Romancing the Stone



Blue Storm Wavespell

Top of the Pyramid day

Red resonant Serpent Day

Galactic Portal Day

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Red Serpent Wavespell


with ten days of galactic portals in a row



liquid fire time

This time around it synchronises with Valentine’s Day

and it launches the Blue Castle of transformation

so if you have been having a torrid time of this year so far

buckle up and prepare to face those demons

because this is the Castle of liquification

the dark night of the soul


the birthing channel

It is the

Butterfly Zone

Common Blue 230509 018

So time to prepare yourself

We can look at this time with fear and with exhilaration

we get to choose how we participate

and participate we will

because we are here for that very purpose

to release our full potentiality and spread those wings

to scale our heights of

the god and goddess

that we really are

requires transformation of our humanity

which literally means our ego

It is time to take those stabilisers off

unscrew those limitation latches

and get ready to soar

Are you ready to fly high

touch the sky

manifest with the moon?


It is what we are made for

It is why we are here at this time


Most people are still missing the point though because they are focusing on the outside and using their ego tools to avoid unpleasant feelings

This strategy does not work 🙂

Our human mind tries to make it soooooo complicated

In truth it is really simple

All that our mind believes we are

we are

How we feel about our life story on planet earth so far

creates how we feel about ourselves

How we feel about ourselves

when we are 

home alone

and the mask is off

the props are gone

we have no alcohol to numb our pain

or food to fill the void

drugs to take the edge off

dramas to escape in

workshops to play in

when there is just us with ourselves

and pure intimacy is there

we are naked with our thoughts about how we are

what we have done

that is the true grit of our vibration

this is the alchemical prima materia

When we awake at 2am and the voice comes

and starts the process

this is the lead within

How we feel about our life story up until now 

is it

the secret

the law of vibration

the whole show

the shadow enlightenment process

the emotional evolution

It doesn’t get any more personal than this 

If you are not yet involved in a process of doing this with your shadow self

nothing will change on your life

because you will still feel all those feelings from your past




and these feelings seek oblivion

give rise to addictions

and ill health

The fabulous news is this was meant to happen

This is the soul transformational process

and when we embrace it

Magic Happens

and as a Brucie Bonus

We go through gateways as we change our code


There is no other way to enlightenment

You cannot buy it

You cannot know it with your mind

You feel it with your heart


Feeling good is the key

and when we all totally love and accept who we are

we become a mature individual full of compassion for ourselves

and only then can we truly feel for others

The opposite of this is the narcissist

who will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour

and feel their feelings

instead they focus on spiralling those feelings outward and seek solace in creating ego relationships



power tripping

The narcissist pattern is huge just now

and this distorted perfection

this lie of a person who never messes up or feels sad or angry

is very destructive

Hugs for you if you have been through this journey

I have encountered it many times and it is part of our process just now

to get really clear on what is healthy and unhealthy relationship codes

It is the breaking and making of us when we do the full emotional process circle


Are you ready to sit quietly with yourself every day and listen to yourself

the scared part

the fed up part

the angry part

the tired part

the part that wonders what on earth happened to my life ?

Sometimes I feel like I had a train drive through my life moment

and this is the 

Crossroad opportunity

the changeover

the soul transition time

The Heart healing time

Chances are you have thoughts about this from time to time ?

Instead of drowning our sorrows

getting stoned

filling our void

shopping our stress out

we can do something else instead

something different

take responsibility for who we really are 

the real deal

and sculpt something authentic

bring ourselves into balance by focusing on our “negatives”

so we can really


I have been using Tapping, EFT for seven years now 

it works

I am not perfect and wow I have made some mega mistakes in my life

I have messed up

I have had lots of addictions

and still have some 🙂

I am a work in process

and the way I feel about myself is so different now


pic by  Howard Schatz

As a result of this process I am able to face adversity with more faith and courage

because I believe in myself

and I believe in the universe

and I have learned so much on this path

because I was prepared to do what it takes

and let go many times

trusting that there was simply a new door to walk through


If we do not change how we feel about ourselves


then we are stuck in the story

Time to be honest with ourselves

If you spend most of your day flat lining

needing a future event to boost you up

something to look forward to

wanting support from others

something to do all the time instead of being

you are not present

you are in your ego land of far far away

If you are sad, anxious or angry there is a past story there that you haven’t healed

and that past story and emotion encoded with it

is simply holding you energetically in your past

no amount of thinking or doing will change that fact

Go within

Know thyself

Feel the pain and let it go

Empty the cup of sorrow from the past for good as and when it presents itself

To really step into love now

we have to be ready to shake off all those old stories that define us

and create some new epic adventures

serene states

and magical moments

by going back to our past every day letting our feelings today show us the way

this is the philosopher’s stone that all the ancient mysteries speak of


this is The Bible Code

The Cosmic Code

The Chalice

It isn’t a spiritual practice it is an earthly one

we are here on earth to do it

to ourselves

to love our life every day

and if that isn’t happening only we can change that

Imagine the world as a giant pixel screen.

As each pixel that is each one of us decides to do this change

no matter what

Decides there happiness is the most important thing and if that means giving up the 9 to 5 and going to the end of the earth to do it ~ whilst doing their emotional process 🙂

So be it


so it is

Imagine how that picture changes pixel by pixel until suddenly one day

the jigsaw is a different scene

The only thing that gets in the way of our dreams is our ego


From my heart to yours

Set yourself free lovelies

Forgive all those things about yourself that you think didn’t meet the mark

The second day of the Red Serpent Wavespell is White Lunar Worldbridger ~ letting our old world truly die so we can birth another one

This is our growth area 


I have met lots of inspiring people in the last couple of weeks

at a

Shine Community Group in Burley Hampshire

It has inspired me to create a community group called Shine in my locality

and my first event is on the 14th of February 

Love Magnet

please click on the link to know more about this fun event.

there is also another one starting soon in Yorkshire

If you feel to start one in your local community please let me know and we can share our networks and maybe some shared events worldwide.

Great film this week

Safety not guaranteed

Love the Song and the sentiments

Love to you and your soaring intimacy with yourself

There is no getting away from this place

It is what creates the gold

when we finally decide to face our demons




Blue Storm Wavespell ~ Catalyst


Blue Storm Wavespell



Day 1 of the initiation process in the Wavespell of transformation through liberating ourselves from the shadow way of living

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We are in the White Castle of refinement and truth and the energy signature started at Christmas

with the Red Skywalker Wavespell

Bringing Heaven to Earth

What felt hellish ? What was heavenly?

Key learning here for our awakening process.

