Completion of the Mirror




Day 9 of the White Mirror Wavespell

White Solar Worldbridger

I’m feeling a little lighter today ~ how about you ?

This central space of inner core being can feel intense. Yesterday I had a day of feeling very emotional ~ I wanted to cry all day ~ and did quite a lot ~ nothing in particular was prompting this in real time events in the moment ~ thoughts of future times were. My son is leaving home for University in September and part of me feels this deeply.  I find crying happens to me a lot when I am in Sacred Site Zones like when I first visited Glastonbury Abbey and at Avebury on December 21st 2012. This feeling and unstoppable niagra falls of my eyes ~ reminded me of a particular challenging time back in 2001 ~ just felt to put today’s date for that time period in the Mayan calendar decoder and ~ goosebumps ~ it was a White Worldbridger Day ~ Planetary though which is the number 10. Love doing this with the Mayan Wavespell.

If you are an empath/ very intuitive/very emotional/deep feeling person then you may find this happening to you more and more as this is the sacred feminine energy expanding.

I am working with several people at the moment who are going through this shift ~ it is part of our transition and it may bring up fear for your ego mind so it is very beneficial to allow that to surface and work through it rather than bury it deep where it is often then expressed in the body ~ the body creates what our western thinking perceives as an illness. In reality this is a healing response. Our body will balance too much yang energy within us with yin ~ hence no cure for the common cold. A cold is soothing yin/feminine energy that bathes the inflamed areas with moist balm . If we do not wish to experience colds then we become aware of what behaviours and ways of being created “inflamed” situations for us…..and do something else instead. Remove ourselves from these ways of relating and create new harmonious ones instead.

We  are well educated in our society with the ways of the masculine. We have chapter and verse on how to go out and do “business”, earn money, get ahead, be a “success” according to the Ego design template of being affluent. Everything is structured outside. When I think back to 2001 and my vulnerability of being a single parent for a while, with two young children and two businesses to run and my partner estranged ~ although still working in the business but with little communication between us except “business”  ~ I can see how this is still affecting me. I haven’t healed it all and although my mind may think I have “got over it” I know when something today triggers me the next layer comes to the surface. It is still resonating which in my view means there is more learning to come 🙂

We are all going through this process in separate ways……and together…….we are all in this current cycle together and we are all intertwined. Each individual choice we make affects the collective and the more we can create circles of support and let go of the “it’s just business” ethos, the more our world becomes personal and intimate. The way of intimacy allows us to love deeply and truly from the heart.

At this time in June 2001 we were building up for the major event of 9/11 and the world as a result had a huge pattern creation at this point. If you choose you can explore how your world changed as a result ~ your beliefs, your feelings of safety and what you believe to be true ~ now ~ about what may or may not be the events of that trauma in our world psyche.

I am just reading an amazing book by Daniel Pinchbeck ~ 2012 and The Return of Quetzalecoatl . If you are interested in looking at the world differently I highly recommend this book as it is extremely well researched and offers so many bigger pictures to look at ~ to the open minded.

One passage in particular that resonated with me ~ and the model I use in the therapy of energy coaching ~ is to realise that each of us has an energetic bubble of beliefs. This belief system that is us ~ our mini planet and spaceship ~ can only be understood by people with matching beliefs and/or open minded people willing to be open to sharing and learning new ways of being.  As highlighted in Daniel’s book ~When the Europeans invaded the Americas in their quest for gold and exploitation of the indigenous people’s ,they literally came from another world with a completely different set of beliefs that was very masculine. The Americas’s tribes were very much in their sacred feminine and foresaw the coming of these people. Their world involved myth , magic and shamanic ways of being that involved circles and cycles ~ the Mayan calendar as a part of that ~ and this did not exist in the world of the incoming European’s ~ it had no influence over them. The indigenous people lived , in many regards , in homeostasis with their environment and only took from it what was in balance for survival of all.  Their ways of being were no match for the weapons and hunger of the Europeans, who simply took what they wanted without any honouring of the local people, animals or environment and at this time a new age of patriarchy was being created.

In every way that is true for us now ~ if we meet people with different maps (energy bubbles) we can feel resistance. If we choose we can explore this and go beyond the veil into the myth and magical cycle that is returning now.

Our mind naturally wants to do what it knows and so many people are experiencing big life changes and feeling they have to do more of the same in some way ~ and feeling panicky if they cannot replicate that pattern with money, a job, a relationship.

What is coming into being now is the new frontier, the new pioneers and the way showers who are paving new ways for people to hone their sacred feminine energy bubbles and allow them to blossom.

Remember if we do what we have always done.……we get what we always get…….and that isn’t possible in this new world that is emerging because…..the earth…..she say no 🙂

Feel the fear…..allow it…..recognise it as the ego mind alone……and let it go……then in that clear space allow the divine inspiration to flow through you.

This is what tapping ~EFT ~ emotional freedom technique ~ allows 🙂 It really works 🙂 It is my passion to share it with as many people as I can and to share this message of the white mirror:

You are the creator or your reality

Yes you

Yes really 

and you have everything you need to go through this transition if you will simply feel your way and be open to new learning

Everyone is always doing the perfect thing for them ~ many people say that is true ~ many people say that others “shouldn’t” tell others how they “should” do this or that and in the doing so ~ are paradoxically ~ doing exactly that 🙂  Don’t you love the paradoxes ~ they are speeding up. 

It’s all good  🙂

We are all interrelating and inter creating and learning.

If you choose to work more powerfully and with conscious awareness then become proactive rather than reactive and become an expert of yourself

Turn that mirror within by looking at what is showing up outside and how it makes you feel

When you do this everything will take on a whole new light and you will journey through your ego shadowlands faster and you will feel your core transform.

There are too many moving parts to control outside 🙂

Today my higher self guided me to look at what the number 9 represents in the spine ~ we are here in the centre of the Tzolkin and as above so below. We are as humans a micro of the macro. This is sacred geometry. 

Number 9 is the thoracic part of the spine and it is an amazing heart shaped joint. Each part of our body has a metaphysical meaning. If you have Louise Hay’s You Can Heal your Life ~ little turquoise book, there is a full spinal chart at that back listing each part. I have put some links on today for my cookie trail ~ if you wish to do yours simply google ~ follow your own cosmic cookie trail each day with what you intuitively feel guided to do because you have your own unique thread to follow that is perfectly aligned for you and your next steps ~ and don’t let your thinking logical mind override it 🙂 Learn to trust your intuitive self. Sometimes this doesn’t become clear for a while but when it does it reveals an amazing process. When I first got “messages” for my clients I felt reluctant to share them as they often made no sense to me ~ now I often say ~ I don’t know what it means but here it is.

Sometimes it is as simple as ~ letting go of the need to know and learning to trust that their is a higher consciousness that we are a part of that has no linear blinkers on 🙂

This vertebra is significant for the victim mindset ~ blaming pattern. Blaming is a first step relationship pattern that allows our ego to pass the buck and begins very early in life. When we hurt ourselves by interacting with an inanimate object that object is often “blamed” for it. Naughty door that trapped the toddlers finger. This expands into ~ it is the government’s fault etc. A way of avoiding responsibility for our relationships and choices which serves us as a child as generally speaking children are a dependent. This is also linked in to the pancreas. This is the area of manifestation of diabetes and sugar addiction. Blamers often seek sugar to sweeten their life and this is a very literal way of ensuring that an emotional need is met. Our western society is seeing the impact of this way of relating.

This is still something I am weaning myself off . I have replaced my sugar intake with honey as an interim step and using fresh fruit instead of sugar laden fruit juices from the supermarket. On the emotional levels I am working with re patterning my sugar addiction in all areas of my life including ego rewards .

When I feel good about myself and I am living in alignment with my true self I have no need to reward myself as my life is a rewarding in itself.

In meridian terms this is the place of the Governing Vessel ~ 

GV 8 Acupuncture Point – Jin Suo – Governing Vessel Meridian and the balancing of the masculine and feminine.

Number 9’s are significant ~ it is my number in the Mayan.

It is the number of the Sagittarius sign too.

Just looking at this in detail with my Starcode which I am learning experientially at the perfect time ~ often this is with people who ask me to do theirs for them. Each time I create something for someone I learn something new. I offer this is the way we are heading to on the planet and many people resist this believing making lots of money is the key. My North Node is Gemini and this is my soul purpose this time around. The South Node of this is Sagittarius which was my last life time and explains why I am always surrounded by Sagittarius energy with my partner and daughter being Sagi’s and lots of my friends and past relationships too. Learning about this gives me bigger picture awareness and more insights as to why things have happened and when and also how each astrologer has a different interpretation based on their energy bubble. The more we learn about this simple universal truth and the more we recognise how pointless debates and arguments are on so many levels ~ we are meant to have our own point of view as this is our journey and the wonderful world of polarity, fractal and how we come to know ourselves.

Back to money and many people are struggling with getting money in at the moment ~ again if we allow this space of being it is a wonderful opportunity to see our pattern and be open to new ways of being.

Money is an artificial creation that can be used to manipulate and to buy things that are not an energetic match for us ~ and as a consequence are for ego purposes. It can be used as a power trip and an avoidance and when that is removed we can see our energetic structure and belief system clearly ~ if we are prepared to look 🙂

The absence of money can allow us to become very clear about the choices that we make an an opportunity to shake off our addictive behaviours, relationships and shackles.

