White Wind Wavespell ~ truth be told


White Wind Wavespell

All the pictures in my blog are by the artist Catrin Welz Stein
whom I have no connection to
I have just found her on Facebook through my friend Maria and I love her work
She is not in any way representative of my views or the content of my blog ~ just to be clear ūüėČ
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This is the refining


Uranus ruled

13 day process


Today is a portal day so a human evolution building block 

We are in the Green Castle 

What is real ?

What is superimposed ~ literally?

What is a projection ?

What is truth?


What is the reality buried underneath all the mind creations?

What is the gift inside all that flashy wrapping?

Under the bandages ?

Who is the real person?


The light that is there coming from the transformation of the dark matter?

The things that matter…

To the heart

To the child within

To the compassionate caring human being


In the past 13 days of Red Moon

we have all gone through a process

some are aware and some not

so the way that happens is different 


Those that are aware can now start to refine their process and go deeper

with the silence that comes from inner work


As the child inside finds their voice

Is allowed to speak

Is heard at last

Is received

Is given the attention

The attention seeking outside starts to cease

and the grace comes to the individual effortlessly


The polarity is reversed and the Taurus 

The Torus 

starts to power up in a different way 

Inside out 


Everything starts to align





The Red Moon seeds start to change

ready to take flight 

part of the Blue Night process


not yet….

not yet ….

wait for the Spring ray


Today we have waxing Moon in Taurus 

A salamander glowing red-orange.
Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reason√°ble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.

Today is a good day to set an intention

to allow the higher self to speak


let us become aware of that is past

past life

past it’s sell by

past value

pass the pain parcel material

This is the challenge and new learning the human being is here to evolve

White Wind being Mayan Sign number 2 in the matrix


The more we work with our Moon energy

The feminine

the shadow

the veil

The more the sun can shine through in our dna 

In our body 

through our code

the more we can embody the sacred feminine

by being the sacred feminine being the clear conduit connected to our source energy 



Everything that we are is expressed by the divine through us 

We are the creativity

Red Dragon ~ Boom


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 13 

Red Cosmic Dragon

Feel the shift?

Planets all change

and the fire of Aries initiates with the masculine and feminine 

of Venus and Mars

New Beginnings ?

Taurus Moon and when I first tuned in

it was this energy 

A pink diamond.
The heart feels everything. It burns with a fever. Inside the burning something marvelous is forming. Grace permits the realization of the heart’s desires. You become a vessel to demonstrate, to share the beauty, the love, and the light. Yet all of this is implicit, is inherent, is inward. It is not seen by outer eyes. You are warming through slowly, contemplatively, those qualities of soul that are best entered upon free from reflection. The inner life is rich beyond measure with seeds which will be fertilized and are given forth in the fullness of time, with a consummate touch of having been through the fire to attain what is true and lasting.




Lovely warming words

I love this time of the lunar cycle 

my moon waxing

living where I do in Taurus Moon part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

gives me a glowing feeling

and today we have had so many different weather combinations it has been quite a trip

sunshine , rain, sleet and snow 

but it didn’t go dark until 620 ~ yea the winter is over

love this time of year when everything starts to expand 

So this wave has initiated us

in a strong feminine energy nearly two weeks ago  

and taken us through an evolution process

to bring us out at today

being the shift aligning with The Great Cosmic Mother



the more we decide to simply go for gold 

be true 

let go of the “programme”¬†

be ourselves

regardless of personal discomfort

or the discomfort of our surroundings

this process gathers momentum all on it’s own

The more we decide to be flexible without being consumer compliant

feel our “stuff”

get real with where we actually are

stop pretending everything is fine

let go of the false smile

and the being “nice”

being “fine” with it all


the false edifice starts to collapse

the icing starts to melt

the mask slips and slides


wow we are still standing

We said no to something or someone that we always say yes to

and they didn’t eat us alive

our panic attack came and went

it felt intense

and actually in a way it was nice to feel something

rather than….



Once we start to tell the truth there is no going back because it is so refreshing


we have lots more energy

because our fear vampire has stopped feeding off us

and all the people who we are being false with

are gone

with the wind

speaking of which….

New wavespell starting tomorrow

is all about this 

White Wind

If we are living a lie 

we cannot align with 

the great cosmic mother


once the individual understands this process

it becomes really obvious

Anything that is false




a mind web of avoidance 

fear based relationship


is by definition

the anti thesis 








take a tree

A tree comes

just like a human being 

with it’s¬†


all inside 


The variant that affects the inside is the outside


Does it think ~ shall I limit myself ?

Distort myself ?

Hold myself back because abc?

It has to cope with where it is and what the conditions are

It may survive

It may thrive 

It has far more limitations on this as it cannot up root and move

a human being can move

can choose

can create new ways of being constantly

all it takes is the courage 


To decide to define one’s reality¬†

in co creation with all creation

and design one’s life¬†

dare to dream

dare to see beyond what is presently unfolding

and start to seed new worlds

that come from a true open heart

This 13 day process is the key to the returning feminine 


It is the initiator code of the first moon in the 13 moon calendar 

so key to what we are attracting to fuse and ignite 

Think back to July 26

and who you were meeting then

How you felt then

What was happening in your world ?

What launched then that you are integrating now ?

