Cosmic Conscious Time

    Red Cosmic Moon Day ~ the last day of Red Earth Wavespell Had so much to share yesterday on Yellow Crystal Star Day ~ a gap day as well but went to ground to receive and regenerate. Please click on the links for more info. Thirteen today ~ cosmic movement I am learning […]

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Rewind and Release

Blue Spectral Hand Please click on the links on this blog for more information to other sites. Gratitude to all who are creating and sharing this information. Lots of sharing today in this blue hand energy ~ my Mayan sign .  My number is nine not eleven which is today’s number. As a nine I […]

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Red Solar Serpent

  Red Solar Serpent in the Red Earth Wavespell   This is day two of the new Year and day nine of this wavespell. Completion day   This is one of the key energetic signatures for growth this year. It is a galactic portal day today ~ a powerful gateway where we can access all […]

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Yellow Galactic Seed Year 2013

  Wishing you joy and love on this New Year’s Day Lovelies   Yellow Galactic Seed Year  This is an amazing time to be alive on our planet and evolve in this emotional evolution All of the magic we have known through our imagination since we were children is starting to be revealed as truth […]

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Light Language of Leo

  Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ Day four of the Red Earth Wavespell Back in the Glasto circle after a few days outside in the Buddhafield Bubble. It’s great to go somewhere outside of our circle to get a fresh perspective and see our pattern revealed. When we do this we can liberate ourselves from […]

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Spinning the web

  Day 13 ~ bask in the warmth of the Yellow Cosmic Warrior energy We have completed the  Yellow seed Wavespell in full today and it is time to weave a quantum leap time traveller suit 🙂 Time to future vision as to what seeds can be taken from these thirteen days to weave some […]

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Crystal Clear

  Blue Crystal Eagle ~  Day 12. This is the day to create crystal clear forms of structure by rising high into the shamanic realms of the gods and seeing our bigger picture overview. Where are we on our path ? It is the penultimate day of this powerful wavespell and the last galactic activation […]

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  Day Eleven ~ Liberation with White Spectral Wizard The warm weather takes it’s toll energetically and we are reminded that everything in our universe has an energetic entourage that comes with it. The less baggage we carry and the easier to move and explore. Today we are in the day of death that each […]

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Manifestation Miracle

    Red Planetary Skywalker Day ten brings us the potentiality of our manifestation in form ~ so whatever you have been weaving in the past ten days comes to fruition ~ it may be in your intended awareness or lower down in levels of consciousness that you may be unaware of ~ part of […]

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Sublime nine ?

  Day nine ~ the completion of the loop. Yellow Solar Human We are now in the Yin part of the spiral and this pattern is evident in many areas ~ First seven steps we are climbing the stairway to heaven and……yang going out. This is revealed in the beginning of  our life journey on […]

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