Day 9 ~ Completion


Day 9 ~ Completion Β Red Solar Skywalker day

How do we bring heaven to earth ?

Over the last nine days we have been through an intimate dance vibe with our cosmic partner ~ the universe.

If you have chosen to work with awareness and consciousness you may have got some amazing clarity about what makes your heart sing and what closes it.

If you are working with other people in your circle , you may have got some clarity about how they feel heavenly or hellish in your presence.

We expect people to be mind readers and know how we want to be related to when often we really don’t know how we want to do that either πŸ™‚

Often we secretly hope that someone will do that for us and often that is because we are too afraid to declare our needs and desires ❀

Who are we to ask for what we want from another, from the world ?

When we did that as a child…..what happened ?

We aren’t a child now though are we ?

Do we dare to ……..know and feel confident enough…….to share our inner visions ?
Or are we still avoiding this for fear of rejection…..


this will happen to begin with and is all part of our journey process….

and to keep going and strengthening our self~belief in completion of this circle πŸ™‚

Now is the starting point ❀

How am I feeling now ~ today ~ in this moment.

If you are spending hours on past lives and childhood as an intellectual pursuit ~ recognise that this pattern is not emanating from the centre of your circle ~ it is far away in distant galaxies and
may be an avoidance of

now πŸ™‚
How many of these discovery workshops have you been on because part of you loves to pretend it is actually doing something and evolving ~ when in reality it is escaping to a land of never never ?

Our ego is great at dreaming up these distraction games for us rather than feeling the feelings

Notice that the intention of our trivial pursuits is ~ the driving force
the creative energy

and how we are intending is how we are receiving

If you choose to supernova your experience at this light time ……

Start now with how you feel ❀

Let go of your mind saying whether this is wrong or right and

cut a swathe through the cornfield of clarity

Allow yourself to feel what you feel

Be honest.

You may be doing something new ~ chances are if you are in midlife around 40 ~ there is a new structure appertaining for you

the spiritual call has risen to a bellow πŸ™‚

time to get that beautiful bottom of yours moving in a heart direction ?
Everyone knows what creates bliss for them

Spotlight that ~ herein lies the secret to your heavenly places

Are you going to rise to the challenge and ask for what you want ?

Dialogue could be :

I love being truly seen and honoured ~

How could that happen ?

Imagine that scenario …….

What would that look like, sound like, feel like?

What is the reality now?

Has that ever happened in the past ? When ? With whom? Maybe it was in a place rather than with a person ?

Jot down all these juicy ingredients…..

Remembering that “the devil is in the detail “

Truly πŸ™‚

As a child what were your most heartfelt moments ?

How do you include that now ?

What is your idea of hellish living ?

How is that showing up now ?

Be specific…..

Immerse yourself in the mire ~ with the intention of bringing cleansing through this roll in the muck…….

Remember…..where there is muck there is brass ~ alchemy ❀

Brits are amazing creatures of resistance to what is aren’t we ?

How often do we get nice weather?

Yet we still live here and moan about the rain πŸ™‚

Few people actually choose to move to another place where there is more sun and prefer to moan instead πŸ™‚

More and more people are living on benefits and people who are working moan about that……

people who are unable to work in a job because they are suffering from post traumatic stress from their life experiences and are out of alignment may not have a visible disability……
this is the hidden truth in our “sick” society of today
How many on drugs, on alcohol, on pain reduction in some form or another?

people who are now able to live a happy life and spend time out of doors enjoying this sunshine and to some people’s belief system….that is perverse πŸ™‚

yet many “workers” who are indoors in grey offices, full of chemicals , working for companies they hate, for little pay, mortgaged to the hilt…..are bitter about this group of people…..

who are the “mad” ones ?

People who are happy ~ in whatever way ~ are contributing to our world energy of happiness vibe and that may not fit an ego model of “shoulds”

where we are defined by our contribution to society that has so many “shoulds”.

Time to redefine “contribution” ?

We all contribute

We all pay “tax” with every product we buy

there is no shortage of money

simply our government chooses to pay money from people whom it governs

for example to fly a military jet at Β£kazillion per hour that has two people in it…..

Is that our focus ?

