Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle


Day 11 ~ Blue Spectral Eagle


This is dark moon time and the energy of Blue Eagle is the shaman ~ the sensitive ~ beyond any linear timeframe ~ rising up to see the bigger picture.

The day 11 in every wavespell is the letting go day.

Yesterday you saw what was manifest and…..
if you chose to do some self~enquiry …..

you can see what seeks release in your mindset ~ thoughts created by beliefs
ways of relating now based on learning as a child

and how you know that relationship doesn’t feel good for you ~

because of how you feel.

A shaman can be free of a habituated life ~ because they empty their cup through recapitulation ~ notice the synchronicity with this link 🙂

anyone can do this if you are prepared to do the work 🙂

I use EFT ~ tapping. It is a modern shamanic practice that is different to many shamanic healing methodology. It is fun to journey and fly with the Eagle in the higher worlds ~ you can get CD’s and do this yourself ~ I have held groups for this and people often get profound insights and see their future because they slip into the noosphere

When I started my deeper journey of energy awareness and clearing I shifted my focus from spending time and energy outside myself and instead going within

At 42 I began my kundalini rising process at midlife ~ my Uranus opposition.

This happens to all of us at this time and it is the time where we move from serving ourselves and our ego structures ~

to serving our soul and our service to humanity structure

This is often where we get a big course correction.

The more you clear the past energetically and emotionally and the more you literally clear the past

The intellect is involved ~ in a small way 🙂

Once you start to go deeper into this way of being you realise how powerful this is…..

most of the stuff from our past that is calling the shots and shaping our day to day reality ~ isn’t what we “think”

My clients are often surprised at what past threads make up a “problem” for them now

Many people come with fears and phobias ~ for example a fear of spiders.

Often they haven’t had a specific trauma incident so they don’t understand why they are so afraid…..

that is because the emotional mind works off patterns that are not rational ~ a spider is a pattern of behaviour and each individual has a different meaning and therefore response to that pattern

phobias aren’t rational ~ this was the start of the evolution of energy therapies and Emotional Freedom Technique ~ to get to the heart of the irrational and to help people find practical solutions to ways of being that created an inability to live life fully. Emotional Freedom technique blends talking therapy with meridian wisdom ~ ancient world and modern world synchronising to create a harmonious relationship of healing.

As I started my journey with EFT and NLP I first began with exploring my own world and my own patterns. I was led to a wonderful school of NLP which no longer trains but has online resources. This was an amazing time in my life when I chose to do what my heart yearned for and took me to lots of new worlds ~ doing a community project called Inspire, volunteering in my village, learning about transition towns and becoming a clown

As I then started to work with people, I explored people’s world’s that had become restricted ~ some couldn’t go out of their front door, some couldn’t have relationships , some couldn’t eat and some couldn’t stop eating. Some had been held in their past for 40 years because of a manic episode, some couldn’t speak in public and some felt as though their world had ended.

All of these limitations ~ these people were limited because they couldn’t live how they wished to and experience well-being ~ joy and unlimited access to their universe ~ were created by that person’s emotional mind as a way of keeping them safe from further trauma.

This is the emotional mind’s primary role and it is often extreme.

Over time I learned experientially about patterns on a deeper level as I worked with myself and clients.

