Red Moon Wavespell ~ structure of the new dawn


Red Moon Wavespell

Day 4

Structure Day

Yellow Self-Existing Human

The New Dawn now arising


The Age of Aquarius

lots of debate as to when that is happening

One famous Astrologer reckoned on 2062

Dane Rudhyar

On the Mayan New Year Day of

July 26

this is

Red Overtone Moon 

and a portal year 

As this is year 5 in a 13 year cycle

when we go back to 2058

we can see that this is a 

Red Moon 13 Year cycle 

42 years from this July


Each Human Being is creating this process

on whatever level of consciousness they are at

at the perfect time

The Universe has got is covered


that does not mean it is a passive process for the individual

that means some people will do it reactively 

some proactively

and there will be times of both


the more we choose to go with the flow of what is happening



the easier it gets


the more exciting too

We start to get more comfortable

with the uncomfortable

and realise we are the ones who create that feeling

we are the ones who choose our relationship with life

and this process takes us into the realisation


We are the Chalice



The key here is to 

Know Thyself

and be very self aware

Love the skin we are in

The planet for today’s sign

is Earth



The more grounded we are and the more we can transcend

that is the paradox

We create a structure within us that is open to holding our spiritual self

that is able to support this energy safely

and learns it’s language

key to the balance of returning sacred feminine and transforming our code

In Astrology look at your fourth House 

This is the fourth sign of the zodiac

in the natural Zodiac Wheel  

which is


It may not be Cancer in your wheel 😉

Another place to look is where your Sirius placement is 

back to White Dog Code

 reveals your birth tribe issues

Remember that we choose where we incarnate

and we choose it for this very purpose

so we can 

be the change 

Stage 1 ~ being the wound and living it

so we can genuinely have experiential and energetic resonance


true empathy and understanding

otherwise it is pure intellectual theory

which is a totally different thing

and what we are transiting out of where the mind and ego define our way of life as though they are all that there is 

There is an article here about the 4th house

by Dane Rudhyar


Once we start to really do our process in earnest

life takes on a whole new meaning 

With our Angelic Presence on board

we have access to limitless wisdom

and is that because we are special or saintly?


We are human beings

who are willing to do what it takes

and work with our shadow

Feel our fear

See that it is meaning we gave to certain life events

and learn about that

Know ourself

Know all aspects


so we can

Be the Host 


We are the miracle 


live accordingly 

Wishing you joy and love

on Valentine’s Day 

The 4th House is paired with the 10th 

It is where our Heart’s Desire is Manifest 

through the code we have and create anew in the 4th

It is also connected to the time of The Summer and Winter Solstice

It is also the Summer Solstice initiation code

for this particular 260 day cycle in the Matrix


When we balance ourselves within

we create healthy relationships without

What our planet needs to be at peace

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