Future Spiral Patterns and Dates

Pic Nut Britannica.com     Future Spiral Patterns and DatesĀ  My key focus with working with my blog is first and foremost to reveal my experiential journey to myself I believe that this 260 day Wavespell is gifted to us for this time It is an experiential process I work intuitively to be guided as […]

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Persephone Path

Persephone Path White Resonant Wind in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell We have begun the spiral again and are on the second energetic of what our sacred feminine selves ~ our goddess natures, our gaia spirits….. are ushering in at this new age time. Today we can tune in to what is seeking release ~ our […]

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Balsamic Moon

  White Overtone Wizard Day in the White Dog Wavespell We are in the Balsamic Moon of Cancer just before Leo New Moon tomorrow. Please click on the links for more sites with great resources. This is a very powerful time in the smaller picture and it is the energy of the bigger transition time […]

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