Everyone has the potential to work through patterns without any help from anyone or anything ~ simply by taking action and persevering and allowing a natural emotional process. If we don’t avoid grieving for example ,when a relationship ends, or a person dies or a part of your life comes to an end ~ and we are truly honest about our state of being, we don’t put a brave face on and carry on regardless ~ because this is avoidance ~ then we go through the tunnel and we emerge at the light. This is the cold turkey of getting real with how you feel and is an essential life journey. We are here as emotional beings ~ we are here to feel. This is the dark night of the soul. Most of our society avoids it and represses it , keeping it at bay with avoidance tactics. Look over here ~ look over there ~ smoke and mirrors. Learning to clown was amazing for me as I had to face my fear and learn to be spontaneous. To celebrate authentic emotions that we normally express ~ boredom, anger , anxiety. I learned to get up on stage without any pre-planning, someone would throw me a prop and I had to do something with it ~ which may simply be as simple as staring at it for several minutes and shrugging because nothing comes. Working with a small group of people and learning exercises of eye contact and being let into another person’s true soul was amazing. I fell in love over and over with strangers who let me see them. We shared our anxiety ~ without words ~ we responded to each other on stage from the heart, in the moment without any mind script ~ it was real. I remember by true state of being before any “learning” . I noticed how uncomfortable I felt making a noise ~ had I got it “right”  🙂 Over several experiences I became freer and let go of old learning about who my mind told me I was. I sloughed off layers of frigid states. I watched others be real or not. Some were very good “performers” some broke down in sobs, some  were terrified of the rope that they had to walk over to be on “the stage”. It was an amazing journey and I loved opening it up for others. I hope to continue it soon. I met some very beautiful souls who have a great gift at seeing beyond that mask we all wear . My NLP teacher’s picked it for me ~ I would never have chosen it for myself  and it wasn’t what I thought.

When my relationship broke up in 2001

I cried virtually non stop for eight months anywhere and everywhere and I felt bleak, in oblivion, in annihilation. Everything in that time had no joy for me and I was merely functioning. I had no control over my crying and I didn’t hide it, I didn’t do any of the behaviours of avoidance that I had done in the past ~ I didn’t try to get into another relationship, drown my sorrows or find a new band waggon to reinvent myself. I didn’t get antidepressants ~ I felt my raw pain and sometimes I wondered if it would ever end ~ just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more ~ it ended and I felt clear of it ~ got up one morning and it was gone. My Leo tigger eternal optimism had returned.

What came up at that time were ~ to my surprise ~ all my expectations and beliefs around what the end of this relationship meant. Many of them were general beliefs around traditional roles that I didn’t think I had. I never married ~ yet I was now thinking I was a single parent ~ all my fears of that came up ~ plus what would happen in the future around my children and their father. My emotional mind raced ahead to far distant future scenarios and how I would handle them ~ I was in overwhelm of ego risk assessment. Control meltdown 🙂

This was the second big relationship emotional trauma pattern and I learned so much from it about myself 🙂

At this time I had begun my psychology studies and intended being a forensic psychologist as I was drawn to profiling. What I learned then was, that there are no major solutions for people using these frameworks and that the pathological patterns expand as emotional needs grow ~ this was a key learning for me.. I couldn’t bear to spend all that time in this dark world ~ for a woman it has big risks. Reading the autobiography of one of the UK’s leading forensic profilers made my blood run cold ~ it is very dangerous work as many clients have strong urges to “right” past wrongs and until they actually commit an offence there is nothing can be done as a therapist.

Everyone’s shadow brings pain in it’s initial stages. It is the thorn in the lion’s paw that cannot be retrieved and every time he walks on it , it causes pain. It may callous over for a while and be forgotten only to resurface at a future date .

In our bigger life picture our shadow is the grist for our mill. It is a part of us that is pure gold bringing revelation, inspiration and potent grace.

It reveals our path and our dark moon time ~ when it is the darkest before dawn.

When we avoid our feelings of shadow they progress and expand.

If we haven’t dealt with the death of a major relationship and how that feels this energy will take another form in our behaviour. We may become very controlling ~ OCD. All that fear of death becoming a spider’s web of activity that controls the environment.

If we have an imbalance with shadow because we don’t really understand it and fear it, we create a one sided show and this often means we go around in circles . To create a flowing circle we allow giving and receiving ~ the universe always brings us the next step of allowing our world to be more loving, more joy and let go of any meaning we have created that something is “bad” “wrong” etc. The world simply exists as it is ~ how we perceive it is the key.

