White Worldbridger Wavespell ~ endings to allow beginnings



White Magnetic Worldbridger 

The Wavespell of balance 

Number 6 

My life is going very fast right now…

how is yours?

Things falling by the wayside as the earth starts to warm?

It has been a beautiful day today


Barton St David 

Frosty with blue skies

Here are some pics I took last week on a similar day 


I felt really alive 

Signs of Spring everywhere

Everything feels very intense right now 

I am feeling deeply vulnerable and open 

with lots of layers falling away 


I have had my busiest week with clients

doing energy coaching

for a long time 

many feeling big shifts

as are many of my friends


I would just like to send love from my heart to yours

I love you and value our wonderful friendship

gorgeous people 

I am dedicating this blog today to my long time beloved friend Debs


A White Cosmic Worldbridger 

Who has always been such a source of love and support for me 


so many others 

Gone through some tough times too 😉

You are an amazing woman and such a strong soul

such a supporter and creator for the sacred feminine 

Thank you for being in my life 

I love you 

It is a profoundly spiritual time of awakening

to what creates 


Heaven on Earth




allowing heart connection


what does not too 😉

noticing when old wounding is blocking our access to love 

from within 


that is what is the source  


all feelings of separation from source

inner beliefs 

Full Moon in Virgo time launching this Wavespell

Snow Moon


Great article by Keen.com


I have been 

working with other people

clearing emotional trauma

using a bigger picture soul framework


it is 

 such a gift for all involved

especially for me

as always the issues and patterns relate to me 

It is such a feeling of grace


I realised tonight I am in my 9th year of this work 

I have so much I want to write

but I haven’t yet got the time yet

so this is going to be short and sweet until I have 🙂

I have been asked to write an article for something I am very passionate about


I will share info on that soon too 

I care deeply about emotional health and well being 

It is my life’s work 

This Wavespell

is all about that 

Letting go of all our past life trauma 

By focusing on what is troubling us today 

Starting with today and radiating outwards 

This Mayan Sign is the 6th Sign 

It is the balance sign

If you are a White Worldbridger 

This is your essence 13 day process 

The planet is Mars 

Mars in Scorpio right now and this is featuring in a big way for deeper healing and feeling in the masculine taking us to whole new levels

Here is a great article by Beingwholewoman 


Being the masculine energy of the Conscious Creator

Making life supporting

Heart Opening choices 

on a very personal level

Which requires death of the ego through transformation


Surrender to Spirit

Here is a well written document about Mayan Signs




Owl totem 


This is the only Wavespell that does not have a 13 Clear Sign 

which is significant 

Don’t know why yet….

Just learning about this but will write when I do 

The last Wavespell had 3 😉 

I will be writing an article about that as soon as I can

Big planetary stuff coming up

in the next couple of weeks


SuperMoon energy

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 


Blue Storm Wavespell

08/09 March

This is my Wavespell


the last time this Wavespell happened

was the Summer Solstice in 2015 

when I launched a quest to meet my soulmate 

Here I am doing a Pisces Moon ceremony 


My Chiron and Saturn

are conjunct the 18 degrees

This is my first house 

I have a feeling this is going to be huge for me

I have designed an online workshop for those ready to work with this energy to

Catalyse their Journey 


More info here

Being the Catalyst 





Please do get in touch soon

if you feel to do it


you haven’t worked with me before

as I need to do charts for you and I am really busy at the moment 

Taking deep breaths is good right now

Getting out in nature


Getting out of that head space 

It is all unfolding perfectly 

Pure Grace 

My cookie trail today took me on a twin flame theme 

really touched me 

I know lots of people feeling this right now

this is for you lovelies

Twin flames ~ mirror of my soul.com



Not a huge fan of the music but love the theme of the video :

Love the music and the imagery 

Wishing you a joyful time as the butterfly wings start to unfurl 

The light is returning 




White Planetary Worldbridger ~ leaving the past behind

Arsenal MSS

White Planetary Worldbridger

Day 10 

The manifestation day of our heart’s desire

in every 13 day wavespell process

In this Wavespell of Red Earth

Here is my earlier blog about this

This is all about truly letting go of our past

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that expand on the info and unless they are mine they are wholly independent of me 

Opening Picture is Artephius a famous Alchemist of the ages

In truth there is no time per se

There are periods of the day and year where things happen

and these have been formatted into a globally used

Gregorian calendar

that excludes certain planetary activities

These create ways of being



That serve a religious framework which demands certain ways of being

a human being and are conditional

and if we do not obey

we are 

a heretic


by definition 



non compliant 


makes us subversive to those demanding submission to their code

Once we start to understand

this on a deeper level 

as a human being 

we understand that the life we believe to be free and democratic in society

is in fact a myth 

and the total opposite is indeed true

and this is a turning point 


If we choose to see it fully 

it is a gateway 

into a new potentiality of being

but it does mean

that we have to be ready to shed our skin of conditioning

when a snake no longer sheds it’s skin…

it is no longer a snake …


face some harsh truths 

about the reality of this life 

in order to face our own personal harsh truths 

and go beyond them

and this is key to understanding 

why our planet is currently the way it is 

to help us literally see what had to happen

in order for this place and time to exist 

so we understand the laws of creation

and learn what creates what 

and then start to create consciously

by becoming our own conscious code creator

This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about

and we are just crossing

the threshold of it 

Until we are ready to Cross

this threshold personally 


we are bound by the rules 

of the first part of our life

before initiation into awakening

not because we are 

“bad” “wrong” “unworthy”

simply because

that is how this energy matrix works

and to resist these rules

is a futile process

that causes much suffering

and a dark night of…the ego


The Energy Matrix works

From literal codes of conduct

which is the true meaning of karma 

Here is a Brit film illustrating this in a way


Time is a man made concept

from the man made mind

a framework to give meaning

and therefore reason and logic 

to put everything and everyone 

literally in it’s time and place 

and in one aspect this allows things to happen and for relationship to occur

to enable human beings to relate and create 

This is now coming to it’s full blooming


and we can literally see the manifestation of it in all it’s glory 


in it’s full madness

and what that creates 

The logical intention

of so many systems

designed to fix

a historical issue

with a mind matrix of one sided raw ego …

not really looking at how this individual system interacts with everything else because the individual isn’t looking at their bigger picture yet

and so cannot see what isn’t within them

has expanded to create it’s polar opposite

from one extreme to another

this attempt to bring conformity and control

has gone beyond the point of harmonious creativity 


chaotic pathological ego extremism

because that is where we have to go

to know that 🙂 

Lucy is a great film illustrating this and an unseen outcome

People commuting at the same time

creates a total nightmare experience every day

that has allowed us to see

how all beings


on the same timetable

does not happy commuting make

despite all the theories around home working

and the wonders that technology will do


These wonders working with old inner mindsets

simply create more of the same because it is coming from old code

and this is what humanity is on the abyss of realising


doing something about 

because clearly

certain codes of relating are very flawed right now 


This is meant to happen

as code is experiential

and although often a painful process 

this is where we have to go 


because this is the shadow process

and this is when the light comes in

Many people are still offering machine ways of fixing things 

Go and get a tune up 

Have a make over with a machine that will retune you to harmony 

and it may do for a while

just like a drug will help for a while


it does not deal with the causality 

of what created that way of being within us

and that is the key place where it all begins


This personal process

when we understand it

reveals the diamond in the making

that we are

and that has to be learnt on our personal journey by learning about our initial world

and then literally transforming it into a new one 

Remember as well  that any machine has a human component 

and that is the ghost in the machine 🙂 


If you want to be reliant on someone else’s view of harmony

albeit a machine filtered one

If you want to be co dependent on a computer generated rhythm

and rely on it to bring you into balance 

Or another person creating code for you with hypnotherapy using their vibe and code

That is ok 

It does not lead to self empowerment per se

but it may start you in that general direction

 If that is where you are it is true for you

and this way of relating

is the same in many aspects

as the conditional and conditioned society 

It is co dependent 




There is nothing “wrong” with that 

It is what it is 

It is not the route of the Hermeticist

or the Alchemist


and if you wish to let go of being 


and learn instead as to what is creating ill health


pushing your buttons

with the intention of integrating these experiences

and learning how to see them as

your inner gold potential 

and taking power back



it is time for you to learn

or should I say…


the tools of the trade 


If you are feeling to do this

then chances are

it is what you are here for

and your journey 

and that you will have done many journeys many times before 

Here is an interesting article about this:

The key understanding to this code

is this 


All that our ego seeks outside of us is what we are ready to

integrate and develop on the inside of us 

Instead of seeking a someone 

an event 

a career 

an experience 


as our next step to bliss 

there is another way 

Seeking that experience within us 

and therefore not coming from a “needy” place when setting out on our

Adventure Quest 

which is a very different space and creates a very different outcome

This does take a lot of inner work

Looking at our core 


Remembering who we really are

and tuning in to that wisdom by letting go of our raw ego demands

Being a disciple by being disciplined

as in the ways of Kung Fu


Kill Bill ~ albeit an extremely ego appealing film ~ is a great metaphor and also extremely violent and has many very disturbing chapters that echo parts of society that are deeply disturbing and non the less true . Bill ~ Will ~ the ego that is evolved in some ways as brought into submission through menial tasks and repetition  subservience and servitude to a master

but again that is not inner alchemical work around the emotional issues

There is no acceptance

There is therefore no forgiveness or understanding 

and therefore the raw emotional ego seeks revenge to appease it 

what this film doesn’t show is that at the end

that raw ego is still unappeased and will seek other targets

and of course will find them

What is coming up to the surface of the cauldron currently being stirred

at this enlightening time of 


Click on the link to see lots of deeper meaning at this time

We have a Full moon coming up in the UK in Cancer






have all been in Capricorn

over the holiday season


Mars ~

which is key to the Mayan Sign of White World Bridger as it is it’s ruling planet 

is currently in Aquarius 

so any planets in Aquarius will be highlighted as to masculine energy coming up and Venus and Mercury will shortly be leaving Capricorn to join Aquarius too

so this is key for 

The New Age coming in

It is an intense time this Uranus in Aries until 2019 

Liquid Light coming in to break open the mind set 

to prepare for the next 

13 Year Cycle 

White Wizard coming on July 26 2019

and this is why so many systems are breaking down now

because there time is over and new beginnings will come from their ruins

Uranus then moves into Taurus

for 7 years and watch that Isis energy 

move mountains 


So if you want to work in the way of the Goddess

and the nature of the Alchemist

now is a really good time to prepare 

and get into alignment 

The Gregorian Calendar says we have a new year approaching

In the Mayan Calendar 

this arrives on July 26 2015

and this will be 

White Planetary Wizard


We will be seeing the codes of

self empowerment


on planet earth

The last ten years of the current 13 year cycle of Red Moon being revealed

This cycle started on July 26 2006

Working with awareness of these codes can really boost this understanding

of where we are on our path if we are ready to work wisely within

If you are ready here is a great way to get some clarity 

Look at what is manifest today 

December 30 2014 

What feels good that you choose to keep

that you are not dependent on

That sets your heart on fire

That feels true 

That feels empowering 


If you know how to start working out your key code in the Mayan Matrix

This is an exercise I have just done 

If you are a White World Bridger for example

start with the year of your birth 

( Whatever your Mayan Sign start with your date of birth)

