Tzol Kin Meaning


A meaning for the name :

Tzol Kin

I wrote about this many years ago

but cannot find it so far in the labyrinth of my blog.

When I first started creating my blog

I wrote a lot …

without knowing exactly how to use the software templates ~ still learning ūüėČ

The important thing was I got started as it was time


all the content that I wrote back then

I am accessing now and it is teaching me now ~

my higher self¬† guiding me with knowledge I don’t yet embody

This is a cornerstone code of the

Red Skywalker process


that is beginning today

as I write this article

This was the process when I was first initiated at a workshop

when I bought my  first

Wavespell Calendar


2/11/2011 ~

key to

Thoth process


Libraries of Consciousness 

Thoth 1


This is also key to the gif at the start of the article

The eye can literally only see what it has consciousness of in terms of perception 

Here is an interpretation of what

The Tzol Kin is all about 

from a book :

Converting words:

Maya in the Age of the Cross

by William F Hanks 



Here is the link


Tzol (ex 6.6)

A slightly different perspective on reduccion is provided by the verb root Tzol , which is glossed in two ways 

To arrange (objects in space)


To recount (words or events in language)

The verbal sense appears to be primary

for the simple transitive stem tzol(ic),

whereas the spatial arrangement sense emerges in derived forms

tzol cul , tzol + sit , sit in order .

tzolaan , tzol + stative ,’be in order’

tzolal (tzol + intrans suffix ) ‘place oneself in order’

tzol ol (tzol + heart¬† ‘place oneself in order (especially morally )


tzolanil (tzol + stative + il ) , be ordered ‘in a manner’

All of these are highly transparent grammatical constructions in which the parts are readily segmented and associated with distinct meanings.

The two senses clearly have in common, the concept of putting objects, words or bodies in proper order.

From the verbal meaning of ‘tell in order’ there is a minor extension to

(ah) tzol than, agent + tzol + language ‘interpret(er)’

The latter applies to interlingual interpretation

and interlingual explanation,

both of which are defined by the production of metalinguistic speech

that recapitulates other speech 



pic by Chie Yoshie



My perspective :

To place oneself in order morally

using timelines to

recapitulate past wounding experiences and

create a new family story

free and clear of old corruption




Pic by Chie Yoshie 


Winter Solstice Patterns



Winter Solstice Patterns 

The transition pattern was on December 21 2012

The start of a new cycle for humanity

to be

Conscious Dreamers

This is Red Rhythmic Moon Day 9 

which is a human evolution portal day 

coming into balance

with the returning sacred feminine

in a very powerful

13 day processs Wavespell


Yellow Seed 

which takes us out of the centre

of the

Tzol Kin 


reveals our true star seed

at that point in time 




This is my tribal pattern ~

the role of this tribe

is to mine new tunnels for humanity ūüėȬ†



Red Earth ~ Code 17 ~ Uranus 

White Wind ~ code 2 ~ Uranus 

Blue Hand ~ code 7 ~ Earth 

Yellow Human ~ code 12 ~ Earth

Combined code : 38 = 11 = Blue Monkey ~

letting go of childhood wounding to be transparent and free to become the divine child Christ Consciousness





It is also connected to :

Paramahansa Yogananda

White Spectral Wind

His Master :

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri :

Red Resonant Earth

The structure of

Creating Heaven

on Earth is revealed through this amazing book:


The Self Realisation Fellowship :





2012 Shift Code 



2012 Blue Crystal Hand ~ here is a blog about this ~ Yellow Warrior Wavespell


This Cycle began in 2001 ~

Yellow Magnetic Human 

The manifestation of human beings conscious awareness over the past 39 years 

The last cycle began in 1962 

People born in the 60’s in particular will see their human being cycle¬†

2012 to 2018 :


