Resources ~ Key Planetary Wavespell Codes


Planetary Structures

in the

Mayan Calendar Year

beginning every July 26 

These have a 4 year structure


As with every Mayan Sign the colour is key

This is a process of human being evolution

into conscious awareness and maturity 

of the ego 


allow compassion and love

for all

through self awareness and healing 

This is the true nature and meaning of Quetzal Coatl Process 

Understanding the human evolution process

created in our relationships 

through all of time 

Revealing how the individual and the collective 

have created ways to cope

with the life experience on earth

in order to understand every facet of it 

This is the true meaning of Karma 

To understand what creates what …

Ways of being 

Ways of relating 

then …

through personal process ~ this is key 

to understand what has created personal subjective experience 

in this lifetime 

What ancestral codes are carried 

What past lives codes are carried 

What is seeking expansion ~ healthy well being ways of truth

in alignment with nature and natural cycles 

In flow 


what is not that is seeking release ~ childlike resistance and wilful ness 

Healing what has harmed

to reveal harmony within 

Red ~ Awakening ~ East ~ Red Moon ~ awakening to authenticity and honesty ~ Mercury 

White ~ Refining ~ North ~ White Wizard ~ refining Red Moon time ~ allowing the Universe

to reveal this process

and to become self~empowered

through healing times when we felt dis~empowered ~ The Asteroid belt 

Blue ~ Transforming ~ West ~ Blue Storm ~ transforming Red Moon and White Wizard times ~

coming into balance with the heart by healing

what is seeking release and the light from our shadow experiences

through emotional awareness process and through creating emotional intelligence  ~ Pluto 

Yellow ~ Flowering and Manifestation ~ South ~ Yellow Seed  ~ the embodiment

of the true star seeded self free of ego distortions ~

Mastering this process by becoming aware of our personal ego process

coping mechanisms that we have developed that allow us to survive but not thrive as adults  ~   Jupiter

Wavespell Structures:

Blue Storm

From July 26 2016 to July 25 2017 the planetary year was Blue Spectral Storm 

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Blue Storm Wavespell Structure ~ can be used for any Blue Storm Year

or process

as it has no dates 

This is the process of shadow being revealed through emotional triggers 

Emotional body seeking healing ~ please check out my Emotional Awareness Course 

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Blue Storm Wavespell Basic Structure