Red Moon Wavespell ~ initiate infinity



Red Moon Wavespell

Day 1

Beacon Day

Red Magnetic Moon


The raindrop within the ocean of infinity

The Mayan Code of 9 ~ a gateway to a different way of being

We were last on this Wavespell last September

and here is a blog I wrote about my experience of it then:

Red Moon Wavespell 2013

My son had started University and funnily enough I will be picking him up in this Wavespell

with him having completed his first academic year 🙂

If you want to follow the spiral code click on the very first link at the top ~ Red Moon Wavespell

which reveals the 13 day energy codes you can use as a universal life coach

The first 3 days hold the alchemical process:

Red Magnetic Moon

White Lunar Dog

Blue Electric Monkey


yellow human

Pic David Gray


Tomorrow it is my Mum’s Birthday 


red overtone moon


It is David and I’s 25th anniversary together

This will be our challenge year to go beyond emotional dramas 

as we have opposite Moons in Taurus and Scorpio this is a reoccurring theme 

it is a strong polarity

and what can shape us when we learn to work with it

or destroy us when we let ego’s lock horns

Our true soul evolution relationships are the most challenging ones 🙂

We cannot walk away from our destiny 


Green Castle of the Heart

Please click on the links to go to other websites that expand this info

We are in the initiating energetic wave of the last colour code of the 260 day cycle that began on Halloween last October

This fifth element is the manifestation of the preceding four colour bands

We have 52 days to complete this bigger picture cycle

These 52 days are split into four Waves

of cosmic consciousness code:

Red Moon ~ awakening to who we really are rather than what we have been “educated” and conditioned into believing

Code 9 ~ access a higher consciousness by being conscious

White Wind ~ letting our Spirit speak the truth through us ~ being a conduit open to new objective truth 

Code 2 ~ resolve polarity

Blue Eagle  ~ seeing the bigger picture of our life mission and planetary server

Code 15 ~ rising above the mundane and the limit of the human mind

Yellow Star ~ being the star seed we really are free from ego distortion

Code 8 ~ integrate shadow

If any of these energetic signatures are yours it is a very powerful time for you

It may be that they are your Mayan Sign

It could be that they are one of your foundation stones ~ a Castle of 13 years that takes you through a core process

If they are your personal Wavespell then this is your personal life purpose 

If you do not  know this information then here is a decoder to find your first step :

law of

Put in your birth date and find your Mayan Sign

When you have this you have a starting point for all the other information

Do not worry about doing all this now

that is simply ego speak

There is no rush 

When it happens to you it is always the perfect time

We are always held and loved by the universe 🙂

When you feel drawn to start to work consciously with this information

in the way of being synchronised

You will know it is time for you to go within

and work with your shadow power

Switch on to a whole new level of illumination

This Wavespell is very significant because on July 26 

We start a new Mayan Year of 

Red Solar Moon

It is a year of completion

We are drawing to us now 

everything that is seeking to complete 

that started on July 26 2006

It’s all coming together

If you wish to start working consciously with this 

Ask and it is given

We are still in dark moon in Taurus today

Taurus at 19 degrees 

It is an initiating energy :

A crown turns into goat horns.
A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialized in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Purposively driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations, yet knowing it is appropriate. Super strong, and especially tenacious and relentless. In deepest essence, sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all, you are curiously resigned to whatever arises, not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment’s or a lifetime’s discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved.

taken from this website:

Once you engage with working powerfully in this way

there is no going back 

and we are able to see the intrinsic correlation of all things

the design

everything purposeful and on purpose

and this gives clarity

to our personal life events

and our raindrop pattern in the wider web landscape 


This is the essence of Red Moon

we are the lotus that begins it’s life at the bottom of the river bed

and rises up through the rich primordial density of the clay

full of nutrients

full of life’s rich tapestries

full of struggle


This is what is required to create our core

and once we start to work with the power of this

everything else pales in comparison


Are you ready ?