To build a new hospital and yet limit who can use it….

madness πŸ™‚ It reflects our true vibe though ~ our society doesn’t care about people and places more emphasis on buildings and nice offices, lots of plastic gloves and plastic aprons and time and energy on risk assessment instead of loving people πŸ™‚

Take for example Youth Services ~ some of the models I have seen focus on the extreme negatives of sexual diseases ~ instead of how these young people can love and honour their sacred selves…..

again reflecting back to them their beliefs in their own daily lives and families in our so called “civilised” society ~
what an illusion 😦

Check out how money is spent and see the truth ~ there is no “shortage”

Simply choices


If there weren’t a consensus of belief that we “need protection” from
“others” who are “unsafe”

then none of this would be happening would it ?

There is no one to blame πŸ™‚

This is simply an ego state of being and represents our ego’s level of being a child full of fear.

So …….

If we each take personal responsibility for our own heaven by having compassion for our true state of being…..

open up our story book of life


we can truly re write our world script


everything is in alignment for us to do that

If you have been following my blog and journalling for yourself each day you will have lots of insights to work with πŸ™‚

If you would like any assistance with formulating a plan of working with this info to create

an outcome please get in touch.

Every time I work with another person…..I am working with myself πŸ™‚

We will both get amazing insights πŸ™‚

It is an energetic win win ❀

I focus on the bigger picture so if I haven’t already done this for you I will ask for your birth details and do your Mayan sign and your Starcode.

This gives us an energetic overview ~ lots of juicy stuff to work with as to your star coded mission in this lifetime. It also gives info about your last lifetime and that can bring great clarity.

In the Mayan I look at your current thirteen year cycle and whereΒ you are on it , when it started ~ this can also bring great clarity ~ for me for example when I had my midlife turn around and this helped my inner critic see events from a different perspective .

We can then craft a plan of looking at what you want to create that currently isn’t in your life now ~practical steps that are manageable and sustainable and energetically supported because they match your intrinsic values


use energy coaching ( tapping) to go on a journey of discovery which will bring up shadow issues and limiting beliefs ……

I will share with you practical techniques that are grounded and universal that you can use for yourself independent of me πŸ™‚

because if your life isn’t heavenly…. then there is something within you that is simply blocking the universal mamma energy in some way ~ your perception and great expectations……ego seeking transformation because it has created some idea of you that in someway you aren’t fitting the world template of a “successful” , loveable ……fill in the blanks πŸ™‚
The emotional mind isn’t logical and no matter how many meditations you do, massages you have, mind detoxes…….if there is still emotional stuff there that is waiting to be felt…..

there is a wall of separation

If you believe that you need to get paid from a job you hate because that is what was programmed in by your family early on ~ that is what you saw in your day to day….

that is still in there πŸ™‚

It is reinforced by our society.

If you believe that you need money from a regular job….

then guess what… do πŸ™‚

When I went tomato picking in the eighties in Greece I didn’t work every day.

I worked when I needed to and I spent tIme off being in touch with the beautiful place I lived in. I then worked in a beach bar listening to amazing heart classic music every day that was chosen for it’s vibe. We had sunset music, we had raising our vibe music, we had getting into the evening groove music.

It was physically hard ~ we were busy and ……..our body needs physical activity ~ movement.

It was also fun πŸ™‚ I met people from all over the world.

We have a huge planet to live on and we can go anywhere ~ how can there be any lack of providing our basic survival needs. When we get clear of our inner critic and look for our qualities, our skills, our gifts……

and broaden our horizons to see beyond our own back door….
by letting go of any beliefs that are keeping us in a box…..
feel our fear ~ be with it ~ honour it ~ listen to whence it came ~ let go of that using EFT ~ receive new insights

We are like a bird getting ready to fly across the world to where our new home awaits us…….even if that is simply staying where we are and changing our perception of that place … we can see it in a new light.
This is how I can help assist in your process to co create something new and I will be honoured to be your guide and explore new territories with you.

Remember your map at this moment is simply…..

your map
and the map is not the territory …..

You are the map maker ❀

Lots of love to you today ~ bringing heaven to earth and completing your intimacy wavespell πŸ™‚

One thought on “Day 9 ~ Completion

  1. People who moan about others on benefits are clearly doing so partly out of jealousy .. although that said I want to be off benefits as soon as I can! I guess the reason people don’t move is because they’re scared of leaving family and friends .. I am not as fussed about the weather as a lot of people, otherwise I’d never have moved north!


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