Here is a decoder:


then put every four years in until now

This will give all your White Worldbridger Codes 

(or whatever your Mayan Sign is)

Then look at what Wavespell they are the code for

and see what they creation code they are

Find them in this chart and the first one

The Magnetic

is the Wavespell

2o Wavespells




Look back at what you were doing in those years and write about it 

Put in your Age , the year and what really jumps out at that time

Could be you started school/junior/high/college/uni

Could be you moved somewhere

You started a career

Fell in love

Became a parent

Experienced a great challenge

Discovered your passion

If you are coming to your 50’s decade you will have most of your 13 codes 

If you are 52 and beyond you will have all of them

Whatever our age this exercise

 gives amazing insights about our journey

of being the person we are today

and what created that person

Some aspects will bring joy

others will bring pain

and the joyful ones maybe ones we wish to expand upon

and the painful ones are the ones we can choose to transform if we are ready to

So that we are ready to go beyond our pure humanity

and go to the place beyond limitation


The Alchemy story is simply a process

When we are ready to do our personal process

we are ready to go beyond the common restrains

The same process applies to all material things

and we are material


whether we apply the rules to cooking 

to chemistry

or to our inner world

the systems are clear

the things we perceive as a problem area

are actually triggering us into transforming


birthing new ways

when we are ready to receive that information

we are ready for 

Being still and knowing 

that we are 


Once we really start to work with this understanding of code

we can see how everything 


is coming into our circle 

to assist us on our human evolution

When we allow it

When we align with it 

We really flow and this powerful current

gets stronger and stronger


The Universal breath blows

through the instrument

of our harmonics

and plays our tune 

If that isn’t a harmonious one

instead of blaming the universe

we learn how to create a different more refined 


that is in tune with cosmic law and code coming in



If you feel ready to explore your inner galactic centre 

Please contact me for more info

Next Universal aligned Workshop

Persephone Path 4 10 January 2015

Code for 2015 ~ add the numbers together ~ 8 ~ integration

More info here


Thank you for being part of my world in 2014

Looking to continuing our adventures together and hope that you will share your experiences on the blog

It is a challenging time for us all and that is also what makes it so wonderful

the potential is there when we go beyond our fears

by facing and feeling them

Bringing the old world out

into the open

so we can become more open

and create intimacy and honesty in our world

Be the gift we are here to be 




Love to you 

White Worldbridge Wave ~ Dogged determination


White Overtone Dog


The day 5 of

The White World ~ Bridger Wave

please click on the links to expand with other websites

The heart of the matter day of any Wavespell

The Core 

Really experiencing intensity already

in the descent into the underworld time in the Northern Hemisphere 

How about you ?



started her journey on the 23rd of September

and another name for her is Kore ~ coincidentally 😉

Pluto has just gone direct aka Hades

This week’s astrology from Cafeastrology

So all our underworld is up for inspection

We may be feeling dogged, desperate and/or determined now 

As we walk the path of hellfire in this death star code

This walking the talk requires discipline

clear communication


the ability to stay open to the new code

when the ego is feeling fearful 

It can seem as grim as The Reaper 

as this comes into play with other people who are old code for our childhood issues

and many people have no idea of what “right relationship” means even as an abstract

but this “grimness”….

 is purely ego perspective

The seasoned adept adventurer recognises that the death of old world is simply an essential step

in creating new ones 

and the more we evolve our ego 

the more self~ evident this becomes

As we have just experienced a New Moon in Libra 

We are in the realm of Justice 

The scales

Anything that is unfair

out of balance 

our next step in our personal evolution of 

“right relationship”

is appearing now 

for us to let go of our dog days of depression


clear our anger issues 

clear our codes


create new code

What started this process of our dream in late March and April

Aries Sun

The initiation 

Is coming to a completion in the full moon in Aries on the 8th of October

Had lots of insights in the last couple of days 

Amazing code being revealed

and for those that are ready to receive it

It is revelation time

All our media is always revealing the code 

All our next steps are here to be seen in everything we do

and what our ego sees as “bad” is actually the solution and our salvation

Take Neo for example 

in The Matrix 

aka The Mayan Wavespell

I looked for pictures for this blog and put Dogstar in Google 

not realising that is the name of his band ~ or should I say Keanu


Keanu has his North Node in Gemini like me 

which is Cosmic Code for Right Relationship

and here is a weird one I discovered….


Can’t say I remember that episode 

Just watched the film


and it illustrates the code perfectly

and reveals why it is essential now for each one of us to learn how we create and what is causality.

So we can learn to let go of hurting ourselves and other people

So we can see how our society is the source of anti~social behaviour


positively reinforcing modelling

that behaviour

creating pathological relationships

How our mainstream idols 

our so called success symbols

are false prophets


taking us down a very destructive uncaring path

The models of human behaviour that create material wealth are actually

very sick models 

and align with

anti social behaviour for the majority of people

and our planet 

and yet somehow the vast majority do not seem able to grasp that

and are still doing the same thing yet expecting everything to change

This is true madness

and yet how can things change when most people are plugged into watching models of relationship on soap operas….

drama laden death scenes

destructive and violent ego action movies and games

plots with ego base people doing nasty things to others

which of course is a match for where most of our society are 


in their past

like a lost time traveller 

or Kirk and Crew with no Scotty to beam them and their unicorn dog up from a remote planet

with a dark side of the moon 


Transcendence is a personal process

purely crafted


for each individual to do

and as that happens 

all systems are go

all our suffering is self created 

and that is not a blame

it is a fact

If we aren’t yet ready  to stop putting poison in our bodies 

on whatever level

be it with media

with drugs

with food

with relationship

then we aren’t ready to do what it takes to live in balance

and therefore

we won’t



Which organ is steering your chariot of fire?


Is it your heart and your heart’s desire ?

Maybe another chakra lower down?

Could it be your base chakra ?

Genitals ?

Cocky Arrogant behaviour is a bit of a giveaway …..


Womb with a view ?

Maybe the dream factory of the liver ?

Being pickled for posterity ?

Drowned out dreams

When we decide to face our demons instead ….

Learn how to get real with how we feel

and be sober 

be straight 

let go of taking the “edge off”

softening reality until the edges are blurry

to try and avoid how we feel about our personal theatre

Neptune in Pisces is key

Then something very different happens

Today’s energy is all about getting to the heart of the matter

of our birth tribe

the place that created everything that is happening and playing out for us today

the pattern maker

How about :


Letting go of emotional drama 

and being free of conditional love 

love through conditioning 

looking for love in all the “wrong” places ….

and believe me 

I have been an expert on that process for many years 

and am still on the circuit of reformation

I am not holding myself up as a saint 😉 

Far from it

I feel all the emotions 

I have buttons that get pushed

only now it takes me less time to recover 

and bounce back 

because I tap on my personal his~ story


I realised a long time ago 

that I have a choice 

how to live this life 

and I chose to do whatever it took to learn

how to create genuine peaceful healthy ways of living

for me and my family

It isn’t an easy path

but it is an amazing one  

Have you started that approach yet to your life path ?

Pro active code creator

Dog star

Here is a pic of Glastonbury Tor with the Sirius Star


We are Cosmic Code 

Each Code creates a process

We are the same as a computer character in a computer game 

Hence we have computer games so we can see our own process

because we are ready to see it 

In a computer programme when a character performs a task it interacts with the code of the game 

If the character does x

y happens

If a character does a 

b happens 

We have the majority of the world believing that if they do x 

b happens 

It is a distortion

It is impossible 

and yet thousands will still keep doing x 

year after year believing it creates b when it can only ever create y

because it is what it is

this is denial of the very evidence in front of their eyes

Peace has a code 

It is the polar opposite of war code 

Doing the war code expecting peace is so insane 

Believing that pathologically ill people who have an ego as big as the country they are running

(on behalf of a bunch of other similar people who do not even feel a need to declare that position)

are ever ever ever going to care 

about someone else 

apart from them selves….

Is illogical Jim

Is it Spock?


Time for us to see what is under our noses ?

Take responsibility ?

Or continue to say one thing and live another ?

What we do shapes our reality

and if we are still running the same codes inside from our youth ….

What goes in comes out 

It is all there to be seen

Our childhood dramas being played 

on a giant planetary movie screen

Are we ready for a brave new world ?

It will only happen when we start to be brave enough to deal with our personal emotional stuff

and stop focusing on the outside of us for all the answers 

Red Solar Moon Year is all about

personal internal balance of our shadow



Pics of dogs with human bodies ~ Martine Roch

Core Strengthening


Red Crystal Earth

Day 12 of Surrender Wavespell

White Worldbridger

Complex stability Structure and a Galactic Portal Day

Remember to click on the links to expand awareness ~ they lead to other websites with more information.

We are in the last two days of the refining wavespell

On the 17th comes The Catalyst Wavespell

Blue Storm Wavespell

My personal catalytic converter.

Our personal Wavespell is our journey for soul transformation and our star seeded mission.

It is what we are here to alchemically work with for ourselves and in this process we change worlds.

Pretty exciting stuff ?

If you want to use a framework for catalysing yourself

then my workshop 


May be of interest ~ take part anywhere in the world in a way that suits you.

As I am preparing for this now ~ it is a blue Wavespell and so it is a gateway of death and transformation ~ I am becoming very aware of what is seeking a new code for me and as a consequence of this , I am learning a lot about code in all different arenas.

Energy Therapies:

Once I became connected with awareness of energy therapies I entered a different world………

which is also what this wavespell is designed for and can only happen if we allow it 🙂 … … … … … 

This happened back in July 2006 when I had my first Reiki healing from my friend in Marsden who I later trained with in Reiki at her healing centre.

I had never heard of Reiki and had just started doing a lot of new things, such as belly dancing and when we move into new circles lots of newness happens. Much of this newness I was very nervous about and was very different to anything I had done before and this is a key strategy for transformation ~ feel the fear and….bust out of our comfort cocoon 🙂

I know this information because I have tools that I have created and learned about ~ universal decoders ~ as well as a capacity to hold a lot of information as an Aquarius Rising .  You may find the information I share in my blogs overwhelming to begin with ~ and notice that 🙂 My offering ~ take what is resonating for you 🙂

I am different to you ~ I have a unique code and so do you and chances are you process differently. My intention in sharing my journey is simply that. Some things may resonate with you and may touch you ~ you may feel you want to learn more about that thread ~ you may want to share what you know ~ this is the magic of co creativity. We are all teachers and students and here to relate.

