Red Moon Wavespell ~ initiate infinity



Red Moon Wavespell

Day 1

Beacon Day

Red Magnetic Moon


The raindrop within the ocean of infinity

The Mayan Code of 9 ~ a gateway to a different way of being

We were last on this Wavespell last September

and here is a blog I wrote about my experience of it then:

Red Moon Wavespell 2013

My son had started University and funnily enough I will be picking him up in this Wavespell

with him having completed his first academic year 🙂

If you want to follow the spiral code click on the very first link at the top ~ Red Moon Wavespell

which reveals the 13 day energy codes you can use as a universal life coach

The first 3 days hold the alchemical process:

Red Magnetic Moon

White Lunar Dog

Blue Electric Monkey


yellow human

Pic David Gray


Tomorrow it is my Mum’s Birthday 


red overtone moon


It is David and I’s 25th anniversary together

This will be our challenge year to go beyond emotional dramas 

as we have opposite Moons in Taurus and Scorpio this is a reoccurring theme 

it is a strong polarity

and what can shape us when we learn to work with it

or destroy us when we let ego’s lock horns

Our true soul evolution relationships are the most challenging ones 🙂

We cannot walk away from our destiny 


Green Castle of the Heart

Please click on the links to go to other websites that expand this info

We are in the initiating energetic wave of the last colour code of the 260 day cycle that began on Halloween last October

This fifth element is the manifestation of the preceding four colour bands

We have 52 days to complete this bigger picture cycle

These 52 days are split into four Waves

of cosmic consciousness code:

Red Moon ~ awakening to who we really are rather than what we have been “educated” and conditioned into believing

Code 9 ~ access a higher consciousness by being conscious

White Wind ~ letting our Spirit speak the truth through us ~ being a conduit open to new objective truth 

Code 2 ~ resolve polarity

Blue Eagle  ~ seeing the bigger picture of our life mission and planetary server

Code 15 ~ rising above the mundane and the limit of the human mind

Yellow Star ~ being the star seed we really are free from ego distortion

Code 8 ~ integrate shadow

If any of these energetic signatures are yours it is a very powerful time for you

It may be that they are your Mayan Sign

It could be that they are one of your foundation stones ~ a Castle of 13 years that takes you through a core process

If they are your personal Wavespell then this is your personal life purpose 

If you do not  know this information then here is a decoder to find your first step :

law of

Put in your birth date and find your Mayan Sign

When you have this you have a starting point for all the other information

Do not worry about doing all this now

that is simply ego speak

There is no rush 

When it happens to you it is always the perfect time

We are always held and loved by the universe 🙂

When you feel drawn to start to work consciously with this information

in the way of being synchronised

You will know it is time for you to go within

and work with your shadow power

Switch on to a whole new level of illumination

This Wavespell is very significant because on July 26 

We start a new Mayan Year of 

Red Solar Moon

It is a year of completion

We are drawing to us now 

everything that is seeking to complete 

that started on July 26 2006

It’s all coming together

If you wish to start working consciously with this 

Ask and it is given

We are still in dark moon in Taurus today

Taurus at 19 degrees 

It is an initiating energy :

A crown turns into goat horns.
A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialized in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Purposively driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations, yet knowing it is appropriate. Super strong, and especially tenacious and relentless. In deepest essence, sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all, you are curiously resigned to whatever arises, not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment’s or a lifetime’s discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved.

taken from this website:

Once you engage with working powerfully in this way

there is no going back 

and we are able to see the intrinsic correlation of all things

the design

everything purposeful and on purpose

and this gives clarity

to our personal life events

and our raindrop pattern in the wider web landscape 


This is the essence of Red Moon

we are the lotus that begins it’s life at the bottom of the river bed

and rises up through the rich primordial density of the clay

full of nutrients

full of life’s rich tapestries

full of struggle


This is what is required to create our core

and once we start to work with the power of this

everything else pales in comparison


Are you ready ?

There is no choice in our life’s mission now

We choose it before we come here

It is written in our Starcode

Our universal barcode

We came here very specifically with a wired code in every drop 

in our essence

in our dna

every cell

is a part of this holograph

we are builders of worlds 

The only choice we have now is

Do we accept our mission ?

and to truly accept it we start by accepting

everything that has happened so far

and in that process we 

access all our fully integrated light consciousness

This is a continual process

it is already hardwired

it is activated at the perfect time

we choose life

and we are able to do what it takes

The universe never gives us more than we can handle…

We are the universe 🙂

We do need to learn new ways of being

New ways of relating

New ways of living

and this can only come when we clear out the old codes 

we transform the meaning we have given so far to our earthly experiences

and we remember who we are

We each have a code

and others are drawn to us because of their code and ours

If you are a blue like me you are here for the code of shadow work ~ transformation of ego 

This is why you have people drawn to you that will connect with this code

Once you start to work consciously with this you will start to see this happening in a different way

and understand why you are often a Scapegoat 

Accept that position and heal the Scapegoat events 

and be in a very different position

free from emotional distortion

Whatever our unique code journey we can do for ourselves

and simply by doing that everything changes

If you are a Red  ~  the code of an initiator, awakener and earth conduit

If you are a White ~ the code of  a conduit of truth and empowerment 

If  you are a Yellow ~  the code of  ego and it’s expansion 

Once we really start to understand this process it becomes very simple

When we are in the process of  working in a rigid routine that stifles our creativity

