White Worldbridge Wave ~ Dogged determination


White Overtone Dog


The day 5 of

The White World ~ Bridger Wave

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The heart of the matter day of any Wavespell

The Core 

Really experiencing intensity already

in the descent into the underworld time in the Northern Hemisphere 

How about you ?



started her journey on the 23rd of September

and another name for her is Kore ~ coincidentally 😉

Pluto has just gone direct aka Hades

This week’s astrology from Cafeastrology

So all our underworld is up for inspection

We may be feeling dogged, desperate and/or determined now 

As we walk the path of hellfire in this death star code

This walking the talk requires discipline

clear communication


the ability to stay open to the new code

when the ego is feeling fearful 

It can seem as grim as The Reaper 

as this comes into play with other people who are old code for our childhood issues

and many people have no idea of what “right relationship” means even as an abstract

but this “grimness”….

 is purely ego perspective

The seasoned adept adventurer recognises that the death of old world is simply an essential step

in creating new ones 

and the more we evolve our ego 

the more self~ evident this becomes

As we have just experienced a New Moon in Libra 

We are in the realm of Justice 

The scales

Anything that is unfair

out of balance 

our next step in our personal evolution of 

“right relationship”

is appearing now 

for us to let go of our dog days of depression


clear our anger issues 

clear our codes


create new code

What started this process of our dream in late March and April

Aries Sun

The initiation 

Is coming to a completion in the full moon in Aries on the 8th of October

Had lots of insights in the last couple of days 

Amazing code being revealed

and for those that are ready to receive it

It is revelation time

All our media is always revealing the code 

All our next steps are here to be seen in everything we do

and what our ego sees as “bad” is actually the solution and our salvation

Take Neo for example 

in The Matrix 

aka The Mayan Wavespell

I looked for pictures for this blog and put Dogstar in Google 

not realising that is the name of his band ~ or should I say Keanu


Keanu has his North Node in Gemini like me 

which is Cosmic Code for Right Relationship

and here is a weird one I discovered….


Can’t say I remember that episode 

Just watched the film


and it illustrates the code perfectly

and reveals why it is essential now for each one of us to learn how we create and what is causality.

So we can learn to let go of hurting ourselves and other people

So we can see how our society is the source of anti~social behaviour


positively reinforcing modelling

that behaviour

creating pathological relationships

How our mainstream idols 

our so called success symbols

are false prophets


taking us down a very destructive uncaring path

The models of human behaviour that create material wealth are actually

very sick models 

and align with

anti social behaviour for the majority of people

and our planet 

and yet somehow the vast majority do not seem able to grasp that

and are still doing the same thing yet expecting everything to change

This is true madness

and yet how can things change when most people are plugged into watching models of relationship on soap operas….

drama laden death scenes

destructive and violent ego action movies and games

plots with ego base people doing nasty things to others

which of course is a match for where most of our society are 


in their past

like a lost time traveller 

or Kirk and Crew with no Scotty to beam them and their unicorn dog up from a remote planet

with a dark side of the moon 


Transcendence is a personal process

purely crafted


for each individual to do

and as that happens 

all systems are go

all our suffering is self created 

and that is not a blame

it is a fact

If we aren’t yet ready  to stop putting poison in our bodies 

on whatever level

be it with media

with drugs

with food

with relationship

then we aren’t ready to do what it takes to live in balance

and therefore

we won’t



Which organ is steering your chariot of fire?


Is it your heart and your heart’s desire ?

Maybe another chakra lower down?

Could it be your base chakra ?

Genitals ?

Cocky Arrogant behaviour is a bit of a giveaway …..


Womb with a view ?

Maybe the dream factory of the liver ?

Being pickled for posterity ?

Drowned out dreams

When we decide to face our demons instead ….

Learn how to get real with how we feel

and be sober 

be straight 

let go of taking the “edge off”

softening reality until the edges are blurry

to try and avoid how we feel about our personal theatre

Neptune in Pisces is key

Then something very different happens

Today’s energy is all about getting to the heart of the matter

of our birth tribe

the place that created everything that is happening and playing out for us today

the pattern maker

How about :


Letting go of emotional drama 

and being free of conditional love 

love through conditioning 

looking for love in all the “wrong” places ….

and believe me 

I have been an expert on that process for many years 

and am still on the circuit of reformation

I am not holding myself up as a saint 😉 

Far from it

I feel all the emotions 

I have buttons that get pushed

only now it takes me less time to recover 

and bounce back 

because I tap on my personal his~ story


I realised a long time ago 

that I have a choice 

how to live this life 

and I chose to do whatever it took to learn

how to create genuine peaceful healthy ways of living

for me and my family

It isn’t an easy path

but it is an amazing one  

Have you started that approach yet to your life path ?

Pro active code creator

Dog star

Here is a pic of Glastonbury Tor with the Sirius Star


We are Cosmic Code 

Each Code creates a process

We are the same as a computer character in a computer game 

Hence we have computer games so we can see our own process

because we are ready to see it 

In a computer programme when a character performs a task it interacts with the code of the game 

If the character does x

y happens

If a character does a 

b happens 

We have the majority of the world believing that if they do x 

b happens 

It is a distortion

It is impossible 

and yet thousands will still keep doing x 

year after year believing it creates b when it can only ever create y

because it is what it is

this is denial of the very evidence in front of their eyes

Peace has a code 

It is the polar opposite of war code 

Doing the war code expecting peace is so insane 

Believing that pathologically ill people who have an ego as big as the country they are running

(on behalf of a bunch of other similar people who do not even feel a need to declare that position)

are ever ever ever going to care 

about someone else 

apart from them selves….

Is illogical Jim

Is it Spock?


Time for us to see what is under our noses ?

Take responsibility ?

Or continue to say one thing and live another ?

What we do shapes our reality

and if we are still running the same codes inside from our youth ….

What goes in comes out 

It is all there to be seen

Our childhood dramas being played 

on a giant planetary movie screen

Are we ready for a brave new world ?

It will only happen when we start to be brave enough to deal with our personal emotional stuff

and stop focusing on the outside of us for all the answers 

Red Solar Moon Year is all about

personal internal balance of our shadow



Pics of dogs with human bodies ~ Martine Roch

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