We moved on to the Surrender and Death Wavespell which completed yesterday

White Worldbridger Wavespell

Did you get some cosmic nudges around what is seeking to die in your life?

Are you fighting that process?

Resisting it?

Not really sure what to make of events unfolding just now?

A key way to get some guidance is to learn more about current planetary transits so we can see what is

unfolding in the heavens

and how our unique star code ~ our natal chart at the time of our birth

is being strummed by the planetary movements and evolution is calling us to create change

This is a big tough love time

Time to get our star show on the road

and sometimes that involves a catalytic shake up


Now is the Wavespell to do that 

This is Isis time


This is My Thoth Card today and flavours the whole 13 days

The High Priestess

My Wavespell time represents my life journey.

Yours represents yours 🙂

If you don’t know when it is please message me with your time,date and place of birth and I will give you the info about your Mayan Sign 

If you know your Mayan Sign and want to know your Wavespell ~ look for your sign in this great chart by Tracey Gendron and click on the link which will tell you when it is.

We only have one every 260 days

These Wavespell’s all have a core process 

The Core Process is the same for all

The nature of each energetic is unique

13 Steps that take us through a spiral where

evolutionary change is possible

especially when we become proactive

instead of reactive

This is where the magic of life takes a quantum leap

We take full responsibility for everything appearing in our circle of influence

and we start to move from survivor to thriver 

experiential evolution

This Blue Storm spiral takes us from

catalyst to divine child

Travelling back to who we were before our incarnation

free from blame and therefore blaming  🙂

a different viewpoint to religious dogma of the child born into sin

We are born here to create worlds 

through our own personal life journey

and to be




catalyst for change

We all have this cosmic mission

we all choose to carry it out

in our own way

This energetic spiral is

the Owl


Here is the animal totem of The Owl

The Blue Storm energy pattern

is the energy that represents change in the same

metaphorical way that a storm does

There is a build up of energy that creates a change in temperature

a change in atmospheric pressure

our emotions create our personal storms

If we allow ourselves to let our emotions cycle naturally 

we get a very different experience 

to when we repress them

Here is a great article about this tribe by Resonant Truth


Diana The Huntress Time

Tomorrow’s challenge ~ always day two on the spiral ~

Yellow Lunar Sun

What code are we carrying?

When life seems harsh ~ is it really?

Or is that simply our “stuff” from the past clouding our view ?

What person do we become

when we get squeezed in life?

This is often the polar opposite of when we are in our element and life is going how we like it to

If we remain consistent no matter what

and it is authentic and genuine

we are in the eye of the storm zone

We have converted our shadow sufficiently into enlightenment

let go truly and deeply of our past emotional events and any frozen moments

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

called our soul fragments back in

and are ready to meet life’s challenges

on adventure mode

full throttle

with super sizzle


electrifying to encounter

Every cloud really has a silver lining when we are in a clear enough space to actually experience it

which is a very different space to….

intellectually knowing it


Are you ready to galvanise your life here on earth

and close the doors to the past with honour ?

Everything that has happened was meant to happen

Everything that is happening has a positive intention

to evolve planet earth

and all it’s passengers

Time for a new story

of Love

I have a workshop tomorrow and you can join it online by Skype if you choose


Love to be a part of your synergy 🙂

Picture Credits:

First picture:

Willow Arlenea

 Owl and Ice photo ~Jack Zuli

Core Strengthening


Red Crystal Earth

Day 12 of Surrender Wavespell

White Worldbridger

Complex stability Structure and a Galactic Portal Day

Remember to click on the links to expand awareness ~ they lead to other websites with more information.

We are in the last two days of the refining wavespell

On the 17th comes The Catalyst Wavespell

Blue Storm Wavespell

My personal catalytic converter.

Our personal Wavespell is our journey for soul transformation and our star seeded mission.

It is what we are here to alchemically work with for ourselves and in this process we change worlds.

Pretty exciting stuff ?

If you want to use a framework for catalysing yourself

then my workshop 


May be of interest ~ take part anywhere in the world in a way that suits you.

As I am preparing for this now ~ it is a blue Wavespell and so it is a gateway of death and transformation ~ I am becoming very aware of what is seeking a new code for me and as a consequence of this , I am learning a lot about code in all different arenas.

Energy Therapies:

Once I became connected with awareness of energy therapies I entered a different world………

which is also what this wavespell is designed for and can only happen if we allow it 🙂 … … … … … 

This happened back in July 2006 when I had my first Reiki healing from my friend in Marsden who I later trained with in Reiki at her healing centre.

I had never heard of Reiki and had just started doing a lot of new things, such as belly dancing and when we move into new circles lots of newness happens. Much of this newness I was very nervous about and was very different to anything I had done before and this is a key strategy for transformation ~ feel the fear and….bust out of our comfort cocoon 🙂

I know this information because I have tools that I have created and learned about ~ universal decoders ~ as well as a capacity to hold a lot of information as an Aquarius Rising .  You may find the information I share in my blogs overwhelming to begin with ~ and notice that 🙂 My offering ~ take what is resonating for you 🙂

I am different to you ~ I have a unique code and so do you and chances are you process differently. My intention in sharing my journey is simply that. Some things may resonate with you and may touch you ~ you may feel you want to learn more about that thread ~ you may want to share what you know ~ this is the magic of co creativity. We are all teachers and students and here to relate.

Mundane Tools in plain sight:

If you know how to use your email account as a magical cookie trail store, this can reveal hidden treasure and dates about key times in your life ~ so bear that in mind before you delete.

Remembering that to be in balance with Mind, Body and Spirit is the key to being powerful and the magical alchemist.

I was intending to connect to when I had my consciousness awareness raised around energy frameworks ~ remembered that I had been on holiday to Greece, came back and was feeling very dizzy and ungrounded with vertigo symptoms. I checked my email and there was my flight itinerary. It gave me exact dates to work with. 

Now I have the Mayan Wavespell decoder to check out what energy signature Wavespell I was on ~ Blue Night. All about connecting to our dream and our potentiality. As we transform our energetic triggers and what is prompting nightmares from our past ~ sometimes past lives too ~ we create clear space and learn about our process. We learn about our cosmic code and how to work with it in relationship to the universal code. This is what I call:

Following the Cosmic Cookie Trail.

If you would like to open up more to following your cosmic cookie trail ~ here is a video I created for that purpose that you can use every day to set that intention using Emotional Freedom Technique.

Back then, I was in Year 10 of a thirteen year cycle of White Wind. Connecting to Spirit. That Year specifically was Blue Planetary Hand ~ shaping my life through gateways and seeing what was manifest in my life ~ what I had created according to my beliefs.

