White Wind Wavespell



Initiated today Friday 29 July 2016

 with a galactic portal

a human evolution potentiality 


This is the challenge and new learning code for human evolution 

This is the second sign of 20 Signs
It is the 13 day process following on from

Red Moon Wavespell

What we have been encountering over the past 13 days as to authenticity and honesty ~ awakening to in the Green Castle of the heart in the Mayan 260 day evolution process
Is now bringing us the next level of refinement

This is how each Castle of 4 Wavespells evolves our personal


collective process

White Wind is all about truth coming from our spirit self
free of distortions from our personal human being journey
The lifetime personal enlightenment process of the human being
is to be able to embody our spirit self
By becoming aware of our ancestral codes and wounding
and if we choose to be of the belief:
By becoming aware of our past lives and reincarnation process and wounding

Then working with these codes to evolve our ancestral and spiritual lines 

It sounds complicated
but actually all that we need to know
is revealed the further we go into this process
on a personal level and on a daily level

There is no time in that sense 😉

Each person is revealing their personal codes on a daily basis
through their interactions with the environment
especially with other people
especially with birth family
This is all part of the process
At this time in human evolution

We are returning to balance :

Masculine and Feminine within us
Giving and receiving
Heart and Mind
Human self and Spirit Self
working together in alchemy

To create the future Avatar

The embodiment within the person

At this Leo Sun time this is so key


To become very aware of oneself
That is the focus
To learn about oneself and what I love to do and create
What are my gifts ?
What is my heart’s desire ?
To expand on this way of being to truly live from the heart
At the same time:
What is stopping me from this?
What hurts my heart?
What life learning has revealed wounding in relationship ?
Because of this past wounding what is still repeating today?
What is showing up daily to remind me of this?

Emotional triggering is going to be really strong for the next 12 months

All that is creating disharmony and imbalance is coming to the surface
Pluto in Capricorn bigger picture cycle

It is coming up to the light for our conscious awareness

Some of it is glaringly obvious ~ in the political arena worldwide for example ~ it defies logical belief ~ because…
We are awakening to the truth of how human beings create their world stage from their inner beliefs
How we are learning how that works now
That the heart keeps bringing us what is seeking healing
So we can personally heal and learn how to love and accept ourselves
then do that with other people as a result
Creating Heaven on Earth on all levels
Letting go of Neptunian fantasies
Ready to hear that inner child who is seeking to be heard, loved and accepted
All is in the starry skies to assist in that process 😉
Leo is all about love
It is Fire energy
Moving energy
Letting go of our frozen moments
Becoming aware of how our past generations have experienced emotional and physical trauma
How we are still playing that out in some way
So we can end it now

White Wind’s planet is Uranus

Today we have Uranus stationing retrograde at 24 degrees of Aries
A harp which plays itself.
Joy and freedom are perfect companions along the greater way. Joy celebrates existence with a passion and a power and a fervent insistency. Freedom keeps on opening the context to make it more universal, more resonant, and more karma-free. Moving along this way is a creative feast of self-discovery and exploration of the edges. When selfhood is free to improvise and is open-ended, it is an unqualified blessing. You most especially demonstrate and embody a self-generative style and substance that is wildly needed and inspirationally infused into the collective bloodstream. So that we can get on with innovations and limitless worlds, and feel confident that there is somebody there pioneering the bold reaches forward who is too foolish to stop for anything.
This is the essence of the Fool Card in Tarot
New beginnings coming from those who dare challenge the collective status quo mindset and be the change
We also have Mercury in Leo at 28 degrees :
LEO 28
Men doing gymnastics.
Physical, material existence in a sturdy body in time and space is the greatest agony and the greatest ecstasy that could ever be. It is agony in that you are so weighed down by the gravity of things, sorely troubled, heavily impacted, just about immobilized. It is ecstasy in that you can do so much with it, and when you mobilize yourself to take hold of the body and wield it as an instrument and a vessel, the physical turns into a masterpiece, a wonder, a delight unsurpassed. You experience the heights and depths of ambivalence toward incarnation and embodiment, feeling both repelled and attracted by the core drama of life in this Earth. When you feel good, everything glows with promise. When your life-force ebbs and becomes stagnant, the world is saturated with abysmal dread. Learn to harness embodied selfhood into something more constant and satisfying, even with repeated bouts of coming up against resistance, and habit dying hard. Rigidity versus fluency. You have a creative dilemma with so much growth, outlasting your own inner enemies and becoming Earth-worthy in the physical–triumphantly and with lasting imprint.
Our Higher God and Goddess self squaring Mars who is now back in Scorpio ~ also at 28 degrees
What is seeking integration within each one of us to create a phoenix from the ashes ?
What is seeking death to create a rebirth and reboot on planet earth’s humanity?
A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone.
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.
This is radical reform time and for people who are truly on the self reform path of spirituality
All is here now for each person to work with and evolve very quickly when we are ready to embrace the dark side of ourselves
and love ourselves once again
This is the personal fall from grace
It is only a perception in many ways
A mindset that creates a change in our whole being
That is all of humanities past
and holds the seeds of humanities future too
It is already written in the book of human evolution
All the individual need to is decide to be their truest beautiful self
and do it 😉
Decide how to learn again how to relate from a place of love
No matter what is happening all around
No matter what others are doing or saying
To be the absolute impeccable person on the path of the heart

Just sharing this links that I have learned from this week :


Lion’s Gateway :


New Moon in Leo on Tuesday :

Leo New Moon at 10 degrees:
LEO 10
A man putting olive oil all over his body.
Physical life is so much agony and so much ecstasy that it stretches your body’s ability to move with the flux and ferment. You are called upon to behold yourself, to witness to the central flame and to endow your personal embodied self with a daily rhythm of self-remembrance and self-revitalization. You can do nothing for anybody else unless you are whole within yourself. There is an urgent call, an inward stirring to offer to yourself the full power of your destiny path, to become bonded and fused with the truth of your being. There is also a transcendent power, a greater selfhood-presence blessing, preserving, and sustaining your path in this world. So that the light can burn brighter through the joy in your heart and your vital physical embodiment, given through yourself to all.
We are in dark moon time ~ the time before birth or the pre menstural time for a woman
At this time now and also as a collective time in the transition of humanity
Dark Goddess time when all the repression of the sacred feminine , is coming to an end
The Universe , that we are, has it all worked out ~ only our conditioned mind resists this
Once we really start to unlock our personal mysteries and release ourselves we are removing our veil
A chandelier which holds lit candles.
Creative selfhood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.
Love these degrees 
from Inside Degrees
Once the human being decides to be their heart’s desire
Everything in the Universe works with that intent
The road will be rocky at times
There will be times of sorrow
There will be extreme challenges because that is the process of evolution
It is all part of the process
It is what has to happen to birth a new child
Free of wounding
Like we were in many ways as children fresh from spirit
only as adults we have everything we need to work wisely and responsibly
free on all levels

free to love

free to be our true nature

It is so worth it

Sharing this picture today from 2 years ago when I co created with my friends in Glastonbury
It was an amazing time and wow what has changed since then on our journeys ?
Things we did not know then
Lots of crying since then
Lots of anger release
To reform ourselves
Love you two and all the other amazing people in my life who have helped me on my journey in different ways
All of it is exactly as it was meant to be
So today we can set an intention to allow ourselves to be guided by our Universal Dancer Self who has the answers for our next steps
If only we will listen and make the space
do the dance
to be free from our fear
Lots of love to all

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