This is where I was ūüėȬ†


If you are not yet fully engaged with your heart’s desire

Time to tune in and see what you believe about yourself

the world

a paradigm

that is stopping you in some way

Our World is seeking seekers that are ready to commit 

to leaving the old world behind 


not fighters

being the change

Red Moon Wavespell ~ light codes


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 12

Yellow Crystal Sun


Day 12 in every wavespell

holds the crystal clear structure

that can be achieved



of the human being

and the soul


This principle is the same in

whatever arena we apply it to

key to this Signs

planet of Pluto

The Uranus Pluto squares

Nuclear fusion


In this feminine awakening code


Red Moon

this code is achieved

by the human being who is open to being vulnerable

open to seeing that the nature of being a human being at this time

means having a distorted view of the world and the universe

and that is now ready

to be transformed into clarity






If you focus on these images

for several minutes

Breathe them in

Notice how they impact on you

Do you feel energised ?


Clear ?

Notice how the different images

have specific stories

that your mind will attach to the image

that is specific to your individual mind

The mind immediately starts to make sense

make meaning

add content

to anything and everything

Sleeping beauty story as a metaphor

waking up after a deep sleep

a Prince comes 

awakens the princess with a kiss


pic by Edward Burne Jones

The Prince has battled their way in

cut down all the briars that hide the rose


that protect the beauty

just like our ego mind has been protecting our inner child 

since the day we were born

If the individual chooses to continue with this story

then the pre requisite is

there must be a damsel in distress

there must be a powerful hero to rescue her

and if lived in reality….

when the prince is no longer there

the princess is diminished

and lost in dependency 

and therefore

there is an implication

that the female is diminished

such is the legacy of the patriarchal society we currently live in

In recent years women chose to model men

to become like men

and called this feminism

searching for equality on the outside

seeking recognition

for something that was there all along in reality

and yet 

society myths and memes

spellbound the majority into believing this illusion

that the feminine is weak



amazingly still do despite all evidence to the contrary 

this code is so strongly encoded

it is like a bindweed pervading and undermining honest relationship

One of the key avenues I am exploring around this is Chiron

and the link to Virgo

Lilith is in Virgo at the moment


Jupiter goes into Virgo later on in the year

New learning for me

I have 3 planets in Virgo

and they are in my 7th house along with my Vertex 

this was key to what I tuned into and experienced yesterday

and the balance and transformation open to me now

The mind is prized in our western culture

The ability to compete in sport is also top of the tree and rewarded handsomely

like the days of the Gladiators in Rome

like the orators with clever minds debating philosophy and economy

and how to acquire and rule and keep the slaves in their place


What has changed?

The ego mind is full of fear

likes to manage and keep all in it’s place





mind reads 

often instead of being honest

about it’s true state

which is often anxious

has low esteem

need to prove

seeks validation


and yet cannot admit that

because then come the feelings of shame and humiliation

proof of being less than 

the perfect prize specimen


does not exist except as a fiction

and so projects onto others


especially the human being that will not fight back

or cannot 

like in schools with teachers

like in corporate world with bosses

like in politics who resemble children in the school yard

cat calling each other

because in truth that is where the level of ego is 


House of Cards series 3 back soon 

the people often in power positions are abusers of that power and position

this is key to our Red Moon stage of awakening

and seeing this truth

and learning how clear codes

come from personal transformation

free of old codes

that have been defining our world for thousands of years


Just like the water pictures 

the Red Moon is about water

about emotion

and the human being who is elementally 

a majority 

of water 

This is really being felt at the moment in Pisces Sun 


and key to the Andromeda Myth of the chained woman 


What happened yesterday that revealed this for you ?

Yesterday was key to this code as it was aligned to our emotional release

My day started well and I went into Glastonbury like last week

same cafe

this time with a friend who has a very similar chart to me

The Sun and Moon had changed

It felt very un grounding 

and I struggled to stay in my body

I decided to go home for lunch so needed to do some food shopping

felt very light headed

it was hailing outside

I wanted to get home asap

Got in my car and it wouldn’t start

tried it several times

I texted some friends after finding the RAC wouldn’t be there for a while

see if I could get a lift home

Cars ~ vehicle 

Often cars and vehicles have been key relationship issues with me

and lots of learning about 

the people who sell them



and warranties

and very dishonest relationships

No one was free

I went back in the supermarket

ordered lunch


The RAC man phoned me saying he was close

I went outside and got in my car and thought I would give it a go

It started ūüėČ

When he arrived he checked it over and couldn’t find a fault¬†

What did it allow to happen?

It allowed me to assess my dependency and how I feel about it

Out in the Country ~ limited buses ~ none on Sunday’s ~ literally how to get about

Just bought that car ~ been back to garage already

and going back for something else this week

That I cannot have my way when I want

and there could be many reasons why that had to happen

that involved several people ~ the threads rippling out

Lots of interactions that were coded and I had to change my plan to fit the plan 

When I did get back I really appreciated it and had a peaceful day

Love my home and all my family

Including my green ones 


I watched an amazing film yesterday


and finished a lovely book

The Girl who chased the Moon

both fantastical in their way

The stuff of dreams 

and lots of synchros

and triggers for me to release at this emotionally aligned time


Red Moon Wavespell ~ let it all go


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 11

Blue Cosmic Storm

Planet is Pluto

Number is 19

Master Number of catalytic initiation

of healing

Let it all go 

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

Melt the ice and thaw


Life before tapping ~ EFT ~ emotional intelligence

what did I do then?


When I think about my life before I started learning about my emotional self 

it was very up and down

I am a very emotional person

I feel deeply

I am shy and sensitive and I do care what people think about me and happily I am becoming more discerning and understanding of how this works in relationship

with or without my involvement in different ways

When I was in my youth I took support systems to relax

and let me be something other than

the shy 


person I really was

I wanted to connect to other people

when I was simply me

without any “apps”

I found that difficult

when I had something to release this 

I became the opposite

and that wasn’t a happy medium either

and thank Goddess there was no FB then 

eek ….