I wasn’t consciously aware of that then ~ but I was very aware that my life was changing drastically and was open to finding new ways of living. At that time I was a property renovator and had achieved a lot of satisfaction through transforming houses in my village. I loved Greece and had gone there for the first time with my children and partner, after a long period of not visiting it because I didn’t feel it offered amenities for very young children with the marble floors and heat.

They were old enough to cope with that structure in 2006 and so I chose a Greek Island that was small and beautiful and unknowingly on one level I chose a small village named Aghia Efimia ~ which is named after   Saint Efimia ~ a woman of good honour and strong resolve. The name is often shortened to Effie ~  also the name of a friend of mine in Crete where I lived for a while as a young woman.

Lots of synchronicities I can now see ~ the sacred feminine vibe of the independent woman being one of the key energies as this Saint’s name day is 16 September ~ Virgo. When I read this story about how she achieved her Saint title ~ her process ~ I remember how so many human beings have suffered experientially, to create these codes, so we can know them today and see the pattern……… and of course how we have done the same.

Now we have an opportunity to do something different at this amazing time on our planet.

Here is an icon of Effie:


Here is a picture of Paradise Beach:


So to another way that has been revealed to me in the past few days ~ catalytic conversion through my Cat 🙂 Here he is ~ Arnold.



Here he is ~ he’s a little monkey for drinking anyone’s drink and loves glasses rather than bowls.

He has been drinking more recently and losing weight and this has happened to my beloved cat Bob who died in 2011 before I came to Glastonbury. Bob took me on a cookie trail through homeopathy and I chose it because I knew that conventional medical treatments were simply dealing with the symptoms instead of what was giving rise to them. Sadly he had a lot of trauma from a car accident and lots of physiological issues that came from this and his diet ~ and this is key learning about what we feed our pets that are totally unsuitable for them and that we are often unaware of because we trust the informed opinion of people who we believe to be “experts” in their field .

Here is a great website on homeopathy for cats

Our pets are our avatars and when they are in close relationship to us they align with our energy structure. This often means they get sick because as domestic pets they are often not living in their true healthy way of being ~ just in the same way that most human beings aren’t ~ we are out of balance with our wild child and eating food that is very out of synch with our bodies true state.

This is accelerating now as our universal code is changing ~ this is very important to be aware of this 🙂 What used to work for previous generations ~ such as a job for life and certain dietary requirements ~ does not align with the cosmic code now ~ new learning time 🙂

If you think about this on a very rational level it makes sense ~ only our ego ~ that doesn’t “do” logic disagrees as it wants to keep everything the same as

same = safe 

thing is our universal code is evolution ` this is where our ego resistance kicks in and this creates suffering

We suffer when we resist the reality of life


Reveals the law of attraction code, the matrix and the string theory ~ quantum frameworks, magnetic attraction ~ many names and frameworks.

What it reveals is the energetic signature that is our universal creation system.

What I realised early on in my journey , is that there are lots of threads involved in creating something ~ our universe is complex. That may seem really obvious and yet I find human beings often overlook the simple truths ~ a paradox 🙂

When something happens in our lives that creates unease and dis~ ease there are components that make up this cookie that we have baked ~ this outcome had a recipe.

As a fledgling therapist I tried to explain this to my clients ~ a bigger picture pattern was present and all of this required looking at and keeping what was serving them and most importantly ~

letting go of what wasn’t ~

there wasn’t a quick fix for most issues.


Creating a different outcome from a different recipe 🙂

As a therapist I can bring this awareness to my client ~ it is my speciality and something I delve deeply into and learn about and do the process for myself and…..

most importantly

the client has to do this process for themselves which often flies in the face of our society conditioning and medical model ~ go to doctor ~ get drugs ~ seemingly fixes the symptoms ~ however the rest of the life circle that gave rise to the symptoms do not change and so….symptoms come back and often louder and brighter to be heard instead of supressed

Holistic approach is very different.

Homeopathy is the pure energetic of something ~ no actual live material in there only the energy signature.

It is very useful if you are working with a deep conscious level issue, a child, an animal  ~ the circumstances may not be available through an inability to communicate ~ and bear in mind that although this method sounds very gentle it isn’t always the case.

It is important to check out the whole picture ~ medical experts involved to look at the physiology and check that out and experts in homeopathy too  ~ overturn every stone if possible

and you may feel you are expert enough on yourself 🙂

Due diligence required ~ I use the term “expert” to refer to someone who has intellectual and experiential knowledge in their field ~ and not about the person having the homeopathy ~ depending on how well they “know thyself”

This is not an exact science because our unique code brings us….

the next step on our learning ladder 🙂

We attract what we need to heal us and so whenever we are facing an imbalance there is our solution.

Back to Arnold 🙂

Living on ley lines brings amazing learning and a high level of light ~ light is radiation. This in itself illuminates our shadow and reveals our next steps. Moving to Glastonbury raised my awareness of what effect that code of light ~ a very intense grid of light as the heart chakra of the planet ~ has on my family’s code and I include my cats of course.

Today’s energy is all about that structure of being centred and earthed.

Many people look to holistic therapies themselves as a way of salvation and miss the key component ~ to transform oneself as the most important step and not use their chosen “trade” as a power trip to feel good through believing they can “heal others” . Each person is their own healer 🙂 People who share healing modalities are part of that process ~ not the process 🙂 

So my beloved Arnold took me on a cookie trail ~ which leads me back to salt once more in a different way.

I wrote about this last year ~ my journey with water and feeling tired, de~hydrated .

My journey with food ~ eating foods fresh from the vine and growing food myself using lots of amazing new learning.

My journey around my own boundaries and how I worked with people generally and clients and co dependency patterns. 

I recognised his symptoms and so looked up Hypothyroidism ~ certain symptoms in me and a lot of people I am connected to right now 🙂

In the bigger picture on the planet it is a big shared pattern as part of our planetary transformation at this time.

Letting go of old ways of relating and creating new heart ways of being ~ on a deeper level….

When we heal these old hurts our thyroid ~ which is the butterfly organ on our throat ~ the Goddess Gateway from our body to our head ~ transforms. This has always been the symbol of my community projects and at the back of my house this is the rare butterfly that lives there:

Common Blue 230509 018

The Common Blue

If you have any of these symptoms it may be useful to explore this Homeopathic Remedy which will bring the energy signature to match it…..