It is not a process and a code for being creative

We cannot be in touch with our conscious mission when we are in this process

which is why we go through a dissolution process 

to remove ourselves from that way of living 

often referred to as a 

dark night of the soul

but this is a misunderstanding 🙂

The soul does not have dark nights…

only the ego 

The ego is scared because it is going against what it has been conditioned to believe is “success” is all

and this takes many layers of going through

a continual process

which takes courage to stay with it

and keep removing the mask of the ego

that is what keeps us plugged into the crazy conditioned hamster wheel


There is no other way

sorry 🙂

Each one of us has to go through this painful process

and there are no short cuts

we cannot get someone else to do it for us

we cannot buy it

There is no premium level to jump the queue 

The price to be paid is going through our personal pain barrier

opening our Pandora’s Box

and taking responsibility for being 

Cosmic Creators

Owning our behaviour

and learning ways of behaving and being



We have reached integrity code

Inside and out.

As we start this process we are matched by the universe

with a power team to guide us

because we are ready to listen

to prioritise our self ~awakening

and put ourselves first

this team involves everyone who has ever done this process 🙂

We are in good hands.

It is truly magical


If you are ready and wish me to be your guide on this journey

please contact me


My next workshop is on the 7th of June in Huddersfield, West Yorks ~

Mercury Retrograde too so perfect heart time to travel back and get to the heart of the matter

I will be sharing this universal transformation process

click on the link for more info :

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

Here is something I wrote yesterday that explains this process ~ in Yellow Cosmic Star Day:


Day 13 ~ Yellow Cosmic Star

Today we are in dark moon Taurus at 7 degrees :

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.
A beautiful dream that comes true. Conceiving in your heart that a fresh life current is here to be met in the physical. Being magnetized to the spot where the New Earth arises. You feel deeply drawn to give yourself over completely to what the new life-wave asks. Sensing acutely that this is all that counts, and suffering for all of those who are shut off from the bounty. Knowing how hard it is to feel dejected and forsaken, and never forgetting the ache, the longing, the distances, and what it takes to earnestly clasp new life and realize you belong to the heavenly kingdom in the Earth and will never again be out in the cold.

If we choose we can travel back over our time in Taurus Sun

and Taurus Moon

and see where we have been feeling true to ourself.

Where we have acted on what is in our heart rather than listened to our head

When we have felt angry ~ the charging bull

When we have felt frustrated ~ cornered bull

When we have known that what someone is saying and doing is not true ~

When we have been doing the bull poo too


This was the Taurus challenge


To live our heart’s dream takes courage and determination to face our challenges

If we are being true to our authentic selves then we are at odds with the majority on planet earth right now

Most people are in the spin doctor cycle ~

feeling dizzy and wanting to get off the mad merry go round

that requires an extreme counter weight for living in a way that is opposed to being authentic

Our emotional mind always get what it needs and goes the fastest route

Often the road to insanity and ill health

This energy is growing stronger because anything that is not pure code

pure essence


by it’s very nature is degraded and wears off quicker and quicker

the fix has to get bigger

to meet the gap

fill the void

So we can see that the source of the solution is….

Go to the void for the answers

Makes sense ?

Whatever is feeling intense , an urge, a need …

Is the code of the addiction seeking a fix

Is the incredible itch seeking to be scratched and no amount of scratching heals it

What we can do if we wish to get to the heart of the matter is look to the clues

All of what is ailing us holds the secrets to our well ~ being

The universe is bringing us our match every day

and revealing the heart homeopathy


Only our ego does not see the truth of it

Our ego sees the irritating person/event/circumstance as pain creating

Are we ready to go beyond this way of relating

and see the rose in the thorns ?


Until we are ready to integrate we are out of bounds

of this next level in our journey

We maybe at the top of the pyramid of the mystical knowledge and believing that there is some miracle cure ~ out there ~ up there ~ a technique to be learned, a talisman to be bought ~ a lover to soothe our sore aching heart

This tone today is the key to going beyond that framework

and becoming the star that we really are

Going within to discover that unchartered universe

the black infinity of our galactic space of our potentiality

When we have been around for a while we are well versed on the experiences in life that create dis ~ harmony for us ~ yes ?

We are aware that we will be doing certain things this week with certain people that create a huge discord

and yet….

We will still do them because….

What reasons do we give ourselves ?

In each action of dis~harmony that we take we are creating that vibe

We are creating that space and facilitating that code

It really is that simple

So what would we like to create instead ?

What is the opposite of that ?

This is key

This is the code we can focus on now

and start creating a plan to create more of that

When we are creating dis~ harmony how does this feel ?

What emotion?

Where do we feel it ?

What do we do to not feel it ?

Do we allow ourselves to feel it fully or do we distract ourselves ?

Imagine if we decided to do everything that created harmony with no side ~ effects ~ no hangovers, no pain from overwork, no credit card interest to pay

Imagine if we decided to feel everything we had pushed down

Send that intention out

I am going in

I am feeling everything about myself that I do not like until there is nothing left to repress

Imagine that ?

