Manifestation Miracle




Red Planetary Skywalker

Day ten brings us the potentiality of our manifestation in form ~ so whatever you have been weaving in the past ten days comes to fruition ~ it may be in your intended awareness or lower down in levels of consciousness that you may be unaware of ~ part of you knows though and to raise that sunken cargo up simply intend it and watch it rise to the light 🙂

If you look deeper you will see your inner world showing up on the outside today and if it isn’t pleasing to the eye…..

it may not be our ego’s reason why…..

our universal self has brought us a gift ……

this may take a while to reveal itself , if at all……

and that is what goes with our soul trail.

It leadeth where we do not know and it will out….

I have had a heart felt day of magic in Avalon that has reconnected me to the flavour I found when I first came.

There are some lovely people in this sacred land and I love making that connection and remembering the golden rules of the cookie trail …..

the crumbs lead in a spiral at the perfect time , weaving in circles to new spaces and this often means leaving the old behind and emptying out so we can be refilled.

This involves having faith and believing that everything belongs to a divine plan that may be currently beyond our reasoning and understanding.

Our Red angelic messenger energy is present today. We bring heaven to earth through us ………

Maybe some of today feels good and we can focus on that and make a note of some tweaking about the rest and paying attention to the way things are too that may be outside of our control .

What is the hidden message ? Has this happened before ? Is there a brand new pattern being created if I let it ?

Just like a garden designer, many things look great on paper and when the plants have spread their foliage in the real garden….

the reality doesn’t come together like we imagined.

Today I have been to the first of a Moon Gardening club and loved every moment. Fellow gardening women, moon and astrological related subjects and sharing of wisdom, tips and a beautiful garden to see in the sunshine with home made elderflower cordial and a cup of tea. Bliss. I am so excited about what this brings into my life and the people who will become new friends I hope.

Life’s great mystery can be so exciting ……unknown treasures just around the corner waiting to be unwrapped. A new chapter has begun.

Amazing what can happen when we stop pushing that massive boulder up the mountain and get ourselves out of the way ???????

I used to get disappointed if the plan in my head didn’t come off and now I am really starting to get used to my plans being thwarted by a universal idea happening instead ~ my ego is getting used to it that is 🙂

Something beyond my wildest dreams…….

well maybe not my wildest ~ heaven forbid ~ anything it seems is becoming possible now in this transition time.

Be careful what you wish for 🙂

Today I have learned so much in such a short space of time ~ a miracle ~ my life has felt abundant and….

it is the least physical of many days.

I am taking things easy in preparation for my camping foray at Buddhafield this weekend.

I survived a pre run in my garden on Saturday ~ although I didn’t get a lot of z’s and was reminded of my being a parent of very young children again and sleep deprivation. I don’t do well without switch off  and become a zombie. I did totally appreciate my real bed the evening after though. I so appreciate undisturbed sleep now and value the, what I thought were , the small things in life that we so often take for granted ~ that actually are the most important. When I was younger I slept easily, everywhere and tolerated some hideous bathroom arrangements ~  especially in Greece. Now I struggle with shared amenities that are on the iffy side so….I may be struggling this weekend, I won’t be blogging either as I am taking minimum stuff in my micro tent but will post pics afterwards as long as I survive the compost loos and torrid tentness 🙂


Hope your manifests today are feeling good for you as you create your own personal heavenliness here on earth. 

Lots of love and may the force be with you lovely people.

Feel the force

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