Mundane Tools in plain sight:

If you know how to use your email account as a magical cookie trail store, this can reveal hidden treasure and dates about key times in your life ~ so bear that in mind before you delete.

Remembering that to be in balance with Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to being powerful and the magical alchemist.

I was intending to connect to when I had my consciousness awareness raised around energy frameworks ~ remembered that I had been on holiday to Greece, came back and was feeling very dizzy and ungrounded with vertigo symptoms. I checked my email and there was my flight itinerary. It gave me exact dates to work with. 

Now I have the Mayan Wavespell decoder to check out what energy signature Wavespell I was on ~ Blue Night. All about connecting to our dream and our potentiality. As we transform our energetic triggers and what is prompting nightmares from our past ~ sometimes past lives too ~ we create clear space and learn about our process. We learn about our cosmic code and how to work with it in relationship to the universal code. This is what I call:

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail.

If you would like to open up more to following your cosmic cookie trail ~ here is a video I created for that purpose that you can use every day to set that intention using Emotional Freedom Technique.

Back then, I was in Year 10 of a thirteen year cycle of White Wind. Connecting to Spirit. That Year specifically was Blue Planetary Hand ~ shaping my life through gateways and seeing what was manifest in my life ~ what I had created according to my beliefs.

I wasn’t consciously aware of that then ~ but I was very aware that my life was changing drastically and was open to finding new ways of living. At that time I was a property renovator and had achieved a lot of satisfaction through transforming houses in my village. I loved Greece and had gone there for the first time with my children and partner, after a long period of not visiting it because I didn’t feel it offered amenities for very young children with the marble floors and heat.

They were old enough to cope with that structure in 2006 and so I chose a Greek Island that was small and beautiful and unknowingly on one level I chose a small village named Aghia Efimia ~ which is named after   Saint Efimia ~ a woman of good honour and strong resolve. The name is often shortened to Effie ~  also the name of a friend of mine in Crete where I lived for a while as a young woman.

Lots of synchronicities I can now see ~ the sacred feminine vibe of the independent woman being one of the key energies as this Saint’s name day is 16 September ~ Virgo. When I read this story about how she achieved her Saint title ~ her process ~ I remember how so many human beings have suffered experientially, to create these codes, so we can know them today and see the pattern……… and of course how we have done the same.

Now we have an opportunity to do something different at this amazing time on our planet.

Here is an icon of Effie:


Here is a picture of Paradise Beach:


So to another way that has been revealed to me in the past few days ~ catalytic conversion through my Cat 🙂 Here he is ~ Arnold.



Here he is ~ he’s a little monkey for drinking anyone’s drink and loves glasses rather than bowls.

He has been drinking more recently and losing weight and this has happened to my beloved cat Bob who died in 2011 before I came to Glastonbury. Bob took me on a cookie trail through homeopathy and I chose it because I knew that conventional medical treatments were simply dealing with the symptoms instead of what was giving rise to them. Sadly he had a lot of trauma from a car accident and lots of physiological issues that came from this and his diet ~ and this is key learning about what we feed our pets that are totally unsuitable for them and that we are often unaware of because we trust the informed opinion of people who we believe to be “experts” in their field .

Here is a great website on homeopathy for cats

Our pets are our avatars and when they are in close relationship to us they align with our energy structure. This often means they get sick because as domestic pets they are often not living in their true healthy way of being ~ just in the same way that most human beings aren’t ~ we are out of balance with our wild child and eating food that is very out of synch with our bodies true state.

This is accelerating now as our universal code is changing ~ this is very important to be aware of this 🙂 What used to work for previous generations ~ such as a job for life and certain dietary requirements ~ does not align with the cosmic code now ~ new learning time 🙂

If you think about this on a very rational level it makes sense ~ only our ego ~ that doesn’t “do” logic disagrees as it wants to keep everything the same as

same = safe 

thing is our universal code is evolution ` this is where our ego resistance kicks in and this creates suffering

We suffer when we resist the reality of life


Reveals the law of attraction code, the matrix and the string theory ~ quantum frameworks, magnetic attraction ~ many names and frameworks.

What it reveals is the energetic signature that is our universal creation system.

What I realised early on in my journey , is that there are lots of threads involved in creating something ~ our universe is complex. That may seem really obvious and yet I find human beings often overlook the simple truths ~ a paradox 🙂

When something happens in our lives that creates unease and dis~ ease there are components that make up this cookie that we have baked ~ this outcome had a recipe.

As a fledgling therapist I tried to explain this to my clients ~ a bigger picture pattern was present and all of this required looking at and keeping what was serving them and most importantly ~

letting go of what wasn’t ~

there wasn’t a quick fix for most issues.


Creating a different outcome from a different recipe 🙂

As a therapist I can bring this awareness to my client ~ it is my speciality and something I delve deeply into and learn about and do the process for myself and…..

most importantly

the client has to do this process for themselves which often flies in the face of our society conditioning and medical model ~ go to doctor ~ get drugs ~ seemingly fixes the symptoms ~ however the rest of the life circle that gave rise to the symptoms do not change and so….symptoms come back and often louder and brighter to be heard instead of supressed

Holistic approach is very different.

Homeopathy is the pure energetic of something ~ no actual live material in there only the energy signature.

It is very useful if you are working with a deep conscious level issue, a child, an animal  ~ the circumstances may not be available through an inability to communicate ~ and bear in mind that although this method sounds very gentle it isn’t always the case.

It is important to check out the whole picture ~ medical experts involved to look at the physiology and check that out and experts in homeopathy too  ~ overturn every stone if possible

and you may feel you are expert enough on yourself 🙂

Due diligence required ~ I use the term “expert” to refer to someone who has intellectual and experiential knowledge in their field ~ and not about the person having the homeopathy ~ depending on how well they “know thyself”

This is not an exact science because our unique code brings us….

the next step on our learning ladder 🙂

We attract what we need to heal us and so whenever we are facing an imbalance there is our solution.

Back to Arnold 🙂

Living on ley lines brings amazing learning and a high level of light ~ light is radiation. This in itself illuminates our shadow and reveals our next steps. Moving to Glastonbury raised my awareness of what effect that code of light ~ a very intense grid of light as the heart chakra of the planet ~ has on my family’s code and I include my cats of course.

Today’s energy is all about that structure of being centred and earthed.

Many people look to holistic therapies themselves as a way of salvation and miss the key component ~ to transform oneself as the most important step and not use their chosen “trade” as a power trip to feel good through believing they can “heal others” . Each person is their own healer 🙂 People who share healing modalities are part of that process ~ not the process 🙂 

So my beloved Arnold took me on a cookie trail ~ which leads me back to salt once more in a different way.

I wrote about this last year ~ my journey with water and feeling tired, de~hydrated .

My journey with food ~ eating foods fresh from the vine and growing food myself using lots of amazing new learning.

My journey around my own boundaries and how I worked with people generally and clients and co dependency patterns. 

I recognised his symptoms and so looked up Hypothyroidism ~ certain symptoms in me and a lot of people I am connected to right now 🙂

In the bigger picture on the planet it is a big shared pattern as part of our planetary transformation at this time.

Letting go of old ways of relating and creating new heart ways of being ~ on a deeper level….

When we heal these old hurts our thyroid ~ which is the butterfly organ on our throat ~ the Goddess Gateway from our body to our head ~ transforms. This has always been the symbol of my community projects and at the back of my house this is the rare butterfly that lives there:

Common Blue 230509 018

The Common Blue

If you have any of these symptoms it may be useful to explore this Homeopathic Remedy which will bring the energy signature to match it…..

The vibration about this is

Trust ~

The homeopaths remedy is Natrum Muriaticum


great articles about this here

for the vibe

for the symptoms


I also recommend looking at our life structures ~ what is supporting healthy relationship in all aspects of our life and….

looking at what gave rise to distrust in our past

events ~ releasing these aspects emotionally are

essential ~ and this changes our  trust code 🙂

Of course I cannot do this with Arnold in many ways ~ I am aware of some key life events where he has had emotional and physical trauma and can do surrogate tapping and Quantum Touch for him and I do.

Something else is now triggering this response and this allows a new learning process to happen.

Seeing these life events in this way creates a different experience 🙂

My biggest shift in recent times is simply being with him ~ in loving presence.

Taking the time to relate to him and value him ~ treasure him in my life …..

Treasure my wonderful life and smell the roses 🙂


When we transform our core every day

and align with how our heart loves to thrive ~

meet our challenges to survive

Everything has a crystal clear magical quality in our lives.

This wonderful life we have is available in many different versions that are determined in the most part with our channel choice.

Yesterday I got the Sun card in Thoth

Great article about that here

and I ordered my homeopathy from Helios  🙂


See the synchs in plain sight 🙂

Love to your earthly Uranus potential today.



Catalyst Coming Wavespell



White World Bridger Wavespell


Day 4

The Structure Day of every 13 day Wavespell


Todays energy signature is 

Red Self Existing Moon


Please click on the links to expand on the information which leads to other web sites

all about awakening today

to firstly

our own structure


secondly as a point of focus ……

because as any adept knows

to know thyself is the key focus

and what we are here for 

the co creative focus is to know the universal pattern now that we are co creating with

The language of light

and the new wave of energy coming in

The new code

I have had an amazing few days processing information that I have intuitively received


as I create the space within

using my catalytic convertor resource

my shadow

I am doing this in many different ways 🙂

 *I use the Mayan 13 day energy spirals to synchronise with what my universe is creating and raise my awareness

*I set an intention at the start of the spiral for the next step in my evolution

*I am guided by the energetic nature of the spiral

This one is all about surrender and death of old worlds to bring in the new

which comes hot on the heels of 

the bringing

Heaven to Earth Wavespell

Red Skywalker Wavespell

I did a blog  on each day of that wave which you can access and see how each day has a divine code to work with

on whatever level we choose

That framework remains the same ~ the nature of the energy pattern it creates changes


So now in this Wavespell we are refining what came into our awareness

~ came to light from our shadow space ~

on December 22 for the thirteen days over the festive period

What is seeking to die and make space through it’s transformation

so that we can 

fly high and dig deep

and go first within for the treasure we seek ?


