Blue Night Wavespell ~ the human is the key



Blue Night Wavespell

Yellow Planetary Human

Yellow Human Tribe

Day 10 

Heart’s Desire

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This is the thirteen day spiral of the conscious dreamer

being aware that they are the dream weaver

as part of the bigger dream we are all the warp and weft of ~ the ribbons of creation

Each one of us is a rainbow thread 

The universe that we are also a part of 

Is the loom


and as I clear more and more of

my personal creation code 

I transform my corrupted code

and so I can open to my angelic higher self

to come into me

This is the Christ Consciousness process


I have had an amazing  journey over this last ten days

Seeing this spiral in a very different way

because it is the time for me to see it in a different way

If you are doing your journey consciously and working with your shadow in this way

you will understand what I mean

This is becoming mainstream now 

The Universal loom is sharing this awareness

with people ready to work with it

This is especially important for anyone who is assisting people through healing and trauma

for understanding

Flower Prayers

There is a code of creation that is interlinked…

The web

and so this is why when working on issues of heart and mind

One does not completely clear the issue 

There are many golden threads to it

These threads are inter woven with other individuals

part of the current evolution story

and essential to the law of attraction

and our heart as a magnet

that brings in the perfect thread for us at the perfect time

for all of creation 


This is the true soul attraction pattern

This is the true meaning of the heart’s desire

that may come cloaked in a “goal”

in a five year plan 🙂

It comes to us in the way of our current conscious understanding

How else can it come ?

Which is what the teaching means :

We can only change ourself…

and in that process everything changes 

We are here for that very purpose

to bring new ways of being 

It is in essence all about relationship

Our individual relationship with the universe that we are a divine child of


Today we are on the 12th Mayan Sign 


Famous Yellow Human’s are:


and Aleister Crowley

The Mayan Wavespell is complex

as it reveals the divinity code 🙂

So of course it is a multi splendoured thing that at first take can be

overwhelming for the mini mind 🙂

Good Grief says Charlie Brown within  ~ are you kidding me ?

Snoopy ~ the Zen Dog ~ is his higher self ~ he gets it 

and cannot speak Charlie’s language….

so does he best to get the message through 🙂


That was my first reaction to The Wavespell

 because I wasn’t ready to work with it and my ego was” on a mission” to do other things 🙂

What I mean by this is:

the part of me that is conditioned by my learning so far on planet earth

that often struggles to get messages from the higher self …

because it hasn’t yet created enough clear space within

and learned the language and code of the way the universal self communicates

The mini me often has wobbles and self confidence issues now

because it still has a lot of wobbles and self confidence issues from the past to clear and transform 🙂

It is on one level as simple as that 🙂

These integrations had to take place in my human being ness before I was ready to take the next step 🙂

Lost in translation

because part of our soul self is lost 🙂

And it is meant to be lost 🙂

It was lost for that very purpose so it can found

and create the alchemical change of enlightenment at the perfect time 

This is the game we are all playing now

End of times

So this whole cosmic carpet can come together when it is the time for it to come together…