The vibration about this is

Trust ~

The homeopaths remedy is Natrum Muriaticum


great articles about this here

for the vibe

for the symptoms


I also recommend looking at our life structures ~ what is supporting healthy relationship in all aspects of our life and….

looking at what gave rise to distrust in our past

events ~ releasing these aspects emotionally are

essential ~ and this changes our  trust code 🙂

Of course I cannot do this with Arnold in many ways ~ I am aware of some key life events where he has had emotional and physical trauma and can do surrogate tapping and Quantum Touch for him and I do.

Something else is now triggering this response and this allows a new learning process to happen.

Seeing these life events in this way creates a different experience 🙂

My biggest shift in recent times is simply being with him ~ in loving presence.

Taking the time to relate to him and value him ~ treasure him in my life …..

Treasure my wonderful life and smell the roses 🙂


When we transform our core every day

and align with how our heart loves to thrive ~

meet our challenges to survive

Everything has a crystal clear magical quality in our lives.

This wonderful life we have is available in many different versions that are determined in the most part with our channel choice.

Yesterday I got the Sun card in Thoth

Great article about that here

and I ordered my homeopathy from Helios  🙂


See the synchs in plain sight 🙂

Love to your earthly Uranus potential today.



Catalyst Coming Wavespell



White World Bridger Wavespell


Day 4

The Structure Day of every 13 day Wavespell


Todays energy signature is 

Red Self Existing Moon


Please click on the links to expand on the information which leads to other web sites

all about awakening today

to firstly

our own structure


secondly as a point of focus ……

because as any adept knows

to know thyself is the key focus

and what we are here for 

the co creative focus is to know the universal pattern now that we are co creating with

The language of light

and the new wave of energy coming in

The new code

I have had an amazing few days processing information that I have intuitively received


as I create the space within

using my catalytic convertor resource

my shadow

I am doing this in many different ways 🙂

 *I use the Mayan 13 day energy spirals to synchronise with what my universe is creating and raise my awareness

*I set an intention at the start of the spiral for the next step in my evolution

*I am guided by the energetic nature of the spiral

This one is all about surrender and death of old worlds to bring in the new

which comes hot on the heels of 

the bringing

Heaven to Earth Wavespell

Red Skywalker Wavespell

I did a blog  on each day of that wave which you can access and see how each day has a divine code to work with

on whatever level we choose

That framework remains the same ~ the nature of the energy pattern it creates changes


So now in this Wavespell we are refining what came into our awareness

~ came to light from our shadow space ~

on December 22 for the thirteen days over the festive period

What is seeking to die and make space through it’s transformation

so that we can 

fly high and dig deep

and go first within for the treasure we seek ?


This Wavespell started on January 4th


The framework I personally use

for my enlightenment process:

 *I use a Thoth thirteen day tarot spread that I do on the first day with an intention based on the nature of the Wavespell and what I am seeking to transform within me

* I create a document

* and every day I look at it in connection with the Mayan Wavespell

 *This gives me my energetic signature of the day and the universal signature of the day

the co creative framework

and connect to the cosmos ~ see what is coming in

Each day has an energetic signature to work with

I am very aware of seeing signs around me

In me ~ my body and emotion reflect what is seeking well being

what is emulating well being

It is child’s play

Feels good ~ heart full of joy


Feels other than ~ something that has potency to transform

The Wholly Grail that I am  🙂



Moon Patterns to weave with





On Waxing Moons ~ expansion , co creation, creativity out in the world

On Waning Moons ~ reception, regeneration, rebirth

The Moon is our sacred feminine self

Our emotion

Our mask and shield

Our mother love

Our potency

Our Goddess Gifts


She hasn’t been flavour of the month for many a moon

her power is growing now 🙂

Waxing moon in Aries today in the UK

New Beginnings

In the dark half of the year it is still going within time for

Inner Work

Letting our emotions reveal the root of our shadow




Shows us a path to the light

by going into the veil and the way is

the valley of death

leaf lantern

Magically on entering the library last week

I saw a book in the new in section

This was the third time I had a cosmic nudge to Dan Brown’s new book and so

I took the hint and selected



Just reading it now

and wow

so many messages for me 

what a cosmic cookie trail it has led me on ~ thank you Dan Brown

I have a different perspective to his

of the personal alchemy code

We all have this unique view which is why….

when we understand the deeper codes we realise

there is no “competition” or a need to compete as we are all on our golden thread that leads us into the dark 

as seekers of our own

personal truth 🙂

What is the next step exclusively for us on our very own tailor made journey

My connection to the novel:

Our family went to a wedding in Florence

where the novel is set

in 2009

which was our paradoxical year of loss as property renovators

the financial crash

and renewal of catalytic thrust to remember our passion as adventurers and travellers

course correction through an ego fall 🙂

As a teenager I studied History of Art

and when I went to the Uffizi gallery I got to see these wonders in person

there is no substitute for the intensity of colour and the energy for a Giotto

in the flesh



These early works of art can seem unsophisticated compared to the later works of other artists ~ their energetic flavour shines through.

To be in the presence of something that was intended to be of sacredness is felt by the heart

this is also a key to the heart path that differs from the mind

I saw Medusa by Caravaggio


Birth of Venus by Botticelli


I wasn’t intellectually aware of Primavera shown at the start of the blog

or that he had painted many illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy

and this

Map of Hell

Lots of new learning for me

Avoiding any spoiler alerts by revealing any plot 

the key message for me is the code

Dan Brown’s books have a theme

which I feel is so valuable and 

allows mainstream access to these hidden alchemical worlds

through entertaining stories

such is the nature of many a book from the past that is a hidden gift of personal transformation

which has been portrayed as a factual event

whatever our level of entry

we can all follow the cosmic cookie trail

that have been accessed by the few 

for centuries

and are now open to all

Most of the amazing works of Art could only be seen by the elite in the houses of the rich

such as the Medici family

who were powerful bankers

and if you read the information on their rise and fall here

Medici bank

you will see that again history is simply repeating itself ~

another cycle

there is nothing new under the sun in terms of our history repeating

What I am about to say may cause a few ripples to the ego 🙂

I am simply speaking from my experiential viewpoint of my journey so far

After working with people all my life in the entertainment and leisure world in different ways

in the service world

in the holistic health world

All these places with similar shared patterns

what I know to be true is this:

We each have a cosmic code that we came here with

embedded 🙂


If we keep that cosmic code the same 

the cosmic code we attract stays the same


it isn’t rocket science 🙂

No matter how many positive affirmations we speak

workshops we go on

massage and energy releasing treatments we have

meditations we do

We are doing them

having them

receiving them

releasing them

and our code changes very little


our emotion stays the same

it attracts the same

our cup of emotion is so full of shadows

that we are full to bursting

and our energy body 

physical body

wealth body

becomes distorted to accommodate that 

emotional structure

we haven’t evolved emotionally

because unless we release that old emotional code

on all levels

it remains the same

and so we are still doing the same

coping mechanisms to deal with all that emotion

they may mutate to something that appears new

We may swap alcoholism for religion and be born again

We may let go of emotional eating for embroidery

We may evolve our workaholism for workshopaholism

and inside we stay the same….

so we attract the same life experiences

as we are still unaware that we have a code

that is primarily alchemically transformed


by our feelings 🙂

now these ancient codes are on public display

now is the time for the curtains to be drawn back

This book ,  Inferno, like anything in our world, reflects knowledge back to us at a level

we are ready to receive

depending on where we are on our path

Are we ready to go within and create



Capricorn Space ?

