Blue Night Wavespell June 21 2016 ~ new learning


Day 1 was yesterday at the time of the Summer Solstice 

Here is the post I created about this 

Summer Solstice Patterns 

What you were doing at this time is key for your creativity 

Your conscious dreamer process 

What you are doing now will be in completion stages ~

manifest in Late Sagittarius Sun and early Capricorn time 

So the C word festival

that I am not going to mention in full form 🙂

as it has become so corrupted and out of balance 

Winter Solstice time when the light is at it’s shortest in the Northern Hemisphere 


The Darkest time before dawn 

Where we are on planet earth 

Day 2 of Blue Night ~ Tuesday 21 June 2016 in this spiral 


Yellow Lunar Seed


Day 2 of the conscious dreamer process

The Solstice Days change
The codes in the Mayan change too ~ in an exciting way
The Mayan Matrix revealing the framework of personal and universal creation codes 😉

I am in my 5th year of experientially learning these codes

This does not mean sitting down and reading volumes of history about the Mayan calendar
It does not mean cramming info into my intellect and head
It means tuning in to intuition to allow ourselves to learn what we feel to as and when because it is aligned 😉
We are returning to balance with the sacred feminine within
This is what the 260 day Mayan Wavespell process is all about
Aligning us with these new codes coming in

That are transforming each one of us
Learning about personal code is key
This leads the way to personal transformation
There is no opposite to love
If , as an individual, we feel resistance to anything
There is a past story there waiting our conscious awareness
Seeking understanding, being felt, being released
This is the heart attractor
What is coming to conscious awareness now
Is that process
Is the ability to download and stream consciously every day
What is seeking expansion
What is seeking release
I had no conscious awareness of this calendar…

until I began my current 13 year cycle
It was the time for the part of me to become active 😉
I did not choose the Mayan calendar
It chose me 😉

This is a new way of living for many people
Many may find this “madness”
Many may not understand any of it
Many may choose to react from fear ~ their place of being
I am very aware of this way of relating and it has been difficult
Over many years
It has also reflected my fear

My offering :
All our fear holds the potentiality
What our ego wants to hold on to is simply what is familiar
That feels safe
Even though the familiar is what often creates contempt and corruption
Everything living goes through a process
We are plants on this earth in one sense
We are affected in the same way as plants
By all the universal cycles
By everything else in the cosmos
This creates fear for the ego
It knows it cannot control everything
and so pretends that it has some control
By creating masks
Coping mechanisms
Avoidance techniques
If you haven’t consciously committed yet to knowing yourself
Bringing these patterns to awareness
Healing old life events
Then you will be running codes and coping behaviours
That were instigated as a child
Although an adult in body
The game of life that is being played
Is still with the codes of all that came before
Including past lives

That is how the game works 😉

We create an interface from the day we are born
It includes all past life
All ancestral life
It is what we are here for
There is no hierarchy
There is no “better” than
There are no winners or losers ~ ego constructs of imbalance

All players are essential to the matrix game

The individual gets to choose how consciously they play the game
By doing the work required to be conscious
Move from being a pawn ~ victim and reactive mode
To being a Queen ~ radical responsibility and proactive mode
To begin participating in the game is difficult at first
It turns everything on it’s head for the ego
Everything the ego has woven to shield and “protect” itself from harm
Has to go
Learning how to take small steps is key
Everything the ego wants to do based on past success stories ~
probably past it’s sell by 😉
Everything the ego wants to avoid and creates a hissy fit about
That’s where the gold is
Anything we are resisting looking at
Is seeking an audience
and will get one
one way or another
by creating drama

Today we are in Yellow Lunar Seed

If you are a Blue Night these 13 days are your essence process revealed
This is your learning day
This is a galactic portal day
A human evolution day
New learning about our protection masks that are hiding our star seeded potentiality
The planet relationship today is:
Blue Night ~ Saturn ~ our patterns and where Saturn is in our chart
Saturn is in Sagittarius on planet Earth cycle
Blue Night is the third Mayan Sign ~ the co creation sign ~ in the natural zodiac that is Gemini
It is the 3rd house ~ what is in your 3rd house ?
Yellow Seed is the fourth Mayan Sign ~ the structure sign ~ in the natural zodiac that is Cancer
If you are a Yellow Seed then this is your 13 day learning process about the mask and the universe will bring this for you
Our home where we grow up as a child and all our initial codes of co creation with the environment and ancestral dna ~ our birth family
That is Cancer
How we are mothered and nurtured
Yellow Seed’s planet is Jupiter
Where is Jupiter in your chart?
On the planetary cycle ~ Jupiter is in Virgo right now
Learning how to master health and become very aware of the details
The Sacred Feminine coming into balance
In the natural zodiac Virgo is in the Sixth house
As each of us comes into balance and lets go of being an out of balance consumer ~ ego led
The world can come into balance as a natural side effect
All of this evolution is taking place with the universal consciousness
It is already scripted
It is rolling out
No need to worry
An amazing consciousness is taking care of business everyday running the universe without human being intervention
Our body is taking care of business without human being intervention in many aspects
If we are not running at optimum
Then we can look at what is creating that
and start to learn
make changes
That is what this time is all about
Taking responsibility for our own creations in life
Our choices
How we live and be in this world
If we choose to try and avoid that responsibility
Events occur to reveal that and bring our focus to that
Grab our attention
None of this is easy in one sense
We have been conditioned to believe we have no power and are co dependant
This is now changing
It will take time to bring balance to our planet
It is happening though
Every day
Step by step

I am writing this at Cancer Meridian time in the UK
The Moon is still in full moon energy :
Capricorn at 11 degrees:
A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady.
Polarities go against each other in order to find each other again. When they are still busy going against each other, they pull you apart. And this experience is so definitive, so intensive, and so traumatic that you learn to bring the polarities back together any way you can. The journey to make this possible is an extensive one, because along the way you must mediate between discrimination and release. You are walking a collective karmic edge between the old and the new, in which both of them must be honored in just the right ways. Yet the work it takes to bring polarities together in fresh ways is monumental. And that work is utterly redemptive, of infinite meaning and scope, in opening doors and letting totality in by conviction, by affinity, and by surrender to the great inevitable.

We cannot access all our gifts and conscious tools until we are ready to take responsibility for their use and we can hold that power inside us
Are ready to be led by our spiritual self and do the work we came here to do
This does not require martyrdom or self sacrifice 😉
It requires working with the self construct
Transforming it
Working with our shadow

We have now entered the Yin part of the year
It is time to receive what has been actioned in the New Moon and Full Moon part of the bigger picture whole cycle
Midsummer is here
Seeing our love vibes manifest in the world
Seeing our Capricorn Creations in the Cancer Culminations

Happiness is always available to us
It is our ego that creates suffering
Some life events may feel to create sadness
Some life events may feel to create anger
Being in balance with all of our emotions is key
They are our sat nav and essential to creating healthy life choices
Our conditioned culture often requires that these are suppressed to survive
and that is where we start the cycle of sickness
Time to get off that wheel now
All is being revealed in truth
Love to you and your conscious process

If this is your birthday process this year then this is your key theme for the next 13 years
Blue 13 day/year processes are about transformation



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