Venus is the planet at the heart of the 260 day Tzol Kin 

I am beginning writing this on

Blue Lunar Monkey  

Wednesday the 8th of June 2016 

I am intending to keep this very complex subject as simple as I can 

I have links to other websites who have no connection with me 

This page was crafted

with the intention of sharing the significance of the Venus cycles right now

I know many people who are having a difficult time

so my intention is to share a bigger picture to illuminate

and hopefully alleviate this in some way

and at the same time ~ I am like a stuck record on this 😉 ~

do your inner work

and help yourself

In doing so you are changing the world literally 




You will not feel grounded through any intellectual understanding on it’s own 

You will feel grounded when healing has taken place about the first part of life 

Which creates how we feel about life It is the emotional evolution





It is the heart healing time on planet earth 









All the information I share is with deep respect for all understandings

I am very grateful for their resources which have illuminated my understanding

at this perfect time 

Blue Lunar Monkey


is the second day

of the 13 day process of

White Dog 

Blue Monkey’s planet is Venus



Blue Monkey Wavespell

is at the centre of the Tzol Kin

It is the top of the pyramid 

Which is what the calendar is when seen in 3d 


Blue Monkey is in the Blue Castle of transformation

It is the 11th Mayan Sign

It is the 11th Wavespell 

It is what we are here for

To transform our childhood wounding 


as a part of that process

we become transparent 

Free of the pain

Free of the past 

The wise divine child 

Ready to play the game of life in a whole new conscious way 

Travelling light literally 

White Dog is the 14th Wavespell

White Dog’s planet is


Messenger of the God self 


It is in the Yellow Castle of flowering


the refining process following on from


 Red Earth Wavespell


Red Earth is the mastery process of feeling grounded


connected to our life on planet Earth

It’s planet is Uranus ~

that which is seeking light and illumination

for our personal and collective human evolution

Here is the May and June 2016 blog I wrote about this 

In understanding this process

there are many components

and this list is not given as the definitive 😉  
with all my work it is simply a perception from me ~ what else could it be ? :

The Astronomy

The Astrology

The Mythology 

The Astronomy and Astrology 



Venus link 

Venus is visible as a morning star for approximately 258 days 

The length of the calendar is 260 days


this is also linked to 

The Moon

Lunar Eclipses 

sun and moon

Very significant for planetary cycle predictions 

The cycle of Venus is also directly correlated to the 

Golden Ratio


Here is an article to  explain more by 

John Major Jenkins 

Here is a video revealing Venus’s dance 



This dance of Venus has only been visible to people on earth alive today

since 2004

Here is some info about this:

Venus Transit 2012 

05 June 2012 

which was 

Red Solar Moon 

Day 9 of

Red Dragon Wavespell 

The Tzol kin in the Mayan Sign pure form of the first 13 steps 

in the Red Castle of Initiation to new awakening 

This was in Gemini Sun 

How is this influencing us now in 2016 ?

In the cycle we are currently in:

In 2015 

This current 260 day cycle

was initiated in Sagittarius Sun

At the time of writing this article we are in a 260 day cycle initiated

in the polar opposite of Gemini ~

Sagittarius Sun 

on the 20th of December 2015

Here is a blog I wrote about that :

Return of the Dragon 




Wow ~ just seen the info on this video about this Gemini ~ Sagittarius Dance 

My Jupiter is in Gemini at 25 degrees 5th house

My North Node is in Gemini and my South Node in Sagittarius  at 10 degrees 4th house

My bottom rung of my Midheaven is in Gemini with the top in Sagittarius at 4 degrees 4th and 10th

No wonder this is synchronising for me as the Venus Transits in my lifetime

have been at 8 and 6 degrees

in Gemini 

aspecting my North Node and my Stairway to Heaven 

Do you have Gemini and Sagi in your chart ?

Check out their degrees 

On August 22 2015 

The Venus Pentagram aspected Leo at 19 degrees


LEO 19
A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine.
Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart’s wonder are superfull. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.

In the Mayan Calendar this was: 

Red Spectral Dragon 

the letting go process in Blue Monkey Wavespell 

aspecting my

Mercury in Leo at 20 degrees in my 7th House 

Do you have Leo in your chart ?