Being with our inner Inferno

and our own personal hell ?


Pan space in a balanced way

Allowing our feelings to be in balance because we have grieved and raged

and freed our slave

Giving up and abstinence is the opposite of mastery

and can be an avoidance pattern

which means the alchemy process hasn’t been achieved

the pain has simply been diverted

Codes in plain sight :

The paintings of a time

the craft work

the carpets design

the movements in a sacred dance

an energy well being framework of movement such as yoga and tai chi

all hold the divinity code

like a seed

in sacred sacrament

ready for the seal to be broken open at the perfect time

beauty in the eye of the beholder

one of the codes in the book Inferno :

to see through the eyes of the dead

What this means to me :

When I have an emotional reaction to something

that isn’t love and joy

I know there is an old wound story there

This emotional wound holds pure gold in it’s raw form of shadow

When I am still holding this wound it brings like circumstances in my everyday world

so I have an opportunity to revisit this wound pattern

and create a different experience for myself

So for example my car may break down

I visit a garage

Something happens in my relationship with the garage

and I am unhappy about it

If I continue in this vein I am creating with this unhappy pattern

emotional vibe is the creative life force

If instead ~

I am in the unhappy place

I feel these unhappy feelings

I be with them ~ they seek to be felt

I then tap ( Emotional Freedom Technique) on these feelings and expand on these

What is the his ~ story here?

If these are very strong feelings that seem dis proportionate to

the causal event

I know there are several threads in there with roots in several stories in my past

When I have released this unhappy feeling event of today as much as I can 

I  go to the other places as much as feels necessary and is feeling emotional

and when I clear these root places

I see through the eyes of death transformed

I have surrendered to my feelings now

I have surrender to what is

I have surrendered to what is within me that is an old story

recognising that whatever I am seeing in my world

Is somehow related to me

It isn’t bad or good

It is simply the universe ~ which is me

bringing me my beliefs

and there are lots of ways to look at that bigger picture if I choose

it is all about my choice 🙂

When I have cleared these old wound stories

I am clear of that history

I haven’t changed my past

I have changed how I feel about it 🙂

I have freedom from the emotional hold it has on me

What happens at this point is…..

Catalytic conversion


I have changed my inner space

I change my law of attraction

I change my energetic code

I get a total reframe

and if I choose I can also use EFT to expand on this reframe to open myself up to

new learning

new adventure

ready to be open to new ways of being

The Secret Formula:

No matter who

or what


 magical food



we do

if our inner receptors are on closed and hurt

the love goddess energy is like the wolf faced with the three little pigs red brick house 

who huffs and puffs 

and cannot get in

because of the wall 

we have built around our heart

the code of 

keep out

All of these amazing gifts that we are wishing to create change for us 

cannot resolve our energetic system


check out these amazing new ways of transformation

find groups and people who you can connect to

who are using these frameworks and see for yourself

and first and foremost start to learn them yourself


see the magic

feel the difference

This is the major starting point

Most of the frameworks today are in reverse order and focus at the beginning and outside

Start with the end in mind

Remember that the most important thing to you that you hold sacred

is what is the key

What we are being

is what we are doing

is what we are creating

The intention is very important and is the difference that makes the difference

If we are being manipulative

we are sending out a code

and this code means…..

a message to the universe

Live by the sword and die by the sword

We are what we eat

what we believe

what we do


If we do not treat ourselves respectfully …..

guess what 🙂

The universe shows us lots of events and people to reveal that way of being so we can see that

The Map of Hell painted by Botticelli reveals all these places

and people back then really believed there was such a place….

as hell

some people still do

We have no way of knowing what is the true intention about these creations by the original person unless they choose to speak to us 🙂

What I believe, is reading Dante’s history , is that he was exiled from the place he adored ~ Florence

He was exiled from the woman he adored who married another

He was in his own personal hell every day and as he was feeling all those feelings this gave rise to his way of using that space


he wrote about it

What I now see ~ which I didn’t in 2009 when I saw those paintings

is the code in them.

The hell I see is the one each person creates with their thoughts and beliefs 

Their victim story

The Primavera Process

We are a living walking breathing history

The past has created us as adults

Everything we experience today has been shaped by our interactions on planet earth


so this past creates our future

Do what we have always done and…..

we create the same


So the past is the right hand side of the painting

and here we see a dark angel ( known by some as Zephyrus  who, as the west wind , brings transformation ~ see the link here ~ Primavera meanings where there is an in depth interpretation of characters) whispering to the first woman

It is similar in many ways to the Pan painting

From this interaction there are plants coming from her mouth

the next woman in line appears to be pregnant

In the middle 


in red

is Venus

Next in line are the three graces

being the focus for a messenger of Eros love’s arrow

To the left on completion we have a male ~ thought to be Mercury

otherwise known as Hermes and Thoth in other culture’s

The process of Spring and new beginnings

and yet ~  are oranges manifest in Spring  in Italy?