Nothing left to repress ?

Nothing for the inner critic to rattle on about

No fear of a skeleton in the closet

All cleared out


When we are bare …..


Loving the skin we are in

Accepting ourselves

Guess what ?

We do not need the universe to balance us because we are balancing ourselves

Nothing required to trigger us ~ no triggers

No drama ~ we have let go of old dramas

No huge masculine to deal with ~ we are balanced in our masculine

No huge feminine to take on ~ we are balanced in our feminine

We have freedom to create new ways of living


from this inner free space

It takes discipline and work and courage every day to do this

Every day being with what we do not like and how it creates an emotional response

and following that thread back in our personal timeline to an emotional response creation day

So we can feel it to heal it

Integrate it

Become integrated

Resonate with the planet and the universe

Who doesn’t create dis~harmony in this way

Doesn’t need to as it has human beings to do that

It is time for a new way of living free of fear leading the way

Lamat is the essence:

Being the star that we truly are and letting our star seed potential bloom

Love to this process and our luminosity

Are you ready to tap into the fountain of youth ?


Emotion is the key to Eternity


Come to the heart chakra and join me in my yearly retreat

The Circle of Completion

25 July 



Blue Night Wavespell ~ the human is the key



Blue Night Wavespell

Yellow Planetary Human

Yellow Human Tribe

Day 10 

Heart’s Desire

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that expand on the information

This is the thirteen day spiral of the conscious dreamer

being aware that they are the dream weaver

as part of the bigger dream we are all the warp and weft of ~ the ribbons of creation

Each one of us is a rainbow thread 

The universe that we are also a part of 

Is the loom


and as I clear more and more of

my personal creation code 

I transform my corrupted code

and so I can open to my angelic higher self

to come into me

This is the Christ Consciousness process


I have had an amazing  journey over this last ten days

Seeing this spiral in a very different way

because it is the time for me to see it in a different way

If you are doing your journey consciously and working with your shadow in this way

you will understand what I mean

This is becoming mainstream now 

The Universal loom is sharing this awareness

with people ready to work with it

This is especially important for anyone who is assisting people through healing and trauma

for understanding

Flower Prayers

There is a code of creation that is interlinked…

The web

and so this is why when working on issues of heart and mind

One does not completely clear the issue 

There are many golden threads to it

These threads are inter woven with other individuals

part of the current evolution story

and essential to the law of attraction

and our heart as a magnet

that brings in the perfect thread for us at the perfect time

for all of creation 


This is the true soul attraction pattern

This is the true meaning of the heart’s desire

that may come cloaked in a “goal”

in a five year plan 🙂

It comes to us in the way of our current conscious understanding

How else can it come ?

Which is what the teaching means :

We can only change ourself…

and in that process everything changes 

We are here for that very purpose

to bring new ways of being 

It is in essence all about relationship

Our individual relationship with the universe that we are a divine child of


Today we are on the 12th Mayan Sign 


Famous Yellow Human’s are:


and Aleister Crowley

The Mayan Wavespell is complex

as it reveals the divinity code 🙂

So of course it is a multi splendoured thing that at first take can be

overwhelming for the mini mind 🙂

Good Grief says Charlie Brown within  ~ are you kidding me ?

Snoopy ~ the Zen Dog ~ is his higher self ~ he gets it 

and cannot speak Charlie’s language….

so does he best to get the message through 🙂


That was my first reaction to The Wavespell

 because I wasn’t ready to work with it and my ego was” on a mission” to do other things 🙂

What I mean by this is:

the part of me that is conditioned by my learning so far on planet earth

that often struggles to get messages from the higher self …

because it hasn’t yet created enough clear space within

and learned the language and code of the way the universal self communicates

The mini me often has wobbles and self confidence issues now

because it still has a lot of wobbles and self confidence issues from the past to clear and transform 🙂

It is on one level as simple as that 🙂

These integrations had to take place in my human being ness before I was ready to take the next step 🙂

Lost in translation

because part of our soul self is lost 🙂

And it is meant to be lost 🙂

It was lost for that very purpose so it can found

and create the alchemical change of enlightenment at the perfect time 

This is the game we are all playing now

End of times

So this whole cosmic carpet can come together when it is the time for it to come together…

