Red Moon Cycles



Red Moon Planetary Cycles 

All Red Moon cycles begin on July 26 All last for 13 years

They are initiating cycles of awakening to authenticity


being the beacon of light 

Current cycle:

2006 to 2019

Previous Cycles

in recent history:

1954 to 1966

1902 to 1914

1850 to 1862





Future Spiral Patterns and Dates


Pic Nut



Future Spiral Patterns and Dates 

My key focus with working with my blog

is first and foremost

to reveal my experiential journey

to myself

I believe that this 260 day Wavespell

is gifted to us for this time

It is an experiential process

I work intuitively to be guided as to my next step 

I am learning the language


as and when I can 

sharing it 

with others

who are 

fellow Alchemist’s 

ready to do the work

Walk the talk

Be free of any Victim pattern:

Blaming others and not taking responsibility for our part in our life ~

Poor Me and it is everyone else’s fault way of relating

which is so disempowering for everyone involved in that dance

and childlike

owning that part


our part in that

to learn how to stop doing that 😉

Blue Monkey Process


becoming emotionally intelligent


aware and centred

Key to mastery of step 19

Blue Storm 

Taking full responsbility for 

Our creation here and now

Talking the talk is surface and a key learning gateway to master in the 3rd Astrological sign ~


wherever that is in your chart

this was what was experienced in the last spiral


24 May 2017 to 07 February 2018

Learning how we have learned to relate


allow modifications of our model of relativity

which was mainly formed unconsciously through dna ~ ancestral patterning 


unconscious teachers in family and caretaking 

who were often very wounded

which is why we were born into them

to transform the patterns

with our own conscious awareness


healing modalities

now readily available

because everything is perfectly aligned at this time




To go deeper 

Sagittarius the dance partner of Gemini


9th Gateway

Learn how to co create and behave with maturity

To individuate is key at this time 

To do that:

Know Thyself :


Cosmic Code


start to work on whatever is being revealed in your circle 

that does not feel good 

emotional intensity reveals it is still there

no matter how your logical mind may try to override that 

Until each individual

does this inner work


continues to focus on the other and the outside 

Said individual

will continue to see manifest wounding from childhood


replay the same old stories 


This is a key secret to master



Fab article about The Star Thoth card by Eli 



Take full responsibility for your own earthly adventure


get your personal star show on the road 

Remember the only person you can change

Is you and remember that paradoxically when you change

everything else has to

as it is

Cosmic Law 


I am writing this blog on the third day of the

White Moon Goddess Wavespell ~


Art by Ariana Arroyo 



White Wizard Wavespell


Here is a blog I wrote about this in 2016

Day 3’s are always alchemy days 

Today is

Yellow Electric Warrior 

The last Yellow Warrior Wavespell



5th to the 17th of December 2017

so this can be a good time to look at as to what was seeking Alchemy for you

in your personal life In this spiral this was in

Red Overtone Moon and Red Rhythmic Moon 



Yellow Warrior:

The warrior of the heart

who is seeking to heal their heart


doing that process

in order to 

Surrender to the path

Trust in divine wisdom

Be humble 

Heal their anger to be empowered


experience sovereignty (Sekhmet process)



All these ancient scriptures are process

That allows the human being to hold their God and Goddess energy

as a holy grail chalice 


they are wise through experiential learning

This is the essence of mastery

Coming into balance with the masculine and feminine within 


healing and accepting 

understanding all of the personal life experienced up to now 

because that is key



Otherwise we remain transfixed to the cross process

which is revealed in our natal chart ~ as everything is 

We cannot change the past only change how we perceive it

What it has taught us as a creator 


how we can learn from that experience 



the Age of Aquarius as a result 

cup holder of our God and Goddess self 

so we can personally be with others in community 

as a planetary server


The current cycle we are in

began on 08 February 2018 


That is Aquarius Sun 

Scorpio Waning Moon 

Red Galactic Moon Day 2 



Red Galactic Moon

is the 28 Day period

that begins on the 7th of February

every year and lasts for 28 days until March 06


The Red Moon 28 Day Cycle

begins on 26 July every year with

Red Magnetic Moon 

This is in Leo Sun time 

It initiates the heart path 




By the time we get to February we have experienced

7 Moons 

Each have 28 days

Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign

It is the Gateway to remembering who we really are


coming into balance with the 

Sacred Feminine

which has been repressed for thousands of years on planet earth


is now re~emerging

so we can embody our divinity and live from that sacred space of rememberance

Each  Moon has their own energy signature :

All have the planet Mercury

so where that is in your chart is key for you


knowing the planetary transit is also key

as is when Mercury goes Retrograde

to reveal going over old ground to attain wisdom experientially

If you have Mercury Retrograde in your chart

is also key too ( a small r next to it )

Mercury is also Hermes and Thoth Archetype

Here is an article about that


Magnetic Moon 1 :

(Red Moon Wavespell in the Green Castle) 

Purpose Intention Initiation of the

13 step process

of Authenticity


being the beacon of light 

Leo Sun time 26 July to August 22

Lunar Moon 2 :

(Yellow Star Wavespell in the Green Castle)




New Learning

Virgo Sun time 

August 23 – September 19



Electric Moon 3 :

( Blue Hand Wavespell in the Red Castle)


Alchemy of 1 and 2

Co creation

Setting out on the journey


our mission

with conscious intent 

Libra Sun time

September 20 – October 17


Self-Existing Moon 4 :

(In the White Worldbridger Wavespell in the White Castle)


becoming free
co dependency and wounding

Libra and Scorpio Sun 

October 18 to November 14
entering the dark half of the year of Yin energy 

Overtone Moon 5 :

(Red Serpent Wavespell in the Blue Castle and a portal day)



Healing creates mastery

Modify and square the circle

November 15 to December 12 

Scorpio and Sagittarius Sun 





Rhythmic Moon 6 :

(Yellow Seed Wavespell in the Blue Castle and a portal day)


Balance through true harmony
The next stage of seeing the structure and refining it
December 13 to January 09

Sagittarius and Capricorn Sun 

Resonant Moon 7 :

(Blue Night Wavespell in the Yellow Castle of flowering ~

seeing the conscious dreamer revealed)


Attuning with higher mystical energy
The peak of the pyramid
The vibe is key ~ what feels good ~ expand ~ what doesn’t ~ release
January 10 to February 08

Capricorn and Aquarius Sun 

Galactic Moon 8:

(White Wind Wavespell ~ truth ~ The green castle of the heart)

Integrity thru integration
Integrating all the previous 7 Moon stages

Aquarius and Pisces Sun 

February 07 to March 06
where this spiral began
so what we will be working with
throughout that 9 month process
human evolution

Solar Moon 9 :

(Red Dragon Wavespell in the Red Castle of awakening )

End of cycle to go to another level potentiality
Magical times of mastery
Gateway to authenticity

Pisces and Aries Sun

March 07 to April 03

Planetary Moon 10 :

(Yellow Sun Wavespell in the Red Castle of Awakening)

Manifestation incarnate
Seeing our inner structure beliefs
revealed outside in form We get to see our level of truth and authenticity
aka Freedom 

Aries and Taurus Sun

April 04 to May 01 ~

Beltane ~ key Pleiadian Date

Spectral Moon 11:

(Blue Storm Wavespell in the White Castle of refinement )

Liberation through letting go
Cognitive and emotional dissonance reveals this Saturnian Structures remoulded by Uranus the light bringer ~ brings crystal complexity potentiality ~ working with where Saturn is in your chart and the opposite house ~
Blue Night and Yellow Warrior are key ~ Conscious Dreamer process

Taurus and Gemini Sun

May 02 to May 29

Crystal Moon 12 :

(White Mirror Wavespell in the Blue Castle of transformation)

Co operation possible from a clear healed space of clarity
Living our learning from this cycle
Seeing our creation
so we keep what comes from love
let go of our fear 

Gemini and Cancer Sun

includes the Summer Solstice and how much light we can hold from clarity inside being
Crystal Clear and Conscious
May 30 to June 26

Cosmic Moon 13

(Red Earth Wavespell in the Yellow Castle of manifestation)


The Cosmic shift 
A time of movement and connection to the starry stars
Upgrades and download time potentiality as we shift internally
there is space
to reload and reboot
having defragged our hard drive to release
been driven by our wounded ego
all our ancestral wounding too

Cancer Sun and Leo Sun 

June 27 to July 24

Day out of Time July 25



Intuitively I have been guided to map

the next 20 Spirals to reveal

a key pattern:

26 October 2018

Red Self Existing Moon Day 9

The structure of the ending of worlds as it is day 4 of

White Worldbridger Wavespell

which was when the Leo Solar eclipse

was in July 2017 ~ what were you having the courage to do then ?

