Day 10 ~ Manifestation

217389_208791152476593_4705235_nDay 10 ~ White Planetary Wizard Manifestation Day 

What you are seeing in your world today is the result of your dreams, beliefs and desires and ……
in terms of intimacy and loving the skin you are in……
How has that featured today?

More about White Wizard tribe from Resonant Truth

I started my day at a WI fair buying a Scotch Thistle loving grown for £1. Lots of divine looking cake too but I carried on past 

Went to Glastonbury to visit the libraries and dropped into the local veggie supermarket where I bought some seeds for old varieties of plants, some organic herbs and soap and got lots of ideas for making things with the lovely nature I am growing.

Caught the rays in the churchyard ~ another radiant day ~ and a veggie lunch with my friend in a beautiful garden, where we chatted about this weeks wavespell and the insights we were experiencing ~ and au naturale in Glasto ~ quick shifts. Looking back at where we were last year.

In the esoteric library another book caught my eye so I selected that and popped into the Abbey to do some energy work and timeline discovery.
It is so fabulous to work outside in a beautiful park and as a bonus we have the energetic influence of the ley lines and the backdrop of a medieval abbey.

Back home to the garden 

What a difference the sunshine makes.

It took a lot to get to this space in the country and to do the work that I love 

Thank you to everyone who helped me on this journey here ~ so many who assisted me in choosing the beliefs I have today.

I trust and honour myself more ~ still a work in progress  ~
I have often felt very uncomfortable about believing in myself and following my heart ~
has a lot of resistance within and without.

What I can share with you is where I am now ~ my wisdom of experience and how I have let the magic flow through me to get here ~ often doubting my own sanity 

Many people probably still doubt my sanity ~ that is their story 

The wisdom of the white wizard energy of self empowerment is ….

become a clear channel

to become a sourcerer we become clear in our connection to source

there are many people in Glastonbury who proclaim they are “magicians”
of one sort or another 

they haven’t mastered their own inner world and that is very evident 

The path of the heart is an inner journey 

When we have become crystal clear about how we want to give and receive love we start our return to the stars
by integrating that 

If something is showing up for you today ~ manifest in form ~

it is simply a fractal of yourself and an opportunity to clear your channel.

If you aren’t yet clear ~ keep clearing and asking for assistance ~ keep looking for information ~ keep open to new possibilities and recapitulating anything that is ancient history fear channel 

Love to you today magical manifestors 


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