White Wind Wavespell ~ shaping our destiny


White Wind Wavespell


Are you ready to become the Ankh process ?


This is the key to shaping our destiny

I found this picture of embodying the Ankh 

My first time of seeing it 


Ask for what is key for you to see 😉 




White Wind High Priestess

Archetype video


On Wednesday 03 August 2016 it was

Blue Rhythmic Hand

Planet is Earth

Day 6 of the White Wind Wavespell in the Mayan Calendar
My personal coming into balance code ~ amazing ways to work with these 
Coming into balance with our heart and mind
With our human being self and our soul self
With our masculine and feminine within
Transformation of our egoic self
Surrender to our soul path
Being the servant of the light through transforming the darkness within us …
so we have the potential to fulfil our destiny through being able to embody our soul
As a result of doing the inner alchemical transformation work
Here on earth now
As A Blue Hand this is a very powerful day for me
and will link in to my 51st year on planet earth
I will be entering my White Galactic Wind process on the 18th of August
This is my White Castle which was initiated when I became a mother 21 years ago
On the 18th of August we have a powerful
Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees ~ the exact degree of my Leo Sun
Aquarius Moon degree

A moustache.
Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.


The key to being in balance lies within

It is all about reconciliation with our inner child so we can return to full love and acceptance of our child self

This is the key to personal enlightenment

It is nothing glamourous in that sense
It is not about building an empire
Being an iconic leader
Being a brand
It is all about understanding and acceptance of oneself
Enjoying the simple “things” in life
The free “things”
The wonderful planet earth and all that is in it
Being with friends and family and enjoying life
Being present
Free from the past ~ truly
Liberation from wounding and fear beliefs as a continuing process
Acceptance of what is
Seeing everything that feels resistant in life as the next step to evolve
The co creation process
Setting the heart on fire
Releasing the burn of anger
Being able to receive as well as give
In flow
Coming in and going out

In the zodiac wheel we have

Aries the initiator


Uranus in Aries on planet earth at this time
to initiate The Red Moon 13 year cycle
2006 to 2018
Uranus will then go into Taurus to manifest what was initiated
New beginnings have been initiated
Learning about personal and universal codes and frameworks is a powerful way to be the change
In the Mayan framework ~ this is the essence of Red Dragon ~ what the universal codes are bringing for human evolution ~ through each human
We are going through a planetary process of what is seeking to come to light
Pluto in Capricorn
What began for you in mid March and early April ?
Spring Equinox ~ sap is rising

Next we have Taurus time

mid April and May


Anger issues ~ Bullsh*t issues ~ where we are manifesting drama to allow us to see what is seeking to be reworked to align with truth ~ Isis
It is what it is 😉
What was coming around for you at this time to see yourself manifest and reveal resistance ?
This is the time of seeing the other ~ the new learning coming in for a reworking to align with our soul destiny ~ what we have come to create

This is the essence of this Wavespell we are in ~ the second Mayan Sign of White Wind

Planet ~ Uranus ~ what is coming to light ?


Truth from our spirit self freeing itself of wounded heart
conditioned mind distortions
Which is how human beings evolve on a personal level and therefore transform through this journey on a planetary level
A clear space with access to source

Then we move into the sign of co creation ~ mid May to mid June





Understanding of this process allows us to co create on all levels with people and source
Blue Night is the Conscious Dreamer process and the 3rd Mayan Sign
Planet ~ Saturn ~ know your Saturnian patterns
Saturn in Sagi fire on the planet ~ know your wound and if you are speaking truth free of wounding
This is the Gateway to infinity

This code was initiated fully at the time of the Summer Solstice



as we move into Cancer at 21 June



This is the structure of our child self

the Universe that we knew as children

creates all our patterns


The axis ~ Cancer ~ Capricorn
The Mother and Father codes we are here to transform
Being born into the perfect tribe to allow this
Our personal wounding being planetary wounding
Mayan Sign 4 ~ Yellow Seed
Planet Jupiter ~ mastery of our expansion
Do we expand our child wound ego framework ?
Do we transform our child wound ego to allow wisdom
heart healing
For us and then the world
For all ancestry code
Past life code
All that has been coming up since the Solstice until the 22nd of July

Reveals this framework


Now we have entered a new Mayan year on the 26th of July

Now we are in Leo time

Magnetic Moon time 


This is the heart of the matter
In the Mayan this is the 5th sign
Red Serpent
The Asteroid belt ~ new consciousness coming in from an old planet scattered between Mars and Jupiter

Relationship with the self

How we love and accept ourself is the key
Where we are not is revealed in our day to day reality
Instead of resisting what our ego does not like
Finds difficult
Is triggering a heart wound
We can embrace this now

If we choose

Learn how to work with this to create personal liberation
Learn to embrace our polar opposite
So we can personally come into peace
Not lip service
Not a mask
Not an alter ego creation
Instead of holding things at arms length
We can accept what is
Only when we do this can we surrender
Get clear
As a natural part of this process

Comes the solutions from a clear place

Instead of trying to make everyone the same as us
To quell our ego fears of difference
Triggered into defence
by pattern matches for painful relationships in the past
We can embrace uniqueness
Celebrate difference
learn how to co operate
Let go of assumptions and judgements
By dissolving all the times in our personal and ancestral past
that create resistance
Being a lover
Letting go of fighting
Is the way forward
Learning how to relate and co create free from co dependency
Are you ready to work within in this way ?
It is the Universal time to align with ways that create balance
I offer you :

This is the process

Know Thyself
We are the Universe
We are the love we seek
To Fly High
First Dig Deep
Go within for the treasure you seek
We are writing new code now
The clues are all around us

Follow your Cosmic Cookie Trail

Ask and it is given
What is perceived as the “negative” is the alchemical Gold

Love yourself more every day


set yourself free

 Leo time is an amazing time of creativity 
One of my 
latest creative projects is creating a circle of support 
for transformation work 
The next one is on Monday 15 August at 7pm :
Fancy meeting up with people worldwide from your own house?
With a group?
Creating a healing synergy ?
Healthy transformational support 

Check out my Webinar Page

for the latest one 

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