Money isn’t a bad thing or evil or….. anything ~ simply a means to exchange something. Like everything else it  is different things to different people.

If we are to move towards a balanced world where we do not take natural resources and destroy the environment 

Where we go with the flow

Where we let go of a man made calendar and living out of synch with what is……

Then we let go of what goes with that which is the majority of our money making rat race

Many people seem to subscribe to that vision in theory ~ yet are doing nothing whatsoever to turn their own personal wheel in that direction in practicality ~

So …..

How is the world going to change?

We all keep doing the same…….and we create change??????

If you want to head in the sacred feminine direction then get on the sacred feminine bus 🙂 The patriarchal bus doesn’t go there 

Watched a film last night that felt very uncomfortable on many levels and love the metaphor. I am not a Zombie movie fan at all but my daughter’s enthusiasm for Warm Bodies encouraged me to watch it. It summed up how I felt yesterday and how I felt in 2001. I was walking around Proper Job and Morrison’s yesterday ticking off a list off things I needed to complete my last few days of frenzied activity in my house. This is our second summer and we have been attempting flow in an un flowing design that didn’t fit our furniture and so life was difficult on a practical level. Now everything seems to be “fitting in” and feeling energetically different. I am a solution based person and that is my ethos as Aquarius Ascendant. It is how I relate and often not received well by people who are in victim mode wanting to offload. In my masculine Mars mode I look to offer ways forward when often people simply want to be heard and loved by my Taurus Moon feminine side. As I am learning to rebalance myself in this regard and stop people pleasing as a way of staying safe, people often see more of my masculine at the moment.

I have been largely offline in this wavespell and in my own world for several days and this part of me loves to see solutions happening. In the manipulation world of the supermarket listening to eighties musak my true emotional state was triggered and I felt in annihilation zone. More layers coming up. I really felt on many levels ~ what is the point of this “existence” ~ it is madness. Yes we are practical beings that have practical needs…..and this is so out of balance. In the film this is highlighted to the extreme with the parody of the living dead society we live in, where we repress our true nature and true selves to fit a mad conforming version of life. We lose our humanity and exist as a walking corpse. Love of course changes this 🙂


All of this being highlighted in Libra Moon today and with a big energetic agenda taking place this week with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and a Supermoon on the way.

Looking back at last year’s White Mirror time has been a revelation. Here is my link to last years blog in October which took place just before my holiday to Kephalonia at Libra Sun time . It was also just before the Scorpio Gateway and the underworld time. My circle has looped again on this blog and I am starting to see the wonders of working with the Mayan Wavespell in this way . Wow what a touch of Grace.

Remember in the bigger picture it is Saturn in Scorpio time so the more you commit to seeing your cycles and going through them and practising tough love on yourself and others and the more you will really start to reap the rewards.

If you feel inclined come and join me in Glastonbury on my retreat to align with the new year

on July 25th and integrate your states by opening your heart even more

to your universal star seeded wisdom.

Lots of love to you all.



Mirror Time



White Mirror Wavespell


We are in the centre of the Tzolk”in ……and if we choose we are in the centre of us.

Following on the tail of the hugely powerful Red Serpent spiral of intimacy and loving the skin we are in , we are now able to work with what came to light in some way .

Wherever we are at is perfect ~ this isn’t a race , there is no first place. We all come in when we come in with grace.

The next thirteen days will literally show us ourselves.

The holograph of our inner beliefs projected outward so we can have an opportunity to see our inside ~ outside manifest in form.


Yesterday I went to see the film After Earth. It was fabulous for some clarity of often spiritual abstract ideas being formed into a movie story.

Danger is real ~ fear isn’t. Fear is simply a choice of how we feel about the unknown future.

Whenever we are truly present, in the now, in our body, grounded without the mind spin doctor rolling out fantasy scenarios… is impossible to feel anything other than love because that is what we are.


To be present and switch off the mind spin, people often choose to take part in extreme activities which force the muttering ego mind to shut the bleep up 🙂

When we are on a mountain the ego risk assessor is pushed back into second position as the priority is to stay alive and not think about what happened last thursday that rocked our world. If that activity is motivated by avoidance of “real life” it is often an energy balancer . It allows the activist to feel “real” in a way that isn’t with their family or colleagues ~ an avoidance of “intimacy ” ~ going without instead of going within. Creating outside adventure and skyscrapers to prove and validate instead of facing the demons within. A key pattern of the “entrepreneur ” The risk has to get bigger to “feel”

Some people feel really alive in action in the war zone ~ totally alert to preserve their life and really aware of their mortality through seeing the truth of it as others lose theirs.


There is also another option that allows more choice of playing this game of life.

Have a look at how your world today is an echo of times past ~ old events and patterns playing out ~ ghosts

Decide what movie you want to run now

Decide how much presence you want now

Realise that it is only this energy curtain that is stopping you feeling the true magical universe ~ of you

The Devil card in tarot ~ you can take those chains off any time you like because ~ you have the key

Then start to pull the curtain of illusionary ego self down ~  and step beyond the veil

If you don’t do this process you are forever bound by ego laws ~ there is no transcendence possible because you are stuck in the lower world of dense emotion and the beliefs that create them ~

each level comes as we go through the ego gateway and we get to take off the blinkers of our ego blindness

Instead of :

  • life through a lens, scary world, everyone else has control of my destiny world, I am not good enough, I am tired, I am ill , it’s unfair, it’s unjust…….

How about:

  • I am strong, capable and amazing  ~
  • I have survived my trip until now  so I have got great survival skills

and I am now shaping that even more

  • I am changing this interface, transforming my projector filters and slides…..

so whatever this world presents to me I can feel more comfortable with

  • I can use each day as an opportunity to see myself and as I take responsibility for everything that shows up in my world in some way ~ it’s here just for me to see so I can make a different choice to how I felt last time it happened 🙂
  • It gives me the potentiality to learn and to love and accept my life so far
  • I get to experience something from a different angle ~ maybe I am now seeing the perspective of a past event in a new way and stepping into the shoes of my mother, my boss, my child, my lover so I see how it may have been for them ~ experientially rather than simply intellectually

the karma patterns are now happening very quickly and we have the potential so see things

from so many angles in one lifetime

If I choose to avoid this process…..

I choose to avoid the reality of “what is” as to how our universe currently creates our reality 

It is no longer about turning away from the world in mystical, religious abstract where only a handful of people hold the heart wisdom

It’s is the start of the bigger picture of expansion for everyone ~ awakening time

simple 🙂

Some beliefs that may be useful to encode and build taking small

integrated steps:

  • I can cope with it ~ my universal self only brings me what I can cope with 

at the perfect time for me ~

and the planet

  • This generation is on the emotional evolution transition  ~ letting go of the karma wheel.
  • I am ready to learn new ways of being
  • I am supported by my universal self ~ all I need do is ask ~ and it is given
  • the more I open up and allow myself to receive the more this process happens
  • I have always been a great learner

Just reading Karma Kola by Gita Mehta 

If you haven’t read it check it out ~ Written in 1989 and so fabulous for now with such clear insights and beautifully written ~ I connect to so many Glastonburyesque “spiritual” behaviours and beliefs of avoidance of the real life that we live focusing on spiritual frameworks instead  ~ without any integration.


It is a misunderstanding of the journey because ………it has been applied intellectually like buying an app ~ you cannot buy your stairway to heaven. You simply experience where you are and if you don’t like where you are ~ you change the inner core ~ which changes the outer position.

To do this requires practical application that is experiential ……instead of simply trotting out someone else’s spiritual script ~ it is about as real as “buying” a star in the heavens ~

the star is within 🙂


It is a wonderful time of realisation now  ~ we are in the last few days of this Mayan Year and as the new one approaches we can be ready to blaze a trail  of light by bursting our heart’s wide open.


If you would like to co create with me:

I offer a free consultation on skype to chat about how we can do this

Free Mayan Sign and Starcode info ~ please send me your time, date and place of birth and an email address to send it to 🙂

In person and online workshops ~

next one coming up EFT Circle 4 this will be incorporating issues that came up in this last intense 

wavespell of Red Serpent. Here is a general video about EFT Circles ~ this time we have a Supermoon coming up on June 23 in Capricorn so a different energetic focus we also have the summer solstice in the UK on June 21st.


Somerset Sacred Landscape Retreat to immerse yourself in ……yourself 🙂 In the Goddess landscape.


Open your Heart Retreat in July.


If you are not able to come to Somerset and would like a retreat for you and a group of fellow traveller’s maybe we can plan something fun ?

Lots of love to you and you clear reflection time.

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Here’s a video I made about Triggers you may find useful 🙂











Day 13 ~ cosmic



Red Cosmic Earth


Today is the final day of the Red Serpent Wavespell.


Today is the day of movement that we have created as a result of going through this energetic spiral with conscious awareness.


What was your state of play when this began on May 28th ?


How are you in a different space now and can see your sacred path more clearly ?


I have had a very busy thirteen days with lots going on and a lot of consciousness coming to light 🙂


Lots of inspiration and practical shifts as I have communicated with my nearest and dearest in a different way

Tapping to clear old ego stuff ~ then a new clearer way of seeing my world free from my past

Further forays into using The Mayan calendar…….


I have completed a circle on my blogs with links to my links created before and that has felt amazing on an integration level.