Moon 4 

Scorpio Sun ~ lead up to

All Hallows Eve


we will be seeing how free of ancestral ego wounding we are

having integrated for 9 months 😉 



13 July 2019

Red Cosmic Moon Day 17

Moon 13

Cancer Sun 

We go into a new 13 Year Cycle of White Wizard on the 26th of July 


30 March 2020

Red Solar Moon Day 24

Moon 9 

Aries Sun

Gateway to Authenticity

Easter approximate area 



15 December 2020 

Red Rhythmic Moon Day 3

Moon 6

Sagi Sun 


01 September 2021

Red Lunar Moon Day 10

Moon 2

Virgo Sun 



19 May 2022

Red Spectral Moon Day 18

Moon 11

Taurus Sun 




03 February 2023

Red Resonant Moon Day 25

Moon 7

Aquarius Sun 


21 October 2023

Red Self Existing Moon Day 4 

Moon 4

Scorpio Sun 




08 July 2024

Red Cosmic Moon day 12

Moon 13

Cancer Sun


25 March 2025

Red Solar Moon Day 19 

Gateway to Authenticity ~ around Easter time 

Moon 9

Aries Sun


10 December 2025

Red Overtone Moon Day 26 

Moon 5

Sagi Sun




27 August 2026

Red Lunar Moon day 5

Moon 2

Virgo Sun



14 May 2027

Red Spectral Moon day 13

Moon 11

Taurus Sun



29 January 2028

Red Resonant Moon day 20

Moon 7

Aquarius Sun


16 October 2028

Red Electric Moon day 27

Moon 3

Libra Sun



03 July 2029

Red Cosmic Moon Day 7

Moon 13

Cancer Sun 



20 March 2030

Red Solar Moon day 14

Moon 9

Pisces Sun ~ cusp of Aries

Gateway to Authenticity

05 December 2030

Red Overtone Moon day 21 

Moon 5

Sagi Sun

22 August 2031

Magnetic Moon day 28

Moon 1

Leo Sun

A key shift as we are in the last day of

Magnetic Moon

so initiating

A key year for me

On the 18th of August I will be 66

and in my year of seeing what I have manifested on the earth ~

Red Planetary Earth 

09 May 2032

Red Spectral Moon Day 8

Moon 11

Taurus Sun 



There is a pattern of :

8 now ,4,13,9,6,2,11,7,4,13,9,5,2,11,7,3,13,9,5,1,11

Over the next 20 Spirals 

The structure ~ 4 

The shift ~ 13

Gateway ~ 9 

Balance /resonant /mastery ~ 6/7/5

Shadow ~ 2

Dissonance ~ 11

Initiation ~ 1 

Sun Signs 

Water then fire then earth then air 

















Pisces cusp Aries
















White Worldbridger Wavespell 2017

White Worldbridger Wavespell

began on July 28 2017 

Here is a blog I wrote about this in it’s last cycle in November 2016

My connection to these dates and threads is becoming very synchronised now

it is totally blowing my conditioned mindset

I have no doubt that everything is scripted and written

I have no idea how that happens

as I do not yet embody that consciousness

All I can say is that my spiral is accelerating

as I get closer to my

Gateway birthday

on the 18th of August

I am limited to what I can share in these blogs

because other people are involved in my journey


I cannot write about them

What I can say is that I am in connection with their energy signature

just before they come into contact


I am tuning in to creating videos about our combined energy


specific moon degrees

The synchronising is so powerful now


creating amazing clarity for me


people I am working with

as an energy coach

I can see so many interlinking factors


how all my life experience

is culminating now

to take me into a different space

Revisiting old patterns and relationships with new people

to remember and heal


let go of old worlds

to be free in new ones 

I began this spiral as the last day of my New Mayan Year Retreat in Glastonbury 

26 July 2017 was Yellow Crystal Seed 

a portal day of human evolution 

Letting go of our ego coping mechanism masks

so the true star seed can be revealed 

Sun in Leo 

Moon in Virgo

out and about in Babcary


Keinton Mandeville

on the Virgo part of the Glastonbury Zodiac 


Here I am at Mary Magdalen Church

The shift day was 

Red Cosmic Serpent 

0n the 27th of July 

White Worldbridger began

on the 28th of July 

The day of new learning was the 29th of July 

Blue Lunar Hand 

which is what is seeking to be unveiled

to reveal how we can shape our destiny now

with conscious awareness and healing taking action 

As I have mapped all my Mayan codes this is my birthday year of 1997 

I know what themes I will be working with 

This was when I became pregnant with my daughter 

this whole 13 day spiral is about letting go of out of balance ways of relating

to be literally free of these old ways


exactly why we are here at this time

to heal these ancestral patterns 

This is not any easy mission


we experience a great deal of abusive relating

to become an expert on it

to heal it and share that process with others

who are ready to do that

being a lover not a fighter

is key wisdom


the spiritual warrior of compassion

it is anything but passive


takes a great deal of discipline



to develop trust and surrender

in the face of people

who have not yet developed


conscious ways of relating



full of shadow energy

this is the mastery of self

and what I share on my retreats

is this way of transforming 

The New Seers are here

For more reading:



All the prima materia is within us and matched outside in our circle


all the teachers therefore are in our circle

The ones pushing our boundaries and buttons

A reversal of our ego beliefs of what is “good and safe” is where we have to go 

Surrender to what is ~ 

Tantra ways of working

to release all resistance


what comes after that process

is freedom

from any emotional stressors


fear beliefs

this is a lifelong cyclical process

I went to Avebury on this day with two lovely friends 




Day 3 

Yellow Electric Star 


I met a person who corresponded with this

co creative energy

Combine your Mayan Signs to create your Co Creative Code 

on day 9 Gateway

White Solar Wizard 

with this degree in their chart

in a very significant place

and that meeting created a huge reconnect with a younger me


freedom from lots of beliefs as a result  

It is also key to someone else’s chart that I was working with on my retreat who has many similar patterns and codes to me and reveals my bigger picture too 

This is wow alchemy ~

day 3 of any Wavespell

holding this energy

I made this video


This is the writing I posted on Facebook :

Yellow Electric Star

Day 3 ~ Alchemy

of the White Worldbridger Wavespell

We are now in 
the White 13 Day process of the ending of World’s ~ personal World is the key

In the White Castle

Refining is the vibe

Getting to truth

of what is awakening within us

as to heart opening

The planet of Yellow Star is Venus

Letting go of Venusian delusions and illusions

Scorpio Moon at 9 degrees Waxing…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…

A hand with six fingers. 
Complex nature. Containing within yourself an extra spiral of self-obsession and ultimately superlative capacity. Subjecting yourself to grueling ordeals, rites of passage. Knowing that if you can eliminate your stark weakness, you can grasp hold of your boundless strength. The weakness is that you refuse to believe in yourself, and this is a hard one to uproot. You must, against the grain, find any and every possible way to get around your own adamant self-rejection. The weakness is based upon karmic past experiences in which you failed yourself. Now you assume it will happen again. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. And paradoxically, in order to forge such a deepening of life-will, you must endanger yourself and expose yourself to radical crises, in order to rally to your own side and come into your truth in the midst of cutting through your falsehood; thus reclaiming the primal ground of a form of selfhood that is mutational, wildly improbable, and just could be real after all.

I have done a spontaneous video ~


Bear with me in my process lovelies

Big love to you all

We are going through liquification of our ego right now

Which can feel intense




a little crazy

but is essential to emerge as the butterfly

over and over

More and more freedom from the ego wound of thousands of years

dna rewire process happening now

Lots of love beautiful people 
See you at The Green Gathering

I love you



Day 4

The day of structure 

We will be working with this 28 day energy in

October and November in Scorpio Sun 

Red Self Existing Moon 




I made this video


Here is the writing that I posted with it on Facebook 

Red Self Existing Moon

A Cosmic day of downloads 
Planet Mercury

A portal day

Very key to the Scorpio Gateway when we will be in 
Red Self Existing Moon and Yellow Seed Wavespell

Intense 13 day process with 10 portals of human evolution

Scorpio Moon waxing now as I write…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…

A collection of dolls. 
The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.

Magnetic Moon day 6

Burner Day coming up on August 26

check out my blog for more info

Blue Self Existing Eagle

Planetary server day

Yellow Human Wavespell ~ seeing our manifestation as a human being so far in this cycle

Another scroll will be completed

Time to get that alchemy going ?

Learn your code

Everything we are attracting now is showing the way through the black hole phoenix process


We are doing this to ourselves to be free

Lots of love and hugs

Be love

Come and connect at The Green Gathering


August 01 2017 Tuesday



White Overtone Dog

I was with lovely women

in a monthly circle

that I so value 

on day 6 Wednesday August 02

Blue Rhythmic Monkey

I set off to

The Green Gathering at Chepstow 

Had a totally magical time meeting my heart tribe of lovely people 

My dream realised of doing this type of connection and sharing conscious transformational ways of personal alchemy 



The weather was very challenging 

Lots of new learning 

Amazing connections 

Initiations into new worlds 

Day 7 Thursday August 03

Yellow Resonant Human 

I did a workshop and had amazing learning that day 

a portal of human evolution and key for my bigger picture

This was in 2002 for me at the age of 37

I moved to Marsden

for 10 years of a different world experience which took me through powerful transitions and alignment with my true nature 



Day 8 Red Galactic Skywalker

Friday August 04

Integrating the previous Wavespell of

Creating Heaven on Earth 

15 July to July 27 2017

This is the process we are working with throughout the New Mayan Year

July 26 2017 to July 26 2018


White Solar Wizard 

Saturday August 05

a planetary energy 

It was the planetary Mayan Year in 1975 

Leaving behind the labyrinth for me


being led by a key

cat energy


beauty and wildness



being taken by surprise

by my universal self bringing me this experience

out of the blue


so key for me to remember

this that a higher consciousness

is taking me through this lifetime trip

on planet earth and has surprises that is key to White Wizard energy ~

letting the magic flow through us 


The Green Gathering is an amazing event 



Sunday August 06

Day 10 

Blue Planetary Eagle

Planetary Server

bigger picture


our heart’s desire to

release old worlds to be free on a personal level and free the world 


Day 11 

Yellow Spectral Warrior

Monday August 07


the day of Aquarius Full Moon


Lunar Eclipse 

The traffic slowed down radically as people went to leave the site


created the perfect alchemical structure for people

to see if they had any buttons being pushed

This connects to the Spring Equinox

Yellow Warrior Wavespell on the 20th of March 2017 


Red Crystal Earth was day 12

Tuesday August 08

Back in Glastonbury

and at a

Mayan Crystal Court

with friends 

In my personal

cycle this was when I was experiencing my Uranus Opposition in 2007 age 42

Lots of things radically changing in my life


I started my training in holistic therapies 

Wednesday August 09

White Cosmic Mirror 

Seeing our reflections and how they have changed

since starting this cycle 13 days ago 

I was at ecstatic dance feeling very different


opening to lots of magical potentiality 

Wow what a spiral of evolution 

What happened in your cycle ?


