Day 8 ~ Integrate


Day 8 ~ Integration Day in this Red Serpent Wavespell 

Yellow Galactic Human:

We are in the 7th portal day in a row ~ wow what a ride.
How is it feeling for you ?
Are you getting some clarity around what is standing in the way in terms of your beliefs and creating intimacy ?

Our beliefs give rise to our behaviour……

Dishonesty is the key obstacle ~ avoidance of being our true selves
What can happen when we are totally honest and transparent ?
We are fearless

It is what goes with the pattern  of honesty ~ because we are so worth it ~ it’s burn your bridges time ~ this is me, this is who I am, these are my beliefs and all is laid bare ~ plain as the nose on my face 🙂

It’s crystal clear and free of manipulation, attachment, agenda, we aren’t hedging our bets, going round in circles, prevaricating, procrastinating ~ wow how much energy does that take……

I remember a “businessman ” speaking to me about a business venture , saying that if an idea wasn’t going to work he wanted to know that in the first week not in a year’s time and that has a ring to it 🙂

Let’s cut to the chase and be clear about what we want to be in this life and then state it

in plain language, no frills and no beating about the bush….often that takes a while to know that for ourselves because we are so good at living with a system that doesn’t honour…..well…..honour

It celebrates values that are transient, anything but transparent and short term gain.

Luckily…..the tides are turning as we reconnect to our moon wisdom.

How we behave comes from our beliefs

How we relate to the universe and what is in our day to day reality is totally
about what we believe to be true……

Which is why we all have different life experiences

I am reading a few great books at the moment which have the same threads running through them


I started doing this when I was 18 and working in a travel agency.
I spotted the pattern as I would choose a seemingly random set of books ~ and despite a mix of fact and fiction ~ they all had a core theme.

I am going to stop using the term “unconscious” or “subconscious” as I no longer believe these to be true states of being 

We simply have different levels of consciousness 

It really is very simple this integration process

( doesn’t mean doing the process is easy because that involves some self enquiry and emotional connection on “stuff” that may feel intense and heavy….the more you do it…..the easier it gets )

Whatever is showing up for you right now that you don’t like is simply
in your world to show you that 

Look at this “thing you don’t like”

What do you have to believe in order for it to be in your world ?

What had to happen to you to create that belief ?

That was then……

this is now

What belief serves you now ?

What will create a difference in what is happening now ?


Now you have the information you need to weave some magic


You have a chance to create more light and open up your human flower 

to the sun.

We receive information through the sun ~ just like every living being on this planet.

If you are not a sun worshipper there is an experience that created this.

If you block your light …..for whatever reason……you block your light

there is shadow there

Remember shadow is simply more light that is currently in the dark
the present of Christmas past


Are you ready to let go of 50 shades of grey so you can experience the full spectrum of the rainbow and beyond? ( ok I know there is talk of Ryan being in the show 🙂 )

When we change our thoughts and beliefs ~ we change our dna ?

How Star Wars is that?

What if everything was changeable ?

Even the sacred truths we hold so dear in our scientific world ?

As we start to let go of limiting ourselves everything can change in a planetary way and… is 🙂

Law of attraction dreams and visions ~ we see our future in dreams and desires ~ this is how we create it ~ it’s a circular activity. If you start to look closely at your own personal pattern it will soon show you how you have made these patterns and the more detail you go into the more you will see the divinity code ~ your own code. If you want to see the miracle of yourself and focus on the magician that initiates everything in your world ~ this is the key to everything 🙂

I am very aware of this with my own patterns and how I create patterns with my children ~ what we are doing now is creating the beliefs and patterns of our world future and they have to happen in that way because that is the sacred geometry ~ until that changes 🙂

I believe we are changing the karma wheel by becoming aware of our own code and having the where withal now to……get clear …..and ripen into the juicy fruit we are.

I have been out in the garden to catch some rays and been a busy bee today ~ struggling to keep balanced at the moment as I am getting ready for my poly tunnel and keeping up with my veggies and jobs in the garden…… as well as doing Starcodes,Mayan Signs and energy coaching…… plus day to day life ~ if anyone sees me in the garden I am often like a whirling dervish ~ the energy here is so persuasive that I find it hard to stop at times ~ like the broom in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice 🙂

The circular pattern of integration is so powerful.

It is really cool to go deeper energetically into your activity as you are doing it ~ because you are in that vibe. So if you are cleaning something simply set that intention to be cleaning everything with love and joy ~ and so it is ~ and when I am sifting through my soil and taking out the weeds I am getting so many insights about my own life and what requires some root removal of my intimacy issues. As I am focusing closely on each plant I am connecting with them and they are sharing information with me ~ cosmic 🙂 I get amazing insights about so much stuff in a few hours with my beloved nature.

As a property developer I did a lot of my own work so I learned many jobs ~ we chose to do this to spend time with our children so we chose when to work and we could take time out in holidays and around school times.

Today I have been sanding an old table we found in the shed ~ that has been stripped of varnish by the weather. Far easier and less hazardous than varnish remover 🙂 I have also sanded and repainted some metal chairs and candleholders. In many cases it is easier and cheaper to go and buy new ones in the throw away society we live in ~ throwing away our world too 🙂 ~ I believe this is a key pattern ~ most of our society believes in living life simply by buying it as a done deal ~ where is the creativity ~ the learning ?

How many people do you know who have all their focus on money and that is where their integrity begins and ends ?