So we go from the wind ~ spirit speaking a message to a human being

who’s message gives rise to flowery words

who becomes pregnant and is the epitomy of abundant fertility

The root chakra

the sacral chakra 

the solar plexus

Venus as the heart chakra space in the middle

She gives rise to the throat, third eye and crown

which in turn creates the masculine energy of thought and reason

In terms of the seasons

the dark months of the year and spiritual inner work

give rise to the process of Spring

Aries time

It is the darkness that brings the light process

If you feel ready to start using this alchemical process for



or to use your awareness in a different way


I have a workshop that may be of interest 🙂


The next Persephone Path ~ Catalyst

is taking place 

on the 18th of January 

which is the next Wavespell to follow this one and is 

the catalytic  energy of Blue Storm

It is my personal Wavespell

It is perfectly aligned 

for this work in the waning moon of Leo

More info here:

Persephone Path  Catalyst


red overtone moon

Thoth Card Reading for Day 3 ~ the co creative day


Wonderful article here about this

which explains the bigger picture


Be Do Have and Universal Laws

and the opposite of my card today

The Prince of Swords

shows what happens when we go out of balance purely into mind and reason alone

We lose the heart aspect and therefore


lose heart ways of being and go out of balance into being led by the head

Our inner demons hold great power…..

over us if we let them weep and wail

force for amazing strength and transformation

if we are willing to 

look them in the eye


transform them

Be the catalytic crucible


Love to you beacons of light









Heaven on Earth ~ 13 Cosmic Shift




Red Skywalker Wavespell 

Day 13

Red Cosmic Serpent Day

Today we complete this energy spiral

Please click on the links to explore other sites

Today is movement day

What is seeking a shift?

Had a power cut in Somerset today.

Huge gusts of wind and hail

I predict a lot more of these this year

When our outer power is cut off we see many things

How self~ reliant we are

Can we generate our own heat and light source or are we dependent ?

Many people experiencing a power interruption……

which allows us to experience a change of circumstance

and an opportunity to




get off that karma merry go round

break the mold

change direction


Re Route our Sat Nav

by allowing our personal planetary space craft

to get an upgrade 🙂

Our Red Serpent Energy is our philosopher’s stone

Our body shows us where there is energy blockage that is interrupting the flow between earth and sun

Sun is our light source and our light giver

Our heavenly realm

Earth is our home and our humanity

This circuit ideally flows freely


and our human spacesuit is a vibrant craft

Our human command centre is our mind

It limits our journey by what it knows and uses our ego to navigate

based on the past

some of which is essential for our survival

The ego will do anything to meet it’s primary directive

Feel good and survive

Sometimes it creates totally bonkers methodology to meet this directive

If we have experienced euphoria with alcohol or heroin 

and this allows us to numb our emotional pain

It opts for that modus operandi

The immature ego does not care about what the side effects of this choice are

The means to this “Heavenly”  end are irrelevant

Look to history for the epic results of ego crusades

This is the narcissist who does not want to deal with their hurt

and is not willing to learn or invest time and energy in this inner transformation

This is our planet’s manifestation at the moment

Our mind

Our thoughts

create belief systems

create how our body creates

creates what that body creates in the world

Really simple

When we get stressed about something we set off a chain reaction

Our body is in fight, flight or freeze mode

Instead of feeling the feeling of fear

the ego looks for ways to discharge it 

strategies to avoid feeling it

When we have been doing this for a long time

Our body processes that energy and that energy is toxic to our spaceship

Imagine holding an expanding vat of acid for forty years in your body

This is vitriol

bitterness and bile

extreme masculinity

To counter balance that acidity our body creates a system to combat it


It creates lots of cells to process it

We have an outbreak of extreme masculine ego just now

at this turn around zone

What sort of thoughts and beliefs go with this expanding vat of acid?




To change this picture requires action

Removing the events from the past emotionally 

feeling the feelings we are avoiding

Allowing acceptance and forgiveness

when it is our time to do that

When we are ready

This removes the blocks

In each chakra


 the lower ones hold the gateways

and unlock the heart

remove the walls

surrender to the evolution process


Thing is we all know what we are angry or sad about

and when we decide to take responsibility for

how we feel

We activate our creative power

when we are looking to blame others still

we cut our power off 

the source of our suffering is seen as outside of ourselves

and we cannot control the million things outside ourselves so….

we feel overwhelmed


lose our energy

What is the point?

Personally I believe the point is for each one of us to

get our cosmic cookie trail on the road


Be the change we want to see 🙂

Be our Passion

Live from the heart

Create new ways of living and relating

simply because

they are from the heart

and this takes


Evolution of our heart space

This individual process…..

is what changes the cosmos

When we are in ego imbalance mode ~ we are still overusing our mind

being led by our head 🙂

Our mind is very useful

and can also keep us stuck in old paradigms 

We are now in a New Age of Individuation

to activate our oneness

first requires

celebration and refinement of our uniqueness

It is essential to

Know Thyself 

in order to

Know Oneness

Remember that our ego loves to be a talking book

full of “spiritual knowledge”

that it hasn’t personally experienced of itself

pretty much like a spiritual “app” to buy online

When we haven’t got that “app” plugged in 

where is the “knowledge”?

Take away ego structures and supports and we see the true initiate revealed

This is what is happening now

Bare Bones time

Time to walk the walk 🙂


Many people are afraid of this because….

they don’t know how


not knowing isn’t acceptable in our ego society

especially in certain spiritual communities

who thrive on their “knowledge”

and use it to feel superior

admitting we don’t know unleashes a tremendous force of spiritual support

Imagine your A Team with a huge sigh of relief 🙂

( A = Angelic)

This path is open to everyone and no one is excluded

except by their own ego 🙂

Here are some great intentions that can be spoken aloud

often and allow the initiation to begin


I am asking for help and I trust it will come

I am open to new learning

I am willing to do whatever it takes

to create heaven on earth within me


then let go of how this will happen

Being open to miracles

and new ways 

and at the same time…..

start to learn about the important stuff about how a human being really works

how our experiential universe really works

and most importantly

how you work uniquely and yes you’ve guessed it…..

Know Thyself is the gold route 🙂

Here’s an interesting insight ( well I think so :-))

I got this morning after tapping on this very subject

My partner and I were looking back over these thirteen days as to what is looking to shift

What comes up for us around Heaven on Earth

What the future holds

Making a 5 year plan for our mind to work with as a focus point

The key was how to reconcile what is happening in the world and the ego frameworks and being able to follow our spirit when all around controls are getting tighter around putting people in boxes and labels ~ ego society does not like free spirits and seeks to control that energy generally

The key is balance of the duality if at all possible as a place to be heading for to match the universal pattern

Spirit and Material World

Mind Body Spirit

Science and Magic

This is what the tools of my trade have given to me

Practical ways that work 

and why I love to share them

I took a leap of faith many times in my life ~ not least moving to Glastonbury with nowhere to live

It is part of the process of the Magician and High Priestess marriage 🙂

My Insight

On the Mayan Calendar of Planet Earth we are in a thirteen year cycle

This changes on July 26 every year at Leo time

The first seven years of every thirteen year cycle are the initiating years

the climb to the top of the pyramid 

This took place initiating in Red Magnetic Moon from July

2006  which is the overall flavour of the thirteen year spiral ~

awakening to our cosmic true nature and the ushering in of being in tune with our emotional, feminine selves

to Blue Resonant Storm in July 2012

which included the shift to a new paradigm in the Winter Solstice of December 21 2012

the new energetic pattern of the heart 

The next six years build on this energy just the same as the micro pattern in each Wavespell