Key for your

Book of Shadows 










White Wind Wavespell ~ shaping our destiny


White Wind Wavespell


Are you ready to become the Ankh process ?


This is the key to shaping our destiny

I found this picture of embodying the Ankh 

My first time of seeing it 


Ask for what is key for you to see 😉 




White Wind High Priestess

Archetype video


On Wednesday 03 August 2016 it was

Blue Rhythmic Hand

Planet is Earth

Day 6 of the White Wind Wavespell in the Mayan Calendar
My personal coming into balance code ~ amazing ways to work with these 
Coming into balance with our heart and mind
With our human being self and our soul self
With our masculine and feminine within
Transformation of our egoic self
Surrender to our soul path
Being the servant of the light through transforming the darkness within us …
so we have the potential to fulfil our destiny through being able to embody our soul
As a result of doing the inner alchemical transformation work
Here on earth now
As A Blue Hand this is a very powerful day for me
and will link in to my 51st year on planet earth
I will be entering my White Galactic Wind process on the 18th of August
This is my White Castle which was initiated when I became a mother 21 years ago
On the 18th of August we have a powerful
Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees ~ the exact degree of my Leo Sun
Aquarius Moon degree

A moustache.
Disciplined, constrained, and consistent. Keeping things within the boundaries set by rational cognition, doing what is strictly appropriate. Objectively, impersonally, dispassionately deciding and choosing and following this up with a way of life. Circumspect, intensely aware of reputation and community standing. You live up to the highest standards impeccably and are self-suppressive routinely. Everything has been decided ahead of time. Obedience to the greater instructions. Subordinated to what shall serve and what shall reach far and wide. Able to tailor and custom-fit your behavior and expression so that the greater good is served absolutely, you manifest pure adherence to the law, with no qualms, no quibbles, no questions.


The key to being in balance lies within

It is all about reconciliation with our inner child so we can return to full love and acceptance of our child self

This is the key to personal enlightenment

It is nothing glamourous in that sense
It is not about building an empire
Being an iconic leader
Being a brand
It is all about understanding and acceptance of oneself
Enjoying the simple “things” in life
The free “things”
The wonderful planet earth and all that is in it
Being with friends and family and enjoying life
Being present
Free from the past ~ truly
Liberation from wounding and fear beliefs as a continuing process
Acceptance of what is
Seeing everything that feels resistant in life as the next step to evolve
The co creation process
Setting the heart on fire
Releasing the burn of anger
Being able to receive as well as give
In flow
Coming in and going out

In the zodiac wheel we have

Aries the initiator


Uranus in Aries on planet earth at this time
to initiate The Red Moon 13 year cycle
2006 to 2018
Uranus will then go into Taurus to manifest what was initiated
New beginnings have been initiated
Learning about personal and universal codes and frameworks is a powerful way to be the change
In the Mayan framework ~ this is the essence of Red Dragon ~ what the universal codes are bringing for human evolution ~ through each human
We are going through a planetary process of what is seeking to come to light
Pluto in Capricorn
What began for you in mid March and early April ?
Spring Equinox ~ sap is rising

Next we have Taurus time

mid April and May


Anger issues ~ Bullsh*t issues ~ where we are manifesting drama to allow us to see what is seeking to be reworked to align with truth ~ Isis
It is what it is 😉
What was coming around for you at this time to see yourself manifest and reveal resistance ?
This is the time of seeing the other ~ the new learning coming in for a reworking to align with our soul destiny ~ what we have come to create

This is the essence of this Wavespell we are in ~ the second Mayan Sign of White Wind

Planet ~ Uranus ~ what is coming to light ?


Truth from our spirit self freeing itself of wounded heart
conditioned mind distortions
Which is how human beings evolve on a personal level and therefore transform through this journey on a planetary level
A clear space with access to source

Then we move into the sign of co creation ~ mid May to mid June





Understanding of this process allows us to co create on all levels with people and source
Blue Night is the Conscious Dreamer process and the 3rd Mayan Sign
Planet ~ Saturn ~ know your Saturnian patterns
Saturn in Sagi fire on the planet ~ know your wound and if you are speaking truth free of wounding
This is the Gateway to infinity

This code was initiated fully at the time of the Summer Solstice



as we move into Cancer at 21 June



This is the structure of our child self

the Universe that we knew as children

creates all our patterns


The axis ~ Cancer ~ Capricorn
The Mother and Father codes we are here to transform
Being born into the perfect tribe to allow this
Our personal wounding being planetary wounding
Mayan Sign 4 ~ Yellow Seed
Planet Jupiter ~ mastery of our expansion
Do we expand our child wound ego framework ?
Do we transform our child wound ego to allow wisdom
heart healing
For us and then the world
For all ancestry code
Past life code
All that has been coming up since the Solstice until the 22nd of July

Reveals this framework


Now we have entered a new Mayan year on the 26th of July

Now we are in Leo time

Magnetic Moon time 


This is the heart of the matter
In the Mayan this is the 5th sign
Red Serpent
The Asteroid belt ~ new consciousness coming in from an old planet scattered between Mars and Jupiter

Relationship with the self

How we love and accept ourself is the key
Where we are not is revealed in our day to day reality
Instead of resisting what our ego does not like
Finds difficult
Is triggering a heart wound
We can embrace this now

If we choose

Learn how to work with this to create personal liberation
Learn to embrace our polar opposite
So we can personally come into peace
Not lip service
Not a mask
Not an alter ego creation
Instead of holding things at arms length
We can accept what is
Only when we do this can we surrender
Get clear
As a natural part of this process

Comes the solutions from a clear place

Instead of trying to make everyone the same as us
To quell our ego fears of difference
Triggered into defence
by pattern matches for painful relationships in the past
We can embrace uniqueness
Celebrate difference
learn how to co operate
Let go of assumptions and judgements
By dissolving all the times in our personal and ancestral past
that create resistance
Being a lover
Letting go of fighting
Is the way forward
Learning how to relate and co create free from co dependency
Are you ready to work within in this way ?
It is the Universal time to align with ways that create balance
I offer you :

This is the process

Know Thyself
We are the Universe
We are the love we seek
To Fly High
First Dig Deep
Go within for the treasure you seek
We are writing new code now
The clues are all around us

Follow your Cosmic Cookie Trail

Ask and it is given
What is perceived as the “negative” is the alchemical Gold

Love yourself more every day


set yourself free

 Leo time is an amazing time of creativity 
One of my 
latest creative projects is creating a circle of support 
for transformation work 
The next one is on Monday 15 August at 7pm :
Fancy meeting up with people worldwide from your own house?
With a group?
Creating a healing synergy ?
Healthy transformational support 

Check out my Webinar Page

for the latest one 

Red Moon Wavespell ~ awakening the heart wisdom


Red Moon Wavespell

Awakening the heart wisdom

This is my moon spell 

I am born on August 18 

In the Mayan this is the first moon

Magnetic Moon

There are 13 Moon periods of 28 days

This Mayan Matrix is very complex and expansive


truly magickal

It is an experiential synchroniser 

that weaves with our conscious awareness to 

create alignment with the universal code of creation

and in so doing

become in balance

with the sacred feminine 

flowing in 


All the beautiful art work in my blog today is by Emily Ballet unless otherwise stated

Here is a link to her shop

I haven’t blogged for a long time as I am going through an intense period of transition

I have ended a four year cycle 

I am literally moving and will say more as I know for sure

The Astrology and Mayan Matrix is really helping me understand this 

It does feel intense

I know a lot of people are feeling this too because of the work I do 

working with the shadow and emotional issues

soul journey

seeing the self 


Hugs to you 

My offering:

Go with this intensity

Feel your feelings

Be gentle with yourself

Be authentic

Be true to yourself 

Your real self

If you can reach that part of you that has been 




into something you are not

to fit a role

instead of being your soul

It is the Scorpio Gateway time

Tis the season

to be your true 


go deep into the maelstrom

there is a reason for this

the balsamic birthing time 

is here

on planet earth

The new ways

new codes

of freedom 


authenticity and truth

are created by human beings 





I am intending to blog a little each day of this 13 day process if I can 

We are currently on the 10th year of a 13 year cycle using the Mayan Matrix

The 13 year cycle is in Red Moon

It began on July 26 2006

Red Moon is the 9th sign of 20 signs

The 9th sign is the gateway to other realms 


When the individual on the soul journey

Is ready to let their personality be transformed

so that it surrenders to the soul


the butterfly process begins in earnest


Emotionally this is tough for the ego self

I am speaking from my own personal experiential journey

This is my perspective on this

and offered as such

a way 

as I have lived and walked my path 

My understanding today at the age of 50

experiencing Chiron in Pisces transit 

is that I am the same in many respects 

as every living thing on this planet

I am of the earth

The planets in the solar system have an effect on me

I have seasons


mini deaths


and the more I align with this

and let go of my ego trying to reinvent the wheel 

the easier my life becomes

the more magical

the less resistance I have

the more I am open to the magic of life

the adventure


deep loving relationships


yes that often means I hurt deeply

I ache deeply 

I open more and more

and when I work consciously with this 

the hurt comes quicker

and goes quicker 

as I release all of my past wounding emotions

I release my tropical storm potentiality 

My Eris rage

My Lilith contrariness 

My short circuiting poltergeist aspects

As I make peace with my life and my inner world

My emotions return to balance 

to a wise sat nav of path travelling 

I am the calm eye in the centre of the storms raging outside of me 

more and more

As I retrieve all the fragments of my core

Calling my power back in

Bringing myself to balance within

My masculine and feminine in harmony within 


Where to start ?