This Wavespell started on January 4th


The framework I personally use

for my enlightenment process:

 *I use a Thoth thirteen day tarot spread that I do on the first day with an intention based on the nature of the Wavespell and what I am seeking to transform within me

* I create a document

* and every day I look at it in connection with the Mayan Wavespell

 *This gives me my energetic signature of the day and the universal signature of the day

the co creative framework

and connect to the cosmos ~ see what is coming in

Each day has an energetic signature to work with

I am very aware of seeing signs around me

In me ~ my body and emotion reflect what is seeking well being

what is emulating well being

It is child’s play

Feels good ~ heart full of joy


Feels other than ~ something that has potency to transform

The Wholly Grail that I am  🙂



Moon Patterns to weave with





On Waxing Moons ~ expansion , co creation, creativity out in the world

On Waning Moons ~ reception, regeneration, rebirth

The Moon is our sacred feminine self

Our emotion

Our mask and shield

Our mother love

Our potency

Our Goddess Gifts


She hasn’t been flavour of the month for many a moon

her power is growing now 🙂

Waxing moon in Aries today in the UK

New Beginnings

In the dark half of the year it is still going within time for

Inner Work

Letting our emotions reveal the root of our shadow




Shows us a path to the light

by going into the veil and the way is

the valley of death

leaf lantern

Magically on entering the library last week

I saw a book in the new in section

This was the third time I had a cosmic nudge to Dan Brown’s new book and so

I took the hint and selected



Just reading it now

and wow

so many messages for me 

what a cosmic cookie trail it has led me on ~ thank you Dan Brown

I have a different perspective to his

of the personal alchemy code

We all have this unique view which is why….

when we understand the deeper codes we realise

there is no “competition” or a need to compete as we are all on our golden thread that leads us into the dark 

as seekers of our own

personal truth 🙂

What is the next step exclusively for us on our very own tailor made journey

My connection to the novel:

Our family went to a wedding in Florence

where the novel is set

in 2009

which was our paradoxical year of loss as property renovators

the financial crash

and renewal of catalytic thrust to remember our passion as adventurers and travellers

course correction through an ego fall 🙂

As a teenager I studied History of Art

and when I went to the Uffizi gallery I got to see these wonders in person

there is no substitute for the intensity of colour and the energy for a Giotto

in the flesh



These early works of art can seem unsophisticated compared to the later works of other artists ~ their energetic flavour shines through.

To be in the presence of something that was intended to be of sacredness is felt by the heart

this is also a key to the heart path that differs from the mind

I saw Medusa by Caravaggio


Birth of Venus by Botticelli


I wasn’t intellectually aware of Primavera shown at the start of the blog

or that he had painted many illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy

and this

Map of Hell

Lots of new learning for me

Avoiding any spoiler alerts by revealing any plot 

the key message for me is the code

Dan Brown’s books have a theme

which I feel is so valuable and 

allows mainstream access to these hidden alchemical worlds

through entertaining stories

such is the nature of many a book from the past that is a hidden gift of personal transformation

which has been portrayed as a factual event

whatever our level of entry

we can all follow the cosmic cookie trail

that have been accessed by the few 

for centuries

and are now open to all

Most of the amazing works of Art could only be seen by the elite in the houses of the rich

such as the Medici family

who were powerful bankers

and if you read the information on their rise and fall here

Medici bank

you will see that again history is simply repeating itself ~

another cycle

there is nothing new under the sun in terms of our history repeating

What I am about to say may cause a few ripples to the ego 🙂

I am simply speaking from my experiential viewpoint of my journey so far

After working with people all my life in the entertainment and leisure world in different ways

in the service world

in the holistic health world

All these places with similar shared patterns

what I know to be true is this:

We each have a cosmic code that we came here with

embedded 🙂


If we keep that cosmic code the same 

the cosmic code we attract stays the same


it isn’t rocket science 🙂

No matter how many positive affirmations we speak

workshops we go on

massage and energy releasing treatments we have

meditations we do

We are doing them

having them

receiving them

releasing them

and our code changes very little


our emotion stays the same

it attracts the same

our cup of emotion is so full of shadows

that we are full to bursting

and our energy body 

physical body

wealth body

becomes distorted to accommodate that 

emotional structure

we haven’t evolved emotionally

because unless we release that old emotional code

on all levels

it remains the same

and so we are still doing the same

coping mechanisms to deal with all that emotion

they may mutate to something that appears new

We may swap alcoholism for religion and be born again

We may let go of emotional eating for embroidery

We may evolve our workaholism for workshopaholism

and inside we stay the same….

so we attract the same life experiences

as we are still unaware that we have a code

that is primarily alchemically transformed


by our feelings 🙂

now these ancient codes are on public display

now is the time for the curtains to be drawn back

This book ,  Inferno, like anything in our world, reflects knowledge back to us at a level

we are ready to receive

depending on where we are on our path

Are we ready to go within and create



Capricorn Space ?

Being with our inner Inferno

and our own personal hell ?


Pan space in a balanced way

Allowing our feelings to be in balance because we have grieved and raged

and freed our slave

Giving up and abstinence is the opposite of mastery

and can be an avoidance pattern

which means the alchemy process hasn’t been achieved

the pain has simply been diverted

Codes in plain sight :

The paintings of a time

the craft work

the carpets design

the movements in a sacred dance

an energy well being framework of movement such as yoga and tai chi

all hold the divinity code

like a seed

in sacred sacrament

ready for the seal to be broken open at the perfect time

beauty in the eye of the beholder

one of the codes in the book Inferno :

to see through the eyes of the dead

What this means to me :

When I have an emotional reaction to something

that isn’t love and joy

I know there is an old wound story there

This emotional wound holds pure gold in it’s raw form of shadow

When I am still holding this wound it brings like circumstances in my everyday world

so I have an opportunity to revisit this wound pattern

and create a different experience for myself

So for example my car may break down

I visit a garage

Something happens in my relationship with the garage

and I am unhappy about it

If I continue in this vein I am creating with this unhappy pattern

emotional vibe is the creative life force

If instead ~

I am in the unhappy place

I feel these unhappy feelings

I be with them ~ they seek to be felt

I then tap ( Emotional Freedom Technique) on these feelings and expand on these

What is the his ~ story here?

If these are very strong feelings that seem dis proportionate to

the causal event

I know there are several threads in there with roots in several stories in my past

When I have released this unhappy feeling event of today as much as I can 

I  go to the other places as much as feels necessary and is feeling emotional

and when I clear these root places

I see through the eyes of death transformed

I have surrendered to my feelings now

I have surrender to what is

I have surrendered to what is within me that is an old story

recognising that whatever I am seeing in my world

Is somehow related to me

It isn’t bad or good

It is simply the universe ~ which is me

bringing me my beliefs

and there are lots of ways to look at that bigger picture if I choose

it is all about my choice 🙂

When I have cleared these old wound stories

I am clear of that history

I haven’t changed my past

I have changed how I feel about it 🙂

I have freedom from the emotional hold it has on me

What happens at this point is…..

Catalytic conversion


I have changed my inner space

I change my law of attraction

I change my energetic code

I get a total reframe

and if I choose I can also use EFT to expand on this reframe to open myself up to

new learning

new adventure

ready to be open to new ways of being

The Secret Formula:

No matter who

or what


 magical food



we do

if our inner receptors are on closed and hurt

the love goddess energy is like the wolf faced with the three little pigs red brick house 

who huffs and puffs 

and cannot get in

because of the wall 

we have built around our heart

the code of 

keep out

All of these amazing gifts that we are wishing to create change for us 

cannot resolve our energetic system


check out these amazing new ways of transformation

find groups and people who you can connect to

who are using these frameworks and see for yourself

and first and foremost start to learn them yourself


see the magic

feel the difference

This is the major starting point

Most of the frameworks today are in reverse order and focus at the beginning and outside

Start with the end in mind

Remember that the most important thing to you that you hold sacred

is what is the key

What we are being

is what we are doing

is what we are creating

The intention is very important and is the difference that makes the difference

If we are being manipulative

we are sending out a code

and this code means…..

a message to the universe

Live by the sword and die by the sword

We are what we eat

what we believe

what we do


If we do not treat ourselves respectfully …..

guess what 🙂

The universe shows us lots of events and people to reveal that way of being so we can see that

The Map of Hell painted by Botticelli reveals all these places

and people back then really believed there was such a place….

as hell

some people still do

We have no way of knowing what is the true intention about these creations by the original person unless they choose to speak to us 🙂

What I believe, is reading Dante’s history , is that he was exiled from the place he adored ~ Florence

He was exiled from the woman he adored who married another

He was in his own personal hell every day and as he was feeling all those feelings this gave rise to his way of using that space


he wrote about it

What I now see ~ which I didn’t in 2009 when I saw those paintings

is the code in them.

The hell I see is the one each person creates with their thoughts and beliefs 

Their victim story

The Primavera Process

We are a living walking breathing history

The past has created us as adults

Everything we experience today has been shaped by our interactions on planet earth


so this past creates our future

Do what we have always done and…..

we create the same


So the past is the right hand side of the painting

and here we see a dark angel ( known by some as Zephyrus  who, as the west wind , brings transformation ~ see the link here ~ Primavera meanings where there is an in depth interpretation of characters) whispering to the first woman

It is similar in many ways to the Pan painting

From this interaction there are plants coming from her mouth

the next woman in line appears to be pregnant

In the middle 


in red

is Venus

Next in line are the three graces

being the focus for a messenger of Eros love’s arrow

To the left on completion we have a male ~ thought to be Mercury

otherwise known as Hermes and Thoth in other culture’s

The process of Spring and new beginnings

and yet ~  are oranges manifest in Spring  in Italy?

So we go from the wind ~ spirit speaking a message to a human being

who’s message gives rise to flowery words

who becomes pregnant and is the epitomy of abundant fertility

The root chakra

the sacral chakra 

the solar plexus

Venus as the heart chakra space in the middle

She gives rise to the throat, third eye and crown

which in turn creates the masculine energy of thought and reason

In terms of the seasons

the dark months of the year and spiritual inner work

give rise to the process of Spring

Aries time

It is the darkness that brings the light process

If you feel ready to start using this alchemical process for



or to use your awareness in a different way


I have a workshop that may be of interest 🙂


The next Persephone Path ~ Catalyst

is taking place 

on the 18th of January 

which is the next Wavespell to follow this one and is 

the catalytic  energy of Blue Storm

It is my personal Wavespell

It is perfectly aligned 

for this work in the waning moon of Leo

More info here:

Persephone Path  Catalyst


red overtone moon

Thoth Card Reading for Day 3 ~ the co creative day


Wonderful article here about this

which explains the bigger picture


Be Do Have and Universal Laws

and the opposite of my card today

The Prince of Swords

shows what happens when we go out of balance purely into mind and reason alone

We lose the heart aspect and therefore


lose heart ways of being and go out of balance into being led by the head

Our inner demons hold great power…..

over us if we let them weep and wail

force for amazing strength and transformation

if we are willing to 

look them in the eye


transform them

Be the catalytic crucible


Love to you beacons of light









Heart empowerment

yellow humanDay nine of the White Worldbridger Day and today is the ninth day ~ White Solar Wizard. This is always a round up day as a nine and if you are a number nine in the Mayan calendar then this is key for you as a time for having completed a cycle ~ maybe the sum total of many lives . This time around you are really here to get your soul show shining brightly and chances are you have had lots of learning early in your life around feeling separation and a stranger in your own land, your own family. A cuckoo in the nest, an alien in your tribe ~ on a different planet to the rest of your peer group 🙂

There is a very good reason for that 🙂

Number nine’s can be completion of pattern clearers when they clear their own energy and belief systems that they have learned in the first couple of segments of life ~ childhood and early adulthood. Often this manifests in midlife as a course correction ~ if we have veered far away from our star seeded course and gone down the ego path.

