Red Moon Wavespell ~ Blue Electric Alchemy


Red Moon Wavespell

Code 3


Blue Electric Monkey

Portal human evolution day

Today we combine Day 1 and Day 2

To create 

To allow our destiny to manifest 

in a different way

than our mind may think it should….

If we are aware 




that is

which can be a rare thing as we are all in the process

of switching to a new broadcast and signal

I have had an amazing cookie trail today 

following my intuition 

Last night we had a really great

Astrology Group in Glastonbury

which focused on the 

Challenging Aspects in our natal chart

Good to know what Cosmic Cards we have been dealt

and how to play our hand in different ways


If you follow the link on Blue Electric Monkey 

you will see a cross displayed

These are the codes of the fixed cross to work with

All the clues are there

Speaking of which….

have you watched Gone Girl yet ?

Just finished watching it today 

Very thought provoking and visceral

Today you may be visiting people and places

that you have met before


influenced your heart path in some way



or have travelled to similar places

We are in 

Moon in Sagi 


that travelling fire is there

Initiating healing and adventure


Our culture often sees the consumer perspective

as it is ego based so naturally that is how it appears

All people bring the opportunity for soul growth

and human evolution as a result

Once we start to really work consciously we see how everything has been part of the cosmic plan

and we can feel more inclined to…

give it a go

without trying to predict the outcome

My Divinity card from Thoth for today is



also connected to the Baboon today in the blogs below

and with

Blue Monkey


Here are a couple of blogs I enjoyed about this Mercury time:

All about an adventure with Hermetica withAaron Cheak


Austin Coppock

I was born during Mercury Retrograde 

so I am very at home in the going backwards 

heart and intuitive time and code it brings

Today is a very magical day 

as it one of

Pacal Votan’s 13  clear signs 



I will be going into depth about this in the

Conscious Cookie Trailer’s Ebook

Coming Soon

Hope your Cauldron is bubbling

with the planetary energy of this sign today 



Remember all the clues for the alchemical love potion

are in this painting

Google it and see who the characters are on the stage

and what energy they bring to the Goddess 

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