:

Uranus in Aquarius

Pluto in Cancer 

Neptune in Leo 

A time before the depression of the 30’s 

Very key to today’s repeating patterns around what led up to that state of being 

Silent Movies 

Key to awareness process

The Silver Screen 


Some celebrities transferred into sound 

A whole different way of acting out …

Some did not

Huge archetypal patterns and memes being broadcast into the collective

around ego identity structures

Can you recognise some of your ancestors patterns?

Some of yours?

I studied English Lit and have always been an avid reader 

I can see how my life has been shaped by this interaction 

Just had a big aha today around DH Lawrence ~ Sons and Lovers 

I studied this at school and I found it really depressing

but I can now see how it impacted on me in a big way as it was meant to 

I spent a lot of my time watching the Hollywood films with my Nan 

Saturday afternoons 

My belief system around happy endings

What determined success


Women and their role

Men and theirs 

All a Hollywood script with very little basis in real life 

escapism and yet the majority of people…

still do not recognise how we are being brainwashed by a framework

that does not care that this cognitive dissonance

creates mental illness

because it goes against fundamental human nature and values

held by the majority of human beings


we need to go there to know that 

What has changed today ?

We now get to see a bigger picture of the star on the screen


how their quest for stardom 

did not create a happy ending for them

and yet what they shared entertained millions of people


the personas where amazing

and at the same time they were suffering yet wearing a mask

just the same

as human beings who did not have their material wealth or fame  


How many celebrities of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

are now being seen in a whole new light as they truly were



what they were hiding ?

Their sexuality 

Their Plutonian shadow 

Their abusive behaviour 

Their self abuse

because they did not feel loved and accepted

and therefore did not love and accept themselves 

I cannot find an article about

Neptune in Leo transit around 1915

but I have found this article about

Pluto in Capricorn at 27 Degrees 

I did not know this but this is the exact degree of the USA ‘s chart 

Here is a very revealing archive article by 

Dane Rudhyar 

Uranus in Aquarius in 1915

and again in 1996 to 2003 

when my daughter was born 

an article here :

evolving door


here are some celebrities from both periods 


This is what I am passionate about 

sharing ways 

sharing information


personal empowerment and transformation

amidst all these dark experiences 

is where the magical light is found 

Is where hope lives

Dreams are found again

in the realms of the

Soul seeking the impeccable path of truth 



Vladimir Kush Dreamcatcher 

If you are ready to work consciously with these spirals of evolution

I have some workshops and ebooks that you may find beneficial :



A Day Out Of Time Webinar 

Simply click on the links 

Wishing you joy and love wherever you are on your Cosmic Cookie Trail

here I am on mine 


Blue Crystal Hand ~ Code 12 ~ Soul Warrior


Blue Crystal Hand

This is the Complex Stability Code

for the

Spiritual Warrior Process

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

This code was on Thursday 14 July 2016

so if you want to do

self enquiry

focus on what was happening to you then

as to your creation process 


Every day 12 of a Wavespell

is this

Crystal Code 


Day 12 reveals how clear we are

as a human being 

How in the flow we are with the Universe

How healthy we are

as our environment is supporting us 

Our lifestyle is supporting us

Our choices around how we play the game of life is supporting flow of life on all levels 

How free we are from our cultural conditioning is key 

Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign 

It is the Mystic 

It reveals what is resonating 

How our personal vibe and life journey is resonating 

Self enquiry :

Am I feeling good?

On purpose?

On track?

Capable ?

Feeling empowered ?

What emotions am I experiencing ?

This is key to being liberated from the personality and it’s wants 

To know oneself 

This may seem complicated at the onset 

At the initiation 

It is like learning any new skill

the easiest route in this case

is to let our emotions guide us ~

however if you have repressed

your true emotional self…

You may find this difficult and uncomfortable … at first 


most people have repressed this innate wise mechanism

to survive 

because our society generally is based on deceit


repression of the authentic self 

which in itself 


mixed messages 

to the self 

also known as 

Cognitive Dissonance 

Driving a car is a great analogy

for the evolutionary soul journey 

Things do have to stay separate 

until the driver has the skill set 








At the beginning there are so many things to do simultaneously 


the mind goes into overload

trying to overthink each separate task 

Part of us beyond the logical mind knows 

As we drive the car 

We are constantly looking in our mirrors 

Seeing what is around us in comparison to where we are 

If we are mindful of others

however some do not do this and focus purely on the self 😉 

Knowing where we are on our path through others is a reactive model

that is familiar to many 

How fast we are going

How slow we are going 

Who is going faster and what car are they driving may be a focus too 

How others impact on our journey with their ways of travelling 

How we react to that 

How that can ~ literally ~ impact on us 

How we feel about that …

that everything that everyone else does on planet earth

affects us personally on one level  


how that awareness creates an emotional response 

Tensegrity is another way of perceiving this process 

impeccability :

on the path of truth 

Carlos Casteneda 

Buckminster Fuller 

How each journey on a different day

can be so very different

because the universal energies are different and

we are different

It is Complex 


Are we in gear ?