not conveniently calling in a mass soul retrieval

because that matches someone’s ego frame workshop

That has been crafted purely from their head and unclear space

We all do what we know

We can always recognise ego at work 🙂

This of course is a very strong conditioned pattern at the moment

Our society demands payment for services…

that in truth are surplus to requirements

out of balance for all

feathering of selective nests

siphoning of resources for a select few

and I guess that a few of you reading this will deem me 

barking mad

to speak of tragedies as simply as a game

I do not intend any disrespect or lack of feeling

It is a hard game to play emotionally for those that are open hearted

It hurts

It is tough


It is necessary 

This is how new worlds are born in this current gameplan

The tension of the opposites

This is what we have just been experiencing 

with Taurus Sun and New Moon as the initiating energy 

Now we are working with the building energy of full moon in Scorpio 

on the day of the new Wavespell

14 May 

Yellow Warrior 

The Cosmic Code of the Warrior of the heart blazing a trail of love

Most people in the alternative health and Spiritual tribes

are …

due to patriarchal code still running in ourselves…

still focusing on…

the patriarchal code 🙂


Head driven

Being mindful

Mind focused


frameworks that purely focus on

positive thinking

and so although they seem to have a slightly different emphasis

to the mainstream health and wealth tribes

in truth

are still

by being that process

 creating the same thing as the mainstream

simply selling a different product

The core shift that is happening now

is that it is the human being who creates the change within

by bringing balance within

by  enlightening ourselves

by  working with our individual shadow

and therefore the collective shadow

and doing it on a daily basis

becoming an expert on our personal code

being own guru

instead of worshipping

at the altar of the ego personality

whose books line our shelves

The point I am making is this:

It is time to learn about ourselves and bring this into balance now 🙂

Talking book days are coming to an end

for the human who realises experientially

that the process of heaven on earth

happens by:

working with all our biggest challenges 

we encountered in the first part of our lives

They happened on purpose

for a reason

in a season

that swings around

on the wheel of life 🙂

Today it is Saturday

Saturn day

The wheel of karma

It is all about creating circles now 🙂

In the Mayan Wavespell system

there are  20  Archetypal Codes 

They are called Star Glyphs


Each human being incarnates with one of these codes

The first 13 are the foundation stones

of the consciousness code :

Red Dragon ~ initiation ~  awakening to unknown universal code coming in

White Wind ~ challenge to speak the truth and allow spirit to speak through us

Blue Night  ~ alchemy of the first two ~ allowing the dream to be seen by clearing the nightmare

Yellow Seed ~ the process structure ~ taking off the ego masks we crafted as children

Red Serpent ~ awakening to kundalini process ~ intimacy starts to awaken in our centre

White World ~ bridger ~ being balanced in all worlds so we can be present

Blue Hand ~ going through transformation gateways  allowing the mystic in us to speak to the universal goddess

Yellow Star ~ being the star we really are through integration

Red Moon ~ being the beacon through completing our circle within

White Dog ~ the hearts desire ~ love free from conditioning ~ the heart tribe

Blue Monkey ~ letting go of child wounding ~ calling our spirit back in

Yellow Human ~ crystal clarity within our human self free of ego bondage

Red Skywalker ~ The Fool ~ constantly moving to create new learning and heaven on earth from within 


You can find yours here if you put in your date of birth:

The next seven correspond to the Seven Seals

in Alchemy

Free masonry

Magical practise

Seven chakras


All the same story of code with a slightly different angle and point of view

depending on the time and place they were created

and the energy of the person creating them

channeling them


In truth as a human being

we are channels of consciousness

we are the chalice


no thing is truly belonging to an individual

no thing is new under the sun

we are all bound by the same “rules” and yet have free will whether we allow ourselves full access to the whole board …

by how much our ego will is running our show

These are two very different formats that are often completely opposed to each other by their very nature

and in this essence why anything that is led by making money

cannot by it’s very nature and code

create any well being

because a business has to drive it’s product 

and driving a product all the time 

regardless of cosmic code and cycles

has to create an unsustainable outcome

think about it….

and look at our world crisis points …

see the fruits of our labours

where the mini mind thinks it knows better than the divine


we have our ego to allow us to create with it’s framework

otherwise why be here ?

We are all Zen masters out of this Earth Framework 🙂


To return our journey back to the stars

from whence we came…





We learn about who we really are

by bringing our ego into balance

to allow this process

If we do not do this process

then we cannot be it ?

Simple innit?

In principle 🙂

Always is when it is

God’s honest truth

Free of religion that is

The language of light from The Sun I mean


So the Seven Mastery Seals

and the power source

these are the codes of the initiated seeking



transforming from a pawn

to a Queen

free of co dependent code


This place of becoming a Queen is not a love and light journey

It is forged through journeying in our inner dark spaces

the anti matter that creates universes and binds everything together 

This is the heart path available to all who are ready to face our inner demons 🙂


White Wizard ~ self empowerment and letting the magic flow through us from the higher universal code

Blue Eagle ~ Seeing the bigger picture and rising above the ego small mind 

Yellow Warrior ~ Seeing the heart path as the evolutionary middle road ~ being a lover rather than a fighter

Red Earth ~ feeling we belong here by integrating our tribal wounding  ~ earth is our evolution space

White Mirror ~ how we see our beliefs reflected back through everyone and everything so we know the creation code

Blue Storm ~ emotions guide us All are valid All are part of our wheel ~ being balanced in all of them free from ego

Yellow Sun ~ the language of consciousness All is love in action 🙂 To transcend duality on the earth playground we transcend it within 


Painting by Barry Stevens


So the Spiral of Blue Night

we are seeing manifest today

is a Universal Lifecoaching Tool

A code

A process

Each step 

Each Day

Holds the energetic code

If this is your Mayan Sign your essence is all about this

and what you do and have done throughout your life

is key to this process for the whole universe 🙂

Do you see how everything you have been experiencing in life so far 

has revealed this ?