2013 ~ Yellow Cosmic Human ~ Yellow Sun Wavespell


2014 ~ start of a new 13 Year Cycle ~

Red Magnetic Earth 

2015 ~ Year of new learning White Lunar Wind  ~ Red Dragon Wavespell

2016 ~ Year of Alchemy ~ Blue Electric Hand ~  Red Serpent Wavespell

2017 ~ Year of the structure ~ Yellow Self Existing Human ~ Red Moon Wavespell

2018 ~ Year of Mastery ~ Red Overtone Earth ~ Red Skywalker Wavespell

White Wizard Planetary Energy



White Wizard Planetary Energy 


White Wizard is a planetary evolution energy

It is a mastery sign and one of the seven solar seals 

It is code 14

The Moon Goddess Ix Chel 

This is the essence of human evolution at the moment 


the return of the sacred feminine 

White Wizard is the second wavespell

in the initiating

Red Castle of Red Dragon

Each time the spiral begins we have 13 days on initiation

This is followed by the refinement energy of White Wizard

Here we see how we are allowing the magic of the Universe to flow through us 

How we have let go of our conditioning

to allow our spirit

to influence our daily lives through intuition

This is a proactive process paradoxically

White Wizard is influence by the asteroid belt

bringing new consciousness

for our learning now

We are moving away from old scripts of co dependency 

Red Moon Planetary Energy


Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign

It is the last scroll of the 260 day process

in the

Green Castle of the heart

It is also a 13 Moon calendar 

It is the Gateway energy and step to our awakening


return to balance of the Sacred Feminine within each human being 

Embodiment of the feminine through healing the wounding


thousands of years

The feminine aspect allows the human being to receive 

This is the left hand side of the body

If we have issues around how we have been made to receive

in an out of balance and unloving way …

These require healing as a first step

Otherwise we are still living the energy and code of that way of being 

regardless of age 

regardless of intellectual knowing

This 9th step is a mastery process

As human beings we hold within us

a holographic projector

that creates our timeline


experience on planet earth

It is similar to a very complex computer programme 

The script for this programme is the next step of our ancestral story

that we are here

to go beyond by healing

Once a human being is aware of this holographic model


that their experience is partly under their control 

they can start to work

with creating consciously as a co creator 

Most of our lives we have created unconsciously

in order to learn that process


follow the path of our ancestors to know it 

The planet of Red Moon is Mercury

Messenger of our God and Goddess self 

The planetary transits in Mercury are key

Where Mercury is in your chart is key for you 

When a human starts to heal their fears

they heal their heart 

This transforms the holograph within them


As a result the emotions start to balance

The shadow starts to integrate

Without this emotional healing process

the emotional mind projects the past onto the present 

because this is it’s primary programming

It is attempting to read the future based on the past and this is a survival mechanism

so their daily experience also transforms

The original story is being brought to consciousness


the lessons learned at each healing 

Human beings relate to life and each other every day based on this mechanism 

Truly a person cannot be seen for who they really are when this is still running

They are seen as a reflection of the other person’s past in some way¬†

This often involves pre judging and scapegoating behaviour 

This is a distorted view


one that most of the population

is seeing and experiencing

at the moment

according to their

pre ordained timeline

that is crafted by the divine 

Blue Storm Planetary Energy


Blue Storm Planetary Energy 


Blue Storm
Blue Storm is the mastery code of transformation

Blue Storm is code 19

Wavespell 7

It is in the White Castle of refinement

The planet is Pluto

Transformation of the shadow



Emotional Evolution time on planet earth

All our shadow experiences hold an emotional charge

unless they have been made conscious and healed

Then the Emotional Mind is freer of past trauma

This is a continual process

Using the analogy of a storm cycle is helpful 

When pressure builds up emotionally

like the weather

there is a temperature increase

there is an electrical charge building 

The charge grows stronger and seeks to be discharged ~ lightening 

It seeks to ground

to be earthed

The rain is released and the pressure


temperature drops

The human being cries and releases the emotion


feels cleansed and peaceful 

When a human being works on the emotional mind


releases past emotional trauma with attached emotions

there is integration and release into peace

There is a clear space within 

The eye of the storm 

The person is grounded and calm

Freer of triggers

In a wiser position as to what created the emotional wounding 

How to live differently in the world in a healthy relationship


lives that change

Emotionally aware 

Emotionally intelligent 


Yellow Seed Planetary Energy


Yellow Seed 
Yellow Seed is Code 4

It is a planetary code

In Astrology it relates to the 4th house 

In the natural zodiac this is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is Cancer

This is key for the North Node planetary transit happening now ~ 

in Cancer December 2018

The 4th house
is where the childhood patterning

takes place specifically

with the 5th house being the house of the child ~ Leo 

Stairway to Heaven begins in the 4th
What is in your 4th house ?

