Rewind and Release


Blue Spectral Hand

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Lots of sharing today in this blue hand energy ~ my Mayan sign .ย 

My number is nine not eleven which is today’s number.

As a nine I am here to assist in the energy of completion ~ end of times ๐Ÿ™‚ This is also a blending of sun and moon energy ๐Ÿ™‚ Magician and High Priestess.

I know this truly with all my heart and am sharing this with you from that space of love and clarity.

I have created lots of clear space in my own personal inner space and that is why I can share this ~ because I have travelled there first, am travelling there and if you choose you can journey with me.

I am sharing this experientially from what I know ~ this has been revealed to me because I am ready to receive it energetically ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of talk today about the Grand Sextile. ย Here is a Mayan blog about it.

Here is mine ๐Ÿ™‚

This energy in the heavens is there and as individuals we connect to it with energy within us at where we are on our path with our level of understanding at this time in many ways:





are some of the ways ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sharing what I know and so that I do not repeat myself if you haven’t read my New Years post of Yellow Galactic Seed Year then there is lots more in the way of explanation today.

What I am choosing to share today is what I feel intuitively called to ~ this is a day of shadows and as a shadow worker this is the area I am growing more comfortable with primarily in myself and becoming more energised in sharing that with others who are ready to embrace their inner dog, inner child and look to the true source of alchemy ~ the dark side of their moon ๐Ÿ™‚

Shadow Workers shine your light ๐Ÿ™‚

Our society in the west has thrived on the first part of the cycle ~ yang, sun, self, masculine and going out into the world.

All outer glittery things of the ego ~ the sun sign in astrology.

Now we are moving into balancing the shadow side ~

the Yin and the wild, chaotic feminine. The Pre~menstrual harridan full of strong emotions that have been labelled “bad”

The dark half of our psyche ๐Ÿ™‚

The Grand Sextile for our personal planetary harmonics is what happens when we transform and honour this balsamic space ๐Ÿ™‚

Number 11 is a powerful number and connected to number 2. Master builder numbers and more about that here.

If you are any of these numbers in your Mayan sign then you will resonate very strongly with the shadow essence and this is your soul mission.

It is the time of tough love and going to the heart of the matter for each individual.

Look, listen and learn and be guided by your body and what is showing up for you now and face your inner demons.

There is no alternative to being in this space energetically , as this is where we are on the planet and the more you can align yourself with this road trip , the more you will liberate yourself.

Many people worry about their thoughts and their law of attraction believing that if they say enough mantras, raise their vibe and visualise rainbows and angels then their dark thoughts will remain hidden in their personal Pandora’s Box.

Vibes don’t do this ๐Ÿ™‚ They are what they are ๐Ÿ™‚ Takes more than fairy dust to walk our path ๐Ÿ™‚

Our vibration and beacon of light ~ our personal Star of David is energetically sending out a code at all times and the more we allow ourselves to get real about this ~ the whole picture not the rose tinted spectacle version ~ the more we can work with it.

Everything that has ever happened to us was meant to happen for our learning.

We haven’t got anything “wrong” or been a “bad” person and this is true for everyone ~ everyone without exception has been here on this planet to play their starring role so we can all learn and create choices as a result of that learning.

We may have chosen less than loving behaviour and this we can address


Everything that has been in our personal road trip has brought us to this space and is there to shape our future.

This is a crossroads in our evolution and if we choose we can weave a new world for ourselves by using the tools available to us at this time.

This is an energetic universe and we have energy therapies to work with our energy in very practical, grounded ways that are part of the power team we already have in place .

It is time to combine what we already know and use our mind in balance with our body and emotions and our spirit leading the way and guiding us on our star coded mission.

It is time for the new myth to be born.

It is time for us to be the hero and heroine in our own story and let go of soap opera living , drama, delusion.

You may find you have been on a journey of being stripped to the bone so you are free from these distractions . You may have “lost” everything. You may have “given up ” your old life.

In the first part of our life ~ as in the first part of our planetary history ~ we are immersed in the literal and surface structure. Creating our ego path. Now it is time to go deeper and work with our inner world and often everything will go through a black hole of inversion. Everything turns on it’s head like a sand hour glass. Everything we have learned is breaking down to birth something new and as the midwives of this birthing we begin with ourselves. This comes through us.