Venus is creating her cycle in Leo

for her full cycle of 584.5 days

from last August 

More here:

Cayelin Castell 

Prior to this we had the

Venus Transit

on June 08 2004 

More about this here :

Venus Transit 2004 

This was

Blue Electric Monkey


The alchemy day in the 13 step process of 

Red Moon Wavespell


which is the 

Awakening to honesty and authenticity 

in the Green Castle of the heart 



What was significant at this time was on

06 June 2016

Red Cosmic Moon



Here is a link that again shows the Venus cycle creating a pentagram/rosebud pattern:

Galactic Synchronisation is the Facebook page


It was the 4th Year anniversary of the Venus Transit 2012 to 2020

This full transit takes 243 years (9)

Venus accessed light codes from a Sun

in a different alignment 

Sun codes are consciousness codes

literally bringing

light source code

In the past the Feminine Codes have largely been accessed through the lunar 

Now these new codes and archetypes are being activated in a different way 

Astrologically this is seeing our collective perceptions







In particular how the feminine is embodied 

New Consciousness through the Asteroid Belt too

The Solar Feminine 


Hygieia by Klimt 

This alignment is marking the exact midpoint

within an 8 year period

In this 8 year period 


passes 5 times between the Earth and the Sun

Creating the pattern of the rosebud/pentagram 

The exact midpoint is the Vortex 

We are now in the 3rd

Venus Synodic Cycle 

of this millenium 

The Venus Round 


The Venus Crown 

Circling the Square 


Squaring the circle 😉

During this 8-year period Venus will complete 13 orbits around our star

It takes 104 years for Venus and Earth

to complete 13 Pentagrams/RoseBuds in the sky

This cycle was sacred for the ancient Maya of Mesoamerica

It was known as the Venus Round 

More about this here :

Ancient World Mysteries

Venus will rise again as the Evening Star


July 14 2016

In the last few days of this Mayan Year 

Blue Crystal Hand 


The complex stability day of  the

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

which begins on July 03 2016

and is linked in to day 7 of this current Wavespell

Yellow Resonant Warrior 

This is one of the 13 clear signs 

I have created a page purely for the 13 clear signs

so please check it out 

The Yellow Warrior Wavespell

is the last Wavespell

of the Yellow Castle of Flowering 

It’s planet is Saturn 

The creation codes we are here to weave with

revealed in


Astrological Chart


Mayan Sign 

It reveals exactly where we are on our heart path of transformed ego 

Are we on an ego cause and power trip

as a way of erroneously seeking to reclaim our power from others on the outside ?

Are we doing the Great Work on the inside to heal our wounded heart 

allowing a very different outcome ?


Venus Astrology Now

Here is a wonderful article :

Blue Moon Astrology 

Cazimi moment 

What has been happening for you around relationships ?

What is seeking a rewiring?

What has been going on in your life since the first Venus Transit in 2004 ?

This was White Spectral Wizard Year

as the planetary Year:

July 26 2003 to July 25 2004

What was seeking release to allow new conscious relationships

coming from a place of alignment

self empowerment 

being in the flow of the universe rather than ego conditioning  ?

This was the 11th year of Yellow Seed which began in 1993

This was when I had my last “job” with an abusive employer on an ego trip

at literally everyone else’s expense 

Great Teacher 

It was also the year I visited India and bought a Tree of Life Carpet

even though I had no idea of what it meant 😉 



Where is Venus in your chart?

Where is Mars ?

Article about Mars Cycle here 

by Erik M Roth 

Check out how these planetary movements are aspecting your charts

There are lots of free resources out there 

Learn 😉 

And/or ask someone who can do that for you if you feel to

It is fun and magical 


Back to the picture at the beginning of the article 

I often feature Botticelli as the alchemical soul process is painted in to his pictures 

The Birth of Venus 




This picture leading the article is Mars and Venus 

It is full of Satyrs

that reveal ancient archetypal understanding 

The Conch Shell is present

and is seen around the neck of Quetzalcoatl ~

the human ready to transform again revealed in the 13 clear sign process 


The Sanskrit name is Shanka

This is one of eight auspicious artifacts in the Buddha Process 

known as Ashtamangala


It is to allow the process of 

Awakening and take responsibility for oneself 

Compassion is the leading way of being in Buddhism

To have compassion for all sentient beings

My offering on this:

To be able to have compassion as a human being …

who has experienced a contemporary way of life…

rather than a life removed from societal conditioning such as a monk from an early age in a monastery 

Means to have learned what it is to suffer at the hands of others

It is an essential component for the deep level state


embodying compassion 

There are lots of different frameworks for Buddhism 

This has been a recent cookie trail initiation for me 


Here is a Kalachankra Mandala :


I received this info with the 4 0f disks in Thoth which has some similarities 


Book of Thoth 6 

Here is a very interesting article about an individual’s experience

of a different type of energy connected to this new consciousness beaming in: 


