Red Crystal Dragon

pic by Jackie Morris Red Crystal Dragon to Yellow Overtone Sun  Code 10  20 day process Friday 10 January to 28 January 2020   Manifestation Aligning our holograph with the Great Mother Codes   Time for a Cosmic Reset  We are in the birth canal now as we have entered the Cancer and Capricorn Gateway […]

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Winter Solstice Patterns

  Winter Solstice Patterns  The transition pattern was on December 21 2012 Blue Crystal Hand  The start of a new cycle for humanity to be Conscious Dreamers This is Red Rhythmic Moon Day 9  which is a human evolution portal day  coming into balance with the returning sacred feminine in a very powerful 13 day […]

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Yellow Lunar Seed

Yellow Lunar Seed  Today is a portal day It is the new learning  Step 2 of the  Blue Night Wavespell Planet ~ Jupiter ~ mastery of our expansion process Last degrees of Cancer Waxing Moon ~ Leo tonight New learning coming in What are you creating as a part of your heart’s desire today ? […]

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Manifesting Miracles ?

  Yellow Planetary Human Day What a magical ride I am experiencing here in the Glastonbury Zodiac. It is amazing and I intend to conjure up a new way of working as there is so much I want to share and receive and how to do that in the time frame of a day……and be […]

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Red Moon Awakening

    Red Moon Awakening   Where to begin ? It is Aquarius full blue moon energy ~ the second full moon in Aquarius and so potent and with it’s energetic signature of the bigger picture on a galactic activation portal day ~ it is tricky to write a blog 🙂 Lots happening. Blue Moon […]

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Blue Night Wavespell

Blue Night Wavespell How has your journey into the new Mayan year of Yellow Seed been? I have been busy outside with the garden and preparing for my solar return this week. The weather has been good again and the vegetables are growing well. This also means lots of work to do and being physical […]

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