What gear?

Moving out of gear ?



One day so many things to factor and maybe feeling anxious 

Over time everything clicks effortlessly without thinking in depth


often our mind zones out into auto pilot without even realising it 

We trance out 

We stop being conscious of each moment 

Finding segments of our journey elude our conscious recall

Our mind has hypnotised itself

This is key to notice this 

If we start to actually think about driving again ~ to go back to our first learning process 

It can actually feel very unsafe 



no complex stability 

City driving requires a different skill set to country living 

Noticing this and paying attention is often called


when the individual starts to focus on the self with this conscious awareness 

Personal enlightenment truly initiates 


Intellectually knowing the self

is important 

Knowing about personal patterns

is a key part


self awareness 

Knowing how our personal vehicle works:

The Human Being Self 

The Avatar 

Is a Mastery Skill Set that creates a Foundation Stone 

At another level 


transform this

Foundation Stone 


to recapitulate all that has been created during this lifetime 

This is a Shamanic Process 

A Sorcerer Process 

To allow connection to one’s Source 

To surrender to divine will 

The Spirit Self 

This takes Courage because it is an emotional process 

It requires getting intimately in touch with the whole self 

especially the parts the self likes to hide because it believes these parts to be unworthy 

It is easy to do an intellectual process 

It is very challenging to come face to face with oneself

because this is where the pain is 

It becomes easier over time 

as the ego self realises that it can face pain and survive it 



feel better because of this process 

Blue Hand is part of a Mayan family of 4:

Red Earth  ~ Grounding to feel safe on earth ~ mastery code 17 ~ Uranus

White Wind ~ Spirit speaking truth and wisdom ~ code 2 ~ Uranus

Blue Hand ~ Healing through transformation ~ code 7 ~ Earth

Yellow Human ~ The flowering of our true free self ~ code 12 ~ Earth 

Combined Codes ~ 38 = 11 

The Divine Child Process = Blue Monkey is Code 11 

To go further  = 2

To work with our shadow self and through that process create new learning 

Code 2 ~ White Wind ~ truth 

Letting go of what is no longer serving us to be free


evolve the Human Race

which is what the 260 day Wavespell Process

is all about 

The Human Being’s choice

is what level to play the game at 


All Mayan Sign’s

are part of a team of 4 energies 

Here is a document I created about this:

Master Castle Codes 

which is on my

Resources page 

Red Earth is the Awakening Sign 


The Planet is Uranus 

Awakening to what is seeking light 

Freedom from what un grounds the individual 

because of their initial earthly experiences in relationships since arriving incarnate 

This is always found in the Birth Tribe 

Once the individual starts to initiate the transformation process 

There are key programmes in place that have to be faced 

Core Tribal Codes 

Survival Codes 

Loyalty Codes 

on a deeper level 

Compliance and Conditioned Society Codes 

This is a Mastery Level that takes a great deal of personal work 

Radical Responsibility 

All that the ego has created to stay “safe” 

is there to be transformed to allow evolution 

to do this consciously as an individual 

requires conscious personal inner work 

to be conscious of what makes one tick

what one wants to expand that is respectful

and in balance

with new balanced relationship codes coming in

what is seeking release that no longer serves

and is often labelled generally as:

victim code

i.e avoidance of personal responsibility 

when we are in that mode we are disempowered

because we believe someone has the power now

Taking our power back is key 

This is from childhood experiences

From disempowerment events 

this is not about excusing abusive behaviour or condoning it in any way 

this is am essential part of our personal enlightenment process

and is how the evolution” game” is played 

I do not intend any disrespect of anyone’s personal journey with these statements


to create any judgement around any experiences in any way 


White Wind is the Refinement Sign 


free from emotional personality distortion

The High Priestess Avatar

Who has cleared their conditioned experiential distortions

to allow a channel to source

that speaks of truth

free of agenda and manipulation 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus

As the second Mayan Sign in the Matrix 

It is the new learning on planet Earth for human being development 

Yellow Human is the Flowering Sign 

the embodiment

in balance of the spiritual self and the human being self 

As the Mayan 12 th Sign it is the Sign of Complex Stability Process 

The Bodhisatva

A definition here 

Also my blog about

Yellow Resonant Warrior explains this in more detail 

click here to read 

The enlightened One who is truly compassionate 

being truly compassionate for themselves

through their loving acceptance and transformation of their self 

Blue Hand is the transformation process

All Blue Mayan Sign’s have this energy 

If you are a Blue 

Generally speaking you will be working with transformation and Shadow 

So this will precede you 

The sooner you come to terms with this energy


the sooner you will come into yourself 


know that just being in someone’s presence

will push their buttons around shadow and change 

resistance activated 

purely because of the energetic framework

you are holding on all levels 

which is change 

Blue Hand’s planet is Earth 


It is time for a huge change on planet earth 

The Key to the Spiritual Warrior Crystal Complex Process 


4 x 3

Working at all levels

Mind Body Spirit  


Being a human being requires practical solutions to everyday living 

Being grounded and earthed 


this is key to emotional stability 

It is an inside out process 

Our society is changing rapidly

so to survive



in order to thrive 


essential …



the ability

to mutate

are good skills to acquire 

also key

is the conscious awareness of new codes coming in


adapting to be in alignment with them

resistance is futile 😉 

How can understanding these frameworks help in these challenging times?

They give a map and a framework to follow to get in synch 

at the same time allowing the individual to take small steps every day

to transform themselves 

as deep down 

everyone has the ability and answers to do this process themselves

and is what we are here for 

As I began this Blog 

Scorpio Waxing Moon at 28 degrees :

A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.

We have a Full Moon coming

in the disciple code of Capricorn 

Tuesday July 19th 11.56 pm in the UK 

Here is a great article about this:

Darkstar Astrology

do the work 😉 

Capricorn at 27 degrees ~ how can we doubt any of this any more ?

It is all written in the stars 

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.
Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering–which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience.

With my awareness

I am offering

transformative workshops

for the

New Mayan Year to assist you

with your journey  :


R~Evolve Workshop 

Facebook link here: 

Get ready for the new year on the 26th of July with the planetary codes


your personal codes

you will be working with 

for any level of awareness 

This is a flexible course ~ you do not have to do it live or on the day ~


you can if you want to  😉

I am offering a webinar now too


Here is the link 

More info: 

Are you ready to evolve in a whole new way ?
Ready to see your own personal rebirth and reformation code ?
Know how you are a revolving conscious part of the creation matrix ?
Start to consciously work with your own patterns in a radical way at your own pace ?
Become aware of your sacred spiral ?
You will learn how to look at what is happening in each day in an amazing way ~ seeing yourself and all the signs of your karmic creating codes all around you
You will be able to see how everything is truly happening for a reason
You will be able to truly know how you have no control over others and be ready to let go on a deeper level and trust the process you are in

Are you ready to see what is often perceived as “negative” in a whole new light ?

We are in amazing times of rebirth and renewal .

In this Leo time of the year it is perfect timing to connect to our heart and work with conscious intent to open ourselves to this new learning

This auspicious time of returning to balance with the Sacred Feminine

I have been learning with the Mayan Wavespell Calendar for 5 years now on a daily basis

It is an amazing synchronising tool that was created exactly for this purpose ~ human evolution

The emotional evolution

Different ways to perceive and receive

Evolve through relationships

Evolve through transforming what traditional perecption sees as “negativity”

Our planet is at a time of extreme imbalance

Many see this as “beyond repair”
The ending of times

There are lots of fear beliefs currently running in the collective

With perfectly good reason

We are in the last few days of one Mayan Year and a new one beginning on July 26

The New one beginning is Blue Storm ~ Code 11 ~ Spectral

This type of energy only appears once in a 13 year cycle in this form

In terms of transformation , Blue Storm only appears once every 4 years

It is a powerful time to initiate and expand your own personal evolution

Beyond the mind and intellect
Beyond the Conditioning of Culture
Beyond anything in the outer world

This is a journey within to be in this world as a conscious dreamer and co creator
Being a Queen Process ~ sovereignty ~ being able to be in a powerful centred place rather than a pawn on the labyrinth

You will be given an in depth overview of the 13 step process we will be working with for this whole year and uncover insights around what has already been happening to you in these last few Wavespells

Remember ~ You already have everything you need within you
All you need do is awaken to that truth
See yourself in a whole new light
Transform what your ego sees as getting in the way ~ which is actually the key to everything