Me and my beach bar boss in Crete in the 80’s

When I spent time in Crete I learned to become more assertive and stand up for myself 

I learned to shout back 

even though I didn’t really understand the culture

I learned to be more of the mediterranean relationship model

passionate emotional displays…

friends again straight away…

far more honest free flowing emotions in some ways

more in my masculine and I found this was respected too

by the local people I was engaged with because I was mirroring them

I also found great freedom

as to begin with I didn’t understand the language

so didn’t get drawn in to every circle

Most of the time though I was not straight or sober

or celibate

and reading my diary from then really reveals that chaotic place of my inner world

As I grew older and became a parent my world completely changed and I am really tuning in to this today because this time of year is close to when that happened

Initiated into New beginnings in Aries


Carrying all my past around every day became more and more difficult 

There were unexplainable times of rage and frustration

that didn’t match the circumstances


I couldn’t cry in front of others

I would sob my heart out when alone

I felt bad about myself and my life

I felt 



embarrassed and under pressure even more

wanting to be a good mother

Most of my time as a mother I wasn’t coping on the inside

putting a brace face on the outside


I was afraid

I was tense

I was scared of messing up and for most of the day I was alone with this insecurity 

sometimes it was unbearable

somehow I had got myself into being a “grown~up” with huge responsibility

and yet I was still a child inside

What to do?

I started learning about psychology as soon as I had my son

I wanted to learn about child development so I had some sort of clue

as I never planned to become a parent

When I was pregnant for the first time

I was amazed about this new world

I hadn’t got a clue about any of the process

or how I would feel

Most of the time I felt so different from any other time in my life

In some ways I was convinced that my life wouldn’t change…

denial ūüėČ


I was totally un prepared for the strength of my feelings

for this miracle that had been created inside of me


how generally this was taken for granted in our world

this absolute miracle

this feeling of limitless

unconditional love

I felt

for this little person

It was my first step around truly focusing on me and my body

and nurturing myself

I gave myself permission to do that during my first pregnancy

Afternoon naps

lovely baths

being quiet and still

eating for pleasure

feeling sacred and amazing that this was happening to me

becoming very aware of how my body felt 

and the butterfly feeling 

the new life growing inside me


I didn’t think too deeply about the birth beyond the birth plan

because in truth I was terrified

My first birth was highly managed and not what I wanted

and there were fab bits in there too

and deeply scary parts like my body doing it’s own thing completely¬†separate from my mind

deeply angry parts with uncaring people and loving very caring people

 it repeated a pattern in similarities to my birth

and revealed a bigger picture to me


Our birth into this world initiates our code


It is key to everything

and if you can find out about yours

this can explain lots of things

as to how you create

I have done lots of healing on this 

both for my own birth and the birth of my children

and was amazed at what had created wounding for me

It wasn’t what I thought most of the time

It also linked to lots of other threads in my life

that had the same pattern of wounding

Once I started this process for myself 

everything changed in my understanding of my world

and because of that

my understanding of the world 


Many people focus on healing to create a perfection model

with an outcome that everything is good 

and I offer that sometimes everything is not good

sometimes things are hard

sometimes things are a struggle 

and this is the key


to personal healing and freedom

(yes everything has a reason 

and all is love and that is a different aspect)

acceptance of this

acceptance that this




was so far off

“Disney model”

and it plunged us into despair

whilst the human being is conditioned to believe 

there is a Utopian world to strive for

It will always be out of reach

The key start is to accept what is

and accept that if we do not accept

We suffer

and sometimes we have to suffer

to understand that

to know what suffering is


With this Utopian model

shadow is not allowed

shadow behaviour is not allowed

and shadow emotions are to be excluded in public displays

Instead of coming to terms with all our emotions

through coming to terms with all of our emotional events

feeling safe about them

at peace with them

understanding them in some way

and seeing them differently because of that process

feeling those feelings that are filling us up  

human beings demonise and project them onto others

and do not evolve because of that

the feelings and patterns are pushed away to arm’s length

and rejected

in the same way the original event

caused feelings of rejection

and to heal

these feelings and patterns

seek to be embraced and brought in to centre

to be felt at last



and given house room

with permission to come out of the closet

and owned as a part of our inner family


Every single person shares this 

every single person has fears about themselves

every single person has messed up

every single person has struggles with life 

that is why we are here

to learn about that

human being process

Talking to another can help 

talking to oneself every day with the intention of being present

taking the time to put oneself first

to listen to the anxieties

the worries

the thoughts that are niggling

is key to the process of transformation

letting this side out

and gradually getting used to this part of oneself

having a conversation

and then working with that which is coming up

to heal

is an amazing process

get’s easier

becomes a healthy habit

and when we add in tapping

it creates a reality ritual

that is truly magical

and lets go of old worlds

so we can birth new ones

To begin with there may be huge emotion

that feels like a storm

like a tidal wave

like a hurricane


Can feel overwhelming

Can feel like the birthing process

and our ego will feel afraid

because it is programmed to avoid this emotional outburst


once the ego starts to become familiar with it

and realises that

actually the individual does not die as a result

actually becomes happier

more stable

feels deeper joy

feels safe in the skin the human being is in


and sees what comes as a result of this process is truly amazing 

just like the film I mentioned yesterday ~The Giver

Life becomes intensely felt and lived from the heart embracing all

and recognising that all is valid

and all is a necessary part of the experience and why the spirit is here in partnership