Yesterday I awoke with the prefix Reย 

Re added onto a word changes it ~ re ~works it

We are at the “re “stage of……

rebirth, revolution, recreation, reincarnation, relax, rejuvenate, reiterate, rewind, release, reborn, revolve, recycle, receive, rest, recuperate, restore, realise, reality, real, reflexology, reimburse, re – individuate, rescue, reorganise, read, remember, reanimate, relationship, red, ready, regrowth, remerge,retract, revelation, religion, recognition, recognise, re -invent, redolent …..

how many words can you think of ?

Over the past few days I have had some amazing connections with my retreat ~ there is another one ๐Ÿ™‚ It is the first year I have been so clear about creating this. I started it in 2011 with my first retreat in Glastonbury and I trusted that although I didn’t know much about the Mayan Wavespell yet I could simply say that and work with what I did know. I had no conscious knowing at that time that this would expand and….

this is what my key learning is…..

we don’t know what we don’t know and if we are to truly let go of repeating ~ there’s another one ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ then we have to truly let go and be open to surrendering to what our higher self is seeking to birth through us.

Clearing enough space to allow that is key and the more we understand about how our human spaceship works and guides us with it’s technology the the more we can consciously work with that information and work with it and it’s language.

Our emotional mind is the navigator and attracts to us experiences that have been perceived as positive in the past and negative . The positive can take the form of high energy pleasure palaces of partying, being in love and feeling in our power. There is no judgement in one sense ~ simply this made me feel good and so I want more of it or this made me feel bad so it is dangerous.

The emotional mind is very literal and takes an energetic pattern of that event which encodes that experience with an emotion. It also encodes it with the information available at that moment in time and so we are often living from that energetic pattern today ……even though that pattern and understanding of the world, woven into that energetic ย code was from a four year old perspective say ~ that is what is happening for us today energetically and emotionally.

The emotional mind lives in the amygdala and is our fight or flight mechanism. It isn’t rational and isn’t logical ~ this is the role of our cortexย as in as much of it knows what it knows from it’s education ๐Ÿ™‚.

At times of danger rational thought is cut off ~ if we stand and prevaricate this impedes our survival strategy and so our survival mechanisms take over and shunt resources to parts of our body that enable us to flee or fight or……freeze.

The older we get and the more trauma we experience and the more pattern matches we create,

The more we try and balance that with relaxation activities that stimulate us ~ such as eating certain foods, taking drugs, alcohol etc and the more that expands.

The older we get and the more intense it becomes as all this emotion is increasing and the events we attract to us ย ~ with the spiritual intention of healing this ย and creating different choices ~ expand .

At the same time our body is experiencing overwhelm with this and cannot tolerate this imbalance and so the energy doesn’t flow in a well~being way.

Our hard drive gets full and we ….



computer say no ……..

We tend to keep doing what has worked in the past as this is what we “know” . To evolve requires new learning ๐Ÿ™‚

We are here to evolve ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this illustration reveals to you why talking about things doesn’t create change on it’s own ~ this is the cortex area. This is talking therapy.

This is a different language to emotion and the world of the pattern matching amygdallaย 

To create change we work

with the mind ~ logic and emotional areas

with the body at all levels ~

  • energy body of meridians ( acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Wheel for example) ,
  • emotional body and emotions ~ letting those shadow feelings out from the past and allowing ourselves to have and express them now in an authentic expression ,
  • physical body ~ listening to areas where our energy isn’t flowing and physical movement every day

Spirit ~ย 

connecting to all that is ~ our guides and our ancestors each day and being a clear channel free from manipulation and ego tripping

We have all the answers for our masculine and feminine to blend in balance within us and this is on one level what the Star of David means.

It is something that is spoken of in many magickal texts ~ the Kabbalah for example. Squaring the circle in alchemical teaching.ย 

Now is the time to do that within.

At each energetic shift within we can receive new teaching from the cosmos ~ our universal father and mother.

This is the path of the Sun and Moon.

The Mayan Wavespell when used experientially allows us to connect to the universe and synchronise with the new learning in a timely way ~ at the perfect moment for the bigger picture pattern and at the perfect moment for our individual pattern.

The more you start to look with awareness at your thirteen year life cycles and the more you will see how you are revisiting and reworking your energy code and the potent opportunity to ~ย 

be reborn free from repeats

there are those re’s again ๐Ÿ™‚

For each and every person on this planet there is a personal process unfolding. On a soul level it doesn’t matter if you are building an Ark just now, opening a healing centre, being a landscape gardener or being a first time mother.