Over the Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse we have been revisiting old goo and patterns that are seeking release so we can be reborn. Take heart if you have been having a tough time of experience and illness as this is what Scorpio energy brings. Depending on where you are on your soul journey and time of life this can be very potent. Taurus and Scorpio axis on Thursday reveals big value issues that go deeper than material worth and material structures and patterns. Time to let go and move into new circles once more.

There is another major eclipse coming up on May 9th solar eclipse with sun and moon in Taurus and this links into the World Bridger energy ~ it is a galactic day ~ integration and all about death of old ways of being ~ duality ~ two worlds . Starting on May the 2nd we have Blue Storm Wavespell which is the energy of this year ~ releasing our addictions and being authentic.

Glastonbury brings a super charge evolution and expansion process and will expand exactly where you are in all ways. How you work with that energy depends on several things and a key area is the shadow. I am hosting a retreat in August in the Gemini part of the zodiac that you may be interested in ~ more info coming soon ~ if you feel it may be of interest please message me 🙂

It can be an unsettling place for any initiate as the wonder of Glastonbury as the heart chakra is ~ feel the love. The shadow aspect ~ feel where the blocks to love and self acceptance and then a crossroads 🙂 It is a challenge to be disciplined in this place of illusion and choose the heart path.

  • Choose to feel the blocks and let your soul take you through ego transformation and looking within at the ego defence mechanisms you have learned as a child…….?
  • Live in denial in never never land and use addictive behaviours that shape shift to keep that shadow covered ~ like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak ?
  • Become the shadow behaviour and manipulate all the signs that your soul is bringing to show you where enlightenment can happen using smoke and mirrors ~ avoidance?

Seeing what is driving that bus of behaviour can give some clarity 🙂

I have had an enlightening few days with lots of physical stuff going on ~ feeling sick and huge headaches on the actual day of Scorpio full moon which was when I was doing my EFT Circle. Feeling the pull to create new choices and alignments in lots of my world spaces. My card yesterday ~ Reach for the stars and let go of the low vibes 🙂

Yesterday I felt a lot better ~ there was a sting in the tail just as I was least expecting it with a big trigger around behaviour I have experienced many times in the past and something I feel very strongly about. Time to explore and create new boundaries for myself and how I relate.

It can be difficult to get clear about anything in Glastonbury for any period of time ~ it’s nature is to bring heart healing and free from the mind my offering on it is this ~ the universe brings us what we need not what we want which I have come to really experience on a personal level in the past few years at my mid life turning point and as this is relatively new learning for me ~ and a paradigm shift  ~ so all old rules are off that my mind and ego are used to ~ it can feel frustrating and exhausting as I go through this evolutionary tunnel for myself. I know it leads to more light if I choose to go there though. Getting easier to see the gateway points now.

The more I clear any resistance to that , through being shown earlier life events that link in to this resistance ~ and have formed beliefs and opinions about it and emotion that is on the fear spectrum ~ the more learning I have and the more I have expanded my awareness and consciousness. My intention is to allow myself to open my heart more and more and be open to things and ways that I may not yet know so I can evolve ~ otherwise I stay stuck in what I have become in the past on a human level ~ I live my life led by my head and by my ego and in that framework I am stuck on a revolving roundabout of mutating ego manoeuvres.

One of my challenges of being open and connecting to other people is that in the past people often get the impression on meeting me that I don’t know anything about anything because I don’t do the ego show…..and I don’t want to….. and I am looking at finding new ways to relate here in person 🙂

Part of my harmonising pattern has precluded me from speaking out in the past when something comes up that I feel isn’t loving behaviour and gentle and respectful ~ I have always been scapegoated when I bring up issues that people do not want to deal with and I do not want to impact aggressively or disrespectfully in other people’s life paths as that is a key value for me. Also I often have felt I don’t know enough about whatever it is …….that doesn’t seem to stop other people from speaking and “teaching” and……many people are teaching something that isn’t implicitly expressed and yet that is what is being expressed.That isn’t a behaviour I wish to model consciously with intent.

This has led to lots of inner enquiry and tapping ( EFT) for me . It was very much a theme of our circle on thursday. Some people who have experienced manipulation and unloving behaviour by caretakers are very aware of how that feels and do not want to pass that pain parcel on ~ so the dilemma is ?

How can we speak our truth and be in our masculine energy without creating the same relating pattern with others ?

If we want to move out of this framework and evolve this is key. My feeling is ~ until I have removed my anger from these times in the past when I was on the receiving end ~ I will struggle with this in my behaviour ~…….I am learning to speak up and stand in my power and share my knowingness and at a full moon time this can be very heightened. I have witnessed lots of power tripping workshops in Glastonbury especially ~ masquerading as something else and I do not like the dishonesty.

The Emperor’s New Clothes ~ what to say ? Who is truly aware of what they are doing and being dishonest about it ……and if you speak up ……..how many will pretend that they do not agree ( although behind the net curtains……..) because they need that co dependent structure like a heroin user ? My code of behaviour now is avoiding drama if I can……unless something directly affects me in a way I feel is abusive , I choose not to engage ….otherwise I would spend all my time in this drama …….

I am focusing on what directly affects me and being the heroine in my own life 

I came to Glastonbury as a cosmic nudge ~ it wasn’t on any goal plan I had 🙂 My mind interpreted many things and I followed it’s lead creating workshops based on what I had learned both through knowledge ~ books, courses, workshops and experience ~ my real life practicality . My heart led me to Glastonbury ~ I didn’t know why I came ~ I trusted my gut that I needed to come at a time when I was allowing myself to be drawn to where I had my next life stage. This has gone in a different way to what I expected especially in learning about the Mayan calendar ~ it wasn’t what I thought it was and what it truly is ~ is wow 🙂 I have had to go through lots of illusions in this process ~ in this place anything goes 🙂 It’s a wild ride ~ shakes the core.

Honing that way of being and allowing that to happen was a huge crossroads for me. I believe it happened because I had done a huge amount of energy clearing with my own patterns and wounding and with my clients that I attracted ~ in particular on healing my feminine archetypal relationships and beliefs. Allowing myself to receive again was key ……and refining that by seeing clearly what was repeating when that happened and my own role in the relationship.

In my training and working as a therapist I have been on many events and workshops and worked with therapists as their therapist. One of the key patterns of a therapist or a coach is around self empowerment, people pleasing, fixing,and a need to be needed ~ a need to be in control.

This has been my journey ~ facing my shadow around my passive and aggressive aspects of my personality and behaviour and how I have been working with co~dependency issues. How I learned as a child , ways of behaving to empower myself which were often manipulative ~ people pleasing ~ from caretakers that were not in any way conscious or aware of these patterns ( so I believe ). My journey has been to transcend these patterns and behaviours and let go of relating in this way. I am very mindful of not jumping in with two feet in a situation that I haven’t had time to observe and understand and of letting my mind lead with assumptions……and this is a work in progress. If I have energy to clear on this and it is compelling, I am aware that I can do that, because once triggered into that energy I am coming from that place in some way.

The more we clear this energy the less that happens. We become the divine child again, clear from ego…..

Today’s energy is all about that ~ being empowered from the heart

and letting the magical universe flow through us instead of thinking

the tool has the power 🙂

This wizard energy is manifest in many aspects and I love Sonia Choquette’s book about this  ~ Souls lesson and purpose ~ which asks the reader which level they are at ~ experientially 🙂 Are we a novice ~ well versed in this issue ~ achieving mastery of it over many revisits 🙂 ?

The Mystery schools and magical practices often focus on outside of self rituals and ceremonies.

This is key to understanding ~ discernment. Many people often struggle with the concept of discernment and confuse it with judgement ~ and my offering on this is :

Judgement confusion ~ judgement energy to be cleared ~ issues around self esteem, not feeling good enough, not wanting to look at self, poor me, victim, inner child stuff . Triggers around this always reveal times in the past when this has occurred to the person feeling an emotional response and wanting to deflect that by various avoidance methods.

Using mind techniques to create debate ~ 

The ego wearing the clever coat ~ this is a big NLP pattern. The elite club with a new language and set of masculine energy tools that elevate them to godlike proportion ~ all these new words to confuse people with so I can outdo them 🙂  ~ they won’t be able to win at an argument and my ego can feel superior. 

I have been to NLP events where people speak in NLP’isms and cover their heart, leading on intellect ~head to head ~ no honest , intimate communication to be felt ~ and in real life you often find that people who seek this pattern  have experienced huge powerlessness and been manipulated in earlier life ~ often on a very abusive scale. They attract predators and seek to deal with these predators by outwitting them with their new laser light sword ~ darth vadar style. If only they would look within and feel their true force ~ the source and allow it to shine brightly ~ the magic would truly flow from the heart . Experientially I have seen many people on this trip and watched them “play” with other people with their new tools ~ and I do not like this behaviour.

People who haven’t cleared their wound pattern energetically and have the discipline to create new patterns that move away from co-dependence ……………….

cannot access new energetic circles ~ they simply morph onto a seemingly new plan …..but it’s the same old pattern deep down and they simply sabotage themselves because they aren’t  ready to enlighten within………..

In past history the magical traditions focus on creating masculine patterns and use intellectual process ~ now is the time of the sacred feminine on a large scale and following the heart path from within.

As the picture shows ~ and was the energy yesterday ~ Red Galactic Skywalker , this is about balancing our masculine and feminine within and in the process freeing our inner child.

The journey is a process and experiential. 

You cannot do this outside of yourself ~ any knowledge raises awareness ~ to integrate that knowledge requires experiencing it for yourself.

If you are using knowledge without having experienced it then where is the integrity ?

Our patriarchal pattern of evolution has been having ways of living enforced without our conscious informed consent and this is perfect for our soul evolution.

Now some of us, are understanding that this expanded patriarchal pattern has a way of relating to us that is very out of balance and unhealthy for us.

The planet is at the remit of a minority of ego centric people who control the majority and the majority have to live according to their plan  ~ which is a small percentage of the people have the wealth and live in a world of opulence made from the efforts of the majority of people who live in poverty  ~ this is a result of our collective conscious awareness and belief systems. It is a similar pattern to the Virgin media logo ~ which isn’t equal and isn’t a number eight 🙂 Guess which side it is heavily influenced on ? Perfect for where we are now ~ and moving away from.

The levels of profit have expanded so that in our factory pharma food have maximum cheap ingredients that have been manipulated and distorted and have no nutritional value ~ to match our collective  co dependent beliefs that someone should nurture us and we are unable to nurture ourselves, then if we choose we can blame them and avoid taking responsibility for ourselves……or take responsibility and create ways to nurture ourselves.