Doing the lower chakra transformation automatically transforms the upper chakras

All the same pattern 🙂

On July 26 this year we go into Red Solar Moon

Completion of a cycle


On July 26 2015 we go into White Planetary Wizard



On July 26 2016 we go into Blue Spectral Storm

Dissolution ~ this will be a tough year for any resistance patterns same in many ways as this year using the regular calendar


On July 26 2017 we go into Yellow Crystal Seed Year ~ same as yesterday’s energetic blueprint


On July 26 2018 we go into Red Cosmic Moon Year 

Cosmic Movement 


On July 26 2019 we go into a new thirteen year cycle of White Magnetic Wizard


This will be a powerful cycle of magic and self empowerment

using a co creative framework ~ number 3

My intention for my five year plan

To open a retreat in Cephalonia Greece that is fully operational

for the new White Castle Cycle of White Wizard on July 26 2019

This will take me and my circle of family and friends

on a journey

on a process

on an adventure

The last time I did this Glastonbury wasn’t on my map 🙂

and here we are

Where will this intention take us?

Where will you be?

Do you have a dream?

My Thoth card for today reflects this

Prince of Disks


I had this card before ~ initiated my Yellow Sun Wavespell on December 09

More about that here on Love lights the way Blog

If you are ready to explore your inner world more


would like some assistance please contact me

If you would like to join an online group to share your experiences of working with Mayan Wavespell’s please join my Facebook Group

If you would like to know more about your thirteen year cycle, Starcode or Mayan Sign please send me your time, date and place of birth

I offer free consultations

so you can see how this can really work for you

Tomorrow is the start of a new 13 Day Cycle ~ which is essentially about Surrender

White Worldbridger Wavespell

If it is your Wavespell remember this is all about your cosmic mission 🙂

I have created a new practical document to use for our own awareness raising and synchronising with this pattern or indeed any of the Wavespells. 

It is free

If you would like me to send you one please message me

Love to your Cosmic Desires today

Let the fire grow higher 


Picture Credits

James Roe for the lovely heart focused picture

Picture 3

and for the white women pictures Andrew Gonzales

Sorry on the sources for the others there was no information as to artists or creators

Heaven on Earth ~ 12 Crystal clear formula



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Yellow Crystal Seed

Day 12

Day 12 of the Wavespell is the day of clarity


crystal awareness

The day of being crystal clear about what is required to create a structure for our co creation with

our higher self

our human self

our shadow self

and from this alchemical transformation place

we let go ~ yesterday’s dissolution in day 11 

of what is no longer serving us

co dependency

ego tango’s

outside “proof” that we are “successful”

It is the day that represents the new dance structure

We have the raw material in Days 9 and 3 to create this magical number 12

Look back on the entire structure of these past 12 days

and see our own personal


glass ceiling 🙂


Stained-glass ceiling of the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona, Spain 20130621

Remember it is

self imposed

Today is also a Galactic Portal Day

A powerful portal for integration


seeing if our chart ~ our map ~ aligns with our intended destination

are we heading in the light direction

with a team of focused navigators

who are aiding and abetting our heart opening process 🙂


This is always the case in this Wavespell ~ that this 12th day is a galactic portal ~ regardless of when it falls

This structure allows us to see the power and majesty of the universe and it’s amazing creativity

The Wheel turning and that there is a set framework in many respects….

and because there are so many other elements that come in to play 

there is also flux

In today’s particular universal energy ~ the astrology of the planets

we are in day two of new moon

although people refer to New Moon as New Beginnings

Wise weavers know that in the first flush of the youthful energy

we are still in the dark

the moon light isn’t reaching the earth

we are still in the in-between space of inter world

Time to still go within and be with the new seeds arising within

hold back on actioning them

noticing how it feels to temper our impulse for instant gratification 

always a sign of ego 🙂

whatever is done at the first flush will not last in terms of co creation for manifesting

often tis a rash route

and generally creates letting go for what is going to come……

later on as the energy stabilises

the middle of the waxing time ~

Waxing is the first fourteen days between new and full moon 

Day 7 is the pyramid zone

is a very good time to go out in the world to co create

if you have an intention 

that your relationship with others will bear abundant fruit


Remember also that this is still the dark half of the year

This is a great astrological forecast that really splits the year 2014 in two halves

by Austin Coppock

which really connects to the Mayan New Year starting in July

Remember that the majority of world focus is on

Ego Yang and going out energy

and overlooks the Yin time

Each are important to be in our full power

The more time we spend in transforming our shadow now

The more this will reflect back when the sun is in it’s power from Spring Equinox

for those in the Northern Hemisphere

Love Austin’s take on keeping the integrity of our wheel of clay

Thoth Card Today and Yesterday 

forgot to post this yesterday



The Wheel for dissolution Day


Here is a link for this

my take is: 

Look to the signs mentioned ~ Taurus, Scorpio, Leo 

Leo is the heart and having the courage to face the wheel of destiny and all it’s teaching

Also key to the same info in the Astrology Reports 🙂



5 of Wands

This is a great blog about this


Different cards ~ similar imagery 🙂

Remember that our Gold is found within our Lead

Light in our dark

This is the alchemy secret

of the Golden Seed

Heart Path

When we are ready to face our demons within

with courage

We cast off any seed husk that our ego has constructed

we bare our soul to the world

free from agenda

simply for the freedom

of loving the skin we are in

Love to you and your 
Seed Intentions
burnishing bright

building bulb energy time 🙂

Remember there are many shared patterns that we can learn from in nature that are optimum for creation

man made systems sometimes try too hard to reinvent the wheel 🙂

Love this video and love to tap with it 🙂

Picture links ~

Starting Flower of Life

Tree of Life ~ Mary Stubberfield

Heaven on Earth ~ 11 New Years Day 14


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 11

Blue Spectral Night

New Years Day 2014

Happy New Year

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the information

Today is the first day of 2014 and this day gives the flavour of that 365 cycle

The flavour is Blue ~ West, Death and Transformation

Spectral ~ Dissonance and letting go

Night ~ Nightmares and Dreams ~ letting go of the past wounds and living through ego visions so we can be the dream potential