When I am restoring something ~ like the houses we bought that were run down ~ I love the transformation. From each house we used many things ~ water tanks in the allotment, stripped the old doors, exposing the stonework and finding hidden treasure. I still have all the gardening tools from an old chap’s house we bought. He had gone into care with Alzheimer’s . His house was full of little notes that he made to himself to remind him of what he had eaten and the natural remedies he had tried, as his memory ebbed away. He was in his 60’s and had never had a relationship. His house was untouched from the days of his parent’s, it was his family home. Consumerism hadn’t graced this doorstep and everything was there from his childhood. I found myself feeling such compassion for this man ~ like many older people in this Yorkshire village , who lived a life so far removed from the life portrayed on television world. Many of the characters we met were in their 80’s and 90’s and still full of health and life.

Towards the last few days of property developing in Yorkshire , I attended networking meetings and revisited a pattern that was there at the start of my journey into this world as a way of living. I went to source a solution to the complete lack of mortgages that was stopping our business progressing and ultimately signalled our financial demise. I met a lot of people and many didn’t do any of the work themselves ~ didn’t ever want to either. They simply bought at a low price from people who had got themselves into a situation (like myself) and as a consequence had themselves a bargain. The majority of the people I met , I really didn’t like and I didn’t ever want to model what they did. The reason I had chosen this life was to buy a property at a low price because it needed restoring ~ I did the restoring with my partner and some local trades people  and when I sold the house  this is what added the value .

This is a value pattern of mine and I have used it in every business I have created from scratch and in that process I have learned the structure of it.

When I worked in the pub trade I was left literally over the barrel by a boyfriend who thought he would power trip with me and leave me without a cellar . So I learned how to look after real ale and keg beers myself so I would never be in that situation again. I believe this is true self ~ empowerment  and holistic.

How many people do you know who have no awareness of practical skills in their day to day life ?

I am always prepared to learn……and I am open to it. I have also learned to respect my body’s limits and by doing small amounts of each activity I don’t overwork my body and get repetitive strain injury . I am modelling being pregnant again in many respects  ~ small steps and lots of rest to smell the roses and be present rather than manic activity to complete a project that is never ending or satisfactory.

Today I learned a lot in the garden.

Aries moon this morning in the UK ~ so I am prepared my potato patch and was tempted to dig up some brussel sprouts to enlarge it. They have gone to seed and I couldn’t see the seedpods ~ because they weren’t what I was expecting. So I googled ~ how to grow brussel sprouts from seed. I learned a lot from this video and when I shared that info with my partner he suggested eating the seed pods as a vegetable ~ fab 🙂 I am also going to use the leaves instead of kale I am currently buying from the supermarket.

I had lots of potatoes growing out of my compost bin ~ so I opened it up for a rummage and learned another new thing ~ potatoes grow from potato skin peelings ~ didn’t know that. I was expecting them to be coming from old potatoes.

I planted them this afternoon when the moon went into Taurus. ~ feeling lovely and grounded in my moon sign.How can anyone ever be bored or depressed when we live in this abundant creative universe ? There is so much learning 🙂

Amazing miracles every day ~ if like me you get turned on by the likes of brussel sprouts 🙂
Remember that this is key to the Yellow Human energy of today ~ the food that goes into our human chalice is what goes into every cell in our body.
The more we go through these big universal changes and the more important it is to focus on the optimum vibrancy we can co create with nature.
I was chatting about India today and the sadness of what has happened to people there with the Monsanto debacle and people choosing to end their own lives because they feel they cannot go on.
My daughter is called India. I named her that because of the profound effect it had on me when I went there in 1993. I have never felt so loved and welcomed by such beautiful open hearted people .
A couple of years ago I went to a group meeting that is organised by people who are followers of Anthony Robbins and have been on his workshops. There was a film about a group of “businessmen” going to India with some money they had raised to give this “poor “village . I felt sick to my stomach watching these egotistical people going on about how they were going to change the lives of these people ~ these peasants who have “nothing” and all I could say was….
I think you have it the wrong way round ~ they can teach our society so much about how to live.
I always cry when I speak of this. I see innocent, open hearted people who are free flowing and giving with love ~ like children. Like the birds and animals that have never encountered a predatory human of the pattern of the westernised ego . They flock to them , naive to their agenda and perish under the swathe of their egotistical greed.
That open heart is taken for all it is worth and told a huge dishonesty ~ that all is for their benefit ~ when the opposite is true. A gift is “given” then taken back and a higher price paid than the innocent wants to give.
This is the root of our planetary wounding.
Although I have Venus in Virgo I still struggle with this. I know this is how we learn and it still pains me to the core. I know through my own journey that there is no need for greed ~ we have rich resources everywhere and as we work each day with nature ~ we learn to make our own compost, we learn how to feed ourselves ~ it is so different to buying something ready made
The ready made brigade ~ ready made meals, curtains, …….lives
and when the ready made providers disappear, when we don’t have the money anymore to give ~ see how they turn to devour us because we are of no value to them if we cannot buy their wares.
I have witnessed many seekers go on weekend courses ~ especially the Anthony Robbins Wonder tour . They are taken to another dimension of artfully created bliss at extortionate prices ( I believe ) and then witness the fall of these rave partyer’s on the weeks that follow as they drop back down to earth~ because….
state changing is all these seminars are ~ they are not rooted in any real life formula that everyday people can integrate.
None that I have seen anyway ~ most people I have met that have been part of this training are delusional and not living from their heart ~ avoidance pattern of intellectual beliefs that haven’t been integrated……because their shadow isn’t addressed ~ only the positive. A one sided show.
The time of the guru has gone ~ be your own saviour and get real ~ because the real deal that is the true you underneath all of that cloak of  dishonesty
Is absolutely awesome ~ stunning and simply splendiferous 
If Anthony Robbins can do it ~ so can you ~ for yourself ~ just like he did.
Just googled his Mayan sign ~ blown away again ~ he is a yellow human Wow  ~ Yellow electric human to be precise.
In your own unique way ~ that you can use every day and is the universal you ~ does what it says on the tin ~ loves itself and the world

Love to you light seekers.

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