with the human being 


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet 

Using a shamanic framework 

this is known as soul retrieval

All frameworks work in some way as all have the same core intent

to heal the heart

the mind doesn’t need healing ūüėȬ†

the mind does not feel

the mind creates frameworks as a result of the heart’s state of grace


This is why it is time

for the emotional evolution

and the time to shift the focus from the ego led head

to the heart and bring balance to the individual

and as a result the world

Focus on heal to feel

and as a process

the individual stops living in the head

to avoid being in the body

and feels safe to feel

to be still with oneself

and the inner dialogue

and allows it 

and embraces it

and aligns


brings the inner storm out raindrop by raindrop


lets the clouds reveal the moodiness

lets the 50 shades of grey talk away

let’s the mood be felt

lets the sun be revealed

and from this clear place

the solution to the issue is revealed

next step becomes clear

from this clear channel to our consciousness

This is the process of enlightenment

Aries New Moon energy for New Beginnings which is connected to the start of the next 260 day cycle 

hkuyutrjpg copy

An aquamarine in a woman’s navel.
Sensuous pleasure, powerful passions. Body wisdom. Impulses and instincts, desires and cravings, and the festive celebration of being alive here now. You are marvelously enraptured with the senses–energetic, vital, enthusiastic, on fire. Direct and straight on. Candid and willing to release into what arises. Impressionable, suggestible, youthful. In touch and in tune with what wants to happen here, your gut conviction is fiercely strong. You feel driven to be yourself and by the need to engage with the other completely. You are the one who stands out, who makes a point of it, who is unashamed.


This is the way we all come in

this is our commonality

our belly button

We are all loved and held by the universe

We all matter

We are all divine beings

Every blade of grass is sacred

Let us remember that






in joy

Love to you and your process today


Red Moon Wavespell ~ mirror mirror on the wall


Red Moon Wavespell

Code 10 

White Planetary Mirror 



A Mastery Code  number 18

We crack this one and wow

A totally different life experience unfolds

I have spent a magical day working with people who are open to this new world

Willing to do what it takes to get there

and that means…

going way out of the comfort zone 

Things that have been revealed today could not be known

in the “ordinary” way our world is portrayed¬†

Our world is anything but

and people are truly amazing

have wonderful gifts 

and are ready to unfurl their wings


It is Alice in Wonderland


It can create dizziness

When worlds ~ or paradigms of worlds ~ collide

We can be swept off our feet 

So tempting to stay in the known

be held in a chain of our own making 

Just watched a lovely film 

cried as always

played my heart strings

The Giver

Tomorrow we can really connect to our feelings

it is the day to tune in and go deep 

all this Pisces energy has the potential

to lift off the lid 

on our pre conceptions

so we can dream something else into being….

Only if we dare to…

Do you want to live your heart’s desire¬†

Maybe you already are 

There is always an opportunity

to be with beauty 

What has been reflected back to us today

Is the key to being in balance with our feminine


Speaking and Living



This is the sword that allows us to

cut to the chase 

bare the bones

excalibur energy

To thine own self be true



Powerful Pisces Moon today at 27 degrees:

A ritual sand painting.
Earth magic works upon the imagination to turn around old patterns and lost worlds by seeing it all with a different pair of eyes. The one who stayed under in a trance of automatic repetition, a regressive loop, is crying out for soul retrieval, is searching for whole new ways to feel and experience the way the energies move. Everything depends upon how you hold it, the field of assumptions and yearnings. For there is a tremendous ability here to follow a subtle track right through the middle of the lingering trances into a heightened experience of what this has all been about for so long. Searching for a deeper path through, learning it is there and not being able to carry forward any other way.


Red Moon Wavespell ~ molten and muddy cycles


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 9 

Red Solar Earth

How are you feeling today in

all this dark new moon energy ?

If you click on the Red Solar Earth link it will show you the cross process

essential to evolve and embody this energy 

Here is an article about this from my friend and my teacher at my local Astrology Group 

Carolina Lamus 


Blue Moon Astrology 

I awoke to feel my hands and arms infused with….


uwsp3 (12)

Felt powerful

Lots of dreams and one stuck

a man coming from behind me and enclosing me in a bell jar

as it came down to my waist I remembered what it was

and felt like a captured specimen 


Here is a very interesting article about this

Also reminded me of Tinkerbell being captured 

This man was a monster but he had a strange allure….

This is key to the workshop I have been creating for 

Persephone 5 




the legend of Andromeda 

who is chained to a rock to be offered as a sacrifice to the Kraken 


Poseidon‘s Cetus

depending on which version you read or watch 

Clash of the Titans 1981 is an interesting movie 

and looking back on this created so much subliminal code about the world and relationships for me

none of it accidental ūüėȬ†

I can see how I project this still onto real life and people and events and most of it

pure fantasy 


I was guided intuitively this time

 to the Andromeda Constellation and some exciting new areas

in Astrology

I create an ebook to use with a life coaching exercise

and a personal astrological chart for the individual

I absolutely love this learning 

It is key to my Midheaven in Sagittarius


the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius

Today I am in my Castle


Red Earth

this is a 13 year cycle that began my awakening 

that is what Red Signs and Red Castles are all about




The planet of this Mayan Sign

whose Mayan name is




The liquid light of sex


Creation Code 

Catalytic energy that creates huge change


Intuitively today I felt to go deeper 

As we are in Pisces Decan 1 now

We are in the dream world 

In the realms of all knowingness 

and the collective consciousness 

Here is a great article by Darkstar Astrology

So for this period we have a chance to see our dream

our nightmare

our past lives

what is seeking light in this life

This Decan is governed by Saturn


If we wish to leave the labyrinth

then we have to know it

become friends with it 

See and feel it

and learn it’s secrets¬†

to let go of being




for too long a time 

we pass through these phases to reshape

and create a new form or become statues


We can dive into our sensitivity

and see where our boundaries may need a little tweaking 

and how we have shored up our limitless 

in the past 

maybe through unhealthy means of addictions and fantasies 


now it is time to integrate these within us if we are ready

so we can play all parts 

Be Pegasus Andromeda Perseus

Be the bridge to the New Age 


Uranus the planet of Initiating new code

currently in Aries 

Initiation by fire

We have had lots of Uranus Squares to jolt us out of our comfort zones

Rattle our cage 

call in the wild side 

Unchain us from the rock that binds us


or that our ego world and foreign installation code of conditioning believes at any rate