My Open Your Heart Retreat

I had initially planned to do a retreat in the same way I did last year here in Somerset but …..

I awoke this morning with a feeling to link in to today in some way.

New Moon in Gemini energy of sending out energetic connections for relationships

Last year I chose Lammas and I had only a bare bones awareness of this calendar . This is Leo time ~ I am a Leo Sun and I design my workshops around heart frameworks ~ courage and love ~ the lionheart.

This year I am amazed at how fast this knowledge is integrating and co creating with everything I already had in my awareness.

Last Year I did a workshop on the day out of time in Glastonbury Town Hall for The Glastonbury Positive Living Group and then the retreat later.

The Mayan wavespells do not happen on the same day each year ~ they change.

So ….this year ~ instead of staying with that date from last year I have decided to go with starting on the day out of time and creating 4 days of intensive journeying so we can start the Yellow Galactic Seed Year of Integration with laser like focus and awareness of what our heart is seeking to integrate.


All of the Mayan calendar synchronises and reveals the sacred web of life:


The Retreat begins with the day out of time on July 25th  ~ where we are free from our “story” ~ to see our dream and this is Blue Resonant Night


On July 26th we have Yellow Galactic Seed ~ the start of our new Mayan Year ~ connecting us to the Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ the next Supernova wavespell coming up on July 6th

On July 27th we have Red Solar Serpent and a galactic activation portal day ~ connecting us to this wavespell now

On July 28th we have White Planetary Worldbridger ~ connecting us to the two world seeking to come together in manifestation


This is all in the wavespell of Red Earth

For more about the retreat please click here :

Open Your Heart Retreat


When we liberate ourselves from our intimacy issues we are free to be our true nature and then everything is truly seen as a gift to open our heart even more.

We have no fear. Everything is seen as new learning

Fear is simply fear ~ something that is revealed in the new film with Will Smith that I am off to see later today ~ After Earth

as always

Perfect timing 🙂

There are no coincidences ~ everything shows up right on schedule for us to take our path.

I love blogging about this ~ and I cannot do it everyday ~ next week I will be blogging as and when .

Lots of love to you all and wishing you well with mirror mirror wave spell coming up.

Thank you for interacting with me in this way ~ without you ~ where

would I be ? Please do feedback I value our relationship ❤





Day 12 ~ Yellow Crystal Warrior




Day 12 ~ the day of crystallisation

Yellow Crystal Warrior in Red Serpent Wavespell


What has become crystal clear today guided by the New Moon in Gemini ?


Lots of links for your perusal today. These links are often to other people’s websites 🙂 Simply hover your mouse and see where they are and journey to different world’s of information.

Many of these sites are what I call

my personal power team of co creative information

They are specialists in their field and offer amazing learning for me. Gratitude to all these amazing people , having you in my life has really expanded my awareness and raised my consciousness. I do not promote anything I have no experience of and receive no award or reward ~ I am not an affiliate 🙂

I love to be free and clear of any entanglement in this way. Crystal structure 🙂


How the Mayan Wavespell Matrix works in micro :

In the Mayan wavespell of 13 steps :

we complete a cycle at number 9

and then we build on it from 10 to 12 .


On day 13 we can be in the energy of it in a cosmic way to see what our bigger picture view and shift has been ~ expanded awareness of ourself and our relationships.

Today we are in day 12

On Day 9 of this intimacy and loving the skin we are in wavespell  

we were in Red Solar Skywalker and that was on Wednesday June 5th ~ what were you witnessing in your completion?


So today we have that energy plus 3 


On Day 3 we were in Blue Electric Hand which was on Thursday May 30th ~ this is our combination of what we want to create ~

the yang of our masculine will going out on Day 1  and our challenge of Day 2 ~ the yin feminine energy that is seeking to be received and integrated ~ what we do not know and the next step on our soul journey

Simply look back on my blog for the bigger picture information 🙂


So we have been on an intense snake ride of undulation ~ mind, body and spirit.


Today’s energy of Yellow Crystal warrior is all about our staff of life in our body ~ this is our spine and what holds the whole human shebang together.

Each building block in bone reveals our foundation and everything literally hangs from there 🙂 In physicality our spinal fluid travels up our human spaceship and takes a tour around the intelligence command centre ~ our brain, which is our receiver of incoming information. This is our interface and our interpreter ~ how we are understanding and experiencing our soul mission . Remembering that this is often distorted information ~ perfectly geared to allow us the trip we chose  ~ this is our Starcode ~ natal chart, time of arrival, chosen birth family ~ the perfect patterns for us to take this trip and learn with experiencing it. It becomes clear information from source when we integrate our learning and emotional experiences which begin as soon as we are in our mother’s womb. We pick up her events and emotional experiences.

Each early part of the trip created a belief that we were separate in some way ~ this creates the distortions ~ so we can journey through these to remember who we really are  ~ not who we think we have become on our ego road trip.

If we choose to be truly intimate ~ there is a pattern for that.

It involves us facing our whole self and integrating parts that have “fallen along the wayside ” ~ in truth that is the illusion 🙂 The Hotel California experience.

As we retrace our steps and welcome our selves back in on the magic bus of love ~ we strengthen our core, we learn the laws of love and we remember that we are truly beautiful and absolutely fabulous no matter what detours we have had in the shadowlands ~ this is our greatest learning ~ going off road into the deserts, the forests, the deep ocean diving. Exploring the wild side of life ~ our sacred feminine 🙂

So we can see what filters we create.

Then we can remove them and be naked once more on all levels ~ like the new born babe we came in as .

Learning to speak other languages is the travellers key points of understanding ~ seeing another’s world through their eyes and the synchronicity ~ they will match in some way with earlier traveller’s we have encountered. This may cause some intensity in us and we often bring all our past relationships that match to this table now.

As we learn to work with awareness and responsibility for our own feelings ~ we see emotion is causing distortion ~ and it is this emotion that is seeking to be released so we can be clear and be totally present, free from our past, with each fellow traveller we meet anew.

We are truly present and able to create intimacy because we truly see them ~ pure, free and in love ~ clear sight. It is in crystal clarity in all our levels of being because we are clear of our shadow. This can happen when we fall in love ~ blind to the whole person because our ego simply focuses on the love aspects and ignores the others 🙂 This can be a major pitstop if we are willing to go beyond the honeymoon period and go for the tough love trip.

This is the part of the journey we are on planet wise 🙂 Time to toughen up on inauthentic, dishonest relationships that are often delusion ~ such as our addictions. They hold us in limbo on our journey. When we move out of the opium den into the stark sunlight we see our true selves and it may scare us…..we may not like the real us. This is the heart of the matter.

Part of this journey is learning how to have co creation relationships with others ~ this takes work. This is created through mind ~ understanding and creating frameworks that are free of manipulation and need meeting, body ~ through our body language and innate reading and spirit ~ the willingness to align with the ego and do what is required to let spirit flow freely.

We all have a different understanding of how we do relationships ~ otherwise how would there be learning and evolution?

Creating a framework for a relationship where 1 and 1 = 3 is co creation.

This is me ~ this is who I am and this is how I choose to relate

This is you ~ this is who you are and this is how you choose to relate

This is our relationship ~ a garden we choose to nurture and share space in. We each bring our way of creating this garden and no one has to be less ~ no one has to be more. We may like different plants and structures and we find a compromise of common ground and true love free from power tripping.

This takes honest communication.

To be honest about ourselves we have to know ourselves ~ the more we do our inner work and the more we explore our world.

Our map of the world changes as we do this because we realise we create everything in our reality ~ and if we created it and it isn’t serving us ~ we can uncreate it. If we don’t know how to do that ~ we can ask our higher selves to show us and we can ask for support on our journey…..

and be prepared to do what it takes 🙂

Which means learning a new language because….

we are facing new worlds, new boundaries and going where we haven’t been before……

Future horizons:

Coming up on the heaven’s ~ the place of energy influence.

We have a new wavespell starting on Monday which is White Mirror. I won’t be blogging about this every day ~ if you wish to have any assistance with it please contact me so we can chat. This is all about seeing ourselves reflected back through others ~ seeing our thoughts and beliefs ~ I am not talking about projection in any sort of self critic framework that so many people I know focus on. It’s like a self flagellation exercise . If you indulge in this may I suggest to focus on tapping on times in the past when you have felt your were labelled, judged and criticised as your self esteem has been affected . When you release this energy trip you will feel so much lighter and brighter ~ people will need shades as they feel your luminosity 🙂

If it is your personal wave spell it will be a wonderful time to connect and raise consciousness.

The next Supernova wavespell is coming up in a month’s time Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ another ten portals to blow us sky high 🙂 This is the flavour of  our new Mayan Year coming on July 26. These ten portal wavespells are in the blue castle of the Tzolkien and this represents death and transformation so very potent.

The yellow seed starts on July 6th. The GAP portal days start on day 3.

If you are struggling with overwhelm about the Mayan Wavespell on this  ~ remember ~ it’s a new language is all ~ nothing to get stressed about ~ you are doing it anyway ~ you don’t need to know it intellectually ~ trust yourself ~ you can tune in as and when you feel the pull. It is only our ego that feels any fear 🙂 You are doing just great on your road trip.

Combined with this we have Mercury Retrograde starting on June 26th so if you have something that you wish to be crystal clear such as a contract done and dusted , it is a good idea to have it wrapped up prior to then. When Mercury is going backwards anything mind, linear and techno tends to become fuzzy round the edges 🙂 It is fabulous for being in the heart and observing old patterns.

