Tzol Kin Meaning


A meaning for the name :

Tzol Kin

I wrote about this many years ago

but cannot find it so far in the labyrinth of my blog.

When I first started creating my blog

I wrote a lot …

without knowing exactly how to use the software templates ~ still learning ūüėČ

The important thing was I got started as it was time


all the content that I wrote back then

I am accessing now and it is teaching me now ~

my higher self¬† guiding me with knowledge I don’t yet embody

This is a cornerstone code of the

Red Skywalker process


that is beginning today

as I write this article

This was the process when I was first initiated at a workshop

when I bought my  first

Wavespell Calendar


2/11/2011 ~

key to

Thoth process


Libraries of Consciousness 

Thoth 1


This is also key to the gif at the start of the article

The eye can literally only see what it has consciousness of in terms of perception 

Here is an interpretation of what

The Tzol Kin is all about 

from a book :

Converting words:

Maya in the Age of the Cross

by William F Hanks 



Here is the link


Tzol (ex 6.6)

A slightly different perspective on reduccion is provided by the verb root Tzol , which is glossed in two ways 

To arrange (objects in space)


To recount (words or events in language)

The verbal sense appears to be primary

for the simple transitive stem tzol(ic),

whereas the spatial arrangement sense emerges in derived forms

tzol cul , tzol + sit , sit in order .

tzolaan , tzol + stative ,’be in order’

tzolal (tzol + intrans suffix ) ‘place oneself in order’

tzol ol (tzol + heart¬† ‘place oneself in order (especially morally )


tzolanil (tzol + stative + il ) , be ordered ‘in a manner’

All of these are highly transparent grammatical constructions in which the parts are readily segmented and associated with distinct meanings.

The two senses clearly have in common, the concept of putting objects, words or bodies in proper order.

From the verbal meaning of ‘tell in order’ there is a minor extension to

(ah) tzol than, agent + tzol + language ‘interpret(er)’

The latter applies to interlingual interpretation

and interlingual explanation,

both of which are defined by the production of metalinguistic speech

that recapitulates other speech 



pic by Chie Yoshie



My perspective :

To place oneself in order morally

using timelines to

recapitulate past wounding experiences and

create a new family story

free and clear of old corruption




Pic by Chie Yoshie 

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