My Chiron is in Pisces and it is transiting now until 2019 

so a process that takes a while

and huge emotional stuff coming up for me

Beliefs about who I am

When I look at what has happened for me 

and when I look at My Red Solar Earth Year 

I get a deeper level understanding

This is how I get to see my bigger picture code using The Mayan Matrix

I can see very specific times and events in my personal evolution

My Red Solar Earth Year began on my birthday in 1991

I left the North

I travelled South

I began working for Wetherspoon’s as a Manager in London

I felt very ungrounded to begin with

It was a very big learning curve

around corporate

around relationship

around how I chose to interpret my role 

Key themes for respectful relationship learning

How so much of my life that year was within four walls ~ albeit it different ones

What mattered to me 

What pushed my buttons

and how long I was prepared to do it for after the dream that initiated it

had died

the reality being very different 

How it was packaged 

How it was marketed

How it was sold

and when it was unwrapped did it match the description?

Like most corporate dreams it fell way short of my expectations 


I learned so much 

and left

all the wiser in some respects

The skills I learned there I use in different ways now


What I loved was the adventure

I loved the new people coming in to work with us

like a family

and  the hugely varied energy coming in because of that 

the melting pot of London 

Key to my North Node in Gemini and my Jupiter in Gemini

Which is what I am repeating in Glastonbury

in a different way


Lots of people seeking their fortune 

many here 

in a spiritual sense 

rather than just the material

and there are some that combine both

When I work with people as a coach I often find that people believe

they have somehow been on the wrong track

got lost

done “bad” stuff

been a Jack of all Trades and Master of none

Fallen short of the system

opted out 

didn’t match their parental plan

“Failed” in some way

having not met someone else’s definition of success and expectations that has been conditioned in¬†

This is the hallmark of the alchemist and soul seeker 


and key to healing is being honest about how this makes us feel truly 

without going straight to the intellectual reframe

and avoid feeling the anger and grief underneath

Now this is key to the secret of conscious evolution

This is the Holy Grail

We have to do this part of the process

or we cannot  empty our cup 



I see so many people using EFT ~ Tapping ~ Emotional Freedom Technique

without going there

without feeling 

the words are coming out of the mouth 


no connection

afraid to feel because that dam

that stiff upper lip is like a wall of concrete and part of them is so afraid

if it starts to crack

they will be overcome 

and swamped

and yes that may be true 

but all that reservoir if unreleased

becomes a frozen lake

a stagnant pool


full of feelings that then go to the next level and manifest in the body

and events

The Universe has an amazing matrix of balance 

Balance is always there

Abundance is always there 

The elements are always expressed equally 



They may have metamorphosed into a different expression

and as an individual that may not feel great to be on the receiving end of 


So if there is inflammation

if there are fire’s appearing

If there are lots of angry people showing up….

What does that reveal in the individual’s

part of the equation ?


If there are floods

dripping taps


mossy places

stagnant ponds

rising damp

What does that reveal in the individual’s

part of the equation?


What is creating that manifestation in the individual?

What can be activated to create a more balanced space and environment ?

Let go of the chains and be free code 


All the clues are there

All the codes are there

All the Signs are there

We learn what ungrounded us in the first part of life

so that later we can create the opposite

~ if ~

we are willing to do what it takes that is

and the majority of people aren’t

but that gives the tension required to create new worlds

as everything we need is here right now



Red Moon Wavespell ~ the path of the heart


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 8 

Yellow Galactic Warrior

This is the day of integration that allows us

to be

Red Moon energy in fullness

to be or not to be….

that is the question ?

This time of the spiral we are seeing that picture….

where we are

how we got here

where we want to be

the difference

Transformation Ace of Cups

Blue Night 

compliment ~ being the conscious dreamer ~

Saturn is the planet twinned with Yellow Warrior ~ West

Integrate our nightmare experiences

and we call our fragments back to wholeness

and see our vision clearly

Our dreams hold the key to that which seeks manifestation

and that which allows that through healing 


Yellow Sun

doing the enlightenment process by transforming our shadow

Pluto is the planet ~ the underworld ~ South

This is the process we are always activating to let more light in

and access the code of consciousness from the sun


Red Serpent 

kundalini dance of intimate relationship and being guided by feelings ~

what gets on our nerves ~ enquiry and healing ~ speaking the truth of it with the intention of creating differently from that awareness rather than following old tribal patterns that no longer serve

what makes our energy shine  ~ expand and share that vibe

the asteroid belt that is the residue of a fragmented planet ~ East


White World~bridger 

One of the Pacal 13 clear signs 

in the 13 tone 

An essential step 

Letting go of old worlds on every level 

not just with our head

purely thinking that we have healed 

is not possible….

feeling we have healed is a different thing

If you choose think about a past emotional event 

and see if there is any emotional resonance 

if there is your ego is fooling you into believing you have let it go

That is it’s primary focus¬†

to keep the individual from feeling anything that hurts

it will go to great lengths to accomplish this 

none of which create harmony


If you click on the link above for Yellow Warrior you will see the cross 

this is the key code to create alchemical transformation that I have outlined above 