Many people seek to control their destiny instead of allowing it  ~ the chariot card  in tarot depicts the tension and balance of holding these wild horses whilst we see the bigger picture  ~ setting an intention that comes from our heart’s desire and then allowing ourselves to work co creatively with the universe ~ many believe  that this is possible  ~ to  simply create a wonderful life that is easy and free from pain by purely focusing on positivity ~  I offer that this easy  wonderful life pattern comes as a result of the process of letting go of any hardship and pain beliefs 🙂

It won’t happen by simply “wishing” it and thinking happy thoughts or jumping up and down when you have had an experience today that leaves you reeling to avoid feeling the reeling feelings 🙂 That is avoidance of the reeling feeling is all 🙂

To create an easy pain free life ~ we remove emotions that we are still holding on to and beliefs that we have learned earlier in our life and in that process we change our pattern.

Everything that has happened to us reveals amazing wisdom if we will only go and seek it and feel it.

In this process we allow all of our emotions and we become aware that they can come and go very quickly ~ they are there simply to guide us as to how we are aligning with a way of being that feels true to us or recreating a way of being that caused us pain in the past.

Our law of attraction and vibe is always there whether we stuff it into Pandora’s box or not. When we are still believing that there is a contrast, polarity, black and white ~ we are still in the zone of non acceptance of all that is 🙂

When we move beyond that experientially we go deeper and become more comfortable with shadow patterns and see there is no duality ~

simply there is always us showing us ~ us 🙂

Do we want more of this experience or do we want another experience?

Over the last ten days you may have become very familiar with your pattern, you may have seen your shadow through others and their behaviour ~

If for example you have been experiencing people who you feel are too controlling and masculine ~

How can you be creating that manifestation within you as to this pattern in the past ~ how could you relate differently?

Maybe you could balance your masculine and be more assertive, direct and clear about boundaries and speaking plainly ?

If you haven’t been heard by someone ~ they speak English for example  so the language isn’t a barrier to understanding ~ but aren’t responding to you in the way you wish ~ you don’t feel understood ~ your message isn’t getting across ?

Could it be that you aren’t being clear and need to explain more about what you want /don’t want?

If you have done that and they are still not responding……

What emotion is this creating for you ? Is there a time in the past when this has happened?

Go and clear this with EFT and try again

It could be that you simply cannot relate and that is happening a lot at the moment as we move forward and align with people who hold the same values as ourselves and let go of those that don’t.

To create new worlds we have to let go of old ones. Sometimes this is for a short while and sometimes for ever in this life.

In 2001 I let go of my relationship and focused on my children. I wanted my relationship with their father to be as good as it could be and so I let go of trying to control it and got on with my own survival. As I was ready to sell the house and literally move, he asked to come back and said that is what he always wanted only he couldn’t tell me that 🙂 I was really not impressed with that and said if I had known that vital information I would have had a very different 8 months…..

which was exactly why I didn’t 🙂 I understand that now 11 years later 🙂 I am in a different space of understanding ~ now

Now I choose to work on myself everyday with the learning and the tools I have and as a result of that shift ~

prioritising me every day and listening to my shadow instead of only heeding it when I am facing a big black hole event ~ I have a different experience in life.

I am more trusting, accepting and open to the magic of life and trust that whatever is heading my way allows me to soar even higher.

I will still come down to earth and sometimes I will feel ill, sometimes I will not know what on earth is happening ~ and it will pass and the sun will return.

Shadow time is the shaman magic, the wild sacred feminine and the dark cloak ways and patterns that are expanding in our universe now ~

If you choose to go with this flow then your mind pattern becomes more flexible and open to receive

so you can surf the wave of change ~ I urge you to embrace it and illuminate the mystery within you 🙂

Love to you Blue Eagle visionaries



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  1. I really like what you say about the emotional mind here .. makes sense, and the process you have suggested sounds good ..


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