Tzol Kin Meaning

A meaning for the name : Tzol Kin I wrote about this many years ago but cannot find it so far in the labyrinth of my blog. When I first started creating my blog I wrote a lot … without knowing exactly how to use the software templates ~ still learning ūüėČ The important thing […]

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Winter Solstice Patterns

  Winter Solstice Patterns¬† The transition pattern was on December 21 2012 Blue Crystal Hand¬† The start of a new cycle for humanity to be Conscious Dreamers This is Red Rhythmic Moon Day 9¬† which is a human evolution portal day¬† coming into balance with the returning sacred feminine in a very powerful 13 day […]

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White Wizard Planetary Energy

  White Wizard Planetary Energy¬†   White Wizard is a planetary evolution energy It is a mastery sign and one of the seven solar seals¬† It is code 14 The Moon Goddess Ix Chel¬† This is the essence of human evolution at the moment¬† and the return of the sacred feminine¬† White Wizard is the […]

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Red Moon Planetary Energy

Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign It is the last scroll of the 260 day process in the Green Castle of the heart It is also a 13 Moon calendar¬† It is the Gateway energy and step to our awakening into return to balance of the Sacred Feminine within each human being¬† Embodiment of […]

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Blue Storm Planetary Energy

Blue Storm Planetary Energy¬†   Blue Storm Blue Storm is the mastery code of transformation Blue Storm is code 19 Wavespell 7 It is in the White Castle of refinement The planet is Pluto Transformation of the shadow and the Emotional Evolution time on planet earth All our shadow experiences hold an emotional charge unless […]

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Yellow Seed Planetary Energy

Yellow Seed¬† Yellow Seed is Code 4 It is a planetary code In Astrology it relates to the 4th house¬† In the natural zodiac this is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is Cancer This is key for the North Node planetary transit happening now ~¬† in Cancer December 2018 The 4th house is […]

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