This is the continual heart path that we walk

and we learn which way to go

by trusting our intuition

and how we feel

Heart tree

This in itself is a mastery step

Once the individual understands this on a deep level there is a huge shift of understanding

when the individual starts this process

it can be difficult to distinguish between the objective truth of intuition

that comes from a place free of distortion

and what is simply our ego fooling us

and…this takes time…

and we do this dance many times

and…the more we clear

and of course the clearer this becomes



This Mayan Sign is number 16 = 7

Vergina Sun


“Flag of Greek Macedonia” by Mysid – Self-drawn in CorelDraw.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Greek_Macedonia.svg#mediaviewer/File:Flag_of_Greek_Macedonia.svg

The number 8 tone of it today is 

The star of Ishtar 


To allow our God and Goddess to sit comfortably with each other


The Great Work

Inner Work

Understanding of the process is valuable

Understanding of our process is invaluable

without that understanding 

there can be no progression

other people can assist us

they cannot do it for us

dependency on others

is what it is…


and that is old code

It is very simple in essence

To work magically

Is to work energetically

with what we are

what we have become

because of ways of being

to understand what we have become

is a many splendour thing

of complexity 

To begin we start at the beginning

of course ūüôā¬†


The beginning of this life is where we came into being

So here is where our foundry is

Our constellation

our conscious code

in purity 

full of starlight

full of potentiality


We may believe in later life

that we have fallen from grace

because we do not fit the common mold

are different

are not a chip off the old block…

do not comply with the ego “gold” standard

find competition self defeating 


pointless ūüėȬ†

Do not wish to debate or argue

Simply know something deep in our being

and yet a large part of us may want to weep with despair 

because of this



Here is where our heart comes in

Here is where a cutting edge tool that is based on ancient wisdom comes in

Emotional Freedom Technique

All that has hurt us so far on our quest

distorts our understanding of our self

We have taken on other people’s view of us

Other people’s beliefs about us¬†

and found ourself believing this on a deep level

This is an essential part of the path

Often referred to as a dark night of the soul

in truth the soul does not have dark nights

it is free from human misery

it is free from the wheel of human emotion

which is why we come here to planet earth to experience it

It is part of the soul understanding 

to learn what creates situations and emotional reactions

The planet of Yellow Warrior is Saturn


Saturn is where all our karma patterns are 


How we create as an individual

We have mini Saturn transits every 2 and a half years 

where we can check in with where we are 

and our star seeded mission



Saturn is Sagittarius is here

to transform our structure with fire along with it’s partner

Uranus in Aries

and the third team member is in between

Jupiter in Leo


Saturn is our lower body

chakras and structure

¬†Uranus our Crown and liquid light of kundalini fire bursting up through all our chakras from Saturn’s base

In the middle we have Jupiter

expanding our ego

and our heart



A Holy trinity of fire 




The key to this time is the emotional evolution 

this is the difference that makes the difference

To be a warrior of the heart means….

We know our Saturn pattern

We know our map of destiny

although we do not see all of it at once

We know our Moon shields and lifts the veil at the perfect time

We know that when we feel anything that isn’t joy and love for ourselves

and for others

there is a past pain body event to be healed

so we can be clear again

the emotional pain distorts our vision of everything 

We feel to heal ~ using EFT is a very specific way that works

As we build our skill it reveals lots of connecting cookie trails to follow 

that are related 

This is how the matrix works

All these events are like time capsules

they connect to everything and everyone

part of the world wide web


so no need to worry 

simply be with what is 

and as we feel 

we reveal 

the next step


and we see the wonder of our universe

We are the love we seek 

My first ebook is £2 

It gives specific structures to look at to begin this process

if you are ready to 

It is time sensitive to now 

so aligned with this code

The Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailer’s Guide ~ 1

To purchase click here

It is time for the human being

to be

 the beacon of light and authenticity 


Red Moon Wavespell ~ bigger picture


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 7

Closest to Heaven

Blue Resonant Eagle


Are you ready to hear the message of the God and Goddess ?

Day 7’s are the day of the mystic

so if you are a number 7 ~ Resonant

Have a Resonant Moon as your feminine moon time

or are a Blue Hand ~ the Mayan Sign of 7


this may have been a key day for you

I created my first ebook that is an expansion of my blog today

The Conscious Cosmic Cookie Trailer’s Guide ~ 1¬†

Lots of new learning for me as part of this process

If you wish to purchase it 

Here is the link:

Barefoot Holistic’s Online Shop

Blue Eagle is a mastery code

Part of the seven seals

Code 15 = 6

Brings balance

It’s planet is Jupiter

The Master Planet 


which allows us to transcend our humanity 

and go beyond our limitations 

that our ego loves to impose

The 7th house being the one that is activated when we start to know ourself

Today we look back over the last week at dark moon time

What has resonated and felt good?

What has felt uncomfortable?

What has created an echo vibe that is past it’s sell by date ?

As I write this it is dark moon 

Aquarius at 11 degrees:

Crows eating the corn that a farmer has sown.
Giving yourself free rein to negate, to destroy, and to deny. You go with the darkness and wait to see how its cycle extends. While waiting, you can indulge the lower side of your nature to the utmost. The fun lies in getting away with it. Those most skillful and adroit will keep this malice on subconscious levels and will identify consciously with being the victim of such impulses. A complex and confounding internal politics ensues. You must get away with murder while proclaiming your naive. Ingenuous ignorance of anything wrong. However, the rational mind becomes so entangled in the webwork of spy versus spy that sooner or later every inch of territory is eaten away by plots and counterplots, and nobody is left who can tell who did what to whom. For, once you start letting the carrion birds in, very little virtue territory shall remain.


