Red Moon Wavespell ~ Completion Day



Red Moon Wavespell

Red Solar Earth Day yesterday when I started this blog



Waxing Moon in Virgo

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Virgo in 1 degree

A volcano erupting at night.
Burning through the restrictions of the day. Taking on and transmuting the world of ordinary consciousness. Inwardly erupting with all that it leaves out, you become a conduit for the suppressed, the repressed, and the denied facets of self and life. Exposing yourself to the onslaught of conventional ideas and their consequences. Aching and longing to turn the world around, you are given to subtle or obvious ways to channel and express what lives inside, you feel intensively committed to bringing it all together within the ordinary compass of everyday life. Saturated with deep impressions of what this Earth is moving through, you are being given the chance to stand in for that–to bring it, and perhaps even to become it.

Are you feeling it ?


and today we have the day of manifestation of our heart’s desire ~ day 10

White Planetary Mirror

As I write this today we have moved to Moon in Virgo 9 degrees:


A man mixing cement.
Jammed tight with concepts. Thinking about what you are doing. Interpretations, evaluations, opinions, and surmises.

Void of heart-force. Believing in progress, bent upon success. You strictly, rigidly carry out what the mind dictates, a form of ignorance that is very clever. Something missing in the soul. Compensations on top of compensations. Exceedingly busy, hyper, with plans, projects, and enterprises. You are very good at achieving results. Riveted to the phenomena. But prone to casting shadows that come back to haunt. Shortsighted and hooked into what is convenient and pragmatic, perfect in small outer things–all of existence becomes small outer things.


If you have a lot of Virgo energy and particularly Saturn in Virgo this will be resonating for you just now

I have three bands in




and so I can be a nit picky critic especially with myself 

I have the tenacity of a terrier around detail which is my polar opposite to my Aquarius Ascendent 

and this , like everything within us, has it’s dark and light qualities

It allows me to see patterns 

It allows me to go deep into the devil in the detail

It allows a high standard of finish in my physical work 

It means that I am very disciplined 

and it can be obsessive and I can get stuck in it all if I allow it

What is my saving grace is often my greatest weakness

and the key to this shadow or light process ~ usually a combo 🙂

is ….


What is driving the force that we are creating with ?

Who is in the hot seat ?

What emotion are they carrying ?

Are they a loaded gun on a hair trigger ?

Are they coming from a place of evolved experiential beingness ?

clean of any abuse and victimhood

and free of becoming the abuser ~ particularly substance abuse pattern of relationship

which is inherent in our world 

in so many formats and evolving every day as the ego does

because the ego is a staunch survivor 🙂


Whatever emotion and unresolved issues we are carrying around on the inside are fuel to the world pyre

and are key to our initiation process

the creation crucible

the trial by fire 

that purges us

Once we start to look at the elements of our planetary stardust that make up our own personal alchemy


we can see what inherent qualities we have

within our molten lava force

to shape anew our planet earth

through our own personal inner alchemical transformation

This is one very important aspect of knowing ourself 

knowing our personal elemental make up

so we can work with it with a keener conscious awareness

and this is what Red Moon is all about

the road to knowing ourself


For example for me I can see in these planetary codes I carry

The reasons why my life has been shaped so far

How I can wield my own personal masculine sword for my own good and simply in that

simply for me and how I live my life

I create a new universe

because I am one person in the tapestry of humanity

and that is enough to turn the tide

I touch everyone else

because I am part of the web 🙂

We do not need righteous crusades ~ that is always ego on it’s high horse

not wanting to deal with it’s own evolution and focusing on everyone else’s shadow qualities instead of looking to it’s own

simply to live in right relationship

It will continue to resonate in the Red Moon Year

and grow stronger

the voice of reason

through knowing reasonable

and that no thing is meaningless in our mother earth inclusive family

As human beings we are living and have been living at a very base level for a very long time

