Blue Night Wavespell ~ Conscious Dreamer Code



Blue Night Wavespell 

Conscious Dreamer Code

Day 2 ~ the challenge day

Yellow Lunar Seed

the growth day

that matches the whole year of feeling the fear

being with the fear

hearing it speak to us

feeling it’s squeeze on us

listening to it’s message

all about stories from the past

our past specifically

and then seeing the absolute treasure in all of this

Yellow Galactic Seed Year of Integration

Removal of the ego mask that is keeping us living small

from the confines of our mind

and the collective mind too

that is heavily invested in all the little worker bees knowing their place in the human race


Taurus Isis time of course so no chance of that

manipulation misdemeanour missus


not on my shift bellows the cantankerous cow

Me that is

and from what I am hearing many of you too 😉

who are sick and tired of being sick and tired

played for a fool

Which is very different…

from being the open hearted kind fool 

I am withdrawing my support from any out of balance 



speaking up

I am supporting ways of being that are fair and honest

and that starts with ….

taking responsibility for my part in

The cult of cash

The cult of co dependent living

The cult of feeling

I need something in an unhealthy way

I feel embarrassed at so many of my past behaviours….

yikes ;-(

and no doubt there will be a lot more to surface as I wise up 

and that’s ok

because I am here for exactly that reason

to let myself be vulnerable now

instead of pretending that

I am fearless

I am choosing to let the masks fall

and admit my mistakes

so I can be open to new learning

and learn how to relate in the code of 

my dream world

of respect and honesty for all

a world without need greed and bullying

letting go of predatory behaviours 

because there is enough for us all

when we let go of lack codes

of competition

and cruelty

to hide our wounds

and pretend we are

strong and powerful from ego


It is a new moon in the Mayan today

Spectral Moon

The moon of letting go 

Lots of aha moments coming together now with new learning

in this New Moon in Taurus

Taurus is my Moon and so when Taurus code is in play for a month in the masculine energy

and the feminine comes in too

Solar eclipse in Taurus and in my exact degree of 8 degrees on the 29th


Oh yes getting to see my star code chart in a whole new way

and understand exactly what has been all part of my code creating

and now being a code breaker

both in understanding and repatterning

and this is what I am creating today for tomorrows first ever workshop

Creating the Dream withIsis heart alchemy

Took me on a long trail of discovery and as I have been creating this ebook

I have been looking at lots of my previous ebooks and creativity

It’s been amazing

Seeing where I was when I created them
Seeing myself and my place of evolution in every word

every picture


seeing it all in glorious technicolour 

the wow factor

penny drop

Lots of stuff I have known intellectually for a long time

Feeling I have integrated it 

and that creates a whole different way of being

It feels good

It’s the tipping point where the paradox happens and everything is turned on it’s head

because we have shifted our focus from being led by the head


Our higher self comes through in the same way

we relate to everything and everybody

through our personal cookie code

and mine has been on full blast for a while

go here

go there

 do this

do that

and I am tired

I know I am tired….

I know I am a human being


I go do it


I am needing to get more focused on my boundaries with this world and 

the other worlds

and my relationships

how I relate 🙂

Changing my code


It’s funny isn’t it how our mind has one belief about who we are

and yet we find ourself saying things that seem out of character

We try and play roles

and say the PC thing

(Politically Correct)

but the world we live in is not PC really

and neither are we

Whatever our Freudian slip 

it is our inner world

because in truth we can only be us

because we are us

and when we try and be anything else….

we are spinning a yarn

that inevitably trips us up

at some point

It is so much easier when we spill the beans

and frees us up to be …..

well free  😉

Free Spirit on our Spirit path

There is no escaping that energy now ~ this year


is that energy

Take the mask off

or feel it’s power 

drain you

Ego living demands high prices

and is a high maintenance mistress

the stuff of nightmares

rather than dreams





This was me last night

My body gave in at last

I got 15 hours sleep 🙂

Needed it 🙂

Thanks for all your support on my current tango

It is the making of me 

Anything that we do to cut through bull poo

is 🙂

Yea I get it

I actually get it 

my code gets it

as well as my head


Here is a document you can use for your

Taurus Challenge

if you choose

To check out the code for transformation from dream to nightmare living

simply follow the thirteen day spiral of Blue Night

Each day gives you the exact information to create with our universal self

and get clear

so we can create a new world

The only way we create new world’s is inside out

Here is a document that can get some focus on this

Dream Journey

Here is an audio that can give you info on this ~ be in a place it’s safe to relax to listen

Dream Journey meditation

It is really simple and even if people do not understand anything about New Age speak




the Mayan Calendar

What each one of us does every day gives rise to something

it is really simple

and we all know deep down when we are wearing a mask

It’s child’s play

and a child knows when an adult isn’t being honest

yet a child learns to be silent and do what the adult says is the truth

because if it doesn’t it is in a whole world of pain…

This is the distorted code we are living with just now 

and it is time for a change don’t you think?


So to stop this bullying pattern

We let go of doing that anymore


That’s the simple version ….

It is a lot more complex than that

and yet that is the simple truth

It takes two to tango

Do you want to tango …

or learn a new dance that beats to the drum of the heart ?

All that it takes to get off the mad manipulation merry go round

is the intention

and the rest follows in small steps

as and when we are ready to get it on

Be real

Do the deal


live it

We are worth it and

The Secret is….

The Shadow is the key to it all

when we let go of fearing ourself

everything else falls into place

Love to you and your  Dreams

If you want to know more

the ebook is ready and you can access it now

on my shop to work with as and when you choose

online shop

or align with a workshop near you

or create one and I will come 🙂

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy 

Great films to explore the ego:

Fight Club ~ I was doing the Ikea module 😉

I resisted this film for a long time despite being Brad Pitt being in it

and I had totally pre~judged it 

this is a very clever film

Revolver ~

Jason Statham is always Jason and no different in this ~ this is a multi layered amazing film 

Both these films are very violent which is a sign of the times and equally the strength of the untrained and repressed ego

they do make the point of the ego fracture very succinctly though

This is how our ego works to “protect us” from all those feelings of rage and fear that we are really feeling

Now we have new ways to let those go instead of disintegrating 



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