Clarity for me:

The clarity I have had in this wave spell is that I love to connect to people who are ready to be intimate with me ~ honest ~ open and willing to look at their shadow and own it. I don’t “do” superficial :-). Willing to do what it takes to create a change in our world by doing the change within them. This is what I offer in my relationship with everyone. I don’t have a separate face or way of being for “business” I don’t care about money or ego stuff . I have my shadow issues of course and everyday I choose to honour that and allow myself to bring more light in.

I am not here as an enabler, a chalice for someone to pour their “stuff” into as a means of offloading. I care deeply and I have compassion because I love people and life ~ it isn’t that I do not care about you ~ it is simply that I have learned that to be in relationship with you in this way doesn’t serve me ~ or you.

I seek to speak my truth ~ and I will do that if I work with you ~ I am no longer coming from a people~pleasing space. I learned a long time ago how to read people and see beyond the mask ~ it’s my gift and I also learned that sooner or later that mask will be revealed because… always is 🙂 It is why people come together ~ to co create and evolve.

My energy is about change ~ people are attracted to me when they are ready to change ~ sometimes their mind doesn’t accept that though and the ego puts up a struggle 🙂

The more we let go of our events of receiving in a way that hurt us and the more we let go of the mask and trust again.

Only when we do that can we be truly trusting with others….. because we trust ourselves to create new ways of relating in a way that works for us now

Are you ready to be a warrior of the heart ?

Crystal clear on your mission and ready to travel into the heart of your inner world ?

This is true abundance and success I believe. The ability to engage in our universe with your whole self in 🙂

Love to you diamond lights.

If you are ready to allow yourself to follow your cosmic cookie trail this may assist:

Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle


Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle


This is dark moon time and the energy of Blue Eagle is the shaman ~ the sensitive ~ beyond any linear timeframe ~ rising up to see the bigger picture.

The day 11 in every wavespell is the letting go day.

Yesterday you saw what was manifest and…..
if you chose to do some self~enquiry …..

you can see what seeks release in your mindset ~ thoughts created by beliefs
ways of relating now based on learning as a child

and how you know that relationship doesn’t feel good for you ~

because of how you feel.

A shaman can be free of a habituated life ~ because they empty their cup through recapitulation ~ notice the synchronicity with this link 🙂

anyone can do this if you are prepared to do the work 🙂

I use EFT ~ tapping. It is a modern shamanic practice that is different to many shamanic healing methodology. It is fun to journey and fly with the Eagle in the higher worlds ~ you can get CD’s and do this yourself ~ I have held groups for this and people often get profound insights and see their future because they slip into the noosphere

When I started my deeper journey of energy awareness and clearing I shifted my focus from spending time and energy outside myself and instead going within

At 42 I began my kundalini rising process at midlife ~ my Uranus opposition.

This happens to all of us at this time and it is the time where we move from serving ourselves and our ego structures ~

to serving our soul and our service to humanity structure

This is often where we get a big course correction.

The more you clear the past energetically and emotionally and the more you literally clear the past

The intellect is involved ~ in a small way 🙂

Once you start to go deeper into this way of being you realise how powerful this is…..

most of the stuff from our past that is calling the shots and shaping our day to day reality ~ isn’t what we “think”

My clients are often surprised at what past threads make up a “problem” for them now

Many people come with fears and phobias ~ for example a fear of spiders.

Often they haven’t had a specific trauma incident so they don’t understand why they are so afraid…..

that is because the emotional mind works off patterns that are not rational ~ a spider is a pattern of behaviour and each individual has a different meaning and therefore response to that pattern

phobias aren’t rational ~ this was the start of the evolution of energy therapies and Emotional Freedom Technique ~ to get to the heart of the irrational and to help people find practical solutions to ways of being that created an inability to live life fully. Emotional Freedom technique blends talking therapy with meridian wisdom ~ ancient world and modern world synchronising to create a harmonious relationship of healing.

As I started my journey with EFT and NLP I first began with exploring my own world and my own patterns. I was led to a wonderful school of NLP which no longer trains but has online resources. This was an amazing time in my life when I chose to do what my heart yearned for and took me to lots of new worlds ~ doing a community project called Inspire, volunteering in my village, learning about transition towns and becoming a clown

As I then started to work with people, I explored people’s world’s that had become restricted ~ some couldn’t go out of their front door, some couldn’t have relationships , some couldn’t eat and some couldn’t stop eating. Some had been held in their past for 40 years because of a manic episode, some couldn’t speak in public and some felt as though their world had ended.

All of these limitations ~ these people were limited because they couldn’t live how they wished to and experience well-being ~ joy and unlimited access to their universe ~ were created by that person’s emotional mind as a way of keeping them safe from further trauma.

This is the emotional mind’s primary role and it is often extreme.

Over time I learned experientially about patterns on a deeper level as I worked with myself and clients.

Everyone has the potential to work through patterns without any help from anyone or anything ~ simply by taking action and persevering and allowing a natural emotional process. If we don’t avoid grieving for example ,when a relationship ends, or a person dies or a part of your life comes to an end ~ and we are truly honest about our state of being, we don’t put a brave face on and carry on regardless ~ because this is avoidance ~ then we go through the tunnel and we emerge at the light. This is the cold turkey of getting real with how you feel and is an essential life journey. We are here as emotional beings ~ we are here to feel. This is the dark night of the soul. Most of our society avoids it and represses it , keeping it at bay with avoidance tactics. Look over here ~ look over there ~ smoke and mirrors. Learning to clown was amazing for me as I had to face my fear and learn to be spontaneous. To celebrate authentic emotions that we normally express ~ boredom, anger , anxiety. I learned to get up on stage without any pre-planning, someone would throw me a prop and I had to do something with it ~ which may simply be as simple as staring at it for several minutes and shrugging because nothing comes. Working with a small group of people and learning exercises of eye contact and being let into another person’s true soul was amazing. I fell in love over and over with strangers who let me see them. We shared our anxiety ~ without words ~ we responded to each other on stage from the heart, in the moment without any mind script ~ it was real. I remember by true state of being before any “learning” . I noticed how uncomfortable I felt making a noise ~ had I got it “right”  🙂 Over several experiences I became freer and let go of old learning about who my mind told me I was. I sloughed off layers of frigid states. I watched others be real or not. Some were very good “performers” some broke down in sobs, some  were terrified of the rope that they had to walk over to be on “the stage”. It was an amazing journey and I loved opening it up for others. I hope to continue it soon. I met some very beautiful souls who have a great gift at seeing beyond that mask we all wear . My NLP teacher’s picked it for me ~ I would never have chosen it for myself  and it wasn’t what I thought.

When my relationship broke up in 2001

I cried virtually non stop for eight months anywhere and everywhere and I felt bleak, in oblivion, in annihilation. Everything in that time had no joy for me and I was merely functioning. I had no control over my crying and I didn’t hide it, I didn’t do any of the behaviours of avoidance that I had done in the past ~ I didn’t try to get into another relationship, drown my sorrows or find a new band waggon to reinvent myself. I didn’t get antidepressants ~ I felt my raw pain and sometimes I wondered if it would ever end ~ just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more ~ it ended and I felt clear of it ~ got up one morning and it was gone. My Leo tigger eternal optimism had returned.

What came up at that time were ~ to my surprise ~ all my expectations and beliefs around what the end of this relationship meant. Many of them were general beliefs around traditional roles that I didn’t think I had. I never married ~ yet I was now thinking I was a single parent ~ all my fears of that came up ~ plus what would happen in the future around my children and their father. My emotional mind raced ahead to far distant future scenarios and how I would handle them ~ I was in overwhelm of ego risk assessment. Control meltdown 🙂

This was the second big relationship emotional trauma pattern and I learned so much from it about myself 🙂

At this time I had begun my psychology studies and intended being a forensic psychologist as I was drawn to profiling. What I learned then was, that there are no major solutions for people using these frameworks and that the pathological patterns expand as emotional needs grow ~ this was a key learning for me.. I couldn’t bear to spend all that time in this dark world ~ for a woman it has big risks. Reading the autobiography of one of the UK’s leading forensic profilers made my blood run cold ~ it is very dangerous work as many clients have strong urges to “right” past wrongs and until they actually commit an offence there is nothing can be done as a therapist.

Everyone’s shadow brings pain in it’s initial stages. It is the thorn in the lion’s paw that cannot be retrieved and every time he walks on it , it causes pain. It may callous over for a while and be forgotten only to resurface at a future date .

In our bigger life picture our shadow is the grist for our mill. It is a part of us that is pure gold bringing revelation, inspiration and potent grace.

It reveals our path and our dark moon time ~ when it is the darkest before dawn.

When we avoid our feelings of shadow they progress and expand.

If we haven’t dealt with the death of a major relationship and how that feels this energy will take another form in our behaviour. We may become very controlling ~ OCD. All that fear of death becoming a spider’s web of activity that controls the environment.

If we have an imbalance with shadow because we don’t really understand it and fear it, we create a one sided show and this often means we go around in circles . To create a flowing circle we allow giving and receiving ~ the universe always brings us the next step of allowing our world to be more loving, more joy and let go of any meaning we have created that something is “bad” “wrong” etc. The world simply exists as it is ~ how we perceive it is the key.