It is time for the reality check on planet earth 

for people to start to awaken to truth

Red Moon is one of four planetary energies

Any Red Mayan Sign is an awakening in the East

The Mayan Matrix of 260 day code

has five Castles

Each Castle has a colour:

It begins with Red ~ awakening

White ~ refining

Blue ~ transforming

Yellow ~ flowering

Green ~ the heart 

This 260 day Matrix began on April 04 2015

Today we enter the Green Castle of the heart

Each Castle has 4 x 13 day codes 

We are all working with this Game of Life

When the individual starts to learn how the Game works


That is a whole different level of being and walking the path

Knowing one’s own code is essential

becoming a master of this knowledge

Creates Wisdom 


experiential learning


emotional process

Heart and Mind in synergy 

This is what the 9th Gateway is all about 

Green Castle 

Red Moon is the 17th Wavespell


The 17th 13 day process of human evolution

Number 8 😉

It is the initiating process of the heart flowing beautifully with joy of self

joy of life

To be joy is the key 

Only the mind prohibits being joy

with it’s conditions and perceptions

which come from childhood and our caretakers

This is absolutely free of any blame

This is simply seeing our patterns

Seeing our self imposed limitations


going beyond them

by transforming them


at the same time 

really feeling those feelings of our experience

not suppressing them 

under some 

mis understanding 

that this is a sign of strength

when it is denial of the true state of being 

In order to do that though

the individual has to have rare qualities

The courage to look at oneself 

and work with all the things that feel uncomfortable 

because that is where the enlightenment is 

In the deep dark recesses of our own selves

Our personal history

and our ancestral history

The horrors of human beingness 


denial of those deeply dark ways

Very simply that is it 

unlocking all those skeletons 

and this particular cycle is perfectly placed for exactly that


Halloween is on Saturday 


It is a portal day

A human evolution day

It is also a portal day tomorrow 

On Halloween it is a 13 day clear sign 

A very magical day indeed and I will write about that then

This is the alchemy sign in this 13 day process

Blue Electric Monkey 

and this is the heart of the matter

Transforming any inner child wounding

to be free

and feel good 

as an adult



The 9 of Wands Thoth

is the key to this balance 


This is also linked to the number 9 again

The 9th Sign is Sagittarius



Currently Astrologically we are in the 8th Gateway 


The most intense Gateway of death and rebirth

The triple Goddess

The Phoenix Structure


We have just left

Saturn in Scorpio transit

We are now back in Saturn in Sagittarius

for approximately two years

and this allows us to heal what has been stirred and risen

in our collective cauldron




So what we do this month is key to our healing potential next month

What we integrate now

Allows access to outer planets


Expansion potentiality


that means going deep within


digging into our darkest mines

to find the jewels

hidden treasure 

beneath Smaug’s belly 


the next 260 day cycle

is on

December 20th

and in

Sagittarius Fire

In Sagittarius Decan 3

Which is a very strong initiating energy indeed

here is a great article by Darkstar Astrology


So the deeply repressed parts


the human being

are emerging 


after years …

literally thousands of years

of suppression

and manipulation



some of which have been magically crafted 




in a very

distorted and abusive way deliberately

to disempower and imbalance


repress the sacred feminine

as part of our human evolution

for conscious awareness of what is created when that happens 


The emotions that match this are immense



also hold the energy 

to be very creative


cracking open the landscape

on all levels

which of course matches the energy of 

Uranus in Aries transition we are in

This also aligns with the waxing moon energy for this 260 day cycle in the UK

I choose the heart meridian time between 11am and 1 pm 

Aries at 22 degrees

Master builder number

New Beginnings  

Puppets coming alive at night.
The inner worlds can be just as animated, as fully fleshed out, as vivid and vibrant as any outer world could ever hope to match. There are vast kingdoms to explore on the inner. It is all a matter of motivation: if you seek for inward substantiation, you will get it to infinity and beyond. Here you get what you ask for. Everything snowballs. It tests you mightily, in that everything inside comes out. A wish like magic becomes embodied. Being so fertile and ingenious is one of the most demanding possible arenas to put yourself in. Most difficult of all is that if you fear or dread, resist or deny, these too have full power to play themselves out all the way. The inner life becomes the place where everything’s happening, and where you must cultivate your highest and your best, or else be treated to the validation and proof of whatever you put in there coming out again amplified, magnified, completely full-on.


When human beings live out of alignment with nature

in denial of authenticity

without love

without caring

hiding feelings

suffering is evident

life loses it’s magic

the senses dull

survival is all

madness ensues

Now is the time to liberate ourselves

from this servitude and slavery

to the ego

the child like 

unrefined humanity

coming from unconscious being 

It is time to be enlightened

as to each individual learning how they tick


know that each one has the power to be 

the gift of creativity

that is the very nature of a human here on planet earth

A miracle

Each one special



and an intrinsic valuable piece of the bigger picture puzzle

The mystery that is now being revealed


The planet of Red Moon



aka Thoth






Here is an article about Mercury in an esoteric sense

More about the Mayan Signs here with Ferrusca


So it is an intense time for all

We are emerging from our sleepwalking


More and more people are ready to let go of old ways

that are no longer serving them

Ready to truly live from the heart

Be free of any addictions and distortions

Ready to thrive rather than simply survive

and it is the perfectly aligned time to do this 🙂 

It is a challenging time

The rewards are immense when the individual makes the commitment

to be free of their own personal limitations


connect to the cosmos 

To be a clear conduit 

direct to source

takes discipline

and determination

To be the salmon swimming upstream

Different to mainstream

It gets easier the more the alchemy happens within


If you feel ready to embark on your journey and would like to co create with me

please get in touch

I offer consciously designed frameworks to assist you on your unique journey

I can only work with small groups of people due to the depth of work 

I have Persephone Path workshops running at the moment with coaching 

This next 260 day cycle is a powerful time to start to work with healing the shadow 

so if you feel to please contact me 

Today’s Moon in the UK as I began this article is Gemini Waning Moon:

9 degrees

Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.
Catching a second wind. Taking a booster rocket from one cycle to another, one lifetime to another, one whole stage in evolution to another. Shot out of a cannon to discover the next great thing, you are wildly attentive to signs and portents, looking for a way to the future. Coming out of immense soul experience. With flying colors, leaping forth into the new. Enthusiastic, naive, and impressionable. Eager for a thousand universes to come true. You feel that ultimate springtime quality of fresh immediacy and windblown alacrity, just sensing all through body and soul the possibilities, the openings, what wants to happen next. A destiny-bearer–universal in spirit, and in the right place at the right time for remarkable synchronicities and huge turnarounds.

Be the adventure

Be the love you seek

Be the joy in the world


By healing all of that experience that ever made you feel you were not loved or valued

You are loved and valued

You are a divine child of the universe

You are God and Goddess 

We are the light of the world 


Red Moon Awakening




Red Moon Awakening


Where to begin ? It is Aquarius full blue moon energy ~ the second full moon in Aquarius and so potent and with it’s energetic signature of the bigger picture on a galactic activation portal day ~ it is tricky to write a blog 🙂 Lots happening.

Blue Moon and Red Moon 🙂

Red resonant Moon Day

Lots of links to click on to give more information ~ hover your mouse and surf the cookie trail where you feel drawn lovelies.

What is true for you is the key.


I feel very blessed to be living the life I am leading and I am starting with this energetic space of love and sharing. I absolutely love being in Glastonbury which is the energetic heart chakra of the world. I had no knowledge of this space when I set a five year intention to open my heart and do what I love ~ sharing healing soul journey frameworks using holistic energy therapies. Back in 2007 when I consciously started this journey I was in a very different space and knew very little about energy therapies, chakras and didn’t really believe in the soul at all having an aversion to all things religious.

I didn’t read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, for a very long time because “god” was in the title. When I was ready to receive that information I allowed myself to go beyond my ego’s view.

When I talk about “ego” , what I mean by this , is the personality aspect of ourselves that comes with our human vehicle package 🙂 The part of ourselves that has learned , been educated and is conditioned and lives by what it knows in this way ~ the part that is limited by life so far and has often been hurt by it. This is the pattern maker, the karma wheel, the risk assessor who believes that anything “unknown” is highly suspect and therefore scary . This is our loyal dog friend who shows us where we can transform our shadow experiences and live our enlightenment process and liberate ourselves by doing so.

Through our greatest fear is our greatest gateway and this cutting edge space is off our mind map ~ the path not yet travelled in this lifetime.

Our soul journey is all about learning ~ we  don’t know what we don’t know ~ this is what we are here for.


The moon represents the feminine, the emotional and the dark side that we haven’t yet shed light on.

Like the craft project we can buy and scratch off the black layer to reveal a beautiful rainbow picture of colours underneath. In the same way we play a virtual game , each part of the picture, the new map and territory is revealed at the perfect time for our planetary process and our personal process within that picture ~ all is awakening in a delicate web of co creativity.

When I came to Glastonbury I heard the siren call ~ I could not explain it. I felt the urge, the pull, I just “knew”. There was no rational explanation for this that I could give. It coincided with many things I was doing at that time around self~development and psychic exploration. I was simply connecting to a new way of being and allowing myself to trust the process ~ to trust in my innate heart wisdom.


