Red Moon Wavespell ~ Heavenly ?


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 5

Red Overtone Skywalker


The heart of the matter day of this 13 day code

I spent a magical morning yesterday in Glastonbury and as I was doing that I was unable to share it at the same time

so sharing it with you now because it is key

to my personal journey

I started to write all that was coming to me and the insights I had

whilst in the

100 Monkey’s Cafe 

looking at a radiant picture


Undressed by the Divine 

I cannot find the one on her Gallery but here is another beauty

that is also for sale hung in the cafe


So I was scribbling away with lots of insights as this Wavespell is so powerful

Have you been having lots of dreams?

Lots of synchros?

Lots of sacred feminine prima material in there for us to reflect on if we choose

I had the realisation that I am in my dark moon in physicality

which is the energetic of my Red Magnetic Moon 24

a deeply psychic time of what is coming to be released

and/or born

in this next Moon Cycle

Today we are in Galactic Moon day 9

and so completion of a cycle potentiality 

in this Integration energy

What is creating a heavenly experience for us here and now

Clear from shadow distortion ?


Yesterday I felt to go to the

Goddess Temple

next not realising it didn’t open until later 

the esoteric

Library of Avalon was closed too.

I went into my favourite shop

Star Child

Looked at the Tree Oil of the Month

The Rowan Tree 


Saw some lovely inspiring things as always…

then on my way past the bookshop I bought

The Tenth Insight

Holding the Vision

An Experiential Guide

by James Redfield

as I opened it and it was all about the structure of cells 

having the same basic structure system

and herein lies the secret of creation


Living with Integrity creates a healthy cellar structure

Cancer reveals how our inner structure mutates

as we are living out of synch with our authentic selves

The Celestine Prophecy was key in my Awakening

around 2000

and my dream to create this space to live in and be

with a group of like minded people

I walked across the road to

The Speaking Tree 

and saw a friend en route who had a message for me

that was very poignant

In the shop I climbed the stairs and saw

my favourite books from childhood

The Magic Faraway Tree


The Enchanted Wood

by Enid Blyton

and I was drawn to the Occult section

Aleister Crowley

and the practice of the magical diary

there is a pdf link above

I randomly opened it and it was referring to eating breakfast and writing specifically what was happening and when…

a 13 day diary record of process

just like I had been doing in the Cafe earlier and am doing in this 13 day wavespell

and I laughed at the total synchro

He also talked of how the Eastern Practice often focus on the mind

and observing it’s thought

and the next step of the adept is to work with that magically

to create alchemy within


I made my way to the Abbey and I followed a


after calling in the little church

St Patrick’s


Lots of signs of new life with

snowdrops and crocuses

pushing through the earth


I went through the Abbey Crypt area 

through a hedge gateway into the Herb Garden

through the Orchard

and to the bottom pond 

full of nibbling pike at the surface

I sat on a bench of my namesake

Beth Kenworthy

and watched the squirrels



looked at the view of

The Tor


Here I am in the same place

and yet in a very different internal space

with a totally different understanding of myself

and my place in 

The Universe

Moon in Capricorn



9 degrees as I wrote this

A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair.
Unfallen light becomes a force to be reckoned with, for it seeks to renew the world. Small things add up here as ritual pervades. Greater worlds’ beings called in to mediate, guide, heighten, restore, and heal. Your intuitive faculties are resplendent with inner pictures. Something great to be done in small steps, taken up from within. A great journey from the origin of the world to full creative power of the living spirit enacted faithfully.


Learning how each human being creates heaven on earth

through individual cellular structure

through individual experiential this life journey

through individual ancestral dna life journey

through individual beliefs

through individual behaviours

Creates our collective experience

and when each individual understands that process

and becomes pro active in it 

Heavenly will become much more evident 

in the here and now

Whatever feels resistant and hellish

is the key to our next step of evolution

and essential that we go there and explore it

as this is where freedom begins

Each doing the work

Each walking the talk

Thinking is only the first step


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