Many people seek to control their destiny instead of allowing it  ~ the chariot card  in tarot depicts the tension and balance of holding these wild horses whilst we see the bigger picture  ~ setting an intention that comes from our heart’s desire and then allowing ourselves to work co creatively with the universe ~ many believe  that this is possible  ~ to  simply create a wonderful life that is easy and free from pain by purely focusing on positivity ~  I offer that this easy  wonderful life pattern comes as a result of the process of letting go of any hardship and pain beliefs 🙂

It won’t happen by simply “wishing” it and thinking happy thoughts or jumping up and down when you have had an experience today that leaves you reeling to avoid feeling the reeling feelings 🙂 That is avoidance of the reeling feeling is all 🙂

To create an easy pain free life ~ we remove emotions that we are still holding on to and beliefs that we have learned earlier in our life and in that process we change our pattern.

Everything that has happened to us reveals amazing wisdom if we will only go and seek it and feel it.

In this process we allow all of our emotions and we become aware that they can come and go very quickly ~ they are there simply to guide us as to how we are aligning with a way of being that feels true to us or recreating a way of being that caused us pain in the past.

Our law of attraction and vibe is always there whether we stuff it into Pandora’s box or not. When we are still believing that there is a contrast, polarity, black and white ~ we are still in the zone of non acceptance of all that is 🙂

When we move beyond that experientially we go deeper and become more comfortable with shadow patterns and see there is no duality ~

simply there is always us showing us ~ us 🙂

Do we want more of this experience or do we want another experience?

Over the last ten days you may have become very familiar with your pattern, you may have seen your shadow through others and their behaviour ~

If for example you have been experiencing people who you feel are too controlling and masculine ~

How can you be creating that manifestation within you as to this pattern in the past ~ how could you relate differently?

Maybe you could balance your masculine and be more assertive, direct and clear about boundaries and speaking plainly ?

If you haven’t been heard by someone ~ they speak English for example  so the language isn’t a barrier to understanding ~ but aren’t responding to you in the way you wish ~ you don’t feel understood ~ your message isn’t getting across ?

Could it be that you aren’t being clear and need to explain more about what you want /don’t want?

If you have done that and they are still not responding……

What emotion is this creating for you ? Is there a time in the past when this has happened?

Go and clear this with EFT and try again

It could be that you simply cannot relate and that is happening a lot at the moment as we move forward and align with people who hold the same values as ourselves and let go of those that don’t.

To create new worlds we have to let go of old ones. Sometimes this is for a short while and sometimes for ever in this life.

In 2001 I let go of my relationship and focused on my children. I wanted my relationship with their father to be as good as it could be and so I let go of trying to control it and got on with my own survival. As I was ready to sell the house and literally move, he asked to come back and said that is what he always wanted only he couldn’t tell me that 🙂 I was really not impressed with that and said if I had known that vital information I would have had a very different 8 months…..

which was exactly why I didn’t 🙂 I understand that now 11 years later 🙂 I am in a different space of understanding ~ now

Now I choose to work on myself everyday with the learning and the tools I have and as a result of that shift ~

prioritising me every day and listening to my shadow instead of only heeding it when I am facing a big black hole event ~ I have a different experience in life.

I am more trusting, accepting and open to the magic of life and trust that whatever is heading my way allows me to soar even higher.

I will still come down to earth and sometimes I will feel ill, sometimes I will not know what on earth is happening ~ and it will pass and the sun will return.

Shadow time is the shaman magic, the wild sacred feminine and the dark cloak ways and patterns that are expanding in our universe now ~

If you choose to go with this flow then your mind pattern becomes more flexible and open to receive

so you can surf the wave of change ~ I urge you to embrace it and illuminate the mystery within you 🙂

Love to you Blue Eagle visionaries



Day 10 ~ Manifestation

217389_208791152476593_4705235_nDay 10 ~ White Planetary Wizard Manifestation Day 

What you are seeing in your world today is the result of your dreams, beliefs and desires and ……
in terms of intimacy and loving the skin you are in……
How has that featured today?

More about White Wizard tribe from Resonant Truth

I started my day at a WI fair buying a Scotch Thistle loving grown for £1. Lots of divine looking cake too but I carried on past 

Went to Glastonbury to visit the libraries and dropped into the local veggie supermarket where I bought some seeds for old varieties of plants, some organic herbs and soap and got lots of ideas for making things with the lovely nature I am growing.

Caught the rays in the churchyard ~ another radiant day ~ and a veggie lunch with my friend in a beautiful garden, where we chatted about this weeks wavespell and the insights we were experiencing ~ and au naturale in Glasto ~ quick shifts. Looking back at where we were last year.

In the esoteric library another book caught my eye so I selected that and popped into the Abbey to do some energy work and timeline discovery.
It is so fabulous to work outside in a beautiful park and as a bonus we have the energetic influence of the ley lines and the backdrop of a medieval abbey.

Back home to the garden 

What a difference the sunshine makes.

It took a lot to get to this space in the country and to do the work that I love 

Thank you to everyone who helped me on this journey here ~ so many who assisted me in choosing the beliefs I have today.

I trust and honour myself more ~ still a work in progress  ~
I have often felt very uncomfortable about believing in myself and following my heart ~
has a lot of resistance within and without.

What I can share with you is where I am now ~ my wisdom of experience and how I have let the magic flow through me to get here ~ often doubting my own sanity 

Many people probably still doubt my sanity ~ that is their story 

The wisdom of the white wizard energy of self empowerment is ….

become a clear channel

to become a sourcerer we become clear in our connection to source

there are many people in Glastonbury who proclaim they are “magicians”
of one sort or another 

they haven’t mastered their own inner world and that is very evident 

The path of the heart is an inner journey 

When we have become crystal clear about how we want to give and receive love we start our return to the stars
by integrating that 

If something is showing up for you today ~ manifest in form ~

it is simply a fractal of yourself and an opportunity to clear your channel.

If you aren’t yet clear ~ keep clearing and asking for assistance ~ keep looking for information ~ keep open to new possibilities and recapitulating anything that is ancient history fear channel 

Love to you today magical manifestors 


Day 9 ~ Completion


Day 9 ~ Completion  Red Solar Skywalker day

How do we bring heaven to earth ?

Over the last nine days we have been through an intimate dance vibe with our cosmic partner ~ the universe.

If you have chosen to work with awareness and consciousness you may have got some amazing clarity about what makes your heart sing and what closes it.

If you are working with other people in your circle , you may have got some clarity about how they feel heavenly or hellish in your presence.

We expect people to be mind readers and know how we want to be related to when often we really don’t know how we want to do that either 🙂

Often we secretly hope that someone will do that for us and often that is because we are too afraid to declare our needs and desires ❤

Who are we to ask for what we want from another, from the world ?

When we did that as a child…..what happened ?

We aren’t a child now though are we ?

Do we dare to ……..know and feel confident enough…….to share our inner visions ?
Or are we still avoiding this for fear of rejection…..


this will happen to begin with and is all part of our journey process….

and to keep going and strengthening our self~belief in completion of this circle 🙂

Now is the starting point ❤

How am I feeling now ~ today ~ in this moment.

If you are spending hours on past lives and childhood as an intellectual pursuit ~ recognise that this pattern is not emanating from the centre of your circle ~ it is far away in distant galaxies and
may be an avoidance of

now 🙂
How many of these discovery workshops have you been on because part of you loves to pretend it is actually doing something and evolving ~ when in reality it is escaping to a land of never never ?

Our ego is great at dreaming up these distraction games for us rather than feeling the feelings

Notice that the intention of our trivial pursuits is ~ the driving force
the creative energy

and how we are intending is how we are receiving

If you choose to supernova your experience at this light time ……

Start now with how you feel ❤

Let go of your mind saying whether this is wrong or right and

cut a swathe through the cornfield of clarity

Allow yourself to feel what you feel

Be honest.

You may be doing something new ~ chances are if you are in midlife around 40 ~ there is a new structure appertaining for you

the spiritual call has risen to a bellow 🙂

time to get that beautiful bottom of yours moving in a heart direction ?
Everyone knows what creates bliss for them

Spotlight that ~ herein lies the secret to your heavenly places

Are you going to rise to the challenge and ask for what you want ?

Dialogue could be :

I love being truly seen and honoured ~

How could that happen ?

Imagine that scenario …….

What would that look like, sound like, feel like?

What is the reality now?

Has that ever happened in the past ? When ? With whom? Maybe it was in a place rather than with a person ?

Jot down all these juicy ingredients…..

Remembering that “the devil is in the detail “

Truly 🙂

As a child what were your most heartfelt moments ?

How do you include that now ?

What is your idea of hellish living ?

How is that showing up now ?

Be specific…..

Immerse yourself in the mire ~ with the intention of bringing cleansing through this roll in the muck…….

Remember…..where there is muck there is brass ~ alchemy ❤

Brits are amazing creatures of resistance to what is aren’t we ?

How often do we get nice weather?

Yet we still live here and moan about the rain 🙂

Few people actually choose to move to another place where there is more sun and prefer to moan instead 🙂

More and more people are living on benefits and people who are working moan about that……

people who are unable to work in a job because they are suffering from post traumatic stress from their life experiences and are out of alignment may not have a visible disability……
this is the hidden truth in our “sick” society of today
How many on drugs, on alcohol, on pain reduction in some form or another?

people who are now able to live a happy life and spend time out of doors enjoying this sunshine and to some people’s belief system….that is perverse 🙂

yet many “workers” who are indoors in grey offices, full of chemicals , working for companies they hate, for little pay, mortgaged to the hilt…..are bitter about this group of people…..

who are the “mad” ones ?