To follow the Red Moon path is not easy.  It is the same as the salmon returning home to spawn and having to swim upstream to the river’s source at great energetic cost and often against the flow of the majority vibe.

It means going through the Scorpio gateway of death and rebirth. Often the clients I work with are reluctant to do this and contact me coming from a space of fear because their known world is dissolving and they feel very frightened by it. I often face resistance to what I offer them because at this stage of gateway check points, their ego is still very much alive and kicking and avoiding descent into the underworld of change.

Death in all ways is a friend and the natural cycle of the gateway ~ to create new things and new ways, the ego has to shed it’s skin and energetically let go on all levels to create anew. It isn’t enough to think it or have a goal with action steps ~ to shed the energetic past is essential too.

This is what energy therapies bring ~ new dawns, new horizons and new space for the new age.

My Ascendant is Aquarius , my sun in Leo and my moon in Taurus. This is my holy trinity 🙂 In terms of the biblical stories, religion and ritual we are now at a new time of living those journeys within us and using these metaphors and magical processes for our internal transformation. This is a revelatory time. The more we clear this internal space of our personal journey and the more we resonate with clear tones and become a chalice to hear our higher self speak.

If you are ready to do that and go with the flow then this time at the start of the new Mayan Year is the perfect time for it. Whatever has been happening in your life over the past 26 days since July 26 reveals the whole year for you.

This Year is Yellow Galactic Seed and is all about integration.

The planet has a thirteen year cycle ~ this is the bigger picture.

This current cycle is Red Magnetic Moon which began on July 26 2006.

Think on your life back then if you wish to illuminate your initiation process ~ often this is challenging 🙂


Each of us has a thirteen year cycle. On my birthday last Sunday I entered Year 5 on my thirteen year cycle of Blue Magnetic Hand. Blue Overtone Hand. This is The Hierophant in Tarot.

I am a Blue Hand and so this is very much my time of shaping my world, stepping through gateways of death and transformation and honing my priestess energy of being a clear seer of patterns ~ first and foremost for myself and sharing it with others. I had no knowledge of the Mayan Calendar or end of times prophecy in 2012 ~ end of a  26000 year cycle and beginning of a new direction into the sacred feminine. This was revealed to me in 2010 at the start of my new 13 year cycle when a person appeared to share this with me. I already felt this in my heart and this information was further validation of my journey which was very reassuring for my ego 🙂 Looking back this Mayan connection started consciously in 2000 with my reading of The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

This year I am honing my self belief in particular as I recognise the importance of this and how working with our core energy and confidence in knowing ourselves, trusting in our amazingness as a sacred being is the key ~ the secret to surfing through this fast changing world with flexibility, dexterity and a lust for life. This comes from loving oneself  and letting go of fear by transforming it and as we move through the energetic process of transforming our wounds within we go into the fifth dimension as a by product. We let go of surface living and dive deep into heart space and we move from survivor to thriver ~ what doesn’t kill us transforms our ego. There is a lot of talk about this ~ do you struggle to understand it? Do you know what duality and the fifth dimension means experientially ? I aim to share about it in my blogs 🙂 Please let me know how I can bring more illumination .

I didn’t know I would be working with the Wavespell in this way , it was a workshop I attended in Glastonbury that set me on the path and I simply allowed myself to trust it. Often my ego will question everything and I have learned to overrule it. If I get emotional intensity around my inner ego voice, I use emotional freedom technique to connect to this to see what this is bringing up for transformation from my past. Once I have cleared this space, as much as is required at this time ~ I am free to create from inspiration and letting my spirit speak unfettered 🙂

This is how I work with clients, with workshops and what I love to share ~ it s ancient wisdom and a co creative framework that frees us from co dependent ways of relating to ourselves , other people and the universe. This is the core energetic slipstream that is coming in to take us on our heart and mind alignment path. You have all the threads of this personal evolution within you that is only accessible by you in your own energetic slot 🙂

Often this is difficult to put into words ~ I will do my best to share this with you ~ bear in mind that where you are in your own energetic space determines how you receive what I say. If you feel resistance to anything here , this is great information for you 🙂

Blue Overtone Hand for me means my number 5 is working with the planetary number 8 ~ co

creation, using gateway, death and transformation frameworks to integrate for myself and

share with others how I have done that. Mastery through struggle 🙂 Letting go of ego masks

that we have created to feel safe and in truth keep us stuck and unable to be intimate because

we block the universal energy flowing through us ~ this is how it is meant to be and allows us to

play the transformation game 


Shadow transformation ~ energetically 🙂 Aligning mind and heart.


If you read the link for Blue Overtone Hand it reveals all the areas for me to work with this year for myself  and you will also have one that is unique for you. Your thirteen year cycle may be the same as the planetary one.

In moving to Glastonbury I am able to be far more open than was possible in Huddersfield , ( on a day to day basis, as generally speaking there are many people here who are very self aware and consciously working with their enlightenment process ~ it is a place that draws pilgrims internationally and probably cosmically 🙂 ), as the energetic frameworks there generally speaking ~ the collective mind set and behavioural day to day way of living , are not compatible with a lot of the work I do. That said I love the North and the integrity of my people and my roots. This is only ~ as always ~ the ego surface environment. In every village there are wonderful groups of people who are learning and sharing their moon energy selves with psychic development, self – awareness groups and holistic therapies and systems. The substrata is growing and people are embracing their true nature and strengthening their voice in speaking their heart truth. This is often met with a great deal of resistance, disrespect and fear. I am constantly amazed at how, on one level in the UK , our media represents our society as being :civilised: and yet day to day reality is so far removed from loving and respectful ~ civil ~ ways of being. Had an experience of that today and another reminder of the past ~ people who see the world very differently to me and seem to enjoy being nasty ~ that still hits a nerve and so more releasing on that. Jealousy in seeing other people live a life of joy whilst being unable to experience it for oneself often prompts low vibe behaviour and I don’t know why I am still literally sickened when I see it as I have seen so much of it ~ spiteful, childish behaviour in adult bodies 😦 I am often rendered speechless  with my mouth open ~ glad that it doesn’t enter my head to be the same. I am not a paragon of virtue ~ that isn’t one of my vices though 🙂 Sometimes we may feel that we are “gullible” when we fall prey to ways of relating that overlook what other people may perceive as “obvious” ego tripping and manipulation ~ I prefer to see it as seeing beyond that way of relating so it doesn’t occur to us to look for it ~ it is a strength in my eyes and not a weakness and I choose to ride above this low dense vibe.

The key to this challenge is to be true to ourselves. We “know” the way of honesty and integrity. It is something that does not need to be learnt ~ often unlearning is the nature of the journey at midlife. Each part of our life holds key learning and co creates with the universe perfectly. On one level we are always in alignment and synchronised and when we choose to step this up a gear and work consciously, this is when more magic comes in.

To allow magical process requires a belief in magical process 🙂 Something that most of us have been exposed to in childhood and is woven in to our energetic code thankfully.

This is the Delphic Code

Earth cycle and our cycle


The Co creative process.

I am going to explain my process in my blogs to share how this framework works so that maybe you can see how it could work for you.

One of the biggest resistances that the ego brings is doing something new where painful shadow areas are revealed ~ so to do this work means you have to be brave and have courage to face your demons ~ consciously.

To raise consciousness in this way means looking at yourself and this is why I believe that any frameworks that are offered to us where someone else does that for us ~ totally ~ or an ascension, passive process where we can simply do some exercises each day ,without looking at our stuff and avoiding the uncomfortable ~ is simply an avoidance pattern.

The key to our own journey means to go within and work with our inner world.

We can meditate all day every day, if we live in an environment where we are supported and getting all our practical needs met by others ~ however for most of us, that isn’t “real” life. In this transition time on our planet we are in the uncomfortable stage of birthing something new and finding the middle ground of spiritual, sacred living and practical earning a living and physically supporting our body in a well~ being way. This is in a nourishing way through food, what we put into our body and where we put it 🙂 The more we raise our wellbeing vibe and the more our environment needs to change.

To use a literal child birth metaphor:

In the first stage of childbirth the body starts to open up the passageway for delivery and starts a rhythm. It takes over free from any mind control ~ it doesn’t matter what you think at this point , you cannot override this process on one level. If you become afraid and start to try and resist it then you can slow it down and you can go into a pause . The contractions can stop because the body is interpreting these fear signals as maybe a danger to the mother, that the mother isn’t in a safe space to give birth ~ if for example the mother was out in the open countryside and hadn’t reached her planned nesting space. The body can pause long enough to allow a safer space , however it is on a time scale of it’s process. Same with our life cycle and soul journey in each lifetime.

The more we can create a sanctuary for ourselves at this time of transition, the more we can position ourselves to process and the more we can go with the flow. The more energy we have to deal with the changes on all levels. We can go to ground and be where we need to be and move with the grace of the Dragonfly.  We had this beautiful visitor this week in our garden and we sat still watching it fly close to us . If you have a lot of fire in your energetic Starcode you will be used to this process. If you have a lot of Scorpio in your Starcode then this is a good framework to create as this is the cycle of now ~ death and rebirth ~ especially true for Ascendent, North Nodes and Moon in Scorpio 🙂


The first part of actual  birthing can feel overwhelming . It is physically exhausting and when a contraction comes you have to ground and earth yourself ~ you have no choice 🙂 Anyone who has been in labour and wandering around when one comes ~ remember this? It is so powerful. You cannot move and are rooted to the spot. Our body has this somatic wisdom and moves our mind out of the way so it can do what it needs to do. This is true for our soul evolution 🙂

When the birth passage is ready to let the baby through the cervix of the mother is 10 centimetres wide ~ manifestation number ~ notice the sacred geometry inherent in all process and the patterns 🙂

At this point there is a strange transition time. The contractions stop and the mother feels in a very different space. This in time to allow the next stage to come in and not push, if you push at this time you may get complications 🙂 Often the feelings here can be intense ~ euphoric and despair .