A summation of certain groups on the world’s stage right now?

A necessary lesson for our evolution and what happens when raw ego runs amok 

The sooner we go there and see this

instead of denying it

and hiding from it

and speaking about it

and owning our part in it

because we have all let our ego have it’s way haven’t we?

It is part of being a human 


when we all admit it

and work with these carrion crows 

pick over the bare bones

see the causality that created this place

right back at the beginning

that is so embedded in our society’s structure right now

then we can start building a new one

from the ashes

being pro active 

and learning how we tick as a collective 

common ground

and the key to this

is knowing our structure

Every person’s destiny can be seen in their childhood

and their Starcode and Mayan Sign 

All the patterns repeat 

If we have no awareness of that bigger picture 

we stay in the dark 

We stay the same 

and we are 

stuck on the

karma wheel


Red Moon Wavespell ~ flowing with universal magic


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 6

White Rhythmic Wizard

Allowing the magic to flow through us 

Free from fear

Free from believing our ego none sense

letting our egoic will lead

This is a challenging skill to master

and essential to our human evolution right now

Bridging the worlds

of the seen and the unseen

The feminine speaking in tongues and symbols

Learning a new language

Dripping the fixed mind set

to be free from living the old paradigms

and taking gentle steps

to create complex stability

otherwise when the rug is pulled too quickly

we tend to fall over

and spin

feel ungrounded 

feel adrift

and lost 

This is why it is a good idea to work with our roots system

in our 

Tree of Life



Starting with that tap root

that goes into the earth 

and allows us to feel supported

and connected to 


Mother Earth


Whenever we start our Alchemical Process

We start with the lower body

and the lower chakras

We start at the beginning with our core issues

Our core issues are always created

at the beginning of our life


Many people do not want to go here

this is the place of fear

so will avoid it….

Focus on the top of the tree 

The Crown

The third eye


pic by Susan Seddon Boulet 

The fantastical stuff

the drama

the theatre

the bewitching


power trip

to try and counter balance the fear and this is understandable

it will not create inner alchemy in itself as this is not where that happens

work with the lower

and the upper opens naturally

as an outcome of that

otherwise we can become eggheads

and egg bound

normal_Egghead process

which in itself creates a blockage of the colon



because we aren’t feeling our feelings¬†

another side effect can be that 

we are literally

full of 

sh*t ūüėČ

This is because the untrained ego wants fantasy

wants power

wants the mystic


this is what our conditioned society sells

as the intoxicating spell

to bind us

to a life of servitude so this manifests as more of the same

in a different coloured outfit

This is key to 

The Green Castle we are currently in

and therefore may be awakening to

our self~delusions


now on one level

the individual may be

very aware of this

manipulated fairy tale of the perfect life

that is achieved by busting a gut

living a lie

and foolishly believe

that we can fix it simply by learning something new 

creating a new model

and all will be well

if we speak of love and light

wear white

burn candles

chant mantras

eat different food

and ….

what ?

do no inner work with our first part of life 

to be with the pain and heal it

and in the process 

create a different core structure


If we have simply changed our surface structure

and all that stuff from the early life

is being repressed

how can it be possible to create something new on a personal level?

When the individual really starts to sit with themselves 

this becomes clear

When no amount of happy clapping 

stops that wolf tail

from slipping out of the 

white robe

wolves in sheep's clothing

and the feelings of rage start to bleed into the ashram

despite all manner of outside intervention

There is a moment of truth potential


Do inner work

Feel peace with oneself

Let go of trying to control the outside


See the outside is revealing the inside 

Change the focus

Become the Shaman

This does not mean learning how to go in a wood by yourself for a weekend

This does not mean learning to drum

This does not mean learning to soul journey into the lower world


All of that is outside process that reveals the inside process 

in a mystical magical way

The Secret to personal Alchemy

is very different

Knowing what the individual is by the individual

Knowing what creates hell for the individual

which was a learned process in childhood

Knowing what created heaven for the child in childhood

and was a learned process

Knowing what coping mechanisms of the ego are

what the individuals coping mechanisms are 

Becoming aware and awake about oneself


Learning what the universe’s codes are¬†

free from corruption by the ego mind 

Seeing where the individual is in relationship to these codes

and then aligning with that process 

This allows today’s energy

A clear conduit human being

This is a lifetime’s work

and what is creating the new world


All that we see in the world today

Is a projection of the collective human being\s childhood issues

Ripe for renovation

So that takes each human being 

to see that

and how the individual

changes the web

by changing that

Inside with the individual web


Learns how that process works

How that process creates

If the individual does not know themself


The individual cannot know another

and the other cannot know another individual

Today Moon in Capricorn

at 21 degrees 

explains this:



A stately old house in a ruined condition.
Karmic entanglement in patterns, syndromes, and worlds which have no future. Dwelling in worlds apart and worlds gone by. Intent upon salvaging the essence-spark of what was once there and claims your allegiance still. You are heavily drawn back in a virtual stupor or enchantment of following out a script, fulfilling a fate. Every line written ahead of time. Starchy and formal. Haunted, intrigued, bound up within what would seem to be no longer happening. Yet inwardly brooding all-pervasively upon the reverberations and echoes of what went wrong, of what was lost, of the severances and the tragedies. Doomed to stay in the lost places until Divine Spirit intervenes. Self-sentenced to limbo, half glad of it and half miserable and full of longings.