People who are happy ~ in whatever way ~ are contributing to our world energy of happiness vibe and that may not fit an ego model of “shoulds”

where we are defined by our contribution to society that has so many “shoulds”.

Time to redefine “contribution” ?

We all contribute

We all pay “tax” with every product we buy

there is no shortage of money

simply our government chooses to pay money from people whom it governs

for example to fly a military jet at £kazillion per hour that has two people in it…..

Is that our focus ?

To build a new hospital and yet limit who can use it….

madness 🙂 It reflects our true vibe though ~ our society doesn’t care about people and places more emphasis on buildings and nice offices, lots of plastic gloves and plastic aprons and time and energy on risk assessment instead of loving people 🙂

Take for example Youth Services ~ some of the models I have seen focus on the extreme negatives of sexual diseases ~ instead of how these young people can love and honour their sacred selves…..

again reflecting back to them their beliefs in their own daily lives and families in our so called “civilised” society ~
what an illusion 😦

Check out how money is spent and see the truth ~ there is no “shortage”

Simply choices


If there weren’t a consensus of belief that we “need protection” from
“others” who are “unsafe”

then none of this would be happening would it ?

There is no one to blame 🙂

This is simply an ego state of being and represents our ego’s level of being a child full of fear.

So …….

If we each take personal responsibility for our own heaven by having compassion for our true state of being…..

open up our story book of life


we can truly re write our world script


everything is in alignment for us to do that

If you have been following my blog and journalling for yourself each day you will have lots of insights to work with 🙂

If you would like any assistance with formulating a plan of working with this info to create

an outcome please get in touch.

Every time I work with another person…..I am working with myself 🙂

We will both get amazing insights 🙂

It is an energetic win win ❤

I focus on the bigger picture so if I haven’t already done this for you I will ask for your birth details and do your Mayan sign and your Starcode.

This gives us an energetic overview ~ lots of juicy stuff to work with as to your star coded mission in this lifetime. It also gives info about your last lifetime and that can bring great clarity.

In the Mayan I look at your current thirteen year cycle and where you are on it , when it started ~ this can also bring great clarity ~ for me for example when I had my midlife turn around and this helped my inner critic see events from a different perspective .

We can then craft a plan of looking at what you want to create that currently isn’t in your life now ~practical steps that are manageable and sustainable and energetically supported because they match your intrinsic values


use energy coaching ( tapping) to go on a journey of discovery which will bring up shadow issues and limiting beliefs ……

I will share with you practical techniques that are grounded and universal that you can use for yourself independent of me 🙂

because if your life isn’t heavenly…. then there is something within you that is simply blocking the universal mamma energy in some way ~ your perception and great expectations……ego seeking transformation because it has created some idea of you that in someway you aren’t fitting the world template of a “successful” , loveable ……fill in the blanks 🙂
The emotional mind isn’t logical and no matter how many meditations you do, massages you have, mind detoxes…….if there is still emotional stuff there that is waiting to be felt…..

there is a wall of separation

If you believe that you need to get paid from a job you hate because that is what was programmed in by your family early on ~ that is what you saw in your day to day….

that is still in there 🙂

It is reinforced by our society.

If you believe that you need money from a regular job….

then guess what… do 🙂

When I went tomato picking in the eighties in Greece I didn’t work every day.

I worked when I needed to and I spent tIme off being in touch with the beautiful place I lived in. I then worked in a beach bar listening to amazing heart classic music every day that was chosen for it’s vibe. We had sunset music, we had raising our vibe music, we had getting into the evening groove music.

It was physically hard ~ we were busy and ……..our body needs physical activity ~ movement.

It was also fun 🙂 I met people from all over the world.

We have a huge planet to live on and we can go anywhere ~ how can there be any lack of providing our basic survival needs. When we get clear of our inner critic and look for our qualities, our skills, our gifts……

and broaden our horizons to see beyond our own back door….
by letting go of any beliefs that are keeping us in a box…..
feel our fear ~ be with it ~ honour it ~ listen to whence it came ~ let go of that using EFT ~ receive new insights

We are like a bird getting ready to fly across the world to where our new home awaits us…….even if that is simply staying where we are and changing our perception of that place … we can see it in a new light.
This is how I can help assist in your process to co create something new and I will be honoured to be your guide and explore new territories with you.

Remember your map at this moment is simply…..

your map
and the map is not the territory …..

You are the map maker ❤

Lots of love to you today ~ bringing heaven to earth and completing your intimacy wavespell 🙂

Day 8 ~ Integrate


Day 8 ~ Integration Day in this Red Serpent Wavespell 

Yellow Galactic Human:

We are in the 7th portal day in a row ~ wow what a ride.
How is it feeling for you ?
Are you getting some clarity around what is standing in the way in terms of your beliefs and creating intimacy ?

Our beliefs give rise to our behaviour……

Dishonesty is the key obstacle ~ avoidance of being our true selves
What can happen when we are totally honest and transparent ?
We are fearless

It is what goes with the pattern  of honesty ~ because we are so worth it ~ it’s burn your bridges time ~ this is me, this is who I am, these are my beliefs and all is laid bare ~ plain as the nose on my face 🙂

It’s crystal clear and free of manipulation, attachment, agenda, we aren’t hedging our bets, going round in circles, prevaricating, procrastinating ~ wow how much energy does that take……

I remember a “businessman ” speaking to me about a business venture , saying that if an idea wasn’t going to work he wanted to know that in the first week not in a year’s time and that has a ring to it 🙂

Let’s cut to the chase and be clear about what we want to be in this life and then state it

in plain language, no frills and no beating about the bush….often that takes a while to know that for ourselves because we are so good at living with a system that doesn’t honour…..well…..honour

It celebrates values that are transient, anything but transparent and short term gain.

Luckily…..the tides are turning as we reconnect to our moon wisdom.

How we behave comes from our beliefs

How we relate to the universe and what is in our day to day reality is totally
about what we believe to be true……

Which is why we all have different life experiences

I am reading a few great books at the moment which have the same threads running through them


I started doing this when I was 18 and working in a travel agency.
I spotted the pattern as I would choose a seemingly random set of books ~ and despite a mix of fact and fiction ~ they all had a core theme.

I am going to stop using the term “unconscious” or “subconscious” as I no longer believe these to be true states of being 

We simply have different levels of consciousness 

It really is very simple this integration process

( doesn’t mean doing the process is easy because that involves some self enquiry and emotional connection on “stuff” that may feel intense and heavy….the more you do it…..the easier it gets )

Whatever is showing up for you right now that you don’t like is simply
in your world to show you that 

Look at this “thing you don’t like”

What do you have to believe in order for it to be in your world ?

What had to happen to you to create that belief ?

That was then……

this is now

What belief serves you now ?

What will create a difference in what is happening now ?


Now you have the information you need to weave some magic


You have a chance to create more light and open up your human flower 

to the sun.

We receive information through the sun ~ just like every living being on this planet.

If you are not a sun worshipper there is an experience that created this.

If you block your light …..for whatever reason……you block your light

there is shadow there

Remember shadow is simply more light that is currently in the dark
the present of Christmas past


Are you ready to let go of 50 shades of grey so you can experience the full spectrum of the rainbow and beyond? ( ok I know there is talk of Ryan being in the show 🙂 )

When we change our thoughts and beliefs ~ we change our dna ?

How Star Wars is that?

What if everything was changeable ?

Even the sacred truths we hold so dear in our scientific world ?

As we start to let go of limiting ourselves everything can change in a planetary way and… is 🙂

Law of attraction dreams and visions ~ we see our future in dreams and desires ~ this is how we create it ~ it’s a circular activity. If you start to look closely at your own personal pattern it will soon show you how you have made these patterns and the more detail you go into the more you will see the divinity code ~ your own code. If you want to see the miracle of yourself and focus on the magician that initiates everything in your world ~ this is the key to everything 🙂

I am very aware of this with my own patterns and how I create patterns with my children ~ what we are doing now is creating the beliefs and patterns of our world future and they have to happen in that way because that is the sacred geometry ~ until that changes 🙂

I believe we are changing the karma wheel by becoming aware of our own code and having the where withal now to……get clear …..and ripen into the juicy fruit we are.

I have been out in the garden to catch some rays and been a busy bee today ~ struggling to keep balanced at the moment as I am getting ready for my poly tunnel and keeping up with my veggies and jobs in the garden…… as well as doing Starcodes,Mayan Signs and energy coaching…… plus day to day life ~ if anyone sees me in the garden I am often like a whirling dervish ~ the energy here is so persuasive that I find it hard to stop at times ~ like the broom in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice 🙂

The circular pattern of integration is so powerful.

It is really cool to go deeper energetically into your activity as you are doing it ~ because you are in that vibe. So if you are cleaning something simply set that intention to be cleaning everything with love and joy ~ and so it is ~ and when I am sifting through my soil and taking out the weeds I am getting so many insights about my own life and what requires some root removal of my intimacy issues. As I am focusing closely on each plant I am connecting with them and they are sharing information with me ~ cosmic 🙂 I get amazing insights about so much stuff in a few hours with my beloved nature.