not conveniently calling in a mass soul retrieval

because that matches someone’s ego frame workshop

That has been crafted purely from their head and unclear space

We all do what we know

We can always recognise ego at work 🙂

This of course is a very strong conditioned pattern at the moment

Our society demands payment for services…

that in truth are surplus to requirements

out of balance for all

feathering of selective nests

siphoning of resources for a select few

and I guess that a few of you reading this will deem me 

barking mad

to speak of tragedies as simply as a game

I do not intend any disrespect or lack of feeling

It is a hard game to play emotionally for those that are open hearted

It hurts

It is tough


It is necessary 

This is how new worlds are born in this current gameplan

The tension of the opposites

This is what we have just been experiencing 

with Taurus Sun and New Moon as the initiating energy 

Now we are working with the building energy of full moon in Scorpio 

on the day of the new Wavespell

14 May 

Yellow Warrior 

The Cosmic Code of the Warrior of the heart blazing a trail of love

Most people in the alternative health and Spiritual tribes

are …

due to patriarchal code still running in ourselves…

still focusing on…

the patriarchal code 🙂


Head driven

Being mindful

Mind focused


frameworks that purely focus on

positive thinking

and so although they seem to have a slightly different emphasis

to the mainstream health and wealth tribes

in truth

are still

by being that process

 creating the same thing as the mainstream

simply selling a different product

The core shift that is happening now

is that it is the human being who creates the change within

by bringing balance within

by  enlightening ourselves

by  working with our individual shadow

and therefore the collective shadow

and doing it on a daily basis

becoming an expert on our personal code

being own guru

instead of worshipping

at the altar of the ego personality

whose books line our shelves

The point I am making is this:

It is time to learn about ourselves and bring this into balance now 🙂

Talking book days are coming to an end

for the human who realises experientially

that the process of heaven on earth

happens by:

working with all our biggest challenges 

we encountered in the first part of our lives

They happened on purpose

for a reason

in a season

that swings around

on the wheel of life 🙂

Today it is Saturday

Saturn day

The wheel of karma

It is all about creating circles now 🙂

In the Mayan Wavespell system

there are  20  Archetypal Codes 

They are called Star Glyphs


Each human being incarnates with one of these codes

The first 13 are the foundation stones

of the consciousness code :

Red Dragon ~ initiation ~  awakening to unknown universal code coming in

White Wind ~ challenge to speak the truth and allow spirit to speak through us

Blue Night  ~ alchemy of the first two ~ allowing the dream to be seen by clearing the nightmare

Yellow Seed ~ the process structure ~ taking off the ego masks we crafted as children

Red Serpent ~ awakening to kundalini process ~ intimacy starts to awaken in our centre

White World ~ bridger ~ being balanced in all worlds so we can be present

Blue Hand ~ going through transformation gateways  allowing the mystic in us to speak to the universal goddess

Yellow Star ~ being the star we really are through integration

Red Moon ~ being the beacon through completing our circle within

White Dog ~ the hearts desire ~ love free from conditioning ~ the heart tribe

Blue Monkey ~ letting go of child wounding ~ calling our spirit back in

Yellow Human ~ crystal clarity within our human self free of ego bondage

Red Skywalker ~ The Fool ~ constantly moving to create new learning and heaven on earth from within 


You can find yours here if you put in your date of birth:

The next seven correspond to the Seven Seals

in Alchemy

Free masonry

Magical practise

Seven chakras


All the same story of code with a slightly different angle and point of view

depending on the time and place they were created

and the energy of the person creating them

channeling them


In truth as a human being

we are channels of consciousness

we are the chalice


no thing is truly belonging to an individual

no thing is new under the sun

we are all bound by the same “rules” and yet have free will whether we allow ourselves full access to the whole board …

by how much our ego will is running our show

These are two very different formats that are often completely opposed to each other by their very nature

and in this essence why anything that is led by making money

cannot by it’s very nature and code

create any well being

because a business has to drive it’s product 

and driving a product all the time 

regardless of cosmic code and cycles

has to create an unsustainable outcome

think about it….

and look at our world crisis points …

see the fruits of our labours

where the mini mind thinks it knows better than the divine


we have our ego to allow us to create with it’s framework

otherwise why be here ?

We are all Zen masters out of this Earth Framework 🙂


To return our journey back to the stars

from whence we came…





We learn about who we really are

by bringing our ego into balance

to allow this process

If we do not do this process

then we cannot be it ?

Simple innit?

