Stormbreaker Heyoka Retreat



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25 July to 28 July 2020

The New Mayan Year Retreat




Glastonbury UK


We are in an amazing time of transformation 

The personal changes the planetary

We are the Gateways

Human evolution is evolving at a breathtaking pace literally

The new Mayan Year begins on July 26th

Come and join a small group of people who are dedicating their time now


being in the eye of the storm

by using ancient wisdom to align with the prophecies of


Mayan and Mexica


Native American people

This retreat combines:

Astrology and Cosmology

Templates used by

Toltecs and Seers

Tools used by Carlos Casteneda and his group of explorers

The Dreamspell calendar


most importantly

cutting edge modern energy healing

combined with

Sacred Clown systems ~ Heyoka empath awareness

This is a powerful system of personal transformation

designed for empowerment

so we can become adept at being


the eye of the storm


Are you a warrior of the heart

ready to transform your inner child




rebirth ?


Take part in the way you choose :

There is a 3 hour workshop each day ~ choose one or all ~ they each stand alone £44 per person ~ payments in instalments available 

Times are 1 to 4 pm

  • Day 1 ~ Saturday 25 July 2020  Day out of time ~ White Magnetic Mirror ~ Who is your tribe ? Who are your holographic family ?  Learn about the ancestral pattern you have been born into and how to work with it in a powerful way to heal yourself ~ See more info here
  • Day 2 ~ Sunday 26 July 2020 Mayan New Year ~ Blue Lunar Storm ~ Remember who you are ~ Heyoka awareness ~ New learning : A powerful workshop with imagery from our past lives . How to activate our wisdom . How to embody our Spirit by unlearning conditioned mindsets ~ See more info here 
  • Day 3 ~ Monday 27 July 2020 ~ Yellow Electric Sun ~ Learn about the 6th Sun prophecy and the purpose of healing the shadow to become a Clear Sign We are about to enter the magical mystical central column of purification ~ See more info here
  • Day 4 ~ Tuesday 28 July 2020 ~ Red Self Existing Dragon ~ Learn about what the Great Mother is bringing us for our freedom from co dependency ~ How to work very specifically with your personal codes to align and be free ~ see more info here