As a property developer I did a lot of my own work so I learned many jobs ~ we chose to do this to spend time with our children so we chose when to work and we could take time out in holidays and around school times.

Today I have been sanding an old table we found in the shed ~ that has been stripped of varnish by the weather. Far easier and less hazardous than varnish remover 🙂 I have also sanded and repainted some metal chairs and candleholders. In many cases it is easier and cheaper to go and buy new ones in the throw away society we live in ~ throwing away our world too 🙂 ~ I believe this is a key pattern ~ most of our society believes in living life simply by buying it as a done deal ~ where is the creativity ~ the learning ?

How many people do you know who have all their focus on money and that is where their integrity begins and ends ?

When I am restoring something ~ like the houses we bought that were run down ~ I love the transformation. From each house we used many things ~ water tanks in the allotment, stripped the old doors, exposing the stonework and finding hidden treasure. I still have all the gardening tools from an old chap’s house we bought. He had gone into care with Alzheimer’s . His house was full of little notes that he made to himself to remind him of what he had eaten and the natural remedies he had tried, as his memory ebbed away. He was in his 60’s and had never had a relationship. His house was untouched from the days of his parent’s, it was his family home. Consumerism hadn’t graced this doorstep and everything was there from his childhood. I found myself feeling such compassion for this man ~ like many older people in this Yorkshire village , who lived a life so far removed from the life portrayed on television world. Many of the characters we met were in their 80’s and 90’s and still full of health and life.

Towards the last few days of property developing in Yorkshire , I attended networking meetings and revisited a pattern that was there at the start of my journey into this world as a way of living. I went to source a solution to the complete lack of mortgages that was stopping our business progressing and ultimately signalled our financial demise. I met a lot of people and many didn’t do any of the work themselves ~ didn’t ever want to either. They simply bought at a low price from people who had got themselves into a situation (like myself) and as a consequence had themselves a bargain. The majority of the people I met , I really didn’t like and I didn’t ever want to model what they did. The reason I had chosen this life was to buy a property at a low price because it needed restoring ~ I did the restoring with my partner and some local trades people  and when I sold the house  this is what added the value .

This is a value pattern of mine and I have used it in every business I have created from scratch and in that process I have learned the structure of it.

When I worked in the pub trade I was left literally over the barrel by a boyfriend who thought he would power trip with me and leave me without a cellar . So I learned how to look after real ale and keg beers myself so I would never be in that situation again. I believe this is true self ~ empowerment  and holistic.

How many people do you know who have no awareness of practical skills in their day to day life ?

I am always prepared to learn……and I am open to it. I have also learned to respect my body’s limits and by doing small amounts of each activity I don’t overwork my body and get repetitive strain injury . I am modelling being pregnant again in many respects  ~ small steps and lots of rest to smell the roses and be present rather than manic activity to complete a project that is never ending or satisfactory.

Today I learned a lot in the garden.

Aries moon this morning in the UK ~ so I am prepared my potato patch and was tempted to dig up some brussel sprouts to enlarge it. They have gone to seed and I couldn’t see the seedpods ~ because they weren’t what I was expecting. So I googled ~ how to grow brussel sprouts from seed. I learned a lot from this video and when I shared that info with my partner he suggested eating the seed pods as a vegetable ~ fab 🙂 I am also going to use the leaves instead of kale I am currently buying from the supermarket.

I had lots of potatoes growing out of my compost bin ~ so I opened it up for a rummage and learned another new thing ~ potatoes grow from potato skin peelings ~ didn’t know that. I was expecting them to be coming from old potatoes.

I planted them this afternoon when the moon went into Taurus. ~ feeling lovely and grounded in my moon sign.How can anyone ever be bored or depressed when we live in this abundant creative universe ? There is so much learning 🙂

Amazing miracles every day ~ if like me you get turned on by the likes of brussel sprouts 🙂
Remember that this is key to the Yellow Human energy of today ~ the food that goes into our human chalice is what goes into every cell in our body.
The more we go through these big universal changes and the more important it is to focus on the optimum vibrancy we can co create with nature.
I was chatting about India today and the sadness of what has happened to people there with the Monsanto debacle and people choosing to end their own lives because they feel they cannot go on.
My daughter is called India. I named her that because of the profound effect it had on me when I went there in 1993. I have never felt so loved and welcomed by such beautiful open hearted people .
A couple of years ago I went to a group meeting that is organised by people who are followers of Anthony Robbins and have been on his workshops. There was a film about a group of “businessmen” going to India with some money they had raised to give this “poor “village . I felt sick to my stomach watching these egotistical people going on about how they were going to change the lives of these people ~ these peasants who have “nothing” and all I could say was….
I think you have it the wrong way round ~ they can teach our society so much about how to live.
I always cry when I speak of this. I see innocent, open hearted people who are free flowing and giving with love ~ like children. Like the birds and animals that have never encountered a predatory human of the pattern of the westernised ego . They flock to them , naive to their agenda and perish under the swathe of their egotistical greed.
That open heart is taken for all it is worth and told a huge dishonesty ~ that all is for their benefit ~ when the opposite is true. A gift is “given” then taken back and a higher price paid than the innocent wants to give.
This is the root of our planetary wounding.
Although I have Venus in Virgo I still struggle with this. I know this is how we learn and it still pains me to the core. I know through my own journey that there is no need for greed ~ we have rich resources everywhere and as we work each day with nature ~ we learn to make our own compost, we learn how to feed ourselves ~ it is so different to buying something ready made
The ready made brigade ~ ready made meals, curtains, …….lives
and when the ready made providers disappear, when we don’t have the money anymore to give ~ see how they turn to devour us because we are of no value to them if we cannot buy their wares.
I have witnessed many seekers go on weekend courses ~ especially the Anthony Robbins Wonder tour . They are taken to another dimension of artfully created bliss at extortionate prices ( I believe ) and then witness the fall of these rave partyer’s on the weeks that follow as they drop back down to earth~ because….
state changing is all these seminars are ~ they are not rooted in any real life formula that everyday people can integrate.
None that I have seen anyway ~ most people I have met that have been part of this training are delusional and not living from their heart ~ avoidance pattern of intellectual beliefs that haven’t been integrated……because their shadow isn’t addressed ~ only the positive. A one sided show.
The time of the guru has gone ~ be your own saviour and get real ~ because the real deal that is the true you underneath all of that cloak of  dishonesty
Is absolutely awesome ~ stunning and simply splendiferous 
If Anthony Robbins can do it ~ so can you ~ for yourself ~ just like he did.
Just googled his Mayan sign ~ blown away again ~ he is a yellow human Wow  ~ Yellow electric human to be precise.
In your own unique way ~ that you can use every day and is the universal you ~ does what it says on the tin ~ loves itself and the world

Love to you light seekers.

Day 7 Blue Monkey



Day 7 ~ Divine child

Blue Resonant Monkey Day ~ what is resonating ?

in the Red Serpent Wavespell :

We are at the top of the pyramid today in this intimacy sacred spiral. 

It is the pinnacle where we are closest to our god and goddess energy.

Imagine a world without ego seeking transformation. 

Imagine how it can be ~

* that we have amazing gifted thought process for creating technology open to all

* that we are free from agenda and creating community with everyone and everything in our own beautiful way

* that we are open to joy and wonder as an innocent child truly in our heart

* that all relationships are open and intimate

* that our world is free from jealousy, control issues, anger, ……..because each person on the planet has liberated themselves from any notion of any of those beliefs about themselves


This is the road we are all on. The return to the stars through letting go of our fear beliefs so we remember we are all beautiful, glittering aspects of an amazing prism of diamond light. 

The more people who are in this process and the more the tipping point grows

Our divine child is reconnected in adulthood as we let go of our inner child woes and beliefs that are pulling us back into heavy vibes.

I awoke from a very strange dream last night about eating leaves in a ceremony so I have been on my cookie trail today with google checking that out.