Did we have conscious awareness of this? Did we give informed consent? Did we actually collude in this process…….on a soul level we choose all our experiences ?

Consciously in my humanity……no I didn’t choose this and why on earth would I ?…… and I choose to create a world that is different to this …..which is what I choose to create within me and share with others who are of a like mind and seek to balance within and what I believe I came here to do at this time.

I accept that going through places and learning that may not feel good  is part of my learning curve 🙂

In this process of moving away from this ~ what I am going to term ~ unloving behaviour ~ and a hugely popular way of relating in Glastonbury ~ one of the clever ego defence mechanisms is to focus on one aspect and one polarity swing instead of looking at the whole ~ and again this happens because that aspect hasn’t been cleared and in that process ~ integrated.

This is distortion at work ~ and reveals a belief ~ isolating who takes responsibility  and exclusive rather than inclusive ~ a child like belief system that excludes certain parties ~ on a pattern level revealing fragmentation. It isn’t inclusive and it isn’t integrated which reveals what lies beneath.

Here is my view on this ~

If you are hosting a workshop or facilitating a process there is a responsibility inherent in that ~ take full responsibility for being the initiator and be honest about what you are doing ……and allow your participants to make an informed choice…..and if you aren’t capable of doing that……because you don’t have enough learning yet and are a novice…..then maybe consider waiting until you do….take responsibility for your position. Do an ecology check 🙂 If someone is teaching you about NLP do they teach about using this with respect and awareness…..or how they mesmerise and control people? How powerful you can become ~ like a speed junkie 18 year old in a Suburu 😉 How do they advertise ~ what are their manipulation techniques for getting you on their course ? See clearly and what is really attracting you to it 🙂 Is it Alpha driven? Is it a short cut to an ego identity that is surface pond skimming and has no deep foundation ? Is it coming from a bigger picture view or a skewed angle perspective?

Yes each adult can take responsibility…..and they don’t know what they don’t know………what are you choosing to co create and what is sponsoring that creation? Heart or ego led? What is the intention ?

As always this is a big learning for me too.

If you have just started learning something new , that is a powerful transformational tool ,  maybe be a guinea pig for it yourself  for a good while and use it over a period of time so see how it affects you ~ before you use it on someone else especially people who are vulnerable and seeking to open their heart, in particular children.

What is your therapeutic/relationship/psychological understanding and experience  ~ what foundation is this being built on?

To work with an adult is one thing ~  generally they have learned a lot about relating in some way and again if they are in a place of extreme vulnerability  ~ be very careful about proceeding with anything and explain in depth about where you are coming from, what you offer and how you believe it will work. Instead of making assumptions ~ ask questions and be clear and honest about what your intention is and what theirs is …..as much as you can

Maybe instead of using an avoidance of ……well it is their responsibility, they didn’t ask, I am not their caretaker bla bla bla Deferring any responsibility

and I have heard it so often in Glastonbury

How do we know the questions to ask? 

I grew up believing that people are innately good and choose to relate to me from that place ~ over time I have learned that people aren’t all coming from an honest loving space and so I have learned to be discerning.

I watch my children and see how so often they have trusted and believed whatever is advertised on TV and revisited my own child process …..and seen how the rules of manipulation have changed and experienced them too. At one time a product couldn’t be termed “The Best” and was labelled with the prefix of “possibly” now it seems that anything goes……

Each time we go into a world of consumerism we are open to manipulation ~ each supermarket, TV, the shopping mall, the sales call and all of these worlds specialise in understanding the ego mind and how to manipulate it.

If you choose to perpetuate this system and be part of it’s expansion then choose these patterns ~ all is good in our world of co creation and evolution. 

If you want to make it fit ~ it has to be now ~ it is time …..and it is coming from the ego mind ~ choose patterns and process to override your inner emotions and squash them down so your ego can journey on and you can ignore your body wisdom and your sacred feminine .

Whenever we pattern interrupt a process an aspect of this is blocking the message, the inner child choosing to speak and reveal an enlightenment opportunity.

The more we engage in that process the more we empower our ego and disempower our heart wisdom.

If someone had a huge trauma it may be helpful to let go of that trauma…….and maybe….to understand, learn and evolve from it……instead of blocking it out as though it never happened……because……

I believe it happened for a reason……everything does.

Our shadow always shows for a reason at the perfect time and if we choose to ignore it then a bigger nudge will come later in time.

Being in balance is the key  ~ focusing on being in a joyful space and patterns that support that ~ on the happy horse ~ and when we are not ~ what is causing that.

If our ego believes it can override the universal cycle ~ wow ~ we have a big ego shadow ~ the narcissist pattern ~ some deep  wound that is very powerful. We can override our innate knowingness…… and many people do ~ the majority of people on the planet at this time . This is free will.

This has a huge price to pay ~ I prefer a model of being our authentic selves and creating a way of living that truly feels good without any need for addictions, material props and ego structures.

Whilst we are dependent on these our house of cards will be prone to collapsing at every breath of wind or heavy footed giant shaking our treasure tree.

On a practical level how can I empower myself from the heart ?

The masculine , linear mind is very important in our process and being empowered to use it in balance is the key ~

Until we energetically clear our first part of life on earth we aren’t ready to take the next step of our space journey ~ in the EFT Circle I used a space metaphor of a rocket split into three.

We start at Earth and we move from Mars to Venus  – masculine to feminine – and let go of any heavy vibes by using internal alchemy of changing our shadow to light and in the process creating super powered rocket fuel which will propel us onwards 🙂

Creating goals empowers us to create our dream and get practical ~ make a plan ~ then……

let go of how that is going to happen because you are choosing to go on any journey and the universe will bring you that process ~ be open to it

and take action ~ being aware of yourself and your patterns is key.

The tools I have for becoming aware ~ if you are ready to look at your patterns are:

Mayan Sign and Starcode ~ this reveals your soul mission and energetic code

If something is coming up for you that is blocking your well-being I offer energy coaching and have lots of resources you can use for this to be aware of the universal time  that is influencing this , my intention is to empower you to do this yourself using Emotional Freedom Technique~

The Mayan Wavespell calendar ~ this is my version with links to lots of other creative sources

You can work with this each day to become aware of what is happening in the universal forces to create change

What has happened to me in the past at this time?

This is a document to raise personal awareness of that My Karma Wheel ~ pages and pdf and ……maybe create your own.

Being aware of Karma patterns with Kalma Karma and Co Dependency

When you have the intention to become aware ~ all will be revealed, at the perfect moment, for you to work with and empower yourself…….

If you are ready to be the phoenix rising from the ashes

If you are ready to evolve and let go of old ego ways of being and be truly a magical process.

A wasp appeared at The Heart Centre this week ~ paying attention to what is happening in our day to day world is key and is a divine message from our universal self ~ if we are ready to see 🙂

A message I got yesterday ~ Igor ~ not watched this……love the connection ~ I can see clearly now which is what this Blue Storm Energy Year is all about 🙂


Here’s a video about Triggers with a video soon about the next step ~ when the shadow is revealed with emotion

Enlightenment process

uwsp3 (12)The White Worldbridger Wavespell started yesterday ~ bridging our material existence and our spiritual one is one way of looking at this wavespell that follows on from the bringing heaven to earth awakening wavespell we have just completed.

This white wavespell is in the Castle of White too so it is a powerful refinement time. The Castle of the North and Mars energy is a time of truth, clarity and this wavespell is all about surrender to our mortality and awareness of our physicality. This is the paradox of the spiritual journey ~ that we are infinite energy temporarily installed in a finite being with certain limitations and a way of operating that many beings are ignorant of ~ in the dark. More about the planetary shifts here with Blue Moon Astrology’s great blog and if you haven’t subscribed yet I highly recommend doing so to keep you in the loop of how the heavens affect our earthly acts.

Today as number 2 day we are in the place of challenge ~ blue lunar hand. What seeks release so we can bridge worlds. Another way of looking at this is an opportunity to bring the past into awareness so we can bring the unconscious into consciousness and release anything that is holding us back from living the life we want to live now.

Yesterday I made a video about working with our emotional mind in a practical down to earth way as part of our emotional evolution. This is our enlightenment process tool 🙂 If you feel ready to work powerfully with awareness then Emotional Freedom Technique will really aid your awakening and raise your vibe by using it in this framework. It is at the end of the blog. Video 2 is coming soon.

Here is a little story about my journey to assist in explaining how our patterns develop ~ in alignment with our universal barcode that we enter the planet with ~ the time of our birth is plotted to co ordinate our earth landing and each star and it’s position to the earth and each other ~creates our energetic code. Thank you Liz for inspiring this exercise today ~ you could try it too dear reader if you feel the urge ~ it is very revealing of our formative patterns and how we are where we are today 🙂 If you don’t know your Mayan sign and natal chart ~ what I call your Starcode ~ please message me your time, date and place of birth and I will send that info to you. This is a major step on the conscious awareness Blue Peter light up scale :-). If we want to release and remember who that divine child really is then this is a great tool for that ~ seeing our code.

Another is removing all the emotional wounding hurdles that are holding us stuck in the past on a fear scale when we can be there full of beans as the child inside.

Identifying our emotional triggers and behaviours is the way to see what seeks release because this creates tension within us and gives us the clues to be our own great detective of discovery.

I was born into a middle class background and an only child. My first house was brand new ~ a bungalow. My first friends lived close by and I had strong relationships primarily with two boys and one girl to begin with. Both relationships with boys changed over time and one became distant as he moved ~ friends on Facebook 🙂 ~ one I lost touch with completely and I have just found on Facebook as a result of writing this blog ~ magic 🙂 I felt inspired to look for him and he came up right away.

Another friend was on and off over several years as she moved abroad and came back. She had a very religious upbringing and Catholic schooling ~ mine was a methodist school but wasn’t overtly religious however some of the teachers were and I did go to the Sunday school for a while ~ my own choice. My childhood was very free and abundant as I lived on the edge of open countryside and spent most of the day outdoors in fields and came home for mealtimes.

When I went to school I hated it. Most of my teachers were mean spirited and often really cruel and didn’t have any children of their own ~ there were few teachers who were loving and gentle and inspiring. I still remember the smell of the soap and drinking warm milk ~ which I hated. This is still a trigger ~ we were being sold a lie here that milk was good for us ~ young children are really on the ball with bullpoo manipulations from adults which is why truth tellers are often excluded and labelled trouble makers. This is still very evident in schools in the UK today.

One of my favourite teachers ~ the head ~ died not long after I went there.  I was bullied at school and this continued with the same group of people throughout my education. I lived in a small village and had to walk to school and back ~ which was quite a walk for little legs especially went it was dark and cold in the morning. Everywhere we went we had long walks it seemed. We didn’t have a car for a long time.