What you will initiate from this workshop :

You may work at whatever level you feel ready to :

With Information only :

1. Information about your Starcode ~ natal chart ~ and Mayan Sign
and an ebook with information about what this new Mayan Year has in store for you


2. In depth Information about this forthcoming Mayan Year and it’s Significance to Human Evolution only



For those who wish to work on a deeper level :

3. Personal Reading and in depth information as to personal charts and how this will be co creating with your personal evolution
plus 90 minute Skype Energy coaching with me at a mutually convenient time ~ focusing on what you wish to evolve with on a personal level ~ typically this is where resistance and emotional issues are coming up


4. Live Webinar


A Group Circle of energy
You can connect from anywhere in the world .
You can work on whatever level you feel confortable with
This involves Emotional Freedom Technique

You can take part online via computer
By phone
See other participants or not

It is a powerful way to access group synergy and also great for those on a budget

This will be limited numbers initially because of the framework so please ensure you book your place

Skype Energy Coaching Offer :

Taking part in this workshop will give you an opportunity to add on 90 minutes one to one Skype Sessions with me at future dates as and when you feel to at the reduced rate of £22

Please be aware that due to the level I work at with people, I have to limit my numbers

If I haven’t worked with you before I will need time to do your charts so please allow for this

If you want more information please contact me:

Jo Kenworthy

01458 850769
07772 877028


Day out of Time Webinar 

25 July 2016 

Facebook link here: 


Are you ready to see what you have created ?


My Mirror ~ what have I manifested so far on this creation journey ?
What do I wish to keep and expand ?
What do I wish to release that is no longer serving me

This is the Mayan Day Out Of Time

This year it is a code 10 ~ the code of Manifestation
It is also a Galactic Portal Day

White Planetary Mirror

A Mastery Code ~ 18 

Planet Neptune 
A Gateway of integration



It is the day before the start of the Mayan New Year
Blue Spectral Storm on July 26



This webinar is a transformational process to allow conscious awareness

for those ready to see what is seeking expansion and release in their co creation process

You can take part live or have a recorded version
There are lots of levels to get involved in

You will be sent a self enquiry template to use as you choose

You can influence the webinar content if you wish :
by replying to me 48 hours before with your content ~ this can be anonymous if you wish

You don’t need any knowledge of the Mayan Calendar to do this

We will be using Emotional Freedom Technique on the webinar ~
again participate at a level you feel comfortable with ~ active/non active

and you do not need any previous experience or knowledge

of emotional freedom technique to do this

How to take part:

* You can take part online with a computer
* You can take online with a phone
* You can have a recording

* Create a group if you wish

I am limited on numbers for this webinar due to the framework so please reserve your space

Please message me/contact me for more info :

Jo Kenworthy
01458 850769
07772 877028


£9 per person

These Frameworks are absolutely amazing 

Give them a whirl yourself 


align through all time 

with the part of you that consciously chose 

to take part in this 

revelatory human evolution 

turn everything your mind believes

on it’s head 

in a way only you can 

13 Clear Signs ~ Yellow Resonant Warrior


Yellow Resonant Warrior 

My intention is to keep these articles as short and concise as I possibly can

This is challenging with an extremely complex subject  😉 

As with all my articles I state:

They are coming from my experiential understanding

as part of my conscious awareness personal process 

I am writing this in my 5th year

of co creation

with the

Mayan Wavespell Calendar

The Tzol Kin 



There are 13 Clear Signs 

These signs are a process of enlightenment 

They are recorded on the tomb


Pacal Votan 

An article from the law of time here 

There are two Resonant Signatures

in this 13 clear sign process

the other is: 

Yellow Resonant Sun 

This is the key to self empowerment


through resonance 

This is the 7th code of

White Wizard Wavespell 

Which is in the Awakening to new learning 

Red Castle 

Here is a link to all the Wavespells :



They offer a life coaching tool in essence 

This is what the Mayan Wavespell

260 day calendar is for

At it’s deeper levels 

As a human being who is seeking

to learn about oneself 

to enlighten oneself 

To transform personal ignorance and suffering 

to become a human being who can truly be compassionate to all sentient beings as a result of this personal process of discovery and healing 


one is aware and awake 

and the key focus 


to be aware



to oneself 

Doing the inner work to heal 

Spiritual Warrior ~ a definition

This focus is the warrior of the heart 


This allows human being evolution en masse

It is available to all

who are ready 

The time on planet earth is in alignment with this process unfolding now 

This process and code has been written thousands of years ago 

ready to align with this time 

in a deeper way 

It can be used alongside all other transformational tools

It can be used by anyone from any background 

It does not discriminate 

It is the process of allowing Grace 

to be accessed


allowing the human being to realise 

that all the resistance to what is 

now present 

has an amazing gift

All the perceived “problems” 

are also the “solutions”