There is no choice in our life’s mission now

We choose it before we come here

It is written in our Starcode

Our universal barcode

We came here very specifically with a wired code in every drop 

in our essence

in our dna

every cell

is a part of this holograph

we are builders of worlds 

The only choice we have now is

Do we accept our mission ?

and to truly accept it we start by accepting

everything that has happened so far

and in that process we 

access all our fully integrated light consciousness

This is a continual process

it is already hardwired

it is activated at the perfect time

we choose life

and we are able to do what it takes

The universe never gives us more than we can handle…

We are the universe 🙂

We do need to learn new ways of being

New ways of relating

New ways of living

and this can only come when we clear out the old codes 

we transform the meaning we have given so far to our earthly experiences

and we remember who we are

We each have a code

and others are drawn to us because of their code and ours

If you are a blue like me you are here for the code of shadow work ~ transformation of ego 

This is why you have people drawn to you that will connect with this code

Once you start to work consciously with this you will start to see this happening in a different way

and understand why you are often a Scapegoat 

Accept that position and heal the Scapegoat events 

and be in a very different position

free from emotional distortion

Whatever our unique code journey we can do for ourselves

and simply by doing that everything changes

If you are a Red  ~  the code of an initiator, awakener and earth conduit

If you are a White ~ the code of  a conduit of truth and empowerment 

If  you are a Yellow ~  the code of  ego and it’s expansion 

Once we really start to understand this process it becomes very simple

When we are in the process of  working in a rigid routine that stifles our creativity

It is not a process and a code for being creative

We cannot be in touch with our conscious mission when we are in this process

which is why we go through a dissolution process 

to remove ourselves from that way of living 

often referred to as a 

dark night of the soul

but this is a misunderstanding 🙂

The soul does not have dark nights…

only the ego 

The ego is scared because it is going against what it has been conditioned to believe is “success” is all

and this takes many layers of going through

a continual process

which takes courage to stay with it

and keep removing the mask of the ego

that is what keeps us plugged into the crazy conditioned hamster wheel


There is no other way

sorry 🙂

Each one of us has to go through this painful process

and there are no short cuts

we cannot get someone else to do it for us

we cannot buy it

There is no premium level to jump the queue 

The price to be paid is going through our personal pain barrier

opening our Pandora’s Box

and taking responsibility for being 

Cosmic Creators

Owning our behaviour

and learning ways of behaving and being



We have reached integrity code

Inside and out.

As we start this process we are matched by the universe

with a power team to guide us

because we are ready to listen

to prioritise our self ~awakening

and put ourselves first

this team involves everyone who has ever done this process 🙂

We are in good hands.

It is truly magical


If you are ready and wish me to be your guide on this journey

please contact me


My next workshop is on the 7th of June in Huddersfield, West Yorks ~

Mercury Retrograde too so perfect heart time to travel back and get to the heart of the matter

I will be sharing this universal transformation process

click on the link for more info :

Creating the dream with Isis Heart Alchemy

Here is something I wrote yesterday that explains this process ~ in Yellow Cosmic Star Day:


Day 13 ~ Yellow Cosmic Star

Today we are in dark moon Taurus at 7 degrees :

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer.
A beautiful dream that comes true. Conceiving in your heart that a fresh life current is here to be met in the physical. Being magnetized to the spot where the New Earth arises. You feel deeply drawn to give yourself over completely to what the new life-wave asks. Sensing acutely that this is all that counts, and suffering for all of those who are shut off from the bounty. Knowing how hard it is to feel dejected and forsaken, and never forgetting the ache, the longing, the distances, and what it takes to earnestly clasp new life and realize you belong to the heavenly kingdom in the Earth and will never again be out in the cold.

If we choose we can travel back over our time in Taurus Sun

and Taurus Moon

and see where we have been feeling true to ourself.

Where we have acted on what is in our heart rather than listened to our head

When we have felt angry ~ the charging bull

When we have felt frustrated ~ cornered bull

When we have known that what someone is saying and doing is not true ~

When we have been doing the bull poo too


This was the Taurus challenge


To live our heart’s dream takes courage and determination to face our challenges

If we are being true to our authentic selves then we are at odds with the majority on planet earth right now

Most people are in the spin doctor cycle ~

feeling dizzy and wanting to get off the mad merry go round

that requires an extreme counter weight for living in a way that is opposed to being authentic

Our emotional mind always get what it needs and goes the fastest route

Often the road to insanity and ill health

This energy is growing stronger because anything that is not pure code

pure essence


by it’s very nature is degraded and wears off quicker and quicker

the fix has to get bigger

to meet the gap

fill the void

So we can see that the source of the solution is….

Go to the void for the answers

Makes sense ?

Whatever is feeling intense , an urge, a need …

Is the code of the addiction seeking a fix

Is the incredible itch seeking to be scratched and no amount of scratching heals it

What we can do if we wish to get to the heart of the matter is look to the clues

All of what is ailing us holds the secrets to our well ~ being

The universe is bringing us our match every day

and revealing the heart homeopathy


Only our ego does not see the truth of it

Our ego sees the irritating person/event/circumstance as pain creating

Are we ready to go beyond this way of relating

and see the rose in the thorns ?


Until we are ready to integrate we are out of bounds

of this next level in our journey

We maybe at the top of the pyramid of the mystical knowledge and believing that there is some miracle cure ~ out there ~ up there ~ a technique to be learned, a talisman to be bought ~ a lover to soothe our sore aching heart

This tone today is the key to going beyond that framework

and becoming the star that we really are

Going within to discover that unchartered universe

the black infinity of our galactic space of our potentiality

When we have been around for a while we are well versed on the experiences in life that create dis ~ harmony for us ~ yes ?

We are aware that we will be doing certain things this week with certain people that create a huge discord

and yet….

We will still do them because….

What reasons do we give ourselves ?

In each action of dis~harmony that we take we are creating that vibe

We are creating that space and facilitating that code

It really is that simple

So what would we like to create instead ?

What is the opposite of that ?

This is key

This is the code we can focus on now

and start creating a plan to create more of that

When we are creating dis~ harmony how does this feel ?

What emotion?

Where do we feel it ?

What do we do to not feel it ?

Do we allow ourselves to feel it fully or do we distract ourselves ?

Imagine if we decided to do everything that created harmony with no side ~ effects ~ no hangovers, no pain from overwork, no credit card interest to pay

Imagine if we decided to feel everything we had pushed down

Send that intention out

I am going in

I am feeling everything about myself that I do not like until there is nothing left to repress

Imagine that ?

Nothing left to repress ?

Nothing for the inner critic to rattle on about

No fear of a skeleton in the closet

All cleared out


When we are bare …..


Loving the skin we are in

Accepting ourselves

Guess what ?

We do not need the universe to balance us because we are balancing ourselves

Nothing required to trigger us ~ no triggers

No drama ~ we have let go of old dramas

No huge masculine to deal with ~ we are balanced in our masculine

No huge feminine to take on ~ we are balanced in our feminine

We have freedom to create new ways of living


from this inner free space

It takes discipline and work and courage every day to do this

Every day being with what we do not like and how it creates an emotional response

and following that thread back in our personal timeline to an emotional response creation day

So we can feel it to heal it

Integrate it

Become integrated

Resonate with the planet and the universe

Who doesn’t create dis~harmony in this way

Doesn’t need to as it has human beings to do that

It is time for a new way of living free of fear leading the way

Lamat is the essence:

Being the star that we truly are and letting our star seed potential bloom

Love to this process and our luminosity

Are you ready to tap into the fountain of youth ?


Emotion is the key to Eternity


Come to the heart chakra and join me in my yearly retreat

The Circle of Completion

25 July 


2 thoughts on “Red Moon Wavespell ~ initiate infinity

  1. Your messages are always so timely!! Had a dream last night I was talking on the phone to someone…I was talking about many things to them, eventually I told them to look for the Light within themselves and let that shine through. They said it would hurt, I told them that it was Ego telling them that and that they should walk into the Light and it would take them where they needed to go. I even stepped through the Light (it brought me back home) to show them that it would take them where they needed to be right now.


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