If you wish to look at this 13 step process click on Blue Night Wavespell 

and see it revealed 🙂

Yellow Human is one of my thirteen year cycles

which took place from 5 to 17

and I will be starting a Yellow Rhythmic Human Year

on my birthday in August

If you check out my Resources page I have created documents you can use if you choose to see your own Castles

If you do this you will see the bigger picture of what is happening to you and why

What threads are being revisited to you can get clear 

heal your heart

and in the process 

align with your dream


Gustav Klimt ~ The Kiss

As I have been revealing my centre in Blue Overtone Hand this year

and going through lots of transformation process

to knock off my square ego corners and create a circle of completion

it will be interesting to see what flowers as a result of my process this year

It has been very challenging coming to Glastonbury

to live rather than simply visit

and I knew that it would be

It has been torrid at times 🙂

Having to live a practical life amidst the 52 chakra lines 

is not for the faint hearted alchemist

It is the initiation by fire

It is a great place to test oneself as to how integrated one’s centre is

What seeks calling in

What seeks transformation

and choices….


Do I choose to live from the heart 

even though I am afraid of other people’s reactions

and so my inner self is afraid that is the heart of the matter ?

The shadow of the people pleasing enabler

Thing is

what is truly within us is always being communicated to the wider world 

there is no avoiding our evolution

and this can be frightening for the ego

who has spun false senses and spaces where it can lie to itself and believe it is in control 

That isn’t an option here 

The light of the enabler pattern is super wizardry  for modelling in NLP terms

Superb at sniffing out the code


The ways of being that create the outcome required

and often have very complex structures of learning

and creativity


Leonardo da Vinci

who didn’t fit the ego tick box of his time

being a bastard 

i.e born out of wedlock 

We are in a Renaissance time now 

potential to blend all different worlds of understanding free of ego

We always have the ability to empower ourselves and learn how to create with each and every step

If we are simply willing to ask and do what it takes to create the outcome of truth

When we walk the talk

our reward is multi faceted

We live well with simple means

free from needing to give energy to ego edifices which drain us on all levels

We have time to smell the rose

who by any other name smells delightful

We live in clutter free beautiful space and travel lightly on the earth

and truly know who we are

free from any need to be 

ego validated


we know who we are and in the fullest sense

we are power ~ ful 

we go on the road less travelled 

and our reward is to access the all

as we have truly removed all our limitations

inside out

We are free

We are limitless

Heart tree


I have created a newsletter you can download here

Barefoot News May 2014

If you feel ready to work with me in this way I have some workshops coming up:

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

in Yorkshire 07 June


Preparing for the coming new year

so you can work with more tools and awareness

Completing the Circle in Glastonbury

3 day retreat 25 July 


It’s a number 9 ~ completion of 9 years in a number 9 energy of Red Moon 

wow ~ powerful 

As a 9 it is a biggie for me 🙂

Red Earth Wavespell ~ the shift day

red moon1

Red Earth Wavespell 

Red Cosmic Moon 

The shift Day 🙂

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the bare bones here 🙂

Wow ~ what an amazing trip on this Red Earth Code which is one of my foundation stones in my Mayan Blueprint

I have been blown away with what I have engaged with in many different ways over the last few days

I love my life

I love my family and my friends

Deep gratitude for everyone who is creating with me

on my journey….

and theirs

I couldn’t do it without you 🙂


I was hoping to do a blog yesterday but couldn’t manage it as not enough hours in the day ~ or energy 

as I have been working on deep stuff with my clients 

and that means me too

as all my connections have shared journey’s and that is what I love about what I do

Pure magic all around

Yesterday was Yellow Crystal Star and a galactic portal day 


so huge for getting to be crystal clear about who we really are

letting go of who our ego thinks we are 

and as a result being able to go forward with our star seeded mission 🙂

I am blessed to be creating with people who are ready to get their hands dirty

and let go of being afraid of their own shadow

Take responsibility

Go to Gladiator School

Get jiggy wi it 🙂 

and that is so refreshing because this is the time for

being the real deal 🙂

Here is a very to the point video ~ This is not for the faint hearted so please bare in mind if you are going to watch it 🙂

This is The Secret to everything

and once we realise how the emotional mind works ~

totally irrationally 



as a partner of the untrained ego that is 

on a mission to get whatever it “needs”

no matter how unhealthy

no matter how delusional

and it’s will be done

This is what happens when our shadow runs amok 

and it will ~ mutating shape shifting 

until the core issues are addressed

and the emotional stuff let go


We are in a whole different space

and only then


As a result of looking deeply at my own patterns I have gone back to my birth today and done my Mayan Castles

We have thirteen year cycles

that have a key energy that is evolving us

I have started this before but not in as much depth

This time I also put on key events 

I put on the Planetary 13 Year Cycles too

and got so many insights 

So many awakenings as a result

realising new knowledge

about how everything happens at the perfect time

People come onto planet Earth and leave planet Earth 

when they are scripted to

and although our ego may have big issues with this

especially if our ego is untouched and raw

full to bursting with emotion

unprocessed wounding

then the very nature of that space is


because huge parts of the ego’s past are still so painful

that it will not look 

does not want to feel to heal

apart from certain things that it knows about

and feels safe with

That is part of the ego’s remit

and it is simply doing

what an untrained ego does

even though it doesn’t really keep anyone “safe”