When you do this with awareness and intention the spiritual nudge that came through deeper levels of consciousness are shown.
What I found was the “Ava ceremony ~ a sacred ceremony in Samoa. 
I explored further about the plant Kava
It is interesting when we look at natural remedies on sale and information that goes with them, in some countries we are warned that they may be dangerous. This of course can be true and it is essential to do in depth learning about any plant that we are going to use to fully take responsibility of our relationship with it. Often though I feel like this is simply a fear tactic used by the drug companies to disempower our natural healing ability and our natural earth’s resources ~ and so we buy modified products from them. I believe that any care about the person has long diminished in this business model.
They match where we are on the co-dependent and co-creative learning ladder of relationships.
I see the bigger picture ,as although often painful to navigate, as the way we always move forward ~ as certain systems are revealed with their true agenda ~ we have doors closed in order to open new ones and remember our true magnificence on our journey home to the stars.
Plants feature in Carlos Castaneda’s work such as Sacred Datura and the mythical Soma are other interesting shamanic tools. Funnily enough there were some Datura plants in the garden centre this weekend and I felt a resonance ~ couldn’t put my finger on that until today ~ when it was timely to emerge.
One of the key aspects of a sorcerer ~ sourcerer ~ is that they grow their own source of magical plants and if we bring this wisdom to today’s world it can yield beneficial fruit.
When we grow and prepare our own food with love and focus ~ instead of huge un ~manageable farmlands that cannot thrive without chemicals and machinery ~ we have a very different nourishment potential that is a win win for everyone concerned.
That is what I am creating for myself now and you can check out my progress on my other blog:
Seed of Sacred Living
Many of these plants have their potent~ iality in their roots ~ I feel this is what this time is about ~ going back to our roots to heal our selves and as we do that as a natural by product we heal our relationship with our planet and the sacred feminine returns replete.
It is very important that we align ourselves with healthy food and allow ourselves to receive that nourishment.
If we have beliefs around blocking receiving then this requires focus and re patterning otherwise that cannot happen.
Whatever patterns we are living amongst defines our pattern ~ and so like a plant that moves with the sun , we can move towards more light patterns through transformation of the dark ones.
We are moving beyond what we put into ourselves into the addition of ~ what is in ourselves as that is the source of all our outwardly manifestations.
I have felt to check out lots of plants over the last few days and had a really funny event with my Siamese cat ~ Arnold. Arnold is quite a character and only ventures out under the watchful eye of one of the family, as historically he has got out and wandered in our village only to be found in a frozen state of anxiety under a bush . He doesn’t have any street savvy . Our nepeta ( Cat mint ) bush has grown quite big over the last few weeks and he suddenly immersed himself in it ~ ecstatic dance. I smelt it and wondered about the effects on humans. It smells very cannabis like but apparently although attracting cats and totally narcotising them in a bliss state , it has the opposite affect on humans making them aggressive ~ looking at the metaphor ~ it sublimates the feminine so the masculine can loom large.
My Comfrey is huge and I have had to hack it back as it is such a strong and fast grower it looms over other plants rendering them in shade. My Angelica smells wonderful and is growing by the minute like a galaxy cluster. It attracts lots of insects.
Thyme is springing up here and there and hopefully we will attract some of the rare blue butterflies that are native to the woods nearby.

I have also been looking deeper at another character who appeared in my dream  ~ the lizard and linked to The Doors Celebration of the Lizard.

This is a re ~occuring theme for me 🙂 It is quite insightful to read the lyrics ~ where I see Jim Morrison foreseeing his own death ~ with the bathroom scene.
This is where he died, in a toilet, according to new information from people who were aware of the story around his death and removal of his body to avoid any scandal.
Jim’s life makes for an interesting read and his lyrics are often profound ~ this Celebration of the Lizard was shared in part  on  an album entitled Waiting for the Sun
I have listed to this music throughout my life and it has created profound experiences for me ~ when I first heard it I found it bizarre and disharmonious but thanks to my first lover I persevered with connecting to it.
Talking of Lizard’s and Lizard mind survival and base instincts……
Looking at the bigger picture pattern of Monsanto and Bill Gates ~ I wasn’t aware of their connection were you ? What an interesting combination.
Bill Gates starchart makes interesting reading as does his Mayan sign ~ he is a Yellow Overtone Star 
mmmm what was I saying about Yellow Stars  on Day 4 of this wavespell ?
He was born on a gap day and he certainly is a teacher showing us an age old patriarchal pattern of imbalance and manipulation and control.
Our childhood is the place of our root formation and from this experiential place our tree of life is created.
When we look at any financially ” successful person there is always a seed of discontent, a need to proove and a lack vibe that they seek to redress through outer means…..
instead of realising their true worth from within and revealing their wonderful divine child by healing their shadow.
Love to you and your inner child today ?
How are you letting yourself play ?
Are you being the free spirit that you truly are ?
Or are you still looking for those brownie badges of validation ?
Maybe a bit of both ~ it is simply information as to the nature of our being.

Day 6 White Rhythmic Dog Day



Day 6 of the loving the skin you are in wave

Did my day differently today ~ in tune with Aries moon ~ new beginnings 🙂

You can teach an old dog new tricks ~ we are all the zen master inside and when we let the veneer and mind masks crack ~ we reveal our true magnificence.

A brief blog today as truth be told I am wiped out energetically ~ so as this day suggests I am being balanced in my masculine and feminine and having an early night.

Being in the radiant sun, gardening and to start the day lots of tapping with my partner about stuff arising from this  Red Serpent Wavespell.


We can talk all day about how we feel and being solution focused with people who we are in an intimate relationship with ( and not experiencing intimacy with in the way we want ) ~ what I have discovered ~ and this is really expanding now ~ is the energy relationship we all have based on beliefs. If this isn’t being included in this process ~ nothing will change because we are only scratching the surface with lip service.

The simple message of today is unconditional love ~ that is the energy of the White Rhythmic Dog mayan sign. My partner happens to be a White Dog and one of my biggest teachers in this lifetime ~ we have had six previous I discovered in an astrology reading and I wonder what that entailed 🙂 ( I don’t really understand how to read that yet but when I do I will share :-)}

So in plain language ~ love without any conditions.


When we love ourself without any conditions:

we may not like things that we do, how we look , our journey in life so far…..we accept all of that though because… is what it is, we are what we are and we cannot change the past

and we are always experiencing times of contrast


When we do that  acceptance ~ through going through that process  ~ we create a shift in how we relate first and foremost to ourselves and by doing that…..

we can accept others as well

make sense?

It is a circular activity

Most people put the horse before the cart and focus on everything else that they want and where they are going and the secret is ~ you have to start with now and go back to what got you to this place ~ before you can truly move to a different space.

When the ego is still full to overflowing with conditional love it isn’t a happy chappy and looking at the past….

that’s the uncomfortable bit … only gets easier when….you do more of it …..and get used to being uncomfortable

and that is another secret …..if you can get more comfortable with the uncomfortable then life will become easier because right now we are not living in easy times…

we are in transition….

which means turbulence 🙂


We are all very different and unique and can only perceive and believe through our life experience…..


which is why each one of us has different beliefs


No matter how much we may wish to be a twin flame of someone ~ identical ~ being the same

It is impossible.


Even identical twins have some different beliefs because they do not live identical lives.


So when you are with someone you are coming from your energetic belief and they are coming from theirs. Some things may be shared in some aspects and you can find common ground.


When there is a map clash ~ an argument, a difference in relating and understanding  ~ everything comes to that point.

For example every woman I meet is, energetically and therefore on a belief system ~ every woman I have ever met and I am perceiving her in this way. If I have emotional wounding with a woman in any way , every time she pattern matches that wounding with her behaviour, my ego responds.

The more ego wounding I have let go of . the freer I can be with a woman.

I also make less assumptions and I also become clearer about recognising patterns ~ and them simply being patterns.

With plants I may not know a plant by it’s pattern i.e I may not recognise it’s leaf and so I may believe it is a weed that I don’t want. When I was very young ~ much to my Grandad’s chagrin ) I would whip it out . If in doubt…… Overtime I learned that sometimes these “weeds” were something I liked and so I learned to leave new plants alone until they were big enough to be recognised. I still do that with my relationships ~ if in doubt let the relationship run so that enough time passes before making any decisions and trust that in all relationships new learning takes place . I choose to end relationships with people who aren’t open to evolving and like to blame instead ~ not taking responsibility for their own ego ~ otherwise this tends to have a sado edge to it and it isn’t something I enjoy. I choose to be loving to myself and walk away and spend time developing relationships with people who genuinely are open to intimacy by doing what it takes no matter how scary that may be.

I am always attracting repeating cycles and meetings and so I am energetically also responding to that other person conditionally ~ on my conditioned responses around unconscious and unresolved past events 🙂

Additionally the other person is having that same experience.

Every time we are having an emotional response about another person’s behaviour ~ it is our emotional response based on our emotional past.

Notice how your behaviour changes around certain people and how relaxed you feel or tense and….. if you choose go deeper about who they remind you of.

In every situation we are being guided by our past  ego emotional experience to keep us “safe”

Often that blocks new experiences and new learning.

The older we get the more rigid our frameworks can become and the less flexible we are. We literally become hard hearted as a way of closing down.

We use our learning as a shield and our ego becomes stronger .

An alternative route is to become softer, more gentle and more open.

Do we choose to use chemicals to control our “pests” in our garden ~ or do we choose to learn how to live with them ?

Do we learn how to create an oasis that invites all creatures to live in balance…..or create a controlled climate zone that has no entry signs to much of the wildlife  who provide a food chain and  have a valued role to play in that ecology?


A clinically clipped shorn sheep of a landscape or a woolly mammoth fecund jungle?

Maybe there is a world beyond duality  that letting go of ego is birthing?

We find a balanced way of giving and receiving.

Any created space that is managed isn’t natural because… is managed 🙂 This is humanity’s relationship with Gaia.

We can learn to manage it harmoniously without any detrimental impact on our neighbouring creatures. When we go large we can do it in small steps that are sustainable and come from the heart ~ with practical , grounded and experiential wisdom. When we understand the next step from experience ~ we are truly ready to make it rather than buy one off the shelf.

When I am in my garden, surrounded by the beauty of nature and co creating with the wonder of all my companion plants and wildlife, I feel total peace and joy.

Creating two way street relationships energetically means we allow others to be them as much as allowing ourself to be us and we create a third street ~ the relationship.

To do that one of the greatest gifts is to be a really good communicator free from ego.

To achieve that takes skill and…..

letting go of that inner dog needing to bark.

There is no need for it to do so in alarm …….because we have let go of the past and recognise that

that was then and this is now

and this is now……… zen.

Love to you unconditionally.

Thank you for being in my world.