All that we need to know about our personal future

lies in what has happened in our past

It is all there in our Natal Chart in Astrology

It is all there in our consciousness

ready to rise from the depths

when triggered

when it is timely ~ a match for Gregorian dates of significant events

when it is fated ~ when the stars are aligned

Our untrained ego is often an arrogant wilful



It tricks us into believing we are on a mission from God or Goddess

when in truth we are simply acting out

a coping mechanism code




A mask will keep us “safe”

It will also calcify our soul

It will harden our heart

It will keep us in our comfort zone

block joy

block truth

block our spirit’s words

until we are blind to beauty

because we dare not look at our true self

in all it’s humanity


Lilith In Virgo is revealing our inner critic

that was learned through our conditioning 

Where are we limiting our self expression

because of 

heart wounding in our childhood?


Where have we bought into someone else’s idea about us as a child

that was actually


all about them?

Are we ready to free ourselves from this lie?

When each individual does

our planet will be free

Eden will be here



humans will be creating in a whole different way

as a natural outcome 

of being master’s of this process

with full understanding


of the necessity of what came before

of which the shadow is the key

and the individual shadow is the individual’s key


the enlightenment process


I have just noticed a significant pattern

There are two Red Moon Wavespells occurring every five years and the next time that happens will be 2018

which is the last year of this Red Moon 13 year cycle

and the following year

we go into a

White Wizard 13 year cycle

White Wizard is key to self~empowerment

and it is a Mastery Code 

One of the Seven Seals

Code 14

The Heart of the Matter

and healing our heart

so that we can be

aligned with 


It is The Asteroid Belt

It’s direction is North

You may feel to design a life plan to connect to this time frame

as there will be a big shift at this time 

Red Moon Wavespell ~ Heavenly ?


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 5

Red Overtone Skywalker


The heart of the matter day of this 13 day code

I spent a magical morning yesterday in Glastonbury and as I was doing that I was unable to share it at the same time

so sharing it with you now because it is key

to my personal journey

I started to write all that was coming to me and the insights I had

whilst in the

100 Monkey’s Cafe¬†

looking at a radiant picture


Undressed by the Divine 

I cannot find the one on her Gallery but here is another beauty

that is also for sale hung in the cafe



So I was scribbling away with lots of insights as this Wavespell is so powerful

Have you been having lots of dreams?

Lots of synchros?

Lots of sacred feminine prima material in there for us to reflect on if we choose

I had the realisation that I am in my dark moon in physicality

which is the energetic of my Red Magnetic Moon 24

a deeply psychic time of what is coming to be released

and/or born

in this next Moon Cycle

Today we are in Galactic Moon day 9

and so completion of a cycle potentiality 

in this Integration energy

What is creating a heavenly experience for us here and now

Clear from shadow distortion ?


Yesterday I felt to go to the

Goddess Temple

next not realising it didn’t open until later¬†

the esoteric

Library of Avalon was closed too.

I went into my favourite shop

Star Child

Looked at the Tree Oil of the Month

The Rowan Tree 



Saw some lovely inspiring things as always…

then on my way past the bookshop I bought

The Tenth Insight

Holding the Vision

An Experiential Guide

by James Redfield

as I opened it and it was all about the structure of cells 

having the same basic structure system

and herein lies the secret of creation


Living with Integrity creates a healthy cellar structure

Cancer reveals how our inner structure mutates

as we are living out of synch with our authentic selves

The Celestine Prophecy was key in my Awakening

around 2000

and my dream to create this space to live in and be

with a group of like minded people

I walked across the road to

The Speaking Tree 

and saw a friend en route who had a message for me

that was very poignant

In the shop I climbed the stairs and saw

my favourite books from childhood

The Magic Faraway Tree


The Enchanted Wood

by Enid Blyton

and I was drawn to the Occult section

Aleister Crowley

and the practice of the magical diary

there is a pdf link above

I randomly opened it and it was referring to eating breakfast and writing specifically what was happening and when…

a 13 day diary record of process

just like I had been doing in the Cafe earlier and am doing in this 13 day wavespell

and I laughed at the total synchro

He also talked of how the Eastern Practice often focus on the mind

and observing it’s thought

and the next step of the adept is to work with that magically

to create alchemy within


I made my way to the Abbey and I followed a


after calling in the little church

St Patrick’s


Lots of signs of new life with

snowdrops and crocuses

pushing through the earth


I went through the Abbey Crypt area 

through a hedge gateway into the Herb Garden

through the Orchard

and to the bottom pond 

full of nibbling pike at the surface

I sat on a bench of my namesake

Beth Kenworthy

and watched the squirrels



looked at the view of

The Tor


Here I am in the same place

and yet in a very different internal space

with a totally different understanding of myself

and my place in 

The Universe

Moon in Capricorn



9 degrees as I wrote this

A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair.
Unfallen light becomes a force to be reckoned with, for it seeks to renew the world. Small things add up here as ritual pervades. Greater worlds’ beings called in to mediate, guide, heighten, restore, and heal. Your intuitive faculties are resplendent with inner pictures. Something great to be done in small steps, taken up from within. A great journey from the origin of the world to full creative power of the living spirit enacted faithfully.


Learning how each human being creates heaven on earth

through individual cellular structure

through individual experiential this life journey

through individual ancestral dna life journey

through individual beliefs

through individual behaviours

Creates our collective experience

and when each individual understands that process

and becomes pro active in it 

Heavenly will become much more evident 

in the here and now

Whatever feels resistant and hellish

is the key to our next step of evolution

and essential that we go there and explore it

as this is where freedom begins

Each doing the work

Each walking the talk

Thinking is only the first step