It keeps the ego safe is all

stuck in la la land

If you haven’t done this yet with your Mayan Castles and you know how to ~

I highly recommend that you do because the mind works on knowledge

and this is mind blowing stuff 🙂

This is key to knowing thyself 🙂

This is

The Book of Shadows

with times, dates and your divinity code

If you know your family and friends birthdates

factor them in

because they are scripted

in your sacred geometry 🙂

If you are already doing this with this amazing tool of

The Wavespell

accessing Cosmic Codes

you will know truly for yourself

beyond any doubt


this amazing magical time of living

truly accessing all that is

has begun

and it is wild

and it is so worth

facing your demons

to access this for real

and it is the only way in

the entry price 


through the shadow

This is how the cosmos works

lift your own veil

All veils go

which is why it is essential 


emotionally evolve

to get off the karma wheel

and blow our potentiality sky high

by blowing our beliefs that keep us “safe”

into orbit

What we do in life echoes in eternity 🙂

For those who are prepared to do what it takes 

to be free 

by walking through the valley of death

death of the ego self

through transformation

When we start to see how our birth tribe created the perfect crucible for all that we are here to transform


everything starts to make sense

The Planet has thirteen year cycles and we are in

Red Moon Cycle which started on July 26 2006

The Mayan Wavespell starts anew each year on July 26 and has 

Four Different Castles that alternate:

Red Moon ~ awakening

White Wizard ~ self empowerment

Blue Storm ~ catalyst of transformation

Yellow Seed ~ being authentic

I have a document for this on my Resources page

I also have a 13 Moons document too

The reason why the new year starts at this time is because unlike the Wavespell that spirals each year so is different

The Moons are fixed

The Moon is the Sacred Feminine Framework

It is the way of transformation

It is the emotional process

and it starts with the heart of the matter

in Leo


This is the labyrinth and the way to let 

The Goddess lead us 🙂

Paradise awaits

Here on Earth

in everyday life

Getting the learning

Busting the cocoon

it is time now to access the mysteries

through our mysteries

I am adding resources daily to the pages

and the key is for you to follow your own cookie trail too

because you know where you need to go 

to find

your next step

on the cosmic cookie trail

Each path is different as each life experience is different

and there are car shares possible on the route to the rose 

The highway to heaven shares

the same by laws for all 🙂

This is the Tantra pattern

In doing my Castles in depth I realised

I was born at the time of the last

Red Moon 13 Year Cycle

I came in on year 9 of it in 1965

It started on July 26 1954

and ended in 1967

It was a galactic activation portal of awakening

So it is being reactivated now and in July 26 this year we are in a Year 9 

which will be a biggie for me as it’s a match for my birth

Tomorrow we start a new Wave of White Dog

Unconditional love and finding our Tribe

Following our Sirius Tribe

The Dogons 🙂

All of that is worth a cookie trail on Google 🙂

Follow the shooting stars and see where you end up

On Saturday we go into Taurus

Get ready to take the bull by the horns

This is also the day of the challenge

Blue Lunar Monkey Day

When this energy is being channeled through 

the ego elephant in the room

it is a tricky little monkey


In shadow ~ It is the childish brat that doesn’t want to act responsibly

loves the blame game

stuck in denial

cloud cuckoo land

Peter Pan….

which reminds me

I went into Glastonbury today 🙂

It was the anniversary of my first visit in the Gregorian Calendar

I felt sad as I was so enchanted when I first came

full of my own illusion and delusions

and now I see a different space

under the facade

I love living here….

Jo in Glastonbury

and I get tired of bull poo

It is really wearing

especially my own stuff coming up that I know isn’t real but it feels it 🙂

exhausting even

to play these charades

and I know

that is why I came here

to clear my cache

and get real

clear out that clutter shelf in my evolution cupboard

It does get easier with practice

and the more you can laugh at yourself 

the easier the ride

tears come thick and fast

anger comes to the fore

instead of hiding in the people pleaser knicker drawer 🙂


A truly authentic person starts to emerge 

beneath the grease paint

false smile

tension holder

with a sigh of relief and release

This is what the Taurus challenge brings

because we cannot be in intimacy

open hearted

if we are afraid to be honest

feeling not good enough

doubting ourself

being a childish manipulator

if we are playing the perfection role

that we learned to play because of circumstances as a child

My name from my Grandad was Gagan

something I got told off about at school by teachers who were eager to correct me

I decided today to google the meaning 

and here is the link I found

It means

Heavenly Sky 


My Grandad was a Leo and he died in my Year 11 of my Yellow Human Castle

My letting go year

My White Spectral Wind Year

He left the planet at the end of the planetary cycle of White Wizard

He was a White  Wizard ~ the same as my daughter

He was born in year 1 of White Wizard in 1915

So magical 🙂

I always feel he is with me

especially in my garden as that is where we spent time together when I was a child