All of humankinds’ issues 

hold the keys to our future freedoms 

a literal star gate of time travel


On a very simple personal level 

Whatever is hurting us physically and emotionally right now 

Holds all the information 

to our personal healing 

That is what Resonant means 

What is Resonating that feels good ~ expand 

What is Resonating that is painful ~ release 

Easy to say and not easy to do all the time


I offer you 

the more you do this journey 

the easier it becomes 

to accept and go to surrender and release 

the resistance by the ego lessens as it learns 

that letting go actually feels good 

and the individual does not perish in the process 

It is simply learning a new way to relate to itself 

and to see all fear 

in a different light 


it is what we are here for at this time 

To create new worlds 

through healing our old worlds 





Becoming very aware of what has created pain for humanity

over thousands of years of recorded history 

with archives and technology 

all can be accessed and mapped


patterns revealed

history seen to be repeating itself 

understanding what creates that 

karmic understanding 

Karma ~ this creates that 

unleashing personal creativity in a very conscious

and mindful way

with the heart fully engaged in the process 



Free of judgement 

Free of ego distortion 

Simple clear concise observation


Emotional distortion as a separate influence with an agenda 

Created by wounding 

Deep human suffering patterns 

It is all interlinked and can be separated out 

For understanding 

For evolution 

To create new ways for human beings to co create 




Mayan info:

The 260 day spiral has the same codes over and over 

the nature of this spiral means

that these codes of conscious evolution

occur at different times astrologically 

therefore they have a different energetic signature

so they have a different creation code 

This code is complex 


can be understood in a simple way 


daily basis 

Each day there is a different code

You can find out what that is 

here :


Start to learn it simply 😉 

Each day tuning in to what you feel to learn 

Follow the Cosmic Cookie Trail 

this trail is completely unique for you


designed to align

with where you are on your personal path

in alignment with the universal path 


My offering:

When ego is transformed 

The path becomes a magickal adventure 

revealing fear along the way 

to be released

to allow more freedom to explore

and go off chartered territory 

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

is a day 7 Process code

Day 7 being the top of the pyramid 

The God and Goddess Source close by 

to the individual who is still enough and clear enough 

to pay attention 

to something

that our ego mind believes:

is irrational





has been consciously and unconsciously

repressed for thousands of years 

during this patriarchal time 

Yellow Warrior is a master teaching 

It is Code 16 

It’s planet is Saturn 


where Saturn is in the individual’s chart is key 

and how the planetary transit is affecting that chart 

Mermaid’s article on Esoteric Saturn 

These intuitive feelings that defy the logical mind  are 

often felt in the gut consciousness 

This is getting stronger now as the veil lifts 

and the sacred feminine is returning 

I am initiating writing this article

in Cancer Sun ~

Mother and Moon energy 

Gemini Dark Moon 

at 29 degrees 

A garden planted solely with shade plants.
Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on.

Summer Solstice time 03 July 2016

Here are some fantastic Astrological articles about this:

Chani Nicholas 

Blue Moon Astrology

Hare in the Moon Astrology  

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

just initiating

influencing this Mayan Spiral Framework 

The structure of nurturing and mothering time 

also key to this unfolding :

The Mayan 13 Moon calendar 

here is a pdf I made that you can download 

As the spiral changes


Moon energy changes 


at the moment we are in 

Cosmic Moon 

28 days of what is seeking to shift within us

to allow the sacred feminine to be embodied within us 

Red Moon’s planet is Mercury 

Our God and Goddess self 

Our spirit self 

Messenger’s of the spirit 

Red Cosmic Moon 

the 13th step of 

Red Earth Wavespell 

being grounded and connected to our earth mother 

which is emphasised through our lower  chakras 




the roots in our 

tree of life :


When this picture of the tomb

is in a horizontal perspective:

The past is on the right hand side 

The present on the left 

When it is vertical as in the picture at the top of the article 

The tree of life is revealed


the heart warrior 

in the centre

The cross revealed 

The chart for the personal soul journey 

which is also revealed with the Mayan Sign 

Pakal color


The Cross of the journey:

In the centre

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

The grace of the descent of the dove 

accessing our spiritual self and peace through release of our conditioning and conditions which are self imposed

albeit through our relationship with our family and cultural beliefs 

As the individual releases conditioning

it is possible to align with cosmic consciousness

beaming through human evolution codes

In Astrology I believe this to be  

the Sun Sign 

At the top of the cross

Yellow Resonant Star 

Being the star you really are 

rather than the ego version 

The Star Code 

The natal chart 

As this is at the top 

I believe this to be 

the Ascendant in the natal chart 

also the Midheaven placement 

What is coming into this person’s consciousness in this lifetime 

The planet for Yellow Star is Venus 

which is the basis for the whole Tzol Kin 

See more about this on my

Venus post 

Personal info can also be found in your Venus placement in your chart 

and how her transits are impacting on you and your Venus 

Venus esoteric by Mermaid 


Yellow Resonant Star is the 7th code in the process of 

White Wind Wavespell 

Spirit and truth 

White Wind’s planet is Uranus 

What is coming to light 

in particular at key Uranus transits for the individual

raising the kundalini up the spine 

in particular at 

Uranus opposition time 

around 42 


At the base of the cross

the unconscious becoming conscious 


Red Resonant Serpent 


Relationships form the base of the tree 

the spine 

how the kundalini rises 

where it is blocked in the chakras 

through blockages in relationships 

leading to emotion seeking release 

until that release through healing 

distortions occur 

The new consciousness coming in with Red Serpent 

new archetypes 

the asteroid belt and the asteroids in the chart 

also in traditional astrology 

I believe this to be:

the Moon in the chart

What is veiled 

What is hidden on the human being and soul journey 

as the individual works with their Moon shadows

and heals any distortions 

Neptunian energy is accessed 

Neptune is the esoteric ruler of Cancer 

More about these here :

Mermaid Website 

Esoteric Moon

Esoteric Neptune 

This is the seventh code in the 

Blue Storm Wavespell 

Blue Storm is a master teacher 

It’s planet is Pluto 

The underworld psyche 

of the individual’s unconscious 

and the world’s collective unconscious 

Mermaid’s esoteric Pluto 


The compliment

is to the right of the cross

this could be the DC in the chart 

the familiar 

also the South Node 

in this instance it is 

the code of 

the conscious dreamer 

Blue Resonant Night 

which is the 7th code in 

Red Earth Wavespell 

which aligns with Red  Cosmic Moon 

Blue Night’s planet is also Saturn 

knowing the Saturnian personal patterns is key 

Red Earth’s planet is Uranus 

again the same as White Wind’s 

What is seeking light 

The Challenge and the gift 

is the left hand side of the cross 

This could also be the ascendant 

The first house 

The North Node 

where the individual is heading for in this life 

in this instance 

White Resonant World~bridger 

whose planet is Mars 

so where Mars in your chart is key

also what has been happening with the Mars period 

It has just been in retrograde and revisiting masculine wounding events

from the past 

and recently went direct last week 

so masculine energy can now move forward again 

Here is an article about this by 

Darkstar Astrology 

this sign  is the seventh step in 

Yellow Sun Wavespell

the initiator 

of this 13 day process is 

Yellow Magnetic Sun


a 13 clear Sign 

it’s planet is Pluto 

again bringing the underworld of the individual to light

to transform 

and allow the individual to hold more light as a result

From the Fifth Sun


In Summary

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

holds the key to our mystic self 

revealing what feels like

it is getting in the way from accessing grace 

An interface that we have personally created over our lifetime 

to keep us safe 

but is blocking out the light literally 



Ready to transform 

through healing

It is the 7th code of

White Dog Wavespell

which happened on June 07 2016 


whatever was unfolding for you back then is key now 😉

You are weaving with this ~

conditional love 


These 13 day processes bring a journey potentiality 

White Dog is the 14th Wavespell

It is in the Yellow Castle of Flowering 

It is linked to the Sirius Star 


It is all about our conditioning and conditions

our tribal codes

Birth Family 

Emotional drama 

It’s planet is


which is the same as 

Red Moon 

Mercury transit in May 2016 

To use this energy astrologically

on a personal basis 

at the White Dog Wavespells:

look where your Mercury is 


Where your Saturn is 


what is currently happening in the starry skies to weave with this 

Self enquiry questions :

Do we continue to do emotional dramas and clashes throughout life ?

Do we realise that these places of hurt are our challenges ?

Do we learn how to heal and transform?

Can we relate differently as a result ?


do we do nothing and see that expand into deeper conflict ?

