Red Resonant Serpent

Red Resonant Serpent Day 7 of the Emotional Evolution Wavespell of Blue Storm This is my Mum’s Mayan Day  We are both in the same process  I was an egg in her womb on the day that she was born How mind blowing is that ? Wow we have been on such a powerful journey […]

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Blue Solar Hand

  Blue Solar Hand is the Gateway of  Blue Storm Wavespell which is the transformer process It is the 7th Wavespell The access process to the mystic using the 7th Mayan Sign ~ the Blue Hand  in it’s 9th vibration The Buddha process Gateway to healing and completion  It is also a planetary process code […]

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Summer Solstice Mayan Patterns

I have just updated this blog on  04 February 2019 : This is the original part from 2016 :     Woke up with some insights around patterns at Summer Solstice time and The Mayan Wavespell Calendar The Summer Solstice is The longest daylight and the most masculine light in simple terms of the Sun […]

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