What matters is that you feel good about yourself and enjoy what you do. Be the real you free from artifice.

Anything that comes from that being space will blossom.

If you are not in that love space most of the time ~ free from needing any sort of fix when your plan is going off plan then maybe you are ready to liberate yourself and look to your shadow for the gold ?

A future vision

Imagine a village where 1000 inhabitants were very self aware.

They had learned about their Starcode and their Mayan Sign.

They knew what all their shadow experiences where and the wounds that had been created in the first part of their life.

They knew what their thirteen year cycles were and how their karma wheel turned.

Their intention was always to open their heart and create peace within, to live a wellbeing life in balance experientially and they had let go of prioritising tangible goals ~ goals had become secondary to them feeling good about themselves

They worked on these issues every day as and when they had an emotional trigger with a pattern match event and/or person from their past using EFT

They noticed how , when they released their past “issues” , their beliefs changed as a result . This changed their day to day living. They had less and less ย inner “drama” tags ~ no emotional baggage potentiality seeking liberation….

they let themselves be free and clear on many levels

and so it was possible to detach from the drama literally

let go of needing a fix

and so becoming the magical child once more with all the wisdom of experience

Truly a grown up on the inside as well as the outside

and the magical by product of this was that energetically their body was free fro ageing principles and resonating at a high vibe.

Imagine if you lived in this village and were part of this vibe ?

This is being the change……

People who have done their inner energetic work are truly free ๐Ÿ™‚

to be

the star that they truly are and need no validation.

On the Day out of time I did a workshop and one thing that came up on that day arrived three times and so I know it is a cookie trail to follow ๐Ÿ™‚

There are many roads to Rome and as we have created a pattern in the first part of our lives so it will continue in that same vein in some way.

If we have chosen to be well on a physical level with a gym for example, then this can continue throughout life.

This same energetic code of moving the physical body can be experienced in many ways ~ through gardening, yoga, dance, pilates, swimming, bellydancing ย ~ all depends on what outcome we wish to create ๐Ÿ™‚ Whatever ways have felt “good” in the past pave the way for the pattern…..

Many times in our youth we connect to youthful teachers who are not wise in wisdom and bring us learning that creates pain for us ~ physically and emotionally. Although this learning can be perceived by our ego ( and emotional mind ) as “bad” “wrong” and can literally have damaged us ….

I offer you that this is the alchemical journey at this time

Our first part of life is for creating this wounding and matches our star seeded mission so that later we can transform it ….

This is all part of the plan ๐Ÿ™‚

The more we do our inner transformation and the more we realise this ๐Ÿ™‚

So the learning that came on this day is about the psoas muscle. Thank you to Samia Dance for sharing this learning and leading me to look at the bigger picture of this at the perfect time ๐Ÿ™‚

I am meeting many women just now who are having issues with this space in their body ~ myself included.

This is part of the energy of Red Serpent in the Mayan ~ kundalini rising. More on my Red Serpent blog here for this week’s awareness

What a synchronistic time ~ of course ~ for core energy awareness in this core wavespell. This is the lovely wonder of our universe bringing us exactly what we are ready to weave with without any limitations.

Lots more about this by Liz Koch here and her awareness of this soul muscle.

The more you realise what you were doing at this time in years past on the gregorian calendar ~ what was I doing this time historically ? The more you see your personal soul thread.

Another way is to look at what you were doing at this time in this energetic signature time which changes each year using the Mayan Wavespell. This can lift the lid to so much awareness for yourself if you are ready to look. This spiral spins and goes through an energetic pattern that starts with the Red Dragon each year ~ what is the cosmic mother bringing us to awaken and the second energy is always White Wind ~ the challenge of allowing spirit to speak through us . The wavespell is the flavour of this over and over every 260 days.


When we look at the holy trinity triangle ~ part of the Star of David and the recent crop circle at Wiltshire and the day out of time image I posted then we can see a similarity ? See my wall on Facebook.


It is all the same energetic code being revealed in certain ways ?

Can you see ?

What is being shown to us universally in the cosmos, in the circle we live in, in our physical body ……

is the same energetic message

and when we bring all of this within and hear the message and let go of our old ways, old feelings …….

we birth the new.