This journey is for eternity 

There is always going to be change and evolution

Acceptance of this is key 

There is no destination 

There is no ending 

It is an eternal process 

It is the evolution of human beings 



My understanding of unconditional love 


There are many “spiritual” frameworks that human beings get involved with 

there is a spiritual goal belief ~ to be a spiritual person ~ the human being has to become a non person without a personality or an opinion



a person who is loving unconditionally 

a person who is non judgemental

who is in many ways ~ a saint 

This is also generally a religious framework in many ways 

Following a “righteous” path 

Having confessions of “sin” to be pure again and do more of the same “sin” 

in denial of the shadow self and behaviours

with a designated priest or guru

taking responsibility for that individual without the individual taking responsibility 

This can be seen in many fervent religious groups and allows a spiritual bypass

Here is a great article about this:

Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Augustus Masters PHD 


I believe that often this is an ego mechanism in itself 

A protection

Something to avoid the personal shadow and feeling the feelings 

which is the antithesis of loving and accepting oneself 

It is also a way of focusing purely on the mind 

and whilst  the mind is a key component in our human evolution process

The individual has all the answers within 

to find them and how to unlock them 

is the individual’s path 

seek and ye shall find 

the fundamental component to love 

is the heart 

feeling everything 

all the emotions

loving all of the self 

self acceptance 

all of the parts of self 

and especially the parts over a lifetime 

that have felt judged

not accepted 


A key understanding I believe

about conditions:

In a spiritual form there is no human being vehicle 
no body 

No container

No earthly playground

As a flame uncontained 


The playground is planet earth in this framework

The Starcode and Mayan Sign of the individual

reveal the conditions that are chosen by the spirit 

to play the game 

to play their part in human evolution 

Planet Earth’s framework 

Human Being’s framework 

Are very conditional

We have so many hours in a day 

We have physical limitations

Geographical limitations 

and so on 

We are bound at this time 

by gender beliefs

by cultural beliefs 

by all the dna ~ which also contains all the beliefs and experiences of every human being that came before us in our ancestry 

So there are many conditions to work with as we are playing the game 

there are many rules on many levels 

If our dna has been judged 

If we have been judged personally 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about this 

No matter how much intellectual understanding we have about projection…

We will be working with judgement and projection every day 

To release how we feel about our events around judgement is the key 

So we are no longer resonating with emotional wounding and injustice 


The more we work on these aspects of ourself 

The more self aware we become


We know that




will continually repeat 

for our learning and mastery 

so that we can release personal wounding  


learn different ways to relate 

This is a very proactive process 

If a person focuses purely on mindfulness

this does not happen

If a person focuses purely on a process of understanding enlightenment processes 

this does not happen 

If a person focuses purely on understanding their patterns without becoming personally involved in healing through feeling these 

this does not happen 

To evolve in the way of this process

takes courage 


The human being intends to become very self aware 

take radical responsibility for all their reactions

and emotional responses 

learn and do whatever it takes

every day to heal and feel 

To bring themselves into

personal conscious awareness 

To let go of others defining how we live

co dependently and out of balance 

To decide what life to create that emphasises joy and love 

by integrating what does not 

and challenging the systems currently in place 

from that place of respectful relationship 

with core stability 

as free of emotional distortions as possible 

emotional distortions create emotional drama 

because the vibration and emotion that the individual is resonating with 

Is the creation process and if that code

is old code 

it can only create old code 

because that is where that person is experientially in their emotional evolution

regardless of what their egoic intellect thinks it knows and is 

part of the ego delusion 

If the individual can focus

on being open to new learning 

Solutions to be found in every perceived problem 


clearing the past emotional events

to be in a personally clear and balanced space

through feeling 

then the whole life experience changes 

and everything appears in the person’s circle to assist 

Everything is seen in a different way 

because that person’s perspective has changed on all levels 

This is a fundamental understanding that becomes evident as the individual 

does their spiritual warrior inner work 


Neo ~ also  

The Aeon 


If you read the link above 
look at the bigger picture of all the cards listed 

It reveals a process 

A structure 


personal and planetary evolution 

It is already written in may aspects

all we have to do is surrender to the process of divine will by transforming our ego 

new frameworks will arise that have not yet been written as a result of that


It takes a lot of personal learning 



going over the same old ground 

time and time again 


all human beings are doing that on one level anyway 😉 

Often very painfully 

trying to acquire enough material “safety”

avoid pain by numbing out with drugs, food, media

believing themselves in a prison

hell on earth 

trying to find solutions that are coming from the same space energetically and emotionally