The power of Four in the Mayan 


There are Four Colours in the general process of transformation

Four Processes of larger evolution with four Wavespells in each Castle = 52 = 7

For the individual there are Four Castles

five for the 260 day Tzol Kin with the addition of the Green Castle 

After 4 Castles the individual becomes a Mayan Elder at 52 

Four Year Cycles of the Venus Cycle which are part of a bigger cycle of Eight years 

8 ~ the number of integration ~ as above so below 

The 8th Mayan Sign is Yellow Star ~ Lamat 

Being the star we really are 

Whose planet is …

Venus 😉 

We begin a new way of being in the world through these structures

especially when becoming conscious of them

and working with conscious intent

to transform our conditioned ego mind

 if you map your life patterns you will see this revealed 

Mayan Sign 4

Yellow Seed whose planet is Jupiter ~ the planet of expansion and mastery 

on a personal level this is mastery of our egoic structure which creates our reality

Mastery of the five senses 

Mastery of our human being self 

to allow our spirit soul self to shine through and be embodied 

The Dresden Codex


These are Mayan codes that were recorded many hundreds of years ago

More about that here:

Maya Codices

This is an amazing web page that has so many resources :

this link is 

by Alex Putney for
September 17, 2011

This part in particular is key to the human being transformation process

There is an occult energy in the heart that comes from Tonatiuh, the Sun,

and if man releases it, returning it consciously to the sun, he becomes immortal.
But to liberate this energy, sacrifice is necessary.
Man must sacrifice the desires and habits that he adores, sacrifice them in himself,
and turn the knife against the enemy that he carries within himself, that keeps his heart a prisoner.

In recent times men still remembered these words, but they have now forgotten their significance.
They have made enemies of other men to sacrifice them and take out their hearts,
believing such offerings would propitiate Tonatiuh.
Such is their degeneration, such is their superstition.

When fear unites with knowledge, terrible things are done.
It is the self within ourselves that we have to sacrifice.
It is our own heart that has to be torn out of the false being and offered to the light.
May Xiuhtecuhtli, Lord of Fire, burn my false being.
May Itzli, Obsidian Knife, liberate my heart.

What is the blood that connects stones with soul, men with suns?
It is the universal unity, the one creative principle crystallizing into myriad forms,
and when liberated by sacrifice it returns to unity.

Because to sacrifice is to act consciously,
to sacrifice that which will be taken away is to deny the destiny that takes it.
Defraud Death by sacrificing Life;
because from the hand of the Goddess of Sacrifice that holds the obsidian blade
sprouts the germ of Life to come.

This is the Mayan Code

that speaks of the individual

human being

fire transformation process :

The Pyramid of Fire Codex 



To work within

To begin to surrender to the God and Goddess self 

and let go of resistance to what is 

To align with 

White Wizard teaching 

Letting the magic flow through us 

rather than believing we have to create it 

Goddess Asteroid Code of the Moon Goddess 

All we need do is transform our personal wounding 

our will

and let go 

into the flow 

All is revealed 

This is a pro active process 

that requires 

a lot of inner work 😉 

This is the paradox 

Blue Storm is the code

Code 19

Planet is Pluto

The Underworld

Goddess Mythology linked to Venus



This myth structure has remarkable similarities to Persephone 

Her descent into the underworld through the 7 gates aligns with the Venus cycle of :

Morning Star


Evening Star 

The Astrological Symbol for Venus 


Is the same as the Ankh 












Michaelangelo Adam and Eve and Lilith Sistine chapel

Lilith is she who would not lie beneath Adam ~ his first wife 

We have moved into Lilith in Scorpio transit in May 2016

Going in deep into what arose previously

in Lilith in Libra cycle 

What is disharmonious 

What is seeking re ~ balancing 

Lots of asteroids to reveal this in our charts 

so please do further research 

There are so many new codes coming in 😉

Leyla and Eris are a couple I am working with at the moment 

Here is an article about Lilith in Scorpio current transit 

Cosmic Intelligence Agency 

by Agent 55 

Here is one about the last transit in 2007


So whatever was happening on our contrary Mary in 2007 

We were revisiting with an opportunity to go deeper into it 

Here is an interesting article about the Sacred Feminine and Eris by 

Darkstar Astrology 

Greek Mythology

linked to

Venus Cycle 

Phosphorus ~ The Morning Star 






Hesperus ~ The Evening Star

In Summary 


In Leo time in 2016 this Venus energy initiated in Leo on August 22 2015 

will return in full 

Heart splendour 

This is in the Goddess Feminine time of the year 


When we receive what we planted in the fullness of the masculine Sun time from the Spring until the Summer Equinox 

So the more we heal our hearts through courage 

The more we will be in our power 

In balance 

In embodiment 

Love to you and your journey 

We are all in this together 

Be the change 

Be the fruits of your labour from authenticity