Red Moon Cycles

  Red Moon Planetary Cycles  All Red Moon cycles begin on July 26 All last for 13 years They are initiating cycles of awakening to authenticity and being the beacon of light  Current cycle: 2006 to 2019 Previous Cycles in recent history: 1954 to 1966 1902 to 1914 1850 to 1862      

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Future Spiral Patterns and Dates

Pic Nut     Future Spiral Patterns and Dates  My key focus with working with my blog is first and foremost to reveal my experiential journey to myself I believe that this 260 day Wavespell is gifted to us for this time It is an experiential process I work intuitively to be guided as […]

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White Worldbridger Wavespell 2017

White Worldbridger Wavespell began on July 28 2017  Here is a blog I wrote about this in it’s last cycle in November 2016 My connection to these dates and threads is becoming very synchronised now it is totally blowing my conditioned mindset I have no doubt that everything is scripted and written I have no […]

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Red Moon Awakening

    Red Moon Awakening   Where to begin ? It is Aquarius full blue moon energy ~ the second full moon in Aquarius and so potent and with it’s energetic signature of the bigger picture on a galactic activation portal day ~ it is tricky to write a blog 🙂 Lots happening. Blue Moon […]

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Rewind and Release

Blue Spectral Hand Please click on the links on this blog for more information to other sites. Gratitude to all who are creating and sharing this information. Lots of sharing today in this blue hand energy ~ my Mayan sign .  My number is nine not eleven which is today’s number. As a nine I […]

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