 that created this prison 

which cannot happen as the conditions are still the same so will create the same 


The ego puts up huge resistance

to this routine at first 

because in it’s raw form it is opposed to this 

has been conditioned not to do this 

would rather die that face it’s demons

would rather blame everyone


everything else 


to avoid taking any responsibility


feel painful feelings

believing it cannot cope

because often when these events took place

the child literally could not cope with the circumstances 

that has changed in many ways as the child matured 

however the individual may not yet have learned the skills

to cope with emotions and relationships 

the majority of human beings have not 

this is not the focus in society …


The more the individual does this 

The easier it becomes 

Like any new habit 

it takes a while  to become familiar and comfortable 

Remembering that everything has always been


will always be

as it is  meant to be be in human evolution

We have to go through stages of development just like we do as children 

It is the same framework

Often these frameworks are very painful 

They cause suffering 

We have to learn what hurts

what does not work in terms of creating harmony 

what creates pain and fear 

just as we did as babies and children

it is all the same creation process


we are at an amazing time of conscious awareness about this 

also remembering

we are part of this consciousness 

we each have conditions and code to allow this creation process 


acceptance of this is key to peaceful living

acceptance that we get angry, make mistakes, have judgements and opinions 

are evolving human beings 

that everyone is doing the best they can at all times

even though that may be a really shitty way of behaving

it allows learning 

it is all part of the same creation pot 

it is all necessary 

in the path 

otherwise it would not be so 

we could not do this process without all human beings in different consciousness stages could we ?

No triggers?

No polarity?

No differences ?

out of this past and present energy framework 

our future is created 

The more we accept and understand 

let go of huge emotional reactions 

remembering that past emotional events are the essence of people’s beliefs and what is creating the way we live today en masse 

then the next steps come 

are revealed 

as we are all healed 

learn new ways of relating 

our world is healed 

It is a key mastery focus :

Inside creates the Outside

Personal creates the Global 


Being the change 

Peace begins with me 

Chop wood 

Carry water 

Do the inner work if you want to change the world 😉 

Become an expert on oneself 

A great film to watch about this changing the focus:


A great series to watch about the consumer agenda currently expanding:

Mr Robot 

The New Mayan Year 

July 26 2016 

Blue Spectral Storm 


Is going to be all about this emotional process 

so get prepared for it 😉 and choose wisely as to how you are going to create with it ~ proactively/reactively ?

Maybe a bit of both

remember you get to choose 



I am not in the habit of sugar coating my blogs or my message 

Change is happening on planet earth 

It is the emotional evolution 

We have 11 years of emotional build up in this current 13 year cycle of :

Red Moon 

This began on July 26 2006 

Authenticity and being a beacon of light and truth code 

Part of this process is very uncomfortable indeed 

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto 

It is a messy chaotic time 

a dark time revealing dark human agendas around other humans and the earth 

time for change as truth is revealed 

The planetary codes are:

Red Moon ~ planet is Mercury ~ honesty ~ the sacred feminine returning ~ code 9 ~ Gateway to a new way 

White Wizard ~ the asteroid belt ~ self empowerment and aligning with the universal creation code ~ code 14 ~ mastery code of integrity 

Blue Storm ~ Pluto ~ the underworld of the individual coming to light through emotional truth ~ code 19 ~ mastery code of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ Jupiter ~ the ego mask and coping mechanisms coming off ~ to reveal new ways of being through mastery of the ego self  ~ code 4 ~ the structure of the human being psyche 

As I close this article 

Cosmic Codes :

today is the structure day of the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell 

Blue Self Existing Storm 

How to do the dance 😉 

Cosmic Moon day 10 

What is seeking to shift to allow the feminine to come in ?

July  06 2016 

Leo waxing Moon at 9 degrees

A solid gold egg.
The bare stark truth. The singular accomplishment of heavy labors. An extraordinary gift, yet it is endangered. The gift is to be quintessentially yourself, and this gift abounds. Surrounded by danger; seen falsely by others, turned around. Digging your way out of history, you are compelled to puncture the illusion of image. The drama distorts. What is pristine remains inviolable, yet so much is lost, irretrievably. Each subtle weakness takes charge. The long way around to a very simple quality that would mean nothing unless it were first gone. Suffering and self-knowledge. All comes easy; nothing comes easy–the riddle of destiny.


If you want a framework to work with

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Emotional Awareness Course 

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I am also going to be doing webinars in the near future

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allow people to create their own healing circles

with practical and experiential change 

It is an exciting time of enlightenment