Most of my life there was idyllic. My maternal grandparents were living just down the road and my mum was at home as she chose not to work until I went to school and then took jobs to work around being at home with me. When I had child care it was with my Nan ~ a very strong personality. I have mixed memories about that time and it was a key formation of my patterns and rebellious nature 🙂 I remember watching her washing and ironing and cooking food . She had very formed opinions about people and ways of doing things and although we lived in a new urban village we spent most of our weekends in her old place of living ~ Oldham. We often visited Ashton market too which is were some of our family hailed from. Shaw was a regular Saturday morning stop off with certain shops and food favoured. My nan loved routine ~ probably because she hadn’t had much as a child. Her mum died and she was then a mother to her three siblings with a wicked Stepmother story just like Cinderella. Her father was a public figure and had one image for that public with the reality at home being far from that projection of  morality and godliness ~ he was one of the longest serving policemen in Oldham. He was very unkind to my Nan and this created a lot of patterns for her that created ripples in our family tree. She went to work in service at an asylum to escape which gives you some idea of what life must have been like at home 🙂

Many of my childhood ways of being could be seen from the outside as very positive. The truth I experienced from other people’s behaviour was , in reality, very different. On revealing I was an only child often resulted in a negative response that I was spoiled and this set immediately how I was put in a box and labelled. I had lots of clothes,toys and went on lots of holidays ~ some abroad ~ my contemporaries often didn’t have those things and had siblings ~ something I always wanted . The grass is always greener 🙂 I experienced a lot of jealousy as a young person.

I was very thin as a child and didn’t experience puberty until I was late 14 /15 and I was bullied severely for this at high school ~ I was taunted and called Cambodian. I was 5 feet and 10 inches tall probably from around 12 years old and none of my friends were anywhere near that height. I abhored games and sport and did not like being watched doing any of those activities ~ the opposite of my family who loved sport and constantly took part in competitive activities. I developed hay fever at junior school which allowed me to avoid sports day ~ personal hell 🙂

When I read people’s posts about young women and in particular models being unnaturally thin, I find it comes again from a place of becoming the behaviour we abhor.  Swinging the polarity around making judgements about weight.

Not all models or people who are thin have eating disorders and starve themselves and each person is unique. I ate like a horse and didn’t put on weight and that only changed when I started having relationships with men and when I got pregnant. I took supplements to try and get fatter and cried because side 6 jeans were way too big, My children have the same body build and often receive the same discrimination.

I found reading and writing compelling and devoured books from an early age. I loved creating things, drawing, painting and being in nature. I loved pottering around the garden with my Grandad.

I loved learning and so was labelled a swot at school and felt I didn’t belong in any camp or group. My friends never stuck up for me and I stuck up for the underdog despite being bullied more ~ my mouth had a mind of it’s own and I carried on saying things even though I knew it meant pain….. I fought with my mouth and intellect and never had a fight . Strangers always came to my rescue in severe situations where I could have had a severe beating ~  later in life ,when I became a pub landlady this continued and despite running some dodgy pubs in London in the 9o’s ~ my customers always sorted out any threat if I was on my own…….and I learned to trust that I had many earthly guardian angels as well as heavenly ones 🙂

I had few big traumas so on the outside looking in , many would say I had a cushy life.

One of my first big traumas was injury to my face at around 8. I also moved house to an old building in the centre of the village and I hated it. It was really old and dark ~ a gift shop. (Later we moved back to a bungalow and I can see how I have repeated this pattern around being in the same houses and businesses). It meant I moved away from the first part of my childhood and my friends.

I have done a lot of tapping on this because I had huge frustration and resentment about this move. Logically I can see it had great potential and my parents had good intentions ~ my mum was always on the premises when I came home from school . It was in part an amazing adventure too as it was a house lost in time as the man who owned it ~ Mr Haigh ~ had left so many treasures behind. He was a people pleaser who always said yes to the sales reps. We had years of lavender and lemon Bromley soaps, antique ornamental displays and things left behind for repair ~ jewellery  and watches ~ that had never been collected. It truly was a trove of discovery every day. Another benefit was the world of cash and carry where I could buy bulk supplies of Enid Blyton books ………now there’s a pattern revealed of my bookworm capacity.

I started writing plays about witches and acting them out at school ~ I also started my awakening to the paranormal with night time visits from my deceased favourite aunt much to the consternation of my parents. My paternal grandmother was a renowned medium but she had died when my dad was a boy so although my family was very familiar with this aspect of life ~ this up close and personal reconnection with it was unnerving for them.

The house was sagging ~ literally ~ under years of neglect and so my parents and wider family set about the huge task of restoring it. As was the fashion of the 70’s the original features were ripped out ~ yikes ~ and 70’s icons installed such as bigger windows and turquoise bathroom with lots of brown and orange. The old fireplaces were yanked out and bricked up and storage heaters installed. Rooms were divided and we had a flat created upstairs. ( Throughout my adult life I have done property transformation and developing). The garden was steeply terraced and full of Victorian looming dark plants. Towering shadowy rhododendrons and lots of mildew and scary places for a young child.

I remember navigating the fence and clambering into the Bank’s garden next door which was always a veritable forest of  weeds. The children from the council estate at the back were always climbing our wall ~ which was very high ~ to steal apples supposedly but I guess, just like me ,they were simply going beyond what was known in the process of discovery. The apples were small and bitter having little light to ripen and not too much of a prize ~  maybe scaling the wall was the challenge to be overcome and admitted into a private place.

I had friends on the estate but I wasn’t allowed to play there no matter how much I pleaded, I can understand again the persepective of my parents as a parent now ~ back then it made no sense to little me  ~ it was pretty rough at the back ~ it was called “The Wreck” . When I last went there this land had a large “sculpture” installed at great cost from public funds no doubt ~there never seemed to be anywhere for children to create as their own space both then and now. The parks we went to always had a fear factor ~ fear of bullies and perverts who frequented them and the looming death reminders ~ the memorials of people who had sacrificed themselves seemingly in a war , so we could live , that we really didn’t understand. Being out in the open where it was undefined was safer.

The two polar opposites ~ a place of joy and playing and beauty with flowers and trees ~ and this masculine imposition of  a reminder of death and shadow ~ and the tarmac that hurt us when we fell off the swings…..what a place of confusing contrast.

As we grew older we visited the parks to get high and try and understand this strange place we were living in. Youth clubs were still run by adults that defined how we behaved.

My experience at living over the shop taught me that material objects do not a place of sanctuary  make . During this time in history the country was experiencing huge transition and change and my parents were very affected by it and so this affected me.

As I went through my changes of development I created patterns and beliefs formed around these experiences and now I can see how I have been repeating them ever since both with the people and the places.

The more I have focused on raising my awareness and going into more depth, the more I see my pattern revealed and how the challenges I faced ~ the events that created feelings for me that weren’t love and joy ~ the more I see how I have been revisiting these from different angles so I can learn about them and repattern  my life now.

In the bullying pattern for example I learn about relationships and masculine and feminine energy. In our enlightenment process we attract that pattern that has challenged us.

We attract in people who bully us until we choose to interact with what created that pattern, learn from it, address how we choose to react to it and change our energy.

When people talk about the law of attraction and using visualisation ~ always being positive for example ~ they often have very limited personal experience of it energetically and consciously.

It is important to allow ourselves to focus on positive outcomes and dreams, however if that doesn’t fit our pattern ~ our life long story ~ and what we believe to be true about the world,  it cannot happen because we live in an experiential belief based energy universe ~ we live our beliefs. We are a projector of our inner world.

It simply isn’t an energetic fit for us  ……..yet……….it is where we want to be………and we can create it if we let go of beliefs that contract with that place:-)

The process of enlightenment is changing our law of attraction so that we release any shadow experiences such as being bullied ~ and I guess it would be true to say that everyone on the planet has an experience of that.

The process of becoming a mature well rounded individual means we have to constantly learn and evolve through meeting our challenges and fears head on because only in doing so do we realise that is all that they are ~ a fear and a next step in our expansion.

Our emotional mind becomes more fearful the more we avoid meeting our challenges. The challenges then grow in size until we cannot avoid them as this is the journey we are here to do.

In spiritual teachings we are shown that once we meet a challenge and go through it we have amazing resources at our fingertips and this is often misunderstood.

This energetic power comes from facing our fear and transforming it from within ~ facing our emotional triggers as an individual and not getting someone else to do that for us. This is what the secret code is in all our mythical stories and texts.

Many people look for unconscious, beam me up scottie, ascension, transcendental approaches where as individuals they don’t get their hands dirty ……i.e feel their pain and face their shadow experiences from the past.

sounds familiar?

If you have something happening in your body such as IBS then there is a past and present reason for that otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

Make sense?

If you have an addiction there is a past and present reason for that. If someone takes that away for you then what happens?

You don’t get the learning and awareness as to why it was created and your body will create it again if you are still living in a way that matches the time it was first created ……. and it is very unlikely that you aren’t living differently in any major way…….so just like taking medication to stop pain……the root cause is not being addressed and so the root cause has to get bigger until it is heard.

Anything that is removed by a linear process without awareness of the bigger picture is acting in isolation and is driven by the ego mind and so will produce that same pattern. It will simply mutate to something else because the need that created it is still there.

Listen to a meditation, read a book and go on a workshop and Ommmmmm a lot…….will create a temporary state of shift. Often this pattern is simply more of the co ~dependent shifting mood pattern and isn’t true transformation just more of the same with a different t shirt on.

This strategy doesn’t work with your pattern and it doesn’t enable you as an individual to get in touch with what is pushing your buttons or empower you to crete a shift yourself. One of my friend’s partner who was a” trained transformational worker ” didn’t want his wife to change…..except in a way he chose……nice 😦

Didn’t see him doing much change work on himself either and this duality takes my breath away still ~ lack of integrity on walking the talk.

Sure enough the universe will bring it round for you to look at no matter how much you stick your head in a rose petal bucket


the universe is you 🙂

So if you are ready to take a good look at yourself and reveal even more of that confident super soul that you are……

It is all there ready and waiting to be transformed.

Each segment of our life stages has all the ingredients to supercharge the next stages through transformation

No one else can do that for us as we aren’t here to live through another we are here to be the authentic expression of us

Our soul in our body

Having a transformitive trail blazing time

Being the hero and heroine in our own adventure

If we don’t do this transformation process then we cannot access other levels of consciousness and it is as simple as that

Be Do Have

Red Cosmic Serpent ~ the circle completes


Today is the thirteenth day of the Red Skywalker Wavespell

Red Cosmic Serpent

This is linked to one of two huge wavespells coming up for massive potential gateway shifts this year

Red Serpent Wavespell is on May 28th and has ten portal days

Places of energetic connection to all of time

wonderful healing and shift spaces

Many thanks to Tracey Gendron for creating these wonderful resources.

Her fabulous website is:


There are lots of links to other websites if you hover your mouse on the blog.