Where is Cancer in your chart ?

This will reveal the key structure of your childhood patterning

that you are here to become an expert on





It is the key process for the human being
to release their starseed mission
in this life 
to evolve beyond their human being

conditioned mindset

It is time for this to happen
Yellow Seed’s planet is Jupiter¬†
Jupiter’s transit on the planet right now is in Sagittarius ~ in it’s own sign¬† ~ December 2018

Creation of new stars in the Galactic Centre ~
time to create new scripts and stories here ~

to do that requires inner work ~

it is not an intellectual process

Where Jupiter is in your chart ~ house and sign

is key 

This reveals what you are personally here to master

Blue Storm Planetary Cycles


Blue Storm Planetary Cycles 

All cycles are from July 26

All cycles are for 13 Years 

Next 13 Year Cycle coming up 

2032 to 2044

Previous 13 Year Cycles 

1980 to 1992

1928 to 1940

1876 to 1888



Red Moon Cycles



Red Moon Planetary Cycles 

All Red Moon cycles begin on July 26 All last for 13 years

They are initiating cycles of awakening to authenticity


being the beacon of light 

Current cycle:

2006 to 2019

Previous Cycles

in recent history:

1954 to 1966

1902 to 1914

1850 to 1862




Red Lunar Dragon


Artist unknown

Red Lunar Dragon 

Today is the day of new learning 


The Great Mother is bringing us 

Imix is the Initiator Code 

In this particular 260 day Gestation period

this began on 26 October 2018

This is the third 20 day cycle 

As such it is the

Alchemy Cycle 

The Co Creation

It will take us through to

Yellow Galactic Sun 

The Integration of our Shadow

Red Skywalker coming up next

with 3 Clear Signs  

What you experienced in the first 13 Days beginning 26 October

is what you will be working with for the 9 months

Today you revisited this energy

in some way

to gain more perspective about…¬†

how you can evolve as a human being 


Pic by Chie Yoshie


There is a new conscious awareness coming in

When human beings align with it :

Life is joyful

It is the teaching of truth free of shadow distortions 

When human beings resist these ways :

Life is difficult 

Simply because the distortions of an unhealed and immature ego

of our past life and lives ~

create pain and suffering

from ignorance

The picture leading the article

reveals a woman breastfeeding 

This is a key component of Imix Energy I had not really connected to before

Revealed as

we are now experiencing 

North Node in Cancer transit 

article by Astro Butterfly 

Most of our human being wounding comes

from not being mothered and nurtured as a child

by our parents/caretakers/community 

because …

they could not/would not/did not know

how to /were in survival mode/were suffering from trauma

created by society events

that go back thousands and thousands of years

recorded in our dna


programmed into our fight/flight/freeze patterns

If you learn about world history

you will understand

that every race has experienced extreme genocide 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana

This is why it is so important to educate yourself as to the human journey and most importantly your human journey

When a human being becomes aware of their Cosmic Codes and familial patterns 

It is a lightbulb moment 

An initiation into conscious awareness where the Mystery starts to become known 


All limiting beliefs come from dna


early patterning

From inherited experiences





brought to conscious awareness

they can be changed 

Imix energy is where we may feel separate and scared


That we do not matter

That we have no value 

That no one can love us 

That we cannot thrive 

That life is a struggle 

That we are not worthy

When a person has experienced a lack of richness of life

it can lead to a formation of beliefs

that are not even seen as beliefs

but as truth

This is powerful magic

that locks an individual

in a holograph that projects that “truth”

into a daily story

reflected outside

The Key is to realise this


change the inner slides


become a Conscious Dreamer

What if you were reborn tomorrow free of any limitations ?

If you awoke and instantly had a powerful inspiring dream to create ?

If your heart was filled with passion and energy like never before?

The key focus

is to release the Fight/Flight/Freeze

by rewiring those past events

to become clear :

A Clear Sign 

A literal fresh start is possible

The event learning and wisdom is retained

The heart is freed from the pain

The new code can be embodied 

Access Source Code



free of

co dependency