White Worldbridger Wavespell ~ endings to allow beginnings



White Magnetic Worldbridger 

The Wavespell of balance 

Number 6 

My life is going very fast right now…

how is yours?

Things falling by the wayside as the earth starts to warm?

It has been a beautiful day today


Barton St David 

Frosty with blue skies

Here are some pics I took last week on a similar day 


I felt really alive 

Signs of Spring everywhere

Everything feels very intense right now 

I am feeling deeply vulnerable and open 

with lots of layers falling away 


I have had my busiest week with clients

doing energy coaching

for a long time 

many feeling big shifts

as are many of my friends


I would just like to send love from my heart to yours

I love you and value our wonderful friendship

gorgeous people 

I am dedicating this blog today to my long time beloved friend Debs


A White Cosmic Worldbridger 

Who has always been such a source of love and support for me 


so many others 

Gone through some tough times too 😉

You are an amazing woman and such a strong soul

such a supporter and creator for the sacred feminine 

Thank you for being in my life 

I love you 

It is a profoundly spiritual time of awakening

to what creates 


Heaven on Earth




allowing heart connection


what does not too 😉

noticing when old wounding is blocking our access to love 

from within 


that is what is the source  


all feelings of separation from source

inner beliefs 

Full Moon in Virgo time launching this Wavespell

Snow Moon


Great article by Keen.com


I have been 

working with other people

clearing emotional trauma

using a bigger picture soul framework


it is 

 such a gift for all involved

especially for me

as always the issues and patterns relate to me 

It is such a feeling of grace


I realised tonight I am in my 9th year of this work 

I have so much I want to write

but I haven’t yet got the time yet

so this is going to be short and sweet until I have 🙂

I have been asked to write an article for something I am very passionate about


I will share info on that soon too 

I care deeply about emotional health and well being 

It is my life’s work 

This Wavespell

is all about that 

Letting go of all our past life trauma 

By focusing on what is troubling us today 

Starting with today and radiating outwards 

This Mayan Sign is the 6th Sign 

It is the balance sign

If you are a White Worldbridger 

This is your essence 13 day process 

The planet is Mars 

Mars in Scorpio right now and this is featuring in a big way for deeper healing and feeling in the masculine taking us to whole new levels

Here is a great article by Beingwholewoman 


Being the masculine energy of the Conscious Creator

Making life supporting

Heart Opening choices 

on a very personal level

Which requires death of the ego through transformation


Surrender to Spirit

Here is a well written document about Mayan Signs




Owl totem 


This is the only Wavespell that does not have a 13 Clear Sign 

which is significant 

Don’t know why yet….

Just learning about this but will write when I do 

The last Wavespell had 3 😉 

I will be writing an article about that as soon as I can

Big planetary stuff coming up

in the next couple of weeks


SuperMoon energy

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 


Blue Storm Wavespell

08/09 March

This is my Wavespell


the last time this Wavespell happened

was the Summer Solstice in 2015 

when I launched a quest to meet my soulmate 

Here I am doing a Pisces Moon ceremony 


My Chiron and Saturn

are conjunct the 18 degrees

This is my first house 

I have a feeling this is going to be huge for me

I have designed an online workshop for those ready to work with this energy to

Catalyse their Journey 


More info here

Being the Catalyst 





Please do get in touch soon

if you feel to do it


you haven’t worked with me before

as I need to do charts for you and I am really busy at the moment 

Taking deep breaths is good right now

Getting out in nature


Getting out of that head space 

It is all unfolding perfectly 

Pure Grace 

My cookie trail today took me on a twin flame theme 

really touched me 

I know lots of people feeling this right now

this is for you lovelies

Twin flames ~ mirror of my soul.com



Not a huge fan of the music but love the theme of the video :

Love the music and the imagery 

Wishing you a joyful time as the butterfly wings start to unfurl 

The light is returning 




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