When we have a body issue ~ discomfort ~ there are several places that require a rebalance. It is our core self showing us what seeks release now and a new structure potentiality that naturally comes from passing through this learning gateway.

This is what our modern medi kit framework does not support and what we are reconnecting to ~ remembering . That is why we have travelled here ~ to know this absolutely through experiencing how outside fixes simply do not create a long term feel good factor ๐Ÿ™‚

A drug will merely suppress the symptoms and our body will create a bigger event to overcome this suppression. If we are holding emotional energy in our body it completes it’s expansion here.

Is it time for you to go deeper into the somatic wisdom of your human spaceship ?

When we decide to see each “hurtful” message and messenger as our enlightenment process then we are on a whole new energetic highway ๐Ÿ™‚

Another part of The Mayan teaching is of the 13 Moon calendar.

The moon is our sacred feminine and our shadow shield.

The more we work with this energy and the more is revealed of the soul path. This Magnetic Moon is a time of hearing,feeling and seeing what we are working with this year.

Energetically we are always matched where we are on our personal shadow evolution.

If we are simply working on an intellectual level then this is the universal ย perpective we have which is why ~ in one sense ~ it is fruitless having a debate with someone who is energetically in a different space. It is also why people and events show up to reveal this.

Let’s say you had a childhood of being bullied and being told who you were.

No matter how much you have talked about this to others ~ you may have spoken to a psychologist for years, you may have learned new ways of relating and creating intellectual boundaries.

All of this is wonderful.

Yet you are still attracting bullies and you feel very angry about it because what you have learned does not make any difference to your day to day reality and these people still will not respect ~ often not even understand ~ your terms and conditions about how you wish to relate

time to bring in another aspect into your circle and work with your energetic and emotional body ?

Then watch things change very quickly.

These archetypes won’t vanish off the face of the earth …..however they won’t be affecting you energetically

and when they notice this ……that creates a change ๐Ÿ™‚

Deep gratitude to everyone who assisted me on my journey.

I have had so much insight from the lovely people I have been connecting to over the last couple of weeks ~ thank you.

On Aries Moon day and Red Solar Serpent ~ galactic portal day ~ ย I drew the New Myth Card from The Mayan Oracle pack in the Abbey grounds.

The image is the one on the left only ~ the infinity symbol


This is what is says:

The New Myth

Child of the Sun, you are being called to wakefulness, to your place in the new myth. A great miracle is coming for planet Earth, and the time is now. A new consciousness will be created by the children of the Sun as they ascend with the Earth to a new place among the stars. A new harmonic of light and sound, a golden octave, is being sounded on Earth, ringing in the frequencies of ecstasy, union, and unconditional love.

Child of the Sun, why did you come to Earth? You are the miracle of the new myth unfolding. You came to Earth with a purpose, a plan, a master “blueprint” encoded in your feelings. Live in harmony with that plan. Open your world to the Great Mystery. You are being asked to view your experiences from a mythical standpoint so that you remember your connection to the larger pattern.

Notice the metaphors of your daily life. They key to your personal myth is presenting itself. Your everyday world is infused with a vast mosaic of metaphorical meaning. Everything you do is relevant to the creation of your personal myth, as well as the larger meta-myth.

From now on, there are no more roadmaps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on, your direction comes straight from the universe, moment by moment. This is the path of innocence, the path of trust. Here, each step is walked only once, and the universe speaks in the voice of the present.
Feel the key to the kingdom in your heart. Know that, like the pull of the heavenly bodies, love is neither taken nor given but discovered and allowed. No one is without love, for love is the force that holds universes together. By simply embodying love, you are living the new myth that will create the wave home. Surrender to love and awaken, child of the Sun!

Time to go off road, into new space, to boldly go where no man has gone before ~ are you ready to create the life of your dreams ?

Let your sorrow be your swan song

let it be your salvation

let your sadness sing you in to joyย 

It’s time to relate in a whole new way now and ….

let go let go let go let go

what is past is truly past…

we let go of old learning….

let go of the yearning…

all we seek is within us

we hold the keys to unlock our torment…….

we are always held, always loved,ย 

we are love

pure, pure, pure heart

be the loveย 

Love to you and your shadow today blending sun and moon, masculine and feminine ๐Ÿ™‚

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