to learn and go through all the codes of creation that take place in stages

in cycles

at the perfect time

just like a human child goes through development stages

Most of our society is being shaped by ego led children in adult bodies who are high on the ego spectrum

because that is how today’s society focuses 

topsy turvy

those who have the biggest undeveloped egos lead and are worshipped

those that crave the limelight

those that are power hungry 

those that are out of control

are running the show

because that is the nature of things

people who are self aware have no need to do any of those things

and that is the key


It is very frustrating when we are being governed by people who have risen to the top of the tree and believe

that is what has value

and those that value life and do not aspire to wealth and riches are seemed as pariahs

are seen as parasites

are scapegoated as the ones who are the dependents and should be shamed and ridiculed

when this is simply avoidance of shadow

by the ones who have climbed the mountain on the backs of others

who have taken what isn’t fair or honest without asking

who have manipulated and bullied others

who have basically lied and distorted the facts

because that is what the ego full of shadow does

anything but look at it’s own misdeeds 

This is true for every single person on planet earth in varying degrees

because it is an inbuilt part of the human condition

any two year old reveals this pattern of exerting will with tantrums to get what it needs

We are all here to evolve with it

We are all here to learn and experience our ego

and it is the essential companion on the journey and the path

Most adult’s do not even know it exists and are in deep denial

We know when this process is happening because there is a delete pattern running and whenever anyone goes near that shadow

a defence programme is triggered

and we start to run a learnt behaviour that we learned in our birth family

usually this is to avoid any acceptance of what is being said

avoid responsibility in any way

and immediately start to attack the other person and their shadow

and/or come up with a smoke and mirrors diversion

It is practised to perfection by the power holders ~ politicians

What this allows to happen is an avoidance of feeling the feelings that created this shadow





All the fear spectrum

This is happening on everyone’s world stage every day


Everyone knows what is bothering them but many do not speak out because of the fear of what happens when they do

because that has happened to them in the past

and the key to overturning this is to go back to those past times ~ each one of us

and replay it consciously with the intention of letting it go

to feel the feelings we repressed

and when we do that new answers come and we can move on and speak out

If we do not go through this child development process then we are literally stuck in it

Fear of public speaking always has a childhood event linked to it and when we go back there we see how it has been influencing us ever since

This is how I work on myself and assist others on leaving the past and I use EFT ~ tapping

It works 

We have to be brave enough to face our ego though and admit we have stuff going on

Which takes courage in itself because it is not the done thing to admit we are not perfect

If we do not go through this we cannot move on because that is how the universe works and our evolution process works

The universe matches us every step of the way and brings us what we need to heal

No judgement

No right or wrong

Simply a match so we see who we are and where we are on the path





That is what today’s energy is all about

Seeing what is present on the world stage for us all to see

If we are in victim mode we blame others

This is a key ego defence and allows us to be powerless

If we really believe that someone else created something

we give our power away and will remain co dependent

When we are in this space we are full to the brim with shadow pattern

shadow emotion

Stuff from our past

We are being a child in terms of stuck in our past and dependent on all levels

That doesn’t mean that people in our world are not doing things

that are the opposite of honest and healthy relationship either

If we focus on what we are seeing happening that does not create a healthy happy world for all

We have a key starting point ~ a list of things that we would like to change 🙂

and the opposite of what could be happening to that we would be 

What we would like to see instead 

and then we have an Alpha and Omega creation pattern

We have a framework of where we are now and where we want to be


Which in the bigger picture of planet earth

and human evolution is what is always happening 😉

Remember when you were a child ?

What was happening in your world of duality

The world where adult’s said one thing and did another ?

This is what we are working with now literally



ways of relating that make no logical sense and are unclear

because the people creating them are unclear

and are coming from a shadow space 🙂

i.e all of us in different ways and levels of awareness

this is how the game of life is played so we can learn about this

These behaviours that we received as children

created beliefs for each one of us

These ways of relating were very unrefined

very dishonest

very double standards

and defied any sort of logic 

the child mind was very confused over how to relate to these adult’s

that gave out constant mixed messages ?

Said one thing and did another

Said one thing and were in denial of their true emotional state ~ lied in other words

Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy

Bribery to be good and quiet and not embarrass the adult…

To create peace we have to kill people

To create well being we cover up the symptoms that are speaking the truth of what we are feeling

We know better than them ~ usually saying the same message in a different language is all when we go deeper

They are different to us and must be stopped

They are invaders we must limit them ~ history ?????

Who has not invaded who and everyone originates from where ??????

How far back do you go to know where to send someone back to ??????

This is historical ego selection tick boxing from ego fear

Instead of the individual addressing their personal fear

We haven’t got enough resources

We have to put things in us to be well and feel good

because the world is a dangerous place

and we have an antidote for it

We don’t need to feel it

feel the fear

How many scientist’s have a fear story that has motivated them to create an insecticide ~ a fear of creepy crawlies?

How many politicians had an emotional event that prompted them to try and control things locally, globally ?

How many “authorities” reveal information about them and are open and honest about their motivation

and yet demand every minutia detail about the individual

Is that fair ?

Is that equally balanced ?

The majority of our past “leaders” have come from severely emotionally deprived and loveless upbringing

check out any former or present  leader’s family history

Check out any “successful” person’s background and we find a big wounding story

and yet….

we are still letting these narcissistic uncaring people decide how we live every day

decide who lives and who dies

how they live

and what is important

The vast majority are still believing that someone who has spent all their youth learning how to kick a ball around a field 

is an expert on how to live a happy balanced life

despite evidence to the contrary

and this is the mass delusion

and yet those that are seeking to live in balance and honesty

face ridicule by the masses

and the truth is

this is 

so the denial pattern can continue….

Which is how it is meant to be in our duality framework at the moment

as we are here to learn how this works

so each player in this game of life learning is at different stages and has their own beautiful pattern

red overtone moon

and once we understand our patterns and learn about cycles

through conscious awareness raising systems like Astrology and The Mayan Calendar

If you are ready to see this differently 

start to see how 

each event that feels challenging

has an emotional impact on us

allows us to go within

and heal

and then share ourselves in a different way

and keep speaking about the structures that we can create 

that allow us to live free of shadow

It will take time

maybe a very long time

and each day as we all do a little bit 

by working on our interior

the world changes as a result

If each one of us does our bit in this way

then the cumulative affect is huge 🙂


Whatever themes have been coming to light

In our space

In our face

The last 9 days

Are our next steps on our inner stage transformational process

If you can find a way to connect to your centre

that part of you that is not the here and now personality

the part of you that is eternal and here to transform all of those scenarios that are stinging your soul in this time bound plane

of karmic rules and regs

We may feel like we are firefighting or talking to a brick wall in our insane systems that we call society 

in truth that is exactly why we are here and it is all part of a Grand Design

We are here to understand consciously

how our creation system works


This has been going on for millennia and in different ways

 all have the same goal

to live and let live

in love

I went to a fabulous workshop by Ian Rees of

It was the last in a series of talks about Dion Fortune

A way showing woman who is was remarkable for the age that she was born in

as wayshowers are

A Sagittarius and in the Mayan a White Overtone Wind

A speaker of spirit in the mastery number of 5

Her life mission is the number 5 code synchronistically with today’s energy of White Mirror

Her Mayan Sign is the code for day 5 of transforming the ego 

squaring the circle 

and going through the looking glass of ego beliefs

Wavespell decoder

White Mirror Wavespell


It has been amazing to see the transformation in Ian as he has been delivering these workshops

because he is being the process in doing the process 🙂

That is The Secret


This last workshop is all about Dion Fortune’s great last work

The Magical Battle of Britain

and he has downloaded all of these so you can take part if you wish


Magical 🙂

We all have this ability to be the change

We all have access to be the gift we are born to be

When we are willing to work with our own shadow

We kiss the limitless

We are free 

to be



Are you ready to reveal yourself ?

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