In terms of birthing our new way of being this is the time to let all the composite parts of our project, new framework, people, places …..

start to materialise and form a circle.

This birthing energetic pattern creates the same framework regardless of sex of the person involved and regardless of an actual baby to be born 🙂

Do you recognise the symptoms ?

Our planet is in these stages and so are we and depending on how old we are and what planets are coming our way and lighting our code ~ these are typically the stages we keep revisiting as we go through the spirals.

We have a couple of days left before we enter the lunar moon on August 23 and this will bring us our challenge and growth area for this year.


Like the swallow getting ready to migrate lots of aspects need to be in place to provide the perfectly aligned time slot for them to flock and make the passage safely.


During this time the labouring mother is advised to puff and blow and simply be in that space resisting the urge to push.

When the urge to push comes it is so powerful that in labour it often evokes a bellow 🙂 This is where all energy is ideally channelled to push the baby through a very small space 🙂

We revisit this pattern every month with the moon cycle.


For a bigger picture of the cycle of the moon there is a generic pattern that takes us through the energy of the astrological zodiac ~ as well as the individual true moon phases that change each month:

At the beginning of each moon cycle we have the new moon energy which is still dark moon ~ no face of the moon is visible.  In this phase we are in the psychic connection ~ especially women. The unseen.

This is Balsamic Moon.

This is the transition stage and a merging of Pisces and Aries ~ the darkest before dawn. The dark night of the soul and where the richest rewards are to be found.

Go within.

In the first seven days of New Moon we go through the same stage of early morning ~ the Yang phase. This is the masculine energy, Aries , new beginnings and fire. The initiation. So it is in the first years of our youth as young adults. This moves into Taurus ~ Isis energy, on an ego level, material, the manifesting miracle goddess. Then we go into Gemini ~ the ego and higher self twins and the mind .

In the first quarter moon we have the first three signs of the Zodiac.

The second quarter is a good time for moving that youthful energy into deeper refinement. Cancer ~ home, Mother and the collective mind set of the planet.  Leo time ~ now 🙂 Strength, courage and heart opening through working with the ego and seeing our harvest ~ what have our seeds yielded for us ? Next we have Virgo ~ grounded, earthy sacred feminine that is free from man ( ego 🙂 ) pure love and Venus.

As we reach full moon time  which is when this is written~ around the 14th day of the moon cycle, we have the emotion building and potency rising and depending on which moon energy we are working with a unique time of powerful intention. What is seeking to be released so we can be reborn? What has been waxing within that we can let go with the waning moon…….



In the third part we begin the waning and have Libra ~ for balance ~ our masculine and feminine within. This can be viewed from witnessing the collaboration of the first two quarters of the moon.Then comes Scorpio the gateway through death and rebirth. This takes us through the Scorpio ~ Taurus Gateway that is known in the Pagan wheel as Samhain on 31 October ~ taking us into the underworld and 01 May ~ Beltane on 01 May. Lots of mythical stories about this.


When we move into the third phase we have entered the yin ~ receiving. What we have sown comes back in 🙂

The third moon quarter holds the bigger picture energy of  Sagittarius ~ the way showing, truth telling energy and the journeyer. Also the wounded healer Chiron archetype . 

This third stage of the moon quarter general bigger picture view is a very powerful time of Autumn, the fall, the letting go of all old ways seeking to die and go into the earth ~ compost for the spring bulbs to emerge.

In the fourth quarter we have winter and Capricorn ~ grounded father energy of the mountain to be climbed. This is the energy of the disciple on the path. Here the energy signature can be clear as to what work can be done, it can also avoid the emotional aspect of the path by avoiding feelings. Energetically this brings a bare bones landscape that can lack love at the expense of material needs being met in our patriarchal current climate in the West. The Aquarius cup of the gods comes next ushering in the new age and individuality followed by Pisces ~ dreams and christ consciousness energy through feelings and openness. This can be a time of clear sight free from outside distractions. What inner travelling we do here brings rich rewards for the next cycle of fecundity. Here are the roots of our tree of life and essential to balance and healthy upper growth .

Within this bigger picture cycle is the true moon phase ~ you can check out what the moon energy is by using  a lunarium and by starting to tune in each couple of days to how you feel ~ maybe creating a moon diary to see how the moon cycles affect you. Each person has their own unique moon and planet signature and so has a different individual experience.

What has blown me away in Glastonbury is how I feel here and how my intuition is increasing day by day. In discovering more about patterns I am constantly amazed by the synchronicities. In the tiny village where I live , we have met few people so far. My landlord has the same birthday as me ~ just found out this weekend. My partner has two other people in the village with the same birthday as him 🙂

In creating Mayan Sign and Starcode information for people , my experiential energetic journey has expanded. I have done many for people who share virtually the same planetary signatures as me and literally experienced Namaste and In lakech ~ I have seen myself reflected in others. I have seen how their personal life experience and their choices have created very unique personalities and so I have learned so much simply by doing the process 🙂

When I work with other people in this way I am truly honoured to be in relationship with them and so for me, this goes far beyond any “business” 🙂

This is my life’s work and sharing my journey with others through my blogs is another key aspect.

Yesterday I went to my moon gardening club.


I am sworn to secrecy on many aspects 🙂 If you wish to know more and want to come then please message me and I will put you in touch with the host 🙂

As we are creating a circle then most of that personal information stays in the circle to create a framework of trust and support.

If you are too far from Glastonbury to come , may I suggest you find one locally and if there isn’t one create one 🙂 This is so much more than simply gardening. It is creating a circle that aligns with the sacred feminine and a sharing of wisdom within it and……

it is so much fun 🙂 I feel like a little girl again with my friends .

I have been intending to create tea ceremony workshops since being inspired by The Hill That Breathes website and their tea ceremony. Drinking tea as a way of ingesting a vibration of a plant in a group with an intention. We had this yesterday and it was amazing. It has opened up a whole new world for me and this is my dream becoming reality ~ living the life I love and bringing my learning into experiential being.

Been talking a lot about this in the past few days with different people. The shamanic principles of using psychedelic plants to go through gateways of consciousness that people like Carlos Casteneda, Terence McKenna and lots of 60’s and 70’s rock bands spoke of and explored ~ bringing Eastern insights into Western consciousness. You can do this in lots of gentle ways too that are similar to taking homeopathy and flower essences ~ although these ways can bring unexpected intense emotions and pain to the surface as can any process.

There are some great books out there on this ~ sharing the amazing energetic wisdom of plants and trees especially for healing.

A new one for me is “52 flowers that shook my world : a radical return to earth” by Charlotte Du Cann ~ haven’t read it yet but feeling that it will be a revelation .

This was told to me by my  moon gardening host at my party over the weekend . This looks truly magical 🙂 I tried to search for it on Amazon but 50 had stuck in my head and plants rather than flowers and so could not find it at all. She shared some extracts yesterday and I wrote down the full title ~ found it 🙂 This is what I love about co creating ~ we don’t know what we don’t know and as much as we search for it if it isn’t energetically connected we may not access it until it is synchronised.

This book may not be in tune for me in some way now so I am open to this ~ often one of the idiosyncrasies of Aquarius energy that can be tricky to navigate. Being a bigger picture, often future based energy, can lead to a pattern of being too far ahead and collecting/holding on to things before their time and struggling to chunk into smaller bite size manageable pieces to work with in the here and now 🙂 Often I have purchased books and read them , based on recommendation and they haven’t resonated with me at all ~ learning to go with the flow of this more and more.

Anything I speak of in my blog ~ anything that indeed issues from my mouth ~ is my inner energetic journey and so may be unsuitable for yours 🙂 We will ~ if you are reading this ~ have shared space 🙂

Another way of “knowing” a next door opening on the cookie trail , is to be aware of seeing something in your circle three times ~ popping up again and again into the sidelines of your stage show and therefore your peripheral vision. This is something to pay attention to.

As a body worker I trained in aromatherapy and love to use essential oils ~ this is now broadening into using more straight from the garden. Artemesia has been wafting it’s way into my world. I love the colour and tried to grow it in my garden in Yorkshire but my terrain was too wet and heavy. I went to my favourite shop in Glastonbury ~ Star Child to explore certain oils yesterday and my nose led me to Davana . They are also highlighting tree oils and Hazel is the tree of the month ~ a present I received this weekend from my gardening friend of the same name ~ magical. The oil smells wonderful too.

Another benefit of the gardening club ~ swapping seeds and plants 🙂 Sharing of sacred seed.

One of my bibles for my aromatherapy is Aromatherapy for healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay

I am currently hopping in and out of what is termed “fiction” ~ I don’t believe in such a thing 🙂

It is all coming from the collective pool of cookie trail wisdom 🙂

I am currently reading “The Key” by Simon Toyne and this is leading me to new ~ ancient ~ spaces. He speaks of a fictional space in Turkey called The Ruin. I posted on Facebook yesterday about Tau Ceti  and this came as a result of reading this “fiction”. The Tau symbol is also Ik in The Mayan Wavespell ~ the second step on the 260 day calendar that is our challenge to bring in in this new cycle.