Here’s a lovely voice singing beautiful words 

about our beloved life here

I share it with love to you and yours

from my heart

with sincerity

Keep the faith of our humanity’s ability to create anew

by having faith in yourself

and your ability to love and accept yourself

for everything

because it is through this process

that you will achieve miracles

and be reborn

and when each one of us can do this

The world will see a new dawn


If you are ready to do the process

here is a workshop for that purpose 

available on two dates 

perfectly aligned 

with the Wavespell

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Glastonbury

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy in Yorkshire 07 June

and you can attend these online if you are in another location

Be free



Red Earth Wavespell ~ the magical day



Red Earth Wavespell

Day 7 ~ The day of magic

Blue Resonant Night

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

Today is the day of magic

This is the code of number 7

This is the energy of the Seer

This is Blue ~ death and transformation through the shadow

The West

Western Society is the shadow that has encroached on the ancient world that is in alignment

causing a transformation

Believe it or not it was meant to happen

It is forseen

The ancient people knew that the travellers of the West were bringing death to them and their ways

It is the nature of the cycle

Death and Rebirth

If you are a Blue Mayan sign then this is your essence

Death and rebirth

If you are a Blue Night 


this is your essence

shadow worker

and I offer you an alternative perspective today if you choose to see it 🙂

You are here at the emergence of

shadow work in the mainstream


This is what is happening now ~ new understanding coming in about the way we relate

and how in patriarchal times

where the emphasis has been on the masculine aspect of self

and the ego part of self

outside focus

material worth

The time of the expansion of ego in the spiral of extreme

for our learning

it is very easy to see

what happens when we live from ego

and imbalanced masculine

as all the evidence is there

We have the fruit of ego labours


patterns of behaviour


on display 

unripe for the picking

lacking any nurturing potential




an absence of compassion

as there is no emotional caring

Compassionate connection code is not a match

for the egotist

all feelings are repressed ~ feelings aren’t professional

don’t let emotion get in the way of business conduct


We have lots of half baked

half cocked

spinning ego 

bull stories going around

with no integrity

as the people spinning them 

are as flaky as

the sugar coated cereals they are selling

out of ego need and greed


We simply do what we know

and reap what we sow

that is the truth of it 🙂


We are all receiving our match in some way

because that is how the universe works on one level

Cause and effect

which is revealed in the simple alchemy process of cooking


Raw ingredients

Combined in a certain way

With the addition of a process

create something different

If we miss an ingredient out or do something slightly different….

the outcome is different


The true meaning of Karma

is code

is pattern

the reality checker

bringing us back to our path

and our heart’s desire all the time


Our Heart’s Desire

in plain code

is to be balanced

That is how our heart works at it’s fullest flow

at it’s optimum

Stuff comes in

from our external environment

and our internal environment

is processed and cleansed and cleared

and goes out the other side carrying the code to other parts of our body

Our body reveals our life’s process

and the magic of creation code

It is the philosopher’s stone

It is the Grail

It is the chalice

Our personal unique body holds

the secrets of our own mysteries


If we do not understand the basic principles of how our body works 

according to the latest knowledge on planet earth

even the bare bones of it

such as how our food is transformed into a resource

how organs process it

how our mind creates beliefs that determine the values we make, choices we take 

codes of relationship

and very basic principles of holistic health

that many separate aspects come together simultaneously

to create the well rounded healthy human being

which is why it is essential to create that holistic process….

as simply coming from one angle

mirrors the ego pattern 

and cannot create overall well being

it is impossible 

This is one of the huge

very common sense

aspects of the principle to

Know Thyself


If we do not know how to nourish ourselves 

How to nurture ourselves

How to create a sanctuary of a home

How to keep ourselves clean and our home clean

How to use nature’s gifts in balance

How to cook

How to relate to people in a balanced and respectful way…..

We are dis~empowered

child like

dependent on parental figures to empower us in the way of their choosing


if ego based

is not healthy or respectful


good for us

and this is something that in the UK we aren’t taught in education

Most homes from many generations have never done this as their parent’s didn’t know this

Then how do we know how to do it?

This is one of Western Societies delusions

and illusions about how most people live

Most people do not know how to take care of themselves and do not learn about it 

Doesn’t even cross their mind to learn about it

We are often told that many of today’s society issues are only present today

that in itself is untrue

The same issues around relationships are as old as the hills

Only acceptance of them and the revealing of them has changed as our ego issues have changed

My partner grew up in a very abusive home 

He had no knowledge of how to take care of himself on any level

He knew how to survive

He was bullied, beaten and emotionally traumatised every day of his life

When he became a parent how did he know how to parent?

