pic by Maya Telford ~ We 3 Queens of Orient are Today on January 06 It is the Day of the Epiphany In the Mayan Wavespell on January 06 2019 It is a powerful day : Red Galactic Skywalker  It has been a revelatory few days for me with lots of magical learning Lots of […]

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Free Webinar ~ Initiation

  Free Webinar  Yellow Resonant Human  A Galactic Portal Day The first New Moon of the Gregorian Calendar is a big one with a strong message It is also a Solar Eclipse with lots of power structure going on in the starry skies Initiation Kali energy ~ reclaiming our soul energy through healing It arrives […]

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White Worldbridger Wavespell 2017

White Worldbridger Wavespell began on July 28 2017  Here is a blog I wrote about this in it’s last cycle in November 2016 My connection to these dates and threads is becoming very synchronised now it is totally blowing my conditioned mindset I have no doubt that everything is scripted and written I have no […]

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Red Self~ Existing Moon

Red Self Existing Moon Is the structure of the new archetype coming in  to be manifest in human consciousness It is the 4th day of the 13 step process of White World~Bridger  In this current spiral this is aligning with the  Taurus Supermoon Energy taking place in the UK  on November 14 2016 at 1352 […]

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