In principle 🙂

Always is when it is

God’s honest truth

Free of religion that is

The language of light from The Sun I mean


So the Seven Mastery Seals

and the power source

these are the codes of the initiated seeking



transforming from a pawn

to a Queen

free of co dependent code


This place of becoming a Queen is not a love and light journey

It is forged through journeying in our inner dark spaces

the anti matter that creates universes and binds everything together 

This is the heart path available to all who are ready to face our inner demons 🙂


White Wizard ~ self empowerment and letting the magic flow through us from the higher universal code

Blue Eagle ~ Seeing the bigger picture and rising above the ego small mind 

Yellow Warrior ~ Seeing the heart path as the evolutionary middle road ~ being a lover rather than a fighter

Red Earth ~ feeling we belong here by integrating our tribal wounding  ~ earth is our evolution space

White Mirror ~ how we see our beliefs reflected back through everyone and everything so we know the creation code

Blue Storm ~ emotions guide us All are valid All are part of our wheel ~ being balanced in all of them free from ego

Yellow Sun ~ the language of consciousness All is love in action 🙂 To transcend duality on the earth playground we transcend it within 


Painting by Barry Stevens


So the Spiral of Blue Night

we are seeing manifest today

is a Universal Lifecoaching Tool

A code

A process

Each step 

Each Day

Holds the energetic code

If this is your Mayan Sign your essence is all about this

and what you do and have done throughout your life

is key to this process for the whole universe 🙂

Do you see how everything you have been experiencing in life so far 

has revealed this ?

If you wish to look at this 13 step process click on Blue Night Wavespell 

and see it revealed 🙂

Yellow Human is one of my thirteen year cycles

which took place from 5 to 17

and I will be starting a Yellow Rhythmic Human Year

on my birthday in August

If you check out my Resources page I have created documents you can use if you choose to see your own Castles

If you do this you will see the bigger picture of what is happening to you and why

What threads are being revisited to you can get clear 

heal your heart

and in the process 

align with your dream


Gustav Klimt ~ The Kiss

As I have been revealing my centre in Blue Overtone Hand this year

and going through lots of transformation process

to knock off my square ego corners and create a circle of completion

it will be interesting to see what flowers as a result of my process this year

It has been very challenging coming to Glastonbury

to live rather than simply visit

and I knew that it would be

It has been torrid at times 🙂

Having to live a practical life amidst the 52 chakra lines 

is not for the faint hearted alchemist

It is the initiation by fire

It is a great place to test oneself as to how integrated one’s centre is

What seeks calling in

What seeks transformation

and choices….


Do I choose to live from the heart 

even though I am afraid of other people’s reactions

and so my inner self is afraid that is the heart of the matter ?

The shadow of the people pleasing enabler

Thing is

what is truly within us is always being communicated to the wider world 

there is no avoiding our evolution

and this can be frightening for the ego

who has spun false senses and spaces where it can lie to itself and believe it is in control 

That isn’t an option here 

The light of the enabler pattern is super wizardry  for modelling in NLP terms

Superb at sniffing out the code


The ways of being that create the outcome required

and often have very complex structures of learning

and creativity


Leonardo da Vinci

who didn’t fit the ego tick box of his time

being a bastard 

i.e born out of wedlock 

We are in a Renaissance time now 

potential to blend all different worlds of understanding free of ego

We always have the ability to empower ourselves and learn how to create with each and every step

If we are simply willing to ask and do what it takes to create the outcome of truth

When we walk the talk

our reward is multi faceted

We live well with simple means

free from needing to give energy to ego edifices which drain us on all levels

We have time to smell the rose

who by any other name smells delightful

We live in clutter free beautiful space and travel lightly on the earth

and truly know who we are

free from any need to be 

ego validated


we know who we are and in the fullest sense

we are power ~ ful 

we go on the road less travelled 

and our reward is to access the all

as we have truly removed all our limitations

inside out

We are free

We are limitless

Heart tree


I have created a newsletter you can download here

Barefoot News May 2014

If you feel ready to work with me in this way I have some workshops coming up:

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

in Yorkshire 07 June


Preparing for the coming new year

so you can work with more tools and awareness

Completing the Circle in Glastonbury

3 day retreat 25 July 


It’s a number 9 ~ completion of 9 years in a number 9 energy of Red Moon 

wow ~ powerful 

As a 9 it is a biggie for me 🙂

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