Just watched Cloud Atlas ~ amazing ~ and long ~ typical Aquarius film 🙂 Illustrates patterns and reincarnation brilliantly and the Gladiator line ~ what we do in life echoes in eternity…..don’t understand the nose perspective though 🙂 Another one ~ Trance by Danny Boyle ~ some disturbing mind mess to push buttons in true Danny Boyle style. Still not sure if I have figured it out ~ or if I want to 🙂

In this Blue Night Wavespell of dreams and my solar return I am really getting it ~ getting that to live my dream I have to be courageous and create my heart’s intention and face my challenges, ridicule and most of all the “little” me that is scared to death of my true magnificent being ness. The “little” me that gets scared of having a party, who will come, who will get on , will the weather be fine…..bla bla bla


and forgets that I am here to simply create a space for people to connect and that it is their choice and responsibility of how to do that 🙂


We came together as a team and made food.

We came together as a team and created a place to hold the space ~ some of that creativity is staying for the next phase 🙂 Loving my pergolas 🙂

We came together as a team and gave heart to our sacred space and allowed ourselves to negotiate that authentically.

The result?

A wonderful eclectic group of souls who shared their energy, messages and gifts given truly from the heart. 

My weekend was truly divine being around, giving and receiving in a balanced way ~ a party that I have been at in various guises throughout my lifetime and noticing how this time was different. What I enjoyed, how relaxed/stressed I was and who was there for me to co create with.

Not so long a go I was living a different reality ~ it was a different picture and there wasn’t a great deal of presence for me. Presents ~ yes 🙂 Diverting state through mood altering mechanisms and lots of ego ploys ~ taking the edge off.

This time I was fully present, feeling alive, in my body and around people I felt very joyful and comfortable with ~ it was an easy place to be. On the day of my birthday I was simply at home with my family who could be there and my beloved cats. It was sunny, the flowers were out. I felt excited at the prospect of what will unfold with the people I am connecting to.

I have heaven on earth  here and now 🙂


That won’t always be true ~ and…..

that is souly my responsibility 🙂 It is becoming more constant that heavenly space and when I fall off my happy horse ~ I get back on quicker.

All I need do is allow it. Instead of what the “little” me thinks is what I “should” be doing ~ let me allow what my goddess self brings and align with the sublime instead of mundane 🙂 The mystery is just that 🙂

I drew a card on my party and this was Oc ~ aligning with companions of destiny.

Love to you and your full moon in Aquarius revealing your bigger picture pattern.

Watch this space for new workshops and ways of connecting.

I will be in Manchester and Huddersfield for the Red Moon Wavespell and also starting some new groups in Glastonbury on how to use EFT in a practical way to get clear this year.

To follow this blog effortlessly please sign up and if you wish to know more about your Mayan Sign and 13 year cycle send me your time, date and place of birth.

Todays card ~ Cib


It is my pleasure to serve you 🙂 







Rewind and Release


Blue Spectral Hand

Please click on the links on this blog for more information to other sites. Gratitude to all who are creating and sharing this information.

Lots of sharing today in this blue hand energy ~ my Mayan sign . 

My number is nine not eleven which is today’s number.

As a nine I am here to assist in the energy of completion ~ end of times 🙂 This is also a blending of sun and moon energy 🙂 Magician and High Priestess.

I know this truly with all my heart and am sharing this with you from that space of love and clarity.

I have created lots of clear space in my own personal inner space and that is why I can share this ~ because I have travelled there first, am travelling there and if you choose you can journey with me.

I am sharing this experientially from what I know ~ this has been revealed to me because I am ready to receive it energetically 🙂

Lots of talk today about the Grand Sextile.  Here is a Mayan blog about it.

Here is mine 🙂

This energy in the heavens is there and as individuals we connect to it with energy within us at where we are on our path with our level of understanding at this time in many ways:





are some of the ways 🙂

I am sharing what I know and so that I do not repeat myself if you haven’t read my New Years post of Yellow Galactic Seed Year then there is lots more in the way of explanation today.

What I am choosing to share today is what I feel intuitively called to ~ this is a day of shadows and as a shadow worker this is the area I am growing more comfortable with primarily in myself and becoming more energised in sharing that with others who are ready to embrace their inner dog, inner child and look to the true source of alchemy ~ the dark side of their moon 🙂

Shadow Workers shine your light 🙂

Our society in the west has thrived on the first part of the cycle ~ yang, sun, self, masculine and going out into the world.

All outer glittery things of the ego ~ the sun sign in astrology.

Now we are moving into balancing the shadow side ~

the Yin and the wild, chaotic feminine. The Pre~menstrual harridan full of strong emotions that have been labelled “bad”

The dark half of our psyche 🙂

The Grand Sextile for our personal planetary harmonics is what happens when we transform and honour this balsamic space 🙂

Number 11 is a powerful number and connected to number 2. Master builder numbers and more about that here.

If you are any of these numbers in your Mayan sign then you will resonate very strongly with the shadow essence and this is your soul mission.

It is the time of tough love and going to the heart of the matter for each individual.

Look, listen and learn and be guided by your body and what is showing up for you now and face your inner demons.

There is no alternative to being in this space energetically , as this is where we are on the planet and the more you can align yourself with this road trip , the more you will liberate yourself.

Many people worry about their thoughts and their law of attraction believing that if they say enough mantras, raise their vibe and visualise rainbows and angels then their dark thoughts will remain hidden in their personal Pandora’s Box.

Vibes don’t do this 🙂 They are what they are 🙂 Takes more than fairy dust to walk our path 🙂

Our vibration and beacon of light ~ our personal Star of David is energetically sending out a code at all times and the more we allow ourselves to get real about this ~ the whole picture not the rose tinted spectacle version ~ the more we can work with it.

Everything that has ever happened to us was meant to happen for our learning.

We haven’t got anything “wrong” or been a “bad” person and this is true for everyone ~ everyone without exception has been here on this planet to play their starring role so we can all learn and create choices as a result of that learning.

We may have chosen less than loving behaviour and this we can address


Everything that has been in our personal road trip has brought us to this space and is there to shape our future.

This is a crossroads in our evolution and if we choose we can weave a new world for ourselves by using the tools available to us at this time.

This is an energetic universe and we have energy therapies to work with our energy in very practical, grounded ways that are part of the power team we already have in place .

It is time to combine what we already know and use our mind in balance with our body and emotions and our spirit leading the way and guiding us on our star coded mission.

It is time for the new myth to be born.

It is time for us to be the hero and heroine in our own story and let go of soap opera living , drama, delusion.

You may find you have been on a journey of being stripped to the bone so you are free from these distractions . You may have “lost” everything. You may have “given up ” your old life.

In the first part of our life ~ as in the first part of our planetary history ~ we are immersed in the literal and surface structure. Creating our ego path. Now it is time to go deeper and work with our inner world and often everything will go through a black hole of inversion. Everything turns on it’s head like a sand hour glass. Everything we have learned is breaking down to birth something new and as the midwives of this birthing we begin with ourselves. This comes through us.

Yesterday I awoke with the prefix Re 

Re added onto a word changes it ~ re ~works it

We are at the “re “stage of……

rebirth, revolution, recreation, reincarnation, relax, rejuvenate, reiterate, rewind, release, reborn, revolve, recycle, receive, rest, recuperate, restore, realise, reality, real, reflexology, reimburse, re – individuate, rescue, reorganise, read, remember, reanimate, relationship, red, ready, regrowth, remerge,retract, revelation, religion, recognition, recognise, re -invent, redolent …..

how many words can you think of ?

Over the past few days I have had some amazing connections with my retreat ~ there is another one 🙂 It is the first year I have been so clear about creating this. I started it in 2011 with my first retreat in Glastonbury and I trusted that although I didn’t know much about the Mayan Wavespell yet I could simply say that and work with what I did know. I had no conscious knowing at that time that this would expand and….

this is what my key learning is…..

we don’t know what we don’t know and if we are to truly let go of repeating ~ there’s another one 🙂 ~ then we have to truly let go and be open to surrendering to what our higher self is seeking to birth through us.

Clearing enough space to allow that is key and the more we understand about how our human spaceship works and guides us with it’s technology the the more we can consciously work with that information and work with it and it’s language.

Our emotional mind is the navigator and attracts to us experiences that have been perceived as positive in the past and negative . The positive can take the form of high energy pleasure palaces of partying, being in love and feeling in our power. There is no judgement in one sense ~ simply this made me feel good and so I want more of it or this made me feel bad so it is dangerous.

The emotional mind is very literal and takes an energetic pattern of that event which encodes that experience with an emotion. It also encodes it with the information available at that moment in time and so we are often living from that energetic pattern today ……even though that pattern and understanding of the world, woven into that energetic  code was from a four year old perspective say ~ that is what is happening for us today energetically and emotionally.

The emotional mind lives in the amygdala and is our fight or flight mechanism. It isn’t rational and isn’t logical ~ this is the role of our cortex as in as much of it knows what it knows from it’s education 🙂.

At times of danger rational thought is cut off ~ if we stand and prevaricate this impedes our survival strategy and so our survival mechanisms take over and shunt resources to parts of our body that enable us to flee or fight or……freeze.

The older we get and the more trauma we experience and the more pattern matches we create,

The more we try and balance that with relaxation activities that stimulate us ~ such as eating certain foods, taking drugs, alcohol etc and the more that expands.

The older we get and the more intense it becomes as all this emotion is increasing and the events we attract to us  ~ with the spiritual intention of healing this  and creating different choices ~ expand .

At the same time our body is experiencing overwhelm with this and cannot tolerate this imbalance and so the energy doesn’t flow in a well~being way.

Our hard drive gets full and we ….



computer say no ……..

We tend to keep doing what has worked in the past as this is what we “know” . To evolve requires new learning 🙂

We are here to evolve 🙂

I hope this illustration reveals to you why talking about things doesn’t create change on it’s own ~ this is the cortex area. This is talking therapy.

