Summer Solstice Mayan Patterns


I have just updated this blog on  04 February 2019 :

This is the original part from 2016 :



Woke up with some insights

around patterns


Summer Solstice time


The Mayan Wavespell Calendar

The Summer Solstice


The longest daylight and the most masculine light

in simple terms

of the Sun

traditionally being the masculine energy


the ego focus

in terms of personality

The maximum inner light receptivity

Tracking the Solstice times in the UK:

Using this website :

and this one

June 20 2016

A rare Full Moon as well just before 


Blue Moon at that

in Sagittarius 

at 29 degrees

the anaretic degree

The ritual slaughtering of a lamb.
It is so hard to give up your fondest notions. It is so testing and trying to be asked by universal spirit to surrender your privileges, to renounce your claim upon your own life. And it is even an extreme act of self-transcendence to come to terms with the position you find yourself in as it really is. Ego-busting comes as a rude shock, even when the time is at hand to leap beyond your own shadow. The very idea draws out to the surface every resistance imaginable. The mind goes crazy with this edge. If only you could control it, manipulate it, relativize it. But excruciating self-awareness accompanies this edge–in particular no sentimentality towards your own excuses and reasons. For you are at that point where there is no place to hide and nothing to do except surrender gracefully, when you have exhausted every other option and found them to be null and void.

Here are several really great articles

about this:

Darkstar Astrology Full Moon in Sagittarius

Bill Attride ~ Solstice 

Chani Nicholas

Austin Coppock 

Blue Moon Astrology 

This degree in Sagittarius is also close to

The Galactic Centre 

Here are some fab articles about this:



Solstice in 2016

Mayan info :

June 20 2016


Blue Magnetic Night

Blue Night Wavespell


Planetary ruler is Saturn 

which is also the ruler of Sagittarius Decan 3 

Star at 29 degrees:


The Decan of the Full Moon

Here is an article by

Darkstar Astrology 

Akbal is the Mayan name 

It is 

Crystal Moon Day 22 ~ master builder number 

The Moon days vary as the timings fluctuate as the astrology changes times 

The Mayan Planetary year is :

White Planetary Wizard


Last Summer Solstice in 2015

was also initiated

on a

Blue Wavespell

my Wavespell

Blue Magnetic Storm

Blue Storm Wavespell

Here is an article I wrote about that: 

Catalytic Converter Solstice 


I sent out a magical intention at the previous Winter Solstice 

to meet my heart’s desire 

I actioned it at Summer Solstice

by joining a dating agency 

He contacted me at Leo’s Gate in August 

Here’s an article about this :

Rare 888 Lion’s Gate Portal 

This is a photo he took of me 

a couple of week’s ago

at a Sacred Site 

St Michael’s Mount 

I am so happy and really feeling in a heart opening relationship

in a way I have never felt before


I have never been so consciously aware of myself before

in this lifetime 


it is the wow factor


Here is relevant info for 2019:



Past Solstices Mayan info:



June 21st at 1128

White Solar Wizard

Crystal Moon Day 23

Planetary Year is :

Yellow Self Existing Seed 


June 21st 1716

Blue Planetary Storm

Crystal Moon Day 23

Planetary Year is :

Red Overtone Moon


June 20th  2309

Blue Planetary Night

Crystal Moon Day 22

Planetary Year is:

White Rhythmic Wizard


June 21 0504

Red Crystal Moon

Crystal Moon Day 23

Planetary Year is :

Blue Resonant Storm


June 21 1051

White Cosmic Wizard

Crystal Moon Day 23

Planetary Year is: 

Yellow Galactic Seed 

Now I have done the dates

until June 20 2020

so not a huge amount of research 


If you look at these dates ~ a period of 10 years 

there is a significant pattern 😉


maybe if I find out more Solstice dates from earlier years

I am guessing there will be a repeating link…

Every 4 years there is a significant shift 

All the other years

apart from 2016 and 2020 


Planetary Mayan Signs 

which are:

Red Moon

White Wizard 

Blue Storm

Yellow Seed 

but on 2016 and 2020 

There is instead the code of Blue Night 

The Conscious Dreamer 

on 2020 this is

Blue Overtone Night 

which is in the new 13 year cycle


White Wizard on planet Earth 

I love how I am learning

about the magical matrix

of this amazing divinity transformational tool 

It’s an amazing time of creating right now 

so remember to be brave 

have courage 

Let your heart lead you 

Anything is possible 

If you are willing to do the work 

to unite 

the masculine and feminine 



Fly high

Dig Deep

First go within 

For the treasure you seek 

Love is the key

and in each relationship we encounter

we will find repeating ancestral patterns

so that we can learn about them


become consciously aware intellectually


then if we choose we can heal our intimacy wounding


release the past

on all levels 

become clear


live from that place of clarity

with other mature human beings


The reason why the Solstice Dates change are here

in this article by


There was a Summer Solstice on June 22 in 1975 ~

Yellow Magnetic Sun ~ which is a Clear Sign and part of the 20 day process

On the planet

Red Galactic Moon ~ 1974 ~

which is the 8th year of White Wizard

which began in 1967

and is key

to the White Wizard Cycle we will be beginning on 26/07/2019

extremely rare and there won’t be another one until 2203

Yellow Galactic Sun ~ which is another Clear Sign


part of the 20 day process and Pacal Votan’s Mayan Sign

on the planet this is a year of 

Red Lunar Moon

the second year of a 13 year cycle in

Yellow Seed which began in 2202

This is a 228 year cycle and very significant

as they are Clear Sign Codes


Yellow Sun 





Pic : Amanda Clark

All the Solstice dates change except Spring Equinox of Aries

from 2014 to 2024 ~ GMT

Aries is

The Initiating energy of the Heart Warrior path of :

Red Dragon White Worldbridger Blue Monkey and Yellow Warrior

We are currently in a 13 year cycle of

Yellow Warrior

that began on 2017


Pic: Amanda Clark



Every 4th Year Summer Solstice of Cancer


fluctuates between planetary codes of

Red Moon White Wizard Blue Storm and Yellow Seed

which are the same codes as the Mayan New Year on 26 July


Conscious Dreamer Codes


Red Skywalker White Mirror Blue Night and Yellow Star

This year we will be in year 5 of a planetary code

June 21 2019 

Blue Overtone Storm

coming into mastery of our emotions

This cycle began in 2015


Pic: Amanda Clark



The Autumn Equinox of Libra


on a

two on 22nd and two on 23rd


September pattern

When it is on a 22nd pattern :

it is

Creating New pattern codes for the human being of :

Red Earth White Wind Blue Hand Yellow Human 

when it is on a 23rd pattern :

it is Conscious Dreamer Code of

Red Skywalker White Mirror Blue Night and Yellow Star

This year of 23 September 2019

it is 

Red Galactic Skywalker

Integrating the Heaven on Earth Wavespell


amanda clark

pic : Amanda Clark

The Winter Solstice

like the Summer Solstice



every four years a different pattern

When it is the 21st of December :


Red Earth White Wind Blue Hand and Yellow Human ~ human patterning codes

When it is the 22nd of December :

Red Skywalker White Mirror Blue Night and Yellow Star

The Conscious Dreamer Code 

In 2018 21 December at 2222 ~

Red Overtone Earth ~ mastering feeling connected to Mother Earth

This cycle began in 2014 with

Red Magnetic Earth

Please check out my other blogs about these patterns 




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