Day 7 Blue Monkey



Day 7 ~ Divine child

Blue Resonant Monkey Day ~ what is resonating ?

in the Red Serpent Wavespell :

We are at the top of the pyramid today in this intimacy sacred spiral. 

It is the pinnacle where we are closest to our god and goddess energy.

Imagine a world without ego seeking transformation. 

Imagine how it can be ~

* that we have amazing gifted thought process for creating technology open to all

* that we are free from agenda and creating community with everyone and everything in our own beautiful way

* that we are open to joy and wonder as an innocent child truly in our heart

* that all relationships are open and intimate

* that our world is free from jealousy, control issues, anger, ……..because each person on the planet has liberated themselves from any notion of any of those beliefs about themselves


This is the road we are all on. The return to the stars through letting go of our fear beliefs so we remember we are all beautiful, glittering aspects of an amazing prism of diamond light. 

The more people who are in this process and the more the tipping point grows

Our divine child is reconnected in adulthood as we let go of our inner child woes and beliefs that are pulling us back into heavy vibes.

I awoke from a very strange dream last night about eating leaves in a ceremony so I have been on my cookie trail today with google checking that out.

When you do this with awareness and intention the spiritual nudge that came through deeper levels of consciousness are shown.
What I found was the “Ava ceremony ~ a sacred ceremony in Samoa. 
I explored further about the plant Kava
It is interesting when we look at natural remedies on sale and information that goes with them, in some countries we are warned that they may be dangerous. This of course can be true and it is essential to do in depth learning about any plant that we are going to use to fully take responsibility of our relationship with it. Often though I feel like this is simply a fear tactic used by the drug companies to disempower our natural healing ability and our natural earth’s resources ~ and so we buy modified products from them. I believe that any care about the person has long diminished in this business model.
They match where we are on the co-dependent and co-creative learning ladder of relationships.
I see the bigger picture ,as although often painful to navigate, as the way we always move forward ~ as certain systems are revealed with their true agenda ~ we have doors closed in order to open new ones and remember our true magnificence on our journey home to the stars.
Plants feature in Carlos Castaneda’s work such as Sacred Datura and the mythical Soma are other interesting shamanic tools. Funnily enough there were some Datura plants in the garden centre this weekend and I felt a resonance ~ couldn’t put my finger on that until today ~ when it was timely to emerge.
One of the key aspects of a sorcerer ~ sourcerer ~ is that they grow their own source of magical plants and if we bring this wisdom to today’s world it can yield beneficial fruit.
When we grow and prepare our own food with love and focus ~ instead of huge un ~manageable farmlands that cannot thrive without chemicals and machinery ~ we have a very different nourishment potential that is a win win for everyone concerned.
That is what I am creating for myself now and you can check out my progress on my other blog:
Seed of Sacred Living
Many of these plants have their potent~ iality in their roots ~ I feel this is what this time is about ~ going back to our roots to heal our selves and as we do that as a natural by product we heal our relationship with our planet and the sacred feminine returns replete.
It is very important that we align ourselves with healthy food and allow ourselves to receive that nourishment.
If we have beliefs around blocking receiving then this requires focus and re patterning otherwise that cannot happen.
Whatever patterns we are living amongst defines our pattern ~ and so like a plant that moves with the sun , we can move towards more light patterns through transformation of the dark ones.
We are moving beyond what we put into ourselves into the addition of ~ what is in ourselves as that is the source of all our outwardly manifestations.
I have felt to check out lots of plants over the last few days and had a really funny event with my Siamese cat ~ Arnold. Arnold is quite a character and only ventures out under the watchful eye of one of the family, as historically he has got out and wandered in our village only to be found in a frozen state of anxiety under a bush . He doesn’t have any street savvy . Our nepeta ( Cat mint ) bush has grown quite big over the last few weeks and he suddenly immersed himself in it ~ ecstatic dance. I smelt it and wondered about the effects on humans. It smells very cannabis like but apparently although attracting cats and totally narcotising them in a bliss state , it has the opposite affect on humans making them aggressive ~ looking at the metaphor ~ it sublimates the feminine so the masculine can loom large.
My Comfrey is huge and I have had to hack it back as it is such a strong and fast grower it looms over other plants rendering them in shade. My Angelica smells wonderful and is growing by the minute like a galaxy cluster. It attracts lots of insects.
Thyme is springing up here and there and hopefully we will attract some of the rare blue butterflies that are native to the woods nearby.

I have also been looking deeper at another character who appeared in my dream  ~ the lizard and linked to The Doors Celebration of the Lizard.

This is a re ~occuring theme for me 🙂 It is quite insightful to read the lyrics ~ where I see Jim Morrison foreseeing his own death ~ with the bathroom scene.
This is where he died, in a toilet, according to new information from people who were aware of the story around his death and removal of his body to avoid any scandal.
Jim’s life makes for an interesting read and his lyrics are often profound ~ this Celebration of the Lizard was shared in part  on  an album entitled Waiting for the Sun
I have listed to this music throughout my life and it has created profound experiences for me ~ when I first heard it I found it bizarre and disharmonious but thanks to my first lover I persevered with connecting to it.
Talking of Lizard’s and Lizard mind survival and base instincts……
Looking at the bigger picture pattern of Monsanto and Bill Gates ~ I wasn’t aware of their connection were you ? What an interesting combination.
Bill Gates starchart makes interesting reading as does his Mayan sign ~ he is a Yellow Overtone Star 
mmmm what was I saying about Yellow Stars  on Day 4 of this wavespell ?
He was born on a gap day and he certainly is a teacher showing us an age old patriarchal pattern of imbalance and manipulation and control.
Our childhood is the place of our root formation and from this experiential place our tree of life is created.
When we look at any financially ” successful person there is always a seed of discontent, a need to proove and a lack vibe that they seek to redress through outer means…..
instead of realising their true worth from within and revealing their wonderful divine child by healing their shadow.
Love to you and your inner child today ?
How are you letting yourself play ?
Are you being the free spirit that you truly are ?
Or are you still looking for those brownie badges of validation ?
Maybe a bit of both ~ it is simply information as to the nature of our being.

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