When he became a parent with our children

he experienced a crisis point

he didn’t want to repeat past parenting patterns

at that point he decided to take action about his situation

This has been key to my knowing thyself journey and our families

I started to learn about psychology to understand what created emotional responses in me

and how I had been shaped by my life experience

This was at my Saturn Return when I first became a Mother

I am a very solution focused person and I realise now that the way I have 

experienced life so far has been instrumental to where I am now

Everything has had significance and value

When I worked in Travel and Tourism

I saw how sales worked

I saw manipulation process

I saw the business model

I saw the selling of dreams


how unaware that most people who went into a travel agency

are about how they are processed and packaged 

How people believed they were in a holiday bubble

where the reality of the place they were visiting 

had no impact on their holiday persona and expectations

Brits abroad :-)

This was eye opening


Eyes the window of the soul

Working from a different perspective of leisure I entered the world of bars, pubs, restaurants

and the corporate large model to the small ye old pubbie


This gave me great structures of discipline….

and how the manual for running the business in minutia 

actually could not be created in reality

because there weren’t enough hours in the day and I would not treat people like slaves

ultimately all models I ever experienced showed a truth

that if you followed the formula of what “should” happen

you couldn’t create a profit 

The two worlds didn’t match

and this is what is revealed as the same pattern

Who we think we are ~ ego

Who we really are ~ how we behave 


Most of the time our ego loves the fancy designer label

The ego stroke


not realising the true price of this acquisition ….

no matter which discount store we buy from

When we do not take responsibility and get real about what is happening in our day to day world

blame others

love drama

then huge atrocities can happen and do happen

look at history

It doesn’t happen overnight ~ it is incremental

If we aren’t prepared to look at ourselves

know ourselves

understand what makes us tick

recognise that we have a responsibility for everything happening to us

through our ways of behaving

then are we prepared to take what goes with that?

That is what is happening now

as part of the global trance dance

of transcendence 




co ~ dependence

Are we prepared to live in a world that is run by narcissists ?

How about sociopaths and pathological psychopaths whose behaviour runs unchecked

because the majority of our society is hiding under the bed

unwilling to challenge the 

ego elephant in the room?

Living the artificial dream

Here is a great film that focuses on these principles


It is time for each one of us to change the world

by taking personal responsibility

for our own process and learning

on a very practical level

to understand how we respond

what determines our response

Is our response creating 

an outcome that is honest, authentic and respectful ?

If we really believe that handing over

control to a group of people

who have 

untrained ego’s the size of a small country

to run our country 🙂

Is a good idea ?

Given the evidence so far ????

That a group of elitist



patterned individuals

who have rarely had any experience with anyone outside of their social group 

rarely even had any sort of life experience in any sort of a practical grounded way

is going to bring heaven on earth

despite evidence of thousands of years to the contrary ?

Then we can see that code 


giving rise to this…..

unless changed….

will simply create more of the same

and this is core to creating change within each one of us

Animal Totems




codes like everything else

The Animal Totem of Blue Night is

The Bat


The energy signatures of everything are part of

The Matrix of our Universe

and follow rules of existence and engagement

once we start to really resonate with this

conscious awareness of patterns

it becomes clearer

why certain things appear in our circle of influence

at certain cycles

as we follow the same cycles too

It starts to make sense

that on the one hand it is really mundane

It is also paradoxical too

as what is happening to us on our process is all part of our soul evolution

which doesn’t make any sense to the ego way of thinking

It is often the opposite to what we know 🙂

Spring code ~ a programme runs

Some aspects change each year and are not repeated ~ variables

otherwise everything would be the same every year

Some things remain fairly constant most of the time

for a range of time

There is a spectrum of potentiality

and our life is the same


The more we become aware

through life experience

of what happens at each Spring for example

the more we can come from a place of knowing 

and create choices based on that


The more we become aware of what happens

to the planets each Spring

The code of the Spring months Aries and Taurus

When the energies really rise

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based  on that

The more we know about what happens

to our personal planets

in our starchart ~ 

where the stars were at the time of our birth

to expand beyond simply knowing our Sun Sign

and how the Moon phases affect our emotional self 

for example

The more we come from a place of knowing

and create choices based on that



The more we know about our Mayan Sign

The planet’s thirteen year cycle

Our thirteen year cycle 

For example Blue Night is my higher self in the Mayan

It is connected to my

Taurus Moon of Isis

which is what is being revealed to me

as I integrate my shadow 

and lift my veil

I see myself without ego distortions

and as a result of this process

I connect to my own truth on the inside

and clear my conduit to the source

and can access 

the objective truth

The more I come from this place of knowing

about me

I create choices based on that

I recognise the signs more easily

I know when to wait

I know when to act

I know when to speak

I know when to be silent

I know how the intention I come with to each time and space


The more I know about my Great Work

The more I know about the Great Work

The more powerfully I can work

with this knowing 🙂

Always learning

Always a work in progress



This is creating a harmony combination

of many worlds and ways

between old warring tribes of :

One God Christ Consciousness of Faith 

versus other multi Gods

Pagan Wheel

Goddess Culture




Creating a cosmic cookie cake of….

Being a true hearted clear Seer 

right the way through

like a stick of rock


We can start to see that our dreams and goals take on a new meaning

as we clear our conditioning

and ego bias

We shrug off the “shoulds”

See “resistance” in a new way…..

The road to our freedom

letting go of obeying our internal ego master

taking our power back from the inside out

opening the bars of our self imposed prison

and following the path of our heart’s desire

which in essence has very simple plans

to be the true gift of our authentic selves

living on the land

in harmony

by being harmony


If you are ready to work on a deeper level

with yourself

from a place of being real

and honest

shadow work

ready to follow the ancient heart path of the alchemist

ready to be clear about response

ready to be open to different perceptions

this workshop may be for you


Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy