Yellow Seed Planetary Energy


Yellow Seed 
Yellow Seed is Code 4

It is a planetary code

In Astrology it relates to the 4th house 

In the natural zodiac this is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is Cancer

This is key for the North Node planetary transit happening now ~ 

in Cancer December 2018

The 4th house
is where the childhood patterning

takes place specifically

with the 5th house being the house of the child ~ Leo 

Stairway to Heaven begins in the 4th
What is in your 4th house ?

Where is Cancer in your chart ?

This will reveal the key structure of your childhood patterning

that you are here to become an expert on





It is the key process for the human being
to release their starseed mission
in this life 
to evolve beyond their human being

conditioned mindset

It is time for this to happen
Yellow Seed’s planet is Jupiter 
Jupiter’s transit on the planet right now is in Sagittarius ~ in it’s own sign  ~ December 2018

Creation of new stars in the Galactic Centre ~
time to create new scripts and stories here ~

to do that requires inner work ~

it is not an intellectual process

Where Jupiter is in your chart ~ house and sign

is key 

This reveals what you are personally here to master


Cosmic Conscious Time




Red Cosmic Moon Day ~ the last day of Red Earth Wavespell

Had so much to share yesterday on Yellow Crystal Star Day ~ a gap day as well but went to ground to receive and regenerate. Please click on the links for more info.

Thirteen today ~ cosmic movement

I am learning to pay attention and realise when I am taking on too much energetically and to go with the moon cycle .

Waning moon ~ be in your yin receiving space of tuning in and tuning out distractions and “shoulds”


Yellow Star day brought lots of revelation and insight. Family constellation awareness takes on a whole new dimension ~ literally ~ when you work with the actual energetic ancestor’s natal star charts and see the secret codes hidden within that reveal soul journey awareness.


On the planet we are in year 8 of a thirteen year cycle that began on July 26  2006 with Red Magnetic Moon and hence the energetic overview of this time is found here.

Awakening to our sacred feminine true nature on an individual basis and ……on a cosmic basis as a result. The challenge of the yin coming back in the second year of this thirteen year cycle in July 26 2007 was White Lunar Wizard ~ self ~ empowerment.

The two combined together create the energetics of the third co creative year of July 26 2008 ~Blue Electric Storm Year the year of the great financial crash took place starting in the US in August 2007 and really hitting home in June and July of 2008 in the UK , just as I was doing the biggest property project I had ever done 🙂

On the 4th year of  26 July 2009 the planet was on Yellow Self ~ Existing Seed Year ~ creating a form for the true nature of our seed selves to emerge and awaken and let go of our ego masks. 

On the 5th year 26 July 2010 we had Red Overtone Moon to help us remember our true soul purpose

On the 6th year of  26 July 2011 we had White Rhythmic Wizard Year to bring us into balance

and last year Blue Resonant Storm ~ to unleash our mystical magical true selves

Gratitude to Tracey Gendron for these fab resources.

Here is a link to an overview of mine for this year of Yellow Galactic Seed Year this year 

If you look at what you were doing you may get some revelations 🙂


Everything on one level on our planet is simply dancing to the cosmic rhythm and co creating with what is there ~ for example ~

the climate,

where our planet is in relation to other planets

time of year and proximity to the sun

time of day and proximity to the moon

the energetic pattern that is resonating

For our soul experience on one level our human conscious awareness interacts with this and creates a conscious intent.

To give a gardening example ~ we decide to make a garden and so we shape it with our will.

That said if we try and bend something in it too far away from it’s natural state of being….

it will not thrive and it may even die.

We learn from that process :-)…….

hopefully 🙂

In the recent past we ( the collective generally speaking in humanity and pre~dominantly in the west )have been on a hedonistic , ego spending spree and off on a patriarchal path that believes it knows better than God and Goddess whilst forgetting that is it’s true nature 🙂

That is the journey of forgetting and expressing the extreme masculine viewpoint.

Consumer pattern believes that all can endlessly be created in an even “better” way than is intrinsic and natural . Mankind can come up with more refined products that control and expand on nature’s great bounty…..

yea right 🙂

This is an untruth and an illusion that our collective ego has been really creative at…….


and creating a manipulation pattern.

People who manipulate come from a place of being manipulated. You do not do something you have not energetically experienced.

Part of the manipulation myth is that there is a wonderful by product that comes from this action,

that it is ok to manipulate someone when you know “better” ~ better than the universe?

that the majority will benefit so the end justifies the means……

the greater good bla bla bla

The truth is this pattern is a twisty, slippery pattern that has no basis in honest relationship because it is the pattern of a liar

A liar is always of the ego world.

Heart has no need to lie, nor spirit  for any reason period. The world that is not of ego patterns simply speaks the truth free of all emotion ~

it is what it is.

I don’t know about you but I am experiencing connecting to a great many manipulation myths right now 🙂

They are coming up for my awareness generally and for me personally as to what choices I make as to raising consciousness for myself and others.

I am very aware of letting go of drama as a Leo and I have spent quite a bit of time during this Red Magnetic Moon period, in the courts.

I have no tolerance for bullpoo and bullies . 

At the moment I am looking at several areas of relationship that are coming up as pattern matches for times in my past when other people have thought it ok to bully and judge me ~ make assumptions about who I am based on my gender, my age, my dress, the colour of my skin, my weight, my family background and where I hailed from…..

This is true for everyone in some way and these patterns expand into global issues that get bigger and bigger until we have no choice but to heed their teaching 🙂

If you look at the majority of  “minority” groups who have an “issue” concerning their “human rights” ~ you will see a common thread ~

women are in there

Women and the sacred feminine have experienced extreme unloving behaviour and this is where we are starting to reverse that curve and take a different direction.

I have had lots of communication this week and learned a lot . On this journey I have followed my cosmic cookie trail and been surprised at my findings.

This thread of manipulation goes so deep and only those that are ready and willing to work with this energetic signature in themselves will let go of believing that these threads are “conspiracy theories” and fear mongering ~ there are none so blind as those that will not see.


Creating different relationship realities actually requires doing things and taking action because if people do not speak up then the silence creates a willingness to keep the status quo.

Behind every accusation against our individual truth telling, there is always a fearful individual who does not want to hear that “truth” .

It is the soul journey to speak and stand firm as you navigate illusions ~ it is the creation of the core strength and essential to this year’s Yellow Galactic Seed energy ~ to reveal the true seed that wants to stay safely protected in it’s unaware shell. That said each unawakened pod is essential to the polarity dance at this time and we do not need to provoke an “outing” ~ or be silent and sacrifice our beliefs and self.

I have repeatedly been told that I “shouldn’t” speak my truth because it is for the person I am speaking to , to learn that for themselves. The person speaking this truth to me does not seem to apply that rule to themselves though ~ it is a one way street 🙂

Sound familiar?

If you are ready to be a warrior of the heart ~ and by that I mean to speak of what is honest free from personal ego agenda ~ it requires a high level of personal responsibility to be able to separate the inner wheat from the chaff ~ What is my emotional stuff and what is a clear message?

The difference that makes the difference is being clear of emotional intensity ~ or as clear as you can be and aware of what you are not clear of 🙂


be honest about it 🙂

No matter where we are on our path the clear vibration of honesty is felt and recognised by all.

Manipulation has been inherent in our journey so far because our world structure relies on it with the energetic imbalance of masculinity.

It is all part of the learning of the slave pattern ~ the co dependent pattern.

Over thousands of years people have been “sold” an idea that there is a very good reason why they are less than the other group which justifies them being used and abused….

and so often this has been from an on high perspective of a deity, in this deity’s name  ~ can’t argue with that one can you ?

Wow that is so powerful and persuasive and something so cruel to manipulate innocents in that way through fear and dishonesty.

It is really really simple to see now though for many more people isn’t it ?

For one group of people to have more than they need ~ and for some that is a lot more ~ other people have to have less ……..

and sometimes that is less than nothing. 

For continual products to fit a “success” ego label , there has to be continual product and “growth” ~ even a child can figure out that isn’t sustainable and yet amazingly…….the majority of the western world has gone a long with it.

Time for a change ?

I have just found a great thread about this, from looking for something else. Once you get familiar with the pattern of seeing the smokescreen it is easily spotted and becomes so obvious. An equally big story is created to divert attention and then becomes the focus and then manipulates the “target” audience into doing what the power that be truly wanted in the first place ~ only the targeted group isn’t aware of that and cashes in on that group’s naivety and/or general good naturedness.

All of our feast and famine times in recent history have been purposely created and came from earlier tried and tested manipulation models. War is a really great money making opportunity and smoke screen for the people who don’t  (seem to ) get their hands dirty. In the 1940’s in the UK we had women working the land in place of men and at a time when the land could have returned to the old sustainable ways ~ what happened instead was the implementation of mono crop farming with machinery. Where did the machinery come from ? ~ the USA. This way of farming destroyed our meadow fields, our wildlife, our natural hedgerows and all manner of chemical control came in. The UK were in debt to the US at this time which I guess was the pendulum swing of the opposite experience in earlier days. It was a chance for the US literally to make the UK pay.

No blaming intended here ~ simply a pattern and history repeat and learning.

When we work with small sustainable energetic systems and models that work with nature there is no need for any of this intervention ~ the universe has it all worked out without any help from humans 🙂 It is wisdom that ancient people know and is there to be reconnected to when we are ready to retrain our ego collective.

Looking for any tangible info on this I stumbled across a couple of other stories that you can read about here and here:

What is really interesting is the nuclear story. In the USA they hid what they were doing ~ supposedly for the greater good and they pretended that their nuclear stores weren’t for any sort of weapon ~ untrue. Later in history USA government then accused other countries of doing the same thing 🙂

Where did they get that notion from I wonder ? They had coined it and this is ~ I believe, the real nature of why certain countries ~ one of which is the UK , simply have to keep nuclear power. They can hide other things as they have a perfect excuse ~ a front, a mask….

a lie.

The UK people were sold this vision of cheap , clean fuel and it is very untrue, proved to be an issue with Japan’s recent event ( which was also a repeating historic pattern event in a different way ) and yet more nuclear power is on the cards ~ which doesn’t make any sense does it ? When something doesn’t make sense there is an ego pattern at work 🙂

The other story I found was very unexpected because it reveals a similar pattern about Pearl Harbor and if you look at that story you can see certain similarities to an event in 2001 in the USA.

Makes interesting reading doesn’t it?

Closer to home I have been researching the mortgage companies and in particular their behaviour as to their clients. In 2009 and 2010 the FSA in the UK had certain findings and fined three large companies £millions for their unfair behaviour with their customers ~ this is a matter of public record.

Why in 2013 is this behaviour still continuing? If you need any practical advice on this here is a great forum Consumer Action Group Forum

Have you had an extreme incident with a company that you were buying a product from believing in the old adage ~ the customer is always right?

Having spent much of my adult life in sales and service related industries, I am frequently gobsmacked at the extremity of the masculine behaviour I am currently witnessing.

When I was a young travel clerk I started at Thomas Cook and we had a rigorous list of recommended companies, the “cancellation” market was just coming in and some of the larger companies popular at the time ~ Airtours ~ were not allowed as bookings. When I left there ( on my “youth training scheme”) and worked at another place Soluna Travel ( notice the name 🙂 ) this was different. Travel Companies had incentives for travel agents and the more holidays you booked for them the more renumeration you got ~ in some cases free trips ~ which to the poorly paid travel agent were what made life possible 🙂 If you ever walked into an agency determined to go to Spain and ending up going to Greece this may explain why ? I guess that is still happening today. The people I worked with didn’t reveal the in depth agenda to their customer and at the same time weren’t manipulative to any great degree because many of our customers became personal friends and came back year after year ~ I believe the people had high integrity in their transactions. If there was a choice between two companies though and one had a better incentive for the agent …..guess which was booked ? It tipped the scales.

Some companies believe that it is their right to believe you may be committing an offence in their store if you behave in a certain way and that it isn’t an issue for you or them, if they challenge you about this in public, ask to search you , find nothing and state it was your fault for behaving in a way that creates suspicion, whilst not actually being able to spell that out for you ~

When this viewpoint is challenged, all of this behaviour, seemingly ,is blamed on staff who are not following company guidelines ~ yet when undercover documentaries are made this is often seen to be the reverse ~ they are totally following company guidelines, with pressure being placed upon staff to make their store money no matter what the cost to the customer or honest or fair relationship.

Having worked for several large profit driven companies I have experienced this profit led, slavery model and the charming manipulators they attract to management 🙂

If we do not speak up about this and make our voice heard then what is the outcome?

I seem to remember that the terrible events of history, that happened all over the world ,are often deferred in responsibility to ~

I was following orders.

It is time for us to awaken to creating respectful relationship for all.

One of the key aha moments I had this week was thanks to a posting on Facebook of my old home town of Rochdale.

I have always wanted to get out of Rochdale from the moment I started to travel. Sorry Rochdalians ~ I know there are some lovely places in the area but the town centre is one of the lowest vibes I have ever come across and in particular the town flats. I have had some happy times there thanks to friends and we used to have a big circle of community.

I was really surprised when I remembered the flats name ~ the Seven Sisters and how that connects to the Pleiades information I am working with today ~ what an amazing reframe 🙂 We are always in the perfect space. This constellation is over my house and is my moon ~ Taurus.

Everything that has taken place so far was absolutely meant to ~ question is ~ do we continue with it or…..

wake up and weave new realities that are in touch with our highest good ~ everyone’s highest good and accept nothing less……..

We are worth it 🙂


Love to you and your awakening beacon of sacred feminine light ~ tomorrow begins a new

energetic signature of White Dog Wavespell ~ unconditional love and connecting to your tribe 



Rewind and Release


Blue Spectral Hand

Please click on the links on this blog for more information to other sites. Gratitude to all who are creating and sharing this information.

Lots of sharing today in this blue hand energy ~ my Mayan sign . 

My number is nine not eleven which is today’s number.

As a nine I am here to assist in the energy of completion ~ end of times 🙂 This is also a blending of sun and moon energy 🙂 Magician and High Priestess.

I know this truly with all my heart and am sharing this with you from that space of love and clarity.

I have created lots of clear space in my own personal inner space and that is why I can share this ~ because I have travelled there first, am travelling there and if you choose you can journey with me.

I am sharing this experientially from what I know ~ this has been revealed to me because I am ready to receive it energetically 🙂

Lots of talk today about the Grand Sextile.  Here is a Mayan blog about it.

Here is mine 🙂

This energy in the heavens is there and as individuals we connect to it with energy within us at where we are on our path with our level of understanding at this time in many ways:





are some of the ways 🙂

I am sharing what I know and so that I do not repeat myself if you haven’t read my New Years post of Yellow Galactic Seed Year then there is lots more in the way of explanation today.

What I am choosing to share today is what I feel intuitively called to ~ this is a day of shadows and as a shadow worker this is the area I am growing more comfortable with primarily in myself and becoming more energised in sharing that with others who are ready to embrace their inner dog, inner child and look to the true source of alchemy ~ the dark side of their moon 🙂

Shadow Workers shine your light 🙂

Our society in the west has thrived on the first part of the cycle ~ yang, sun, self, masculine and going out into the world.

All outer glittery things of the ego ~ the sun sign in astrology.

Now we are moving into balancing the shadow side ~

the Yin and the wild, chaotic feminine. The Pre~menstrual harridan full of strong emotions that have been labelled “bad”

The dark half of our psyche 🙂

The Grand Sextile for our personal planetary harmonics is what happens when we transform and honour this balsamic space 🙂

Number 11 is a powerful number and connected to number 2. Master builder numbers and more about that here.

If you are any of these numbers in your Mayan sign then you will resonate very strongly with the shadow essence and this is your soul mission.

It is the time of tough love and going to the heart of the matter for each individual.

Look, listen and learn and be guided by your body and what is showing up for you now and face your inner demons.

There is no alternative to being in this space energetically , as this is where we are on the planet and the more you can align yourself with this road trip , the more you will liberate yourself.

Many people worry about their thoughts and their law of attraction believing that if they say enough mantras, raise their vibe and visualise rainbows and angels then their dark thoughts will remain hidden in their personal Pandora’s Box.

Vibes don’t do this 🙂 They are what they are 🙂 Takes more than fairy dust to walk our path 🙂

Our vibration and beacon of light ~ our personal Star of David is energetically sending out a code at all times and the more we allow ourselves to get real about this ~ the whole picture not the rose tinted spectacle version ~ the more we can work with it.

Everything that has ever happened to us was meant to happen for our learning.

We haven’t got anything “wrong” or been a “bad” person and this is true for everyone ~ everyone without exception has been here on this planet to play their starring role so we can all learn and create choices as a result of that learning.

We may have chosen less than loving behaviour and this we can address


Everything that has been in our personal road trip has brought us to this space and is there to shape our future.

This is a crossroads in our evolution and if we choose we can weave a new world for ourselves by using the tools available to us at this time.

This is an energetic universe and we have energy therapies to work with our energy in very practical, grounded ways that are part of the power team we already have in place .

It is time to combine what we already know and use our mind in balance with our body and emotions and our spirit leading the way and guiding us on our star coded mission.

It is time for the new myth to be born.

It is time for us to be the hero and heroine in our own story and let go of soap opera living , drama, delusion.

You may find you have been on a journey of being stripped to the bone so you are free from these distractions . You may have “lost” everything. You may have “given up ” your old life.

In the first part of our life ~ as in the first part of our planetary history ~ we are immersed in the literal and surface structure. Creating our ego path. Now it is time to go deeper and work with our inner world and often everything will go through a black hole of inversion. Everything turns on it’s head like a sand hour glass. Everything we have learned is breaking down to birth something new and as the midwives of this birthing we begin with ourselves. This comes through us.

Yesterday I awoke with the prefix Re 

Re added onto a word changes it ~ re ~works it

We are at the “re “stage of……

rebirth, revolution, recreation, reincarnation, relax, rejuvenate, reiterate, rewind, release, reborn, revolve, recycle, receive, rest, recuperate, restore, realise, reality, real, reflexology, reimburse, re – individuate, rescue, reorganise, read, remember, reanimate, relationship, red, ready, regrowth, remerge,retract, revelation, religion, recognition, recognise, re -invent, redolent …..

how many words can you think of ?

Over the past few days I have had some amazing connections with my retreat ~ there is another one 🙂 It is the first year I have been so clear about creating this. I started it in 2011 with my first retreat in Glastonbury and I trusted that although I didn’t know much about the Mayan Wavespell yet I could simply say that and work with what I did know. I had no conscious knowing at that time that this would expand and….

this is what my key learning is…..

we don’t know what we don’t know and if we are to truly let go of repeating ~ there’s another one 🙂 ~ then we have to truly let go and be open to surrendering to what our higher self is seeking to birth through us.

Clearing enough space to allow that is key and the more we understand about how our human spaceship works and guides us with it’s technology the the more we can consciously work with that information and work with it and it’s language.

Our emotional mind is the navigator and attracts to us experiences that have been perceived as positive in the past and negative . The positive can take the form of high energy pleasure palaces of partying, being in love and feeling in our power. There is no judgement in one sense ~ simply this made me feel good and so I want more of it or this made me feel bad so it is dangerous.

The emotional mind is very literal and takes an energetic pattern of that event which encodes that experience with an emotion. It also encodes it with the information available at that moment in time and so we are often living from that energetic pattern today ……even though that pattern and understanding of the world, woven into that energetic  code was from a four year old perspective say ~ that is what is happening for us today energetically and emotionally.

The emotional mind lives in the amygdala and is our fight or flight mechanism. It isn’t rational and isn’t logical ~ this is the role of our cortex as in as much of it knows what it knows from it’s education 🙂.

At times of danger rational thought is cut off ~ if we stand and prevaricate this impedes our survival strategy and so our survival mechanisms take over and shunt resources to parts of our body that enable us to flee or fight or……freeze.

The older we get and the more trauma we experience and the more pattern matches we create,

The more we try and balance that with relaxation activities that stimulate us ~ such as eating certain foods, taking drugs, alcohol etc and the more that expands.

The older we get and the more intense it becomes as all this emotion is increasing and the events we attract to us  ~ with the spiritual intention of healing this  and creating different choices ~ expand .

At the same time our body is experiencing overwhelm with this and cannot tolerate this imbalance and so the energy doesn’t flow in a well~being way.

Our hard drive gets full and we ….



computer say no ……..

We tend to keep doing what has worked in the past as this is what we “know” . To evolve requires new learning 🙂

We are here to evolve 🙂

I hope this illustration reveals to you why talking about things doesn’t create change on it’s own ~ this is the cortex area. This is talking therapy.

This is a different language to emotion and the world of the pattern matching amygdalla 

To create change we work

with the mind ~ logic and emotional areas

with the body at all levels ~

  • energy body of meridians ( acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Wheel for example) ,
  • emotional body and emotions ~ letting those shadow feelings out from the past and allowing ourselves to have and express them now in an authentic expression ,
  • physical body ~ listening to areas where our energy isn’t flowing and physical movement every day

Spirit ~ 

connecting to all that is ~ our guides and our ancestors each day and being a clear channel free from manipulation and ego tripping

We have all the answers for our masculine and feminine to blend in balance within us and this is on one level what the Star of David means.

It is something that is spoken of in many magickal texts ~ the Kabbalah for example. Squaring the circle in alchemical teaching

Now is the time to do that within.

At each energetic shift within we can receive new teaching from the cosmos ~ our universal father and mother.

This is the path of the Sun and Moon.

The Mayan Wavespell when used experientially allows us to connect to the universe and synchronise with the new learning in a timely way ~ at the perfect moment for the bigger picture pattern and at the perfect moment for our individual pattern.

The more you start to look with awareness at your thirteen year life cycles and the more you will see how you are revisiting and reworking your energy code and the potent opportunity to ~ 

be reborn free from repeats

there are those re’s again 🙂

For each and every person on this planet there is a personal process unfolding. On a soul level it doesn’t matter if you are building an Ark just now, opening a healing centre, being a landscape gardener or being a first time mother.

What matters is that you feel good about yourself and enjoy what you do. Be the real you free from artifice.

Anything that comes from that being space will blossom.

If you are not in that love space most of the time ~ free from needing any sort of fix when your plan is going off plan then maybe you are ready to liberate yourself and look to your shadow for the gold ?

A future vision

Imagine a village where 1000 inhabitants were very self aware.

They had learned about their Starcode and their Mayan Sign.

They knew what all their shadow experiences where and the wounds that had been created in the first part of their life.

They knew what their thirteen year cycles were and how their karma wheel turned.

Their intention was always to open their heart and create peace within, to live a wellbeing life in balance experientially and they had let go of prioritising tangible goals ~ goals had become secondary to them feeling good about themselves

They worked on these issues every day as and when they had an emotional trigger with a pattern match event and/or person from their past using EFT

They noticed how , when they released their past “issues” , their beliefs changed as a result . This changed their day to day living. They had less and less  inner “drama” tags ~ no emotional baggage potentiality seeking liberation….

they let themselves be free and clear on many levels

and so it was possible to detach from the drama literally

let go of needing a fix

and so becoming the magical child once more with all the wisdom of experience

Truly a grown up on the inside as well as the outside

and the magical by product of this was that energetically their body was free fro ageing principles and resonating at a high vibe.

Imagine if you lived in this village and were part of this vibe ?

This is being the change……

People who have done their inner energetic work are truly free 🙂

to be

the star that they truly are and need no validation.

On the Day out of time I did a workshop and one thing that came up on that day arrived three times and so I know it is a cookie trail to follow 🙂

There are many roads to Rome and as we have created a pattern in the first part of our lives so it will continue in that same vein in some way.

If we have chosen to be well on a physical level with a gym for example, then this can continue throughout life.

This same energetic code of moving the physical body can be experienced in many ways ~ through gardening, yoga, dance, pilates, swimming, bellydancing  ~ all depends on what outcome we wish to create 🙂 Whatever ways have felt “good” in the past pave the way for the pattern…..

Many times in our youth we connect to youthful teachers who are not wise in wisdom and bring us learning that creates pain for us ~ physically and emotionally. Although this learning can be perceived by our ego ( and emotional mind ) as “bad” “wrong” and can literally have damaged us ….

I offer you that this is the alchemical journey at this time

Our first part of life is for creating this wounding and matches our star seeded mission so that later we can transform it ….

This is all part of the plan 🙂

The more we do our inner transformation and the more we realise this 🙂

So the learning that came on this day is about the psoas muscle. Thank you to Samia Dance for sharing this learning and leading me to look at the bigger picture of this at the perfect time 🙂

I am meeting many women just now who are having issues with this space in their body ~ myself included.

This is part of the energy of Red Serpent in the Mayan ~ kundalini rising. More on my Red Serpent blog here for this week’s awareness

What a synchronistic time ~ of course ~ for core energy awareness in this core wavespell. This is the lovely wonder of our universe bringing us exactly what we are ready to weave with without any limitations.

Lots more about this by Liz Koch here and her awareness of this soul muscle.

The more you realise what you were doing at this time in years past on the gregorian calendar ~ what was I doing this time historically ? The more you see your personal soul thread.

Another way is to look at what you were doing at this time in this energetic signature time which changes each year using the Mayan Wavespell. This can lift the lid to so much awareness for yourself if you are ready to look. This spiral spins and goes through an energetic pattern that starts with the Red Dragon each year ~ what is the cosmic mother bringing us to awaken and the second energy is always White Wind ~ the challenge of allowing spirit to speak through us . The wavespell is the flavour of this over and over every 260 days.


When we look at the holy trinity triangle ~ part of the Star of David and the recent crop circle at Wiltshire and the day out of time image I posted then we can see a similarity ? See my wall on Facebook.


It is all the same energetic code being revealed in certain ways ?

Can you see ?

What is being shown to us universally in the cosmos, in the circle we live in, in our physical body ……

is the same energetic message

and when we bring all of this within and hear the message and let go of our old ways, old feelings …….

we birth the new.

When we have a body issue ~ discomfort ~ there are several places that require a rebalance. It is our core self showing us what seeks release now and a new structure potentiality that naturally comes from passing through this learning gateway.

This is what our modern medi kit framework does not support and what we are reconnecting to ~ remembering . That is why we have travelled here ~ to know this absolutely through experiencing how outside fixes simply do not create a long term feel good factor 🙂

A drug will merely suppress the symptoms and our body will create a bigger event to overcome this suppression. If we are holding emotional energy in our body it completes it’s expansion here.

Is it time for you to go deeper into the somatic wisdom of your human spaceship ?

When we decide to see each “hurtful” message and messenger as our enlightenment process then we are on a whole new energetic highway 🙂

Another part of The Mayan teaching is of the 13 Moon calendar.

The moon is our sacred feminine and our shadow shield.

The more we work with this energy and the more is revealed of the soul path. This Magnetic Moon is a time of hearing,feeling and seeing what we are working with this year.

Energetically we are always matched where we are on our personal shadow evolution.

If we are simply working on an intellectual level then this is the universal  perpective we have which is why ~ in one sense ~ it is fruitless having a debate with someone who is energetically in a different space. It is also why people and events show up to reveal this.

Let’s say you had a childhood of being bullied and being told who you were.

No matter how much you have talked about this to others ~ you may have spoken to a psychologist for years, you may have learned new ways of relating and creating intellectual boundaries.

All of this is wonderful.

Yet you are still attracting bullies and you feel very angry about it because what you have learned does not make any difference to your day to day reality and these people still will not respect ~ often not even understand ~ your terms and conditions about how you wish to relate

time to bring in another aspect into your circle and work with your energetic and emotional body ?

Then watch things change very quickly.

These archetypes won’t vanish off the face of the earth …..however they won’t be affecting you energetically

and when they notice this ……that creates a change 🙂

Deep gratitude to everyone who assisted me on my journey.

I have had so much insight from the lovely people I have been connecting to over the last couple of weeks ~ thank you.

On Aries Moon day and Red Solar Serpent ~ galactic portal day ~  I drew the New Myth Card from The Mayan Oracle pack in the Abbey grounds.

The image is the one on the left only ~ the infinity symbol


This is what is says:

The New Myth

Child of the Sun, you are being called to wakefulness, to your place in the new myth. A great miracle is coming for planet Earth, and the time is now. A new consciousness will be created by the children of the Sun as they ascend with the Earth to a new place among the stars. A new harmonic of light and sound, a golden octave, is being sounded on Earth, ringing in the frequencies of ecstasy, union, and unconditional love.

Child of the Sun, why did you come to Earth? You are the miracle of the new myth unfolding. You came to Earth with a purpose, a plan, a master “blueprint” encoded in your feelings. Live in harmony with that plan. Open your world to the Great Mystery. You are being asked to view your experiences from a mythical standpoint so that you remember your connection to the larger pattern.

Notice the metaphors of your daily life. They key to your personal myth is presenting itself. Your everyday world is infused with a vast mosaic of metaphorical meaning. Everything you do is relevant to the creation of your personal myth, as well as the larger meta-myth.

From now on, there are no more roadmaps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on, your direction comes straight from the universe, moment by moment. This is the path of innocence, the path of trust. Here, each step is walked only once, and the universe speaks in the voice of the present.
Feel the key to the kingdom in your heart. Know that, like the pull of the heavenly bodies, love is neither taken nor given but discovered and allowed. No one is without love, for love is the force that holds universes together. By simply embodying love, you are living the new myth that will create the wave home. Surrender to love and awaken, child of the Sun!

Time to go off road, into new space, to boldly go where no man has gone before ~ are you ready to create the life of your dreams ?

Let your sorrow be your swan song

let it be your salvation

let your sadness sing you in to joy 

It’s time to relate in a whole new way now and ….

let go let go let go let go

what is past is truly past…

we let go of old learning….

let go of the yearning…

all we seek is within us

we hold the keys to unlock our torment…….

we are always held, always loved, 

we are love

pure, pure, pure heart

be the love 

Love to you and your shadow today blending sun and moon, masculine and feminine 🙂

Yellow Galactic Seed Year 2013



Wishing you joy and love on this New Year’s Day Lovelies


Yellow Galactic Seed Year 

This is an amazing time to be alive on our planet and evolve in this emotional evolution

All of the magic we have known through our imagination since we were children is starting to be revealed as truth as the veil is starting to be lifted and we learn who we really are ~ powerful co creators of our reality. 

This is happening faster and faster as we are at an optimum time for this process ~ we have all the connections in place for this cosmic communication now .

As each one of us integrates and works with solar plexus issues ~ our personal veil ~ our heart opens more and releases it’s wounding and we step through the valley of death into rebirth. We enter the gates of the goddess and usher our sacred feminine within. Our circles complete and expand and we let go of old ways of being on all levels.

When we allow ourselves to truly live from love then our world reflects this around us and this energy changes everything we touch.

All we need do is go within 🙂

Please click on the links for more information on other sites and resources

The number 8 is the infinity symbol and represents the as above , so below and the first image I chose today is the Tree of Life. To create balance our roots below the ground ~ and our lower chakras ~ match what is above.

It is the first place we go to create a strong foundation so our upper growth has the necessary structure to support it.

Caroline Myss The Anatomy of the Spirit is an in depth book on this and great videos here

Number 8 is also the number of Scorpio ~ the death and rebirth time.

We are in Saturn in Scorpio times of tough love and keeping it real 🙂

When we allow ourselves to look at, feel and heal our shadow we remember the wheel of our personal, internal alchemy and transform what we perceive as our darkness into light.

All is love , all is essential to our journey and all is valued in our wholeness.

It is the nature of our journey of transformation and the reason we are here in our human spaceship at this time 🙂


This is the secret ~ go within and change within energetically . Bring heaven to earth in you by letting go emotionally and energetically of your past and be the peace you seek. Until you do this nothing can change because …….

we create our perception of the world.

It is really really really simple 🙂 Like all great truths.

It isn’t difficult ~ it can be painful to look within ~ it has to be done to create new circles for ourselves ~ consciously 🙂

It isn’t a passive experience if you wish to change how you relate to the world 🙂 It involves creating new ways internally and this shapes the external behaviour and energetic interaction with our universe.

You cannot do that by meditation, reading about it or wishing it alone 🙂

When we look at sacred geometry with practical insights and bring the intellectual essence of it into plain language and understanding ~

we can see that these patterns are everywhere and it is all the same simple stuff albeit incredibly complex on another level.

Everything in our universe goes through the same cycles of death and rebirth and Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In this patriarchal time the bigger picture pattern has put all the emphasis on outer, egoic, yang energy and suppressed the feminine, shadow yin energy simply for evolutionary learning 🙂

This is what the Zodiac reveals and as this is in the heavens so it is on Earth.


The moon cycles ~ waxing and waning and the four quarters….

The ley lines on the planet and the chakra points and the same lines in our body.

This is what the Mayan Wavespell reveals to us ~ how our universal energy is always taking us to different places and experiences at significant times…..

All this information is always here under the sun ~ there is nothing new 🙂

There may be new ways to weave with it because of the nature of new times and new learning

There is nothing to fear ~ we are here for an adventure and the more of our personal fear we release the more we can see that to be true on a personal level

and the more we get clear in our own personal energetic bubble ~

the more we see with clarity ~ our own personal pattern and our energetic signature that is the gift we bring to our planet at this lifetime

When we place our focus on ourselves this is when life really takes off with a Quantum Leap and we truly start to master our ego and see it as a friend.


As we integrate, our energy grows stronger and we strengthen our core, we step off the karma deal, get out of the hamster wheel and truly engage with our destiny.

We become transparent through our ego transformation and we let go of our personality needing validating or ego stroking as we remember who we really are and what we came here for 🙂



So much to share with you today about what I have learned and especially what has been brought to my awareness over the last few days of the old year.

Where to begin ?


My intention for this year


Yesterday in my day out of time workshop I focused on what I want to integrate for myself this year and I chose :




This has been a very clear theme for me since arriving in Glastonbury in 2011 and where I have been seeing my own ego masks and dishonesty with heightened awareness ~ big trip in The Heart Chakra of Glastonbury 🙂 Here expanded evolution is potent ~ on the flip side it is also a place of lost souls.

As one of my key ego masks is people pleasing , it has always been difficult to be honest with what I see and believe because I do not like to upset people and through my own self~ development process I have learned to let go of taking responsibility for how other people feel.

Bringing this back to myself ~ I feel shadow emotions when I trigger them in others and I blame myself because I have been blamed.

This is teaching me how to create good boundaries and speak up about blaming when other people seek to blame me, be dishonest about their feelings by turning that onto me ~ becoming a scapegoat ~ and also when I do that with others.


In both perspectives there is a history waiting in the wings to enter centre stage ~ whether a drama will unfold as a result is my choice 🙂

This, I believe, is simply an age old ego mechanism that allows individuals to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings from an early age ~ which is what the ego’s primary directive is 🙂


A mastery space of ego evolution is allowing all our emotions ~ holistic ~ and letting them guide us on our heart path free from addictive pleasure seeking 🙂

This energy expands as we grow older and this energy that is being held in a shadow limbo bag gets bigger and heavier and attracts the same experiences so the shadow can be brought into conscious awareness at exactly the perfect time for the individual’s evolution and the planetary evolution.

I have learned to speak up and honour my heart wisdom and as much as possible to be speaking my truth from this clear place ~ and I don’t always manage that. Sometimes it comes from ego and fear and is simply a past event seeking release. I am learning new ways to work with this and this is what I share in my blogs 🙂

Learning about my personal natal chart ~ where the planets were at the time of my birth ~ has really helped me and once I understood more about my North Node in Gemini ~ North Node is life purpose ~ this truth telling became clearer.

If you are like me you will often be your own worst inner critic ~ I have Venus in Virgo ~ which is a transit at the moment .

I have learned to listen to this inner critic as it shows me what is seeking transformation as to inner ego passengers I have picked up on my light journey over my lifetime.

These aspects, characters ~ call them what you will ~ performers in my life theatre ~ are often coming from a belief system that has a positive intention to keep us safe.

As parents, for example, we may criticise certain behaviours in our children as we believe this will encourage them to do well.

It is the same mistaken belief that war leads to peace 🙂 We do what we know and that is what often keeps us stuck ~ because it creates the same results that feel so frustrating and hurtful 🙂

We haven’t had an education in our society around being loving and supporting in the UK  ~for many decades it is the opposite ~ and so unless we have had enlightened individuals in our lives ~ chances are we do not have that energetic signature in our energy bubble within….

this is where we can unlearn old ways of relating and bring new energy in …..

This is how I use Emotional Freedom Technique to release old stuff that my inner critic brings for me and other fellow journeyer’s highlight by our relationships with one another

Our archetypal pattern matchers from the past ,The Fool’s journey in tarot , keep showing up in different forms so we get to experience the same situations that previously occurred and we can ~

  • let them go emotionally ~ ideally without passing the pain parcel on. When we get an emotional response we are triggered and that emotion is ours. Ideally before engaging any further we can go and clear that past emotional event and come back to that person clear of it ~ otherwise it will repeat and if it is a pattern match for an emotional biggie ~ lots of events combined into one ~ it will be high on the emotional scale.
  • This is the gift other people bring ~ this is the reason we are here ~to get clear 🙂 When we get clear we are back to being our child self before any wounding and…..with all our wisdom of experiential adulthood ~ magical combo
  • be a teacher and a student ~ we are here to share with other people and speak about behaviour too ~ modelling gentle, respectful relationships where we can each be our unique selves in full glory and the other person does not have to be less or more. In the co creation model we create a third circle in relationship where both parties contribute to this shared space and let go of living in duality and a half to another half. Instead of choosing a masculine leading person to our feminine leading person, each of us balances our masculine and feminine within 🙂

In terms of the seed of life and the sacred geometry of the diamond

we can see how the universe is creating energetically and bring that to consciousness each day ~ this is the gift of connecting to a power team of Astrologers and  Mayan bloggers that may have information that is outside of your field of understanding on a personal level ~ yet you are drawn to it 🙂

Simply connect and take in what you can 🙂 When it’s the right time for you to learn and integrate this is when the teaching appears ~ and this may take many forms ~ open up to it ~ open up to new ways of learning and new patterns 🙂 It is the Cosmic Cookie Trail connecting just for you


This is the Tantra pattern  ~ the universe is the bigger picture that we are part of ~ the big circle.

Look to your own sacred geometry and become an expert on it so you have an awareness of yourself, your path and your journey

this is the smaller unique circle that each one of us has in our own individual way

When we bring these together in co creation tantra ~ we create a powerful integrated, aligned union.

We are always held in this embrace ~

  • having awareness of it and your part in it brings a whole new way of being
  • creating with intention is a different path entirely ~ mastery path
  • working with emotion is the key ~ aligning head and heart is the internal transformation path

We are on the Red Earth Wavespell and this is all about connecting to our core and living from heart and courage.

How the Mayan Wavespell information can assist you in seeing the bigger picture of the Universal Circle:

If you look at the picture of the Mayan Signature for this New Year of Yellow Galactic Seed

July 26 2013




You will see there are four aspects

In the centre is the  yellow seed ~ this is yellow and South in itself and so this year it is an expansion and a flowering of the previous year of                             Blue Resonant Storm Year. We have reached the top of the pyramid and are now on the descent ~ this also means we are in yin energy, receiving and the higher realms of higher consciousness.

At the top  ~ the Northern position ~ we have the Star and the harmonic web we are all weaving ~ harmony from within

and the North is the place of masculine energy and truth, refinement~ the guide and the place we are heading towards.

This is the guiding light ~ being the star that we truly are free from our ego shadow 🙂

In astrological terms I believe this is the Ascendent in our natal chart ~ this is the influencing energy that we are here to work with and often the first thing that people see us as .

Mine is Aquarius with Uranus in Virgo


In West Position is the White Wizard and this is always the challenge. Another way of seeing this is ~ new learning and soul growth 🙂

West is Blue energy and death and rebirth through the shadow. Generally our shadow can be seen as our Moon ~ our emotional, feminine , dark side and all our mothering issues.

White Wizard generally is about self ~ empowerment and allowing the magic to flow through us rather than trying to force something from ego. Letting ourselves be a clear channel so that juicy kundalini light and emotion flows free like a bubbling brook.

As this is a white signature it means we are refining this space.

Mine is Taurus and significantly ~ an insight today ~ my Mum has a lot of Taurus in her astrological chart. When we look in our family circle energetic signature we can see how that has been the perfect place for us to weave our life purpose and expand our energetic code.


In East Position is Blue eagle


East is awakening and raising consciousness and Blue Eagle is seeing the bigger picture of our journey and our path.

I am guessing in astrological terms this is our North Node ~ our life purpose bigger picture and our star seeded mission .

What have we come to learn/integrate and share ?

What has been our own personal awakening ? What is the general theme running through our life that keeps coming up ?

How are we sharing ourself and how do we love doing that and how have we experienced wounding with that ?

In our wounding is our greatest transformation and our greatest gift for the worldwide harmony web weaving.

North Node in Gemini for me


In the South we have the Red Earth and this is hidden ~ below ground 🙂

This is the lower chakra ~ as above and so below. Red Earth is our core energy and how grounded and centred we are. Are we earthed ? Do we feel we belong? Have we let go of our fear so we can be flexible and bend with the winds of change. Are our roots going down deep to reach the deep water and be strong or have we yet to heal tribal issues of birth family, one to one relationships and therefore know ourselves truly from our own inner wisdom ?

This is the area we are looking to resolve and through revisiting we strengthen and as we expand our foundation what is above ground can truly shine. If we are not shining our solar self to full capacity then our masculine energy may be feeling depleted and our light dimmed.

I am feeling this is our Sun sign .

Are we allowing ourselves to be the true nature ~ without holding back ~ out of some belief that we have to turn ourselves down and limit our beautiful beingness ?

Mine is Leo.


The minute I shared that as a younger person I always got what felt like a negative response ~ unless from a fellow Leo.


What I have learned through finding out about my natal chart is that I am so much more than a Leo and …..

that I am learning to let my Leo energy roar as I let go of my conditioning and early life experience that has the ego flavour.


The essence of this year is all about letting our true nature emerge as the price is too high to suppress it.

The more we can all let ourselves be free on all levels and the more our planet is brought back into balance ~ as our soul playground it only ever reflects where the ego and soul is in it’s evolution and…..

just like the hundred monkey’s theory as we tip towards wholeness and integration of our shadow selves, release those ego masks and be free

Our very own earth eden will be restored

It starts as always in our own back yard 🙂

We have to be the change we want to see.


If you are ready to commit to your change process and new learning please get in touch.

There are lots of ways we can co create together.


Wishing you a liberating year with lots of love and the recognition that we are worth it.


It is all about our personal process and our pattern ~ the more we know about this and the

more power for our flower.


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