This is a different language to emotion and the world of the pattern matching amygdalla 

To create change we work

with the mind ~ logic and emotional areas

with the body at all levels ~

  • energy body of meridians ( acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Wheel for example) ,
  • emotional body and emotions ~ letting those shadow feelings out from the past and allowing ourselves to have and express them now in an authentic expression ,
  • physical body ~ listening to areas where our energy isn’t flowing and physical movement every day

Spirit ~ 

connecting to all that is ~ our guides and our ancestors each day and being a clear channel free from manipulation and ego tripping

We have all the answers for our masculine and feminine to blend in balance within us and this is on one level what the Star of David means.

It is something that is spoken of in many magickal texts ~ the Kabbalah for example. Squaring the circle in alchemical teaching

Now is the time to do that within.

At each energetic shift within we can receive new teaching from the cosmos ~ our universal father and mother.

This is the path of the Sun and Moon.

The Mayan Wavespell when used experientially allows us to connect to the universe and synchronise with the new learning in a timely way ~ at the perfect moment for the bigger picture pattern and at the perfect moment for our individual pattern.

The more you start to look with awareness at your thirteen year life cycles and the more you will see how you are revisiting and reworking your energy code and the potent opportunity to ~ 

be reborn free from repeats

there are those re’s again 🙂

For each and every person on this planet there is a personal process unfolding. On a soul level it doesn’t matter if you are building an Ark just now, opening a healing centre, being a landscape gardener or being a first time mother.

What matters is that you feel good about yourself and enjoy what you do. Be the real you free from artifice.

Anything that comes from that being space will blossom.

If you are not in that love space most of the time ~ free from needing any sort of fix when your plan is going off plan then maybe you are ready to liberate yourself and look to your shadow for the gold ?

A future vision

Imagine a village where 1000 inhabitants were very self aware.

They had learned about their Starcode and their Mayan Sign.

They knew what all their shadow experiences where and the wounds that had been created in the first part of their life.

They knew what their thirteen year cycles were and how their karma wheel turned.

Their intention was always to open their heart and create peace within, to live a wellbeing life in balance experientially and they had let go of prioritising tangible goals ~ goals had become secondary to them feeling good about themselves

They worked on these issues every day as and when they had an emotional trigger with a pattern match event and/or person from their past using EFT

They noticed how , when they released their past “issues” , their beliefs changed as a result . This changed their day to day living. They had less and less  inner “drama” tags ~ no emotional baggage potentiality seeking liberation….

they let themselves be free and clear on many levels

and so it was possible to detach from the drama literally

let go of needing a fix

and so becoming the magical child once more with all the wisdom of experience

Truly a grown up on the inside as well as the outside

and the magical by product of this was that energetically their body was free fro ageing principles and resonating at a high vibe.

Imagine if you lived in this village and were part of this vibe ?

This is being the change……

People who have done their inner energetic work are truly free 🙂

to be

the star that they truly are and need no validation.

On the Day out of time I did a workshop and one thing that came up on that day arrived three times and so I know it is a cookie trail to follow 🙂

There are many roads to Rome and as we have created a pattern in the first part of our lives so it will continue in that same vein in some way.

If we have chosen to be well on a physical level with a gym for example, then this can continue throughout life.

This same energetic code of moving the physical body can be experienced in many ways ~ through gardening, yoga, dance, pilates, swimming, bellydancing  ~ all depends on what outcome we wish to create 🙂 Whatever ways have felt “good” in the past pave the way for the pattern…..

Many times in our youth we connect to youthful teachers who are not wise in wisdom and bring us learning that creates pain for us ~ physically and emotionally. Although this learning can be perceived by our ego ( and emotional mind ) as “bad” “wrong” and can literally have damaged us ….

I offer you that this is the alchemical journey at this time

Our first part of life is for creating this wounding and matches our star seeded mission so that later we can transform it ….

This is all part of the plan 🙂

The more we do our inner transformation and the more we realise this 🙂

So the learning that came on this day is about the psoas muscle. Thank you to Samia Dance for sharing this learning and leading me to look at the bigger picture of this at the perfect time 🙂

I am meeting many women just now who are having issues with this space in their body ~ myself included.

This is part of the energy of Red Serpent in the Mayan ~ kundalini rising. More on my Red Serpent blog here for this week’s awareness

What a synchronistic time ~ of course ~ for core energy awareness in this core wavespell. This is the lovely wonder of our universe bringing us exactly what we are ready to weave with without any limitations.

Lots more about this by Liz Koch here and her awareness of this soul muscle.

The more you realise what you were doing at this time in years past on the gregorian calendar ~ what was I doing this time historically ? The more you see your personal soul thread.

Another way is to look at what you were doing at this time in this energetic signature time which changes each year using the Mayan Wavespell. This can lift the lid to so much awareness for yourself if you are ready to look. This spiral spins and goes through an energetic pattern that starts with the Red Dragon each year ~ what is the cosmic mother bringing us to awaken and the second energy is always White Wind ~ the challenge of allowing spirit to speak through us . The wavespell is the flavour of this over and over every 260 days.


When we look at the holy trinity triangle ~ part of the Star of David and the recent crop circle at Wiltshire and the day out of time image I posted then we can see a similarity ? See my wall on Facebook.


It is all the same energetic code being revealed in certain ways ?

Can you see ?

What is being shown to us universally in the cosmos, in the circle we live in, in our physical body ……

is the same energetic message

and when we bring all of this within and hear the message and let go of our old ways, old feelings …….

we birth the new.

When we have a body issue ~ discomfort ~ there are several places that require a rebalance. It is our core self showing us what seeks release now and a new structure potentiality that naturally comes from passing through this learning gateway.

This is what our modern medi kit framework does not support and what we are reconnecting to ~ remembering . That is why we have travelled here ~ to know this absolutely through experiencing how outside fixes simply do not create a long term feel good factor 🙂

A drug will merely suppress the symptoms and our body will create a bigger event to overcome this suppression. If we are holding emotional energy in our body it completes it’s expansion here.

Is it time for you to go deeper into the somatic wisdom of your human spaceship ?

When we decide to see each “hurtful” message and messenger as our enlightenment process then we are on a whole new energetic highway 🙂

Another part of The Mayan teaching is of the 13 Moon calendar.

The moon is our sacred feminine and our shadow shield.

The more we work with this energy and the more is revealed of the soul path. This Magnetic Moon is a time of hearing,feeling and seeing what we are working with this year.

Energetically we are always matched where we are on our personal shadow evolution.

If we are simply working on an intellectual level then this is the universal  perpective we have which is why ~ in one sense ~ it is fruitless having a debate with someone who is energetically in a different space. It is also why people and events show up to reveal this.

Let’s say you had a childhood of being bullied and being told who you were.

No matter how much you have talked about this to others ~ you may have spoken to a psychologist for years, you may have learned new ways of relating and creating intellectual boundaries.

All of this is wonderful.

Yet you are still attracting bullies and you feel very angry about it because what you have learned does not make any difference to your day to day reality and these people still will not respect ~ often not even understand ~ your terms and conditions about how you wish to relate

time to bring in another aspect into your circle and work with your energetic and emotional body ?

Then watch things change very quickly.

These archetypes won’t vanish off the face of the earth …..however they won’t be affecting you energetically

and when they notice this ……that creates a change 🙂

Deep gratitude to everyone who assisted me on my journey.

I have had so much insight from the lovely people I have been connecting to over the last couple of weeks ~ thank you.

On Aries Moon day and Red Solar Serpent ~ galactic portal day ~  I drew the New Myth Card from The Mayan Oracle pack in the Abbey grounds.

The image is the one on the left only ~ the infinity symbol


This is what is says:

The New Myth

Child of the Sun, you are being called to wakefulness, to your place in the new myth. A great miracle is coming for planet Earth, and the time is now. A new consciousness will be created by the children of the Sun as they ascend with the Earth to a new place among the stars. A new harmonic of light and sound, a golden octave, is being sounded on Earth, ringing in the frequencies of ecstasy, union, and unconditional love.

Child of the Sun, why did you come to Earth? You are the miracle of the new myth unfolding. You came to Earth with a purpose, a plan, a master “blueprint” encoded in your feelings. Live in harmony with that plan. Open your world to the Great Mystery. You are being asked to view your experiences from a mythical standpoint so that you remember your connection to the larger pattern.

Notice the metaphors of your daily life. They key to your personal myth is presenting itself. Your everyday world is infused with a vast mosaic of metaphorical meaning. Everything you do is relevant to the creation of your personal myth, as well as the larger meta-myth.

From now on, there are no more roadmaps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on, your direction comes straight from the universe, moment by moment. This is the path of innocence, the path of trust. Here, each step is walked only once, and the universe speaks in the voice of the present.
Feel the key to the kingdom in your heart. Know that, like the pull of the heavenly bodies, love is neither taken nor given but discovered and allowed. No one is without love, for love is the force that holds universes together. By simply embodying love, you are living the new myth that will create the wave home. Surrender to love and awaken, child of the Sun!

Time to go off road, into new space, to boldly go where no man has gone before ~ are you ready to create the life of your dreams ?

Let your sorrow be your swan song

let it be your salvation

let your sadness sing you in to joy 

It’s time to relate in a whole new way now and ….

let go let go let go let go

what is past is truly past…

we let go of old learning….

let go of the yearning…

all we seek is within us

we hold the keys to unlock our torment…….

we are always held, always loved, 

we are love

pure, pure, pure heart

be the love 

Love to you and your shadow today blending sun and moon, masculine and feminine 🙂