Resources ~ Emotional Freedom Technique


2020 Mission in the UK

Let’s raise awareness for EFT

especially with the source of our health providers in the NHS ~

the GP’s

Please share this Ebook far and wide :

EFT Info in the UK

and if you feel that you can ~ print it ~ it is only 1 page 

take it into your GP who may not be aware of EFT yet

Awareness is the key 

Here is a copy of it :

Emotional Freedom Technique

Information Sheet

for UK

If you are reading this in paper form please access the Ebook here at this link

which makes it easier to use the website links :

EFT Info Ebook

Emotional Freedom Technique has been available in the UK for many years now .

It is becoming more well known and is gaining recognition for it’s dynamic empowering results.

It can be used as a talking therapy by practitioners who are trained in the technique.

It is a valuable addition to any therapist’s toolbox as it builds on any skills they have already.

In addition to this, any person can learn it and use it as a self help tool, which I believe is key to self empowerment and creating a healthy coping mechanism

free from co dependency patterning.

It achieves quick and long lasting results and there have been clinical studies worldwide to demonstrate this.

Here is a link with some info about the studies:

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

This is a UK website

Here is a video of a Ted Talk by Dr Peta Stapleton

about Emotional Freedom Technique:

Is Therapy facing a Revolution ?

Here is the founder of EFT ~ Gary Craig ~ his website and tutorial:

EFT Basic tutorial:

Examples of NHS use in the UK websites:

Derbyshire ~

Birmingham area ~ media article ~

Forth Valley ~

Personal info:

I have been trained to an advanced level of EFT and have been using it myself and with clients since 2007. It has changed my life.

I work as a Holistic Therapist in Somerset and have been a student of Psychology since 1995.

I am passionate about people being well and experiencing emotional freedom and happiness.

I currently teach EFT and create workshops using it. If you would like more info please contact me.

Contact info : Jo Kenworthy 07772 877028

At this stage of

our human being development

on planet earth

it is self~evident that there is a huge potential for expansion

around emotional awareness

how to have honest relationship

how to heal emotional pain

for many people simply to become aware of emotions is a first step

The way the masses are living in today’s society

ensures emotional repression in order to survive 

The human being evolution is beginning

in a big way now

This is not more intellectual understanding


becoming the behaviour that wounded us

that can be a part of the process of course

This is about a change of emphasis

A change of focus

To understanding our emotional self inside out letting our feelings be our guide

and how to express that self 

in a healthy respectful loving way

This means society has to change

and it will as the people who live in it

find a way to relate first and foremost to themselves

in a practical way that works every day and is free from any co dependency



It is time for the emotional evolution

I learned Emotional Freedom Technique in 2007

I still use the basic formula today


have lots of ways of using it especially with intuition 

which has expanded because of using EFT ~ also called tapping ~ every day 

This was life changing for me 

Absolutely mind blowing

This community of people have a passion

Gary Craig has gifted this wonderful resource

Free learning for you

If you feel ready to go for it

to be free





There is also another association called



they have a manual too 

Here is their website 



Here is a fabulous video


Emotional Freedom Technique by Dr Peta Stapleton :









All that we need is within us

Love is the key 

that opens the door to infinity 


Right Relationship Code

Maya Angelou link

It will all become clear as you do 😉 

Be the change 

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