I am in the process of making an interactive wavespell calendar ~ it is my first attempt so pretty basic

If you want one message me 🙂

It’s free

It will enable you to experientially connect to the calendar every day and synchronise with it

I will be doing a workshop soon too so stand by for more info 🙂

This beautiful picture of the Red Ouroboros is the key pattern

Repeating circles

Repeating patterns


Death and Rebirth

Yin and Yang

and if you are too driven disappearing up your own behind 🙂

Starting to use the wavespell now in lots of interlinked ways and seeing even more magic

This sign today is all about loving the skin we are in

and a point of choice ~

If we want to be truly empowered we need to know how to maximise our sacred temple that houses our spirit

and allow ourselves to be a


high energy being

by being an expert on our beautiful body

and aligning ourselves with patterns that support that new growth 🙂

Just been to the dentist and continuing on my journey of learning

about my teeth.

I have now had one of my temporary plastic crowns replaced by pure porcelain

and this journey leads me to explore and understand the nature of my body and health systems…..

It is an amazing cookie trail 🙂

In the making of Porcelain there is an alchemical process which involves the use of Mullite and/or Kyanite

Kyanite is a wonderful crystal that is a rich Greek blue ~

that I have always had an affinity for 🙂

I gave my Kyanite away to a friend

You can use it to balance all the chakras

and now I find it had found it’s way inside me

as part of my tooth 🙂

I had no way of knowing that before ~

so how could I have chosen it?

Here lies the magic of the journey……….

My nickel based crowns have come out

I now have octahedron platonic solid shaped atoms in my mouth …..

rather than tetrahedrons

Eights for integrity

and an adaptation of the ouroboros 🙂

amazing how much toxicity our health care systems use ~

madness really isn’t it ?

This is ego land.

None sense.

Now if I had money to pay for expensive dentistry ……which I could do if I decided to do this and go down that route….

It is how I create my dream projects and gives my masculine linear mind a goal to manifest 🙂

I wouldn’t go through these stages…..

I am learning to do this less as I allow my higher self to lead at the perfect time

in synch with the cycles

and build my trust and faith and allowing muscles…..

Which is what is the essence of the new wavespell that starts tomorrow ~

White Worldbridger

This is where having money often stops us from facing challenges and going out of our comfort zone

The paying pattern creates a limited outcome in many respects

as often the intention behind it is to achieve something instantly without being an energetic match for it……

money manipulates the matrix ~ 

for a time ~

but the true state always will out

Which is why we have to go through the valley of death (ego transformation) to reach the garden of the goddess ( balancing the feminine)………

In physical terms we go through the stages of the base chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus

this is the veil in our body

Continually working with these cycles over and over is what opens the gates of heaven within

The Heart Chakra

A great book for this is Spirit of the Anatomy by Caroline Myss

and her amazing videos are here

If you use this material with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique

It is so powerful

Death of the old ways and transforming our ego by facing challenges that take us beyond our ego limitations

and to stretch and grow into our godliness

We are ready to own our power as creators…..

Can you feel that?

Do you fear that?

No worries if you do ~ we all do ~ it is the nature of our journey

and it’s great that we do as it reveals our humbleness and humility

and shows we are ready to handle our power with respect and love

for good

at the time of the returning sacred feminine

and our wounded masculine.

Many people aren’t truly aware of how their body reveals their energy flow

and those that are

may not be aware of how to work with that

and so hold back on letting go of being dependent on the medical pattern

to let go of living a lesser life

by putting their body in places where  systems and people in those systems

put the body under stress

and so they have to balance it with buffers

addictions 🙂

We are at a time of transition and so this is challenging

I have been in this space for my whole life on some levels

and in a big way since 2000 ~ when I discovered Louise Hay 

You can heal your life

In sharing my experience in these blogs I share “a” way from my

personal point of view

This is a perspective and each person has their own way and responsibility to make their choices….

We all have different causalities

and so we each have different answers to seek

the time of the guru is over 🙂

We are all our own guru 

and each of us has our own path to follow

Their are shared places of truth and well~being space

A great EFT affirmation to tap in is:

Be still and know that I am God

Tap this on your points and see how it feels…..

Wow it is powerful

and can stir up some inner dialogue

touching on any indoctrination (fear) that is still embedded

We are all part of the universal consciousness

and an individual personality

We are here to co create

I am sharing these videos to awaken people to the truth about factory and Pharma models

Let’s awaken ourselves to knowing the truth that the corporate world actually doesn’t care

at all

on any level

about our welfare

only that we are around long enough to consume their products

and with the amount of formaldehyde in them

we will be living mummy’s 🙂

I am not blaming anyone……

It is the exact push we need

to wean ourselves off this unhealthy

co dependent system

of living from lack

and denying our

true wonderful amazing selves

My ego still gets angry at this and I know that means I have stuff to clear on my past and relationships I have had

with “authority “

Ignorant people who have the strength of ego to tell me

who I am

How I should be

How I should live




who are vibrating on such a low level

and are so out of touch with the real deal

Acceptance of what is

Without their intervention I wouldn’t have the contrast

and the challenge

to sing a different song 🙂

Lots of manure for my compost mountain

Bullsh*t awaiting transformation

This is all the rocket fuel I need 

for my seeds of love


to get my high vibe show on the road

Juicy Living

Please join me and share our brave new world

that takes courage and heart

and new belief systems

Let’s clear off the sludge of our soul mirrors so we can shine brightly


plug ourselves in

direct to source

by removing all the obstacles

our ego journey

has placed in the way

I often find myself with conundrums because my ego is having a battle with my heart

I am still a meat eater

and for me this means being a hypocrite

I couldn’t kill an animal ~ maybe to survive if I was starving

but I want to move towards a new way of being that feels true for me

from my own discoveries….

that has integrity

rather than simply because I feel I “should”


I am reading material that has amazing learning

but this has come from experiments on animals

and I really don’t like that

and I couldn’t do it myself

and yet I ask the question

How could we have known what we know today without all this suffering?

I am not seeking to justify using animals at all

I am simply saying

aren’t we all in this experimental process of life

and moving towards more loving ways of being as a result of living in dark times?

I don’t know what the answer is for this

I don’t know what the answers are for many things

I ask forgiveness for my ignorance

I am opening up more and more to accepting that everything happens for a reason

even nuclear power…..

otherwise it wouldn’t be in our world…

and that it is the nature of our learning pattern to go beyond where we are now borne from what doesn’t kill us…..

rebirths us.

This book is amazing…..

The Body Electric by Robert O Becker and Gary Selden

The man who wrote it had to challenge the scientific mindset and open up research that wasn’t popular

because the companies that fund research have their agenda

Another really obviously crazy inappropriate unsafe mechanism that we have 🙂

We trust that ego led individuals who are driven by making money …..

are going to be responsible and caring of humanity

and honest about their research…….

The two patterns are diametrically opposed

mutually exclusive

not a match 🙂

Here is where the growth learning is 🙂

So this man went up against the men’s club and opened up old research

about the healing electricity in the body

and proved it scientifically

and even in the face of that proof

in the manner of their own methodology

many of these scientists would not accept the findings

because to accept this

meant giving up opposing beliefs

( Ever had that experience?)

 and ways of living …….

that paid their golf club fees

meant they had to rethink their life plan and values

give up their fringe benefits

and most people are so in their masculine that they aren’t willing to do that

and go beyond

the material world

as a major part of the science pattern comes from fear and the need to pin down, measure and evaluate

tick a box

to deflect and assuage anxiety from earlier episodes in life ~ in childhood.

There is always a story behind each direction in life….

Did you know that if you cut your fingertips off they will regrow?

Warning some images on these links that you may find upsetting

The key for me in reading this book ~ there are so many wows ~

Is the pattern

the metaphors

and I will expand on these in other blogs….

there is so much :-)to share

When you start connecting to this path it is so exciting and limitless

Our universal body regrows through death experiences

You can cut through a heart completely

and it will heal itself

Cancer is a healing strategy for the body to regrow

only for most people they choose medical intervention ~

understandably through fear ~

that doesn’t heed the message the body is trying to communicate

We are all capable of healing ourselves

It is our bodies innate function

many times we stop the cycle and use medication because we fear pain

it feels out of control

We can go within and hear the message

and we have to make a lifestyle change at this point

how we live has created the imbalance

We are beautiful



flowers of light

We aren’t meant to be in controlled

over crowded

office blocks

living on microwaves

starving from lack of nutrients

in grey corridors with synthetic carpets, smells,

plastic fantastic

It is really really simple

Watching these videos

reconnected me to these simple ways of creating change:

Louise Hay affirmation on your mirror

say it every morning to yourself and every evening

Start and end your day

and if you know how to tap I encourage you to use it as a starting point

and let your ego speak out

so you can let go

of that woundology

Here is the statement:

I love and accept myself unconditionally now

Then see what comes………

from the inner critic

that you can set free by tapping on when it was formed in the past

and truly liberate yourself

Start to add in a lifestyle of vibrancy

Add in one something every week that takes you towards well-being

A fruit

A smoothie

Nothing to big or too fast that the ego radar will revolt against

little steps that edge you out of your cave

into the sunshine

in the green meadow

add in positive people

add in tools to support your letting go

add in a new book, new philosophy that stretches your world

expands your imagination

lets your parental control button turn itself down

We are right at the beginning of an amazing journey into knowing ourselves

We are always safe

we are always held

we are always loved

all we have to do is allow it

and enjoy the ride

Imagine how you will feel when you have an even higher  vibe body

when you live in the now more and more

when you feel so excited about life

simply for being alive

In the recent past we learned to be children in adult bodies ~ dependents

because that was the pattern of the times

of what our spiritual essence was experiencing and learning from

now we are evolving and allowing ourselves to own our power

from the heart

reaching a place of spiritual maturity on our planet

and to reach this space

heaven on earth

we all create beliefs and ways of living

that match that

and this takes time ~

baby steps

All the spiritual teachings are here

It is time to put the I

in the teachings

be our own Hanuman

and step into

our true state of being

for us to follow

on the inside

We are enough

May I suggest that you start to write a list of all your amazing qualities and put it where you can acknowledge your wonder every day 🙂

Here is a video I made in my allotment a couple of years ago

There will be new ones coming soon both for the growing side

Seed of sacred living Blog

I have been experiencing many challenges over the years

and am a work in progress like everyone else 🙂

Through this experience I have developed some great methods of working with the energy body




that raise awareness


create new ways of being by releasing the old.

Please contact me for a free consultation.

I am currently working with EFT Circles on addiction

Which lead to great insight about where we are and what is seeking change

I can connect to you wherever you are in the world


in connecting to me in Glastonbury

You are connecting to the Heart Chakra of the planet 🙂

I love working with people on their issues


they are always my issues on some level 🙂


It is truly a wonderful way to evolve.

Co Creation

Lots of love to all you amazing adventurers out there

Loads of resources for you on my website:

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