Expanding our intuition

Blue Night in Mayan Sign terms is all about connecting to



The space between the worlds

the veil fissure

seeing through the looking glass

what lies beneath

Going down into the underworld


Here are a couple of viewpoints on today’s astrology:

Blue Moon Astrology

The storms are back in Glastonbury and last night I didn’t get much sleep

We tried doing New Year’s Eve in Glasto last year and we lasted an hour

early night for me last night 🙂

It isn’t my scene any more

As I am synching in with cycles

and raising my conscious awareness

using universal synching tools

like this Mayan Wavespell

I know that this so called New Year is actually an artifice

designed to be out of alignment with the cosmos

to fit the patriarchal plan

and as we are moving out of this blueprint on planet earth

and I am focusing on going with this flow

I am trusting that by heeding how I feel

We cannot hold on to the old

when we are creating the new

It is that simple

Choosing our direction

and committing to it

can be difficult at first

It often means swimming upstream when many others are going down

People who are transformers 

get used to this 🙂


If it is your birthday today 

This is the flavour of your year

We can use the Wavespell to chart our 13 year cycle

and to use it in this way

reveals our his ~  story

ego patterns

shows our challenge and our prima materia to work with

It is an amazing spiral that can be used in a million and one creative ways

truly a gift from the Goddess 🙂

As I have asked  ~ intended ~ to know this wavespell ~ experientially

when it is the perfect time for me

I awake with insights

I like to call them plops

The noise it makes when a penny drops 🙂

The plops I awoke with today are :

That our personal Wavespell contains our prima materia 🙂

our transformative energetic signature 🙂

This is our journey script

Our Ascendent and North Node in Astrology

The Ascendent being the masculine and the North Node the feminine


~ If you know your Mayan Sign you can look for your Wavespell here

on Tracey Gendron’s amazing site

Astrodreamadvisor Wavespell

So for example I am a Blue Solar Hand

I look for my Mayan Sign also known as Galactic Signature

and whatever column I am in is my personal Wavespell

This 13 day energetic spiral only takes place once every 260 days and is a powerful time to go deep

if you wish to create transformation.

This is the energy spiral at the time of our birth

I click on the box with Blue Solar Hand listed in and it reveals the whole spiral.

It is actually my Mayan day on the ninth day

The initiating energy is Blue Storm

Blue Storm Wavespell

This starts on January 17 2014

This Wavespell is the key transformation spiral in this White Castle set of four as it is the Blue Wavespell

We will be working with the energy of what has come to light during this  Red Skywalker Wavespell 🙂

This is the initiating wavespell

On another level our personal Wavespell is the universal energy signature we were born into

It is our Cosmic Mission Impossible

It is our earthly challenge this time around

and so it reveals our personal ego wounding 

Our prima materia 🙂

For me this Blue Storm energy is all about my personal recovery for my ego mask

being a people pleaser

hiding my shyness and sensitivity through addictions

hiding my shadow emotions that weren’t welcomed by most people

creating my shadow behaviour to counter balance my inauthentic conforming

and as my Lilith and rising are Aquarius

that was quite a polar show

If you think about todays energy for the Year

We can use a similar way of looking at the bigger picture

Using the Gregorian calendar

If today is Year 11

of a 13 Year Cycle

This thirteen year cycle started on January 01 2004

with Red Magnetic Skywalker


See the magick ?

See the Cosmic code?

What I know with my limited astrological knowledge…..

 as this is relatively new ground for me…..

Is that this was also a significant year for

The Venus Transit

as was 2012 when it completed


The link reveals the planetary transformation

what is more succinct and relevant for the transformer is our personal info

the people stuff 🙂

So if you really want to get in touch with what is seeking release

time travel back

to what was initiated in 2004

that has taken you on a deep soul searching heart trip

it may have been initiated seemingly by outside influences and in part that is true

we co create with the cosmic script

it is also our personal role

Key tip for transformers versus performers

Don’t be misled by our head ~

i.e. ego mask

If we think….

we can

throw things away


and that is an end to that past connection

think again….

that is only the outside world and a single part

 the whole
to changing our energetic role

heart wounds heal through feeling

I use EFT 


Emotional Freedom Technique



as I often share with my fellow journeyer’s

individual client’s and workshop peeps

EFT can also be used as an ego mask 🙂

Is nothing sacred we ask? 🙂 Tongue in cheek 

We are what we are and our ego is a tricky little monkey 🙂

It is highly skilled at pulling the wool over our eyes.

The key substance for transformation under all of this sub strata structure

is emotion

and so…..

Feel the feeling

When we are figuring ~ ego coming in

When we are evaluating ~ ego coming in

When we are reframing before feeling that uncomfortable feeling ~ ego coming in

One of the key strategies our ego uses ~

which is such a well used one in the UK

Which by the way is in Mundane Astrology the heart of Capricorn

hiding our feelings

stiff upper lip

drowning our sorrows in soap operas




and moaning , complaining 

wet and windy ~ pretty much like the weather


avoidance of transformative action 

victim pattern

avoiding feeling our feelings and taking responsibility for feeling them

and blaming gossiping and bitching instead

the theme of the soap opera 🙂

Be Do Have

What we focus on

is what creates our reality

So buckle up fellow seekers

We are in for a stormy ride in 2014

The only choice we have……

Is how we face the journey

Open to aligning more with our dream

and trusting in our inner vision is my intention


The deeper I go 

the more I exchange my fear frameworks

for trust

in my universal self

and the more magical the ride

Wishing you joy and love with yours

May our paths cross to create 

a brave new world



in our conscious awareness

in our lower level conscious levels too

Who we are as a being

creates what we are doing

and what we receive as a match

So today’s energy is the transformative force born in Year 3 of this 13 Year Cycle

Blue Electric Night

which started on  01 January 2006

This is the fire desire of our higher self 

the nature of our road trip

What happened that revealed something had to give

to get that show on the road?

Remember our ego is a powerful survival structure

to create powerfully with it

we transform it

create mature patterns

to co create with our spirit

Once we become very familiar with how our ego works

and let go of any resistance

we honour it

This allows more of our spirit to come in

at the holistic time when all elements are present that are perfect for that creation

Retraining our ego to face our fear

feel all our feelings

sets a new wheel in motion

we create on a different level
with the fire
of desire


and uses the water of emotion

to galvanise this pattern

instead of drowning the passion

Desire is the key to Manifesting our dream

The second plop was about an exercise

I have created which will feature in the document

that has been born through this energetic wave at the end of it

If you wish to receive this please message me

In my capacity as a life coach I suggest masculine and feminine practical strategies

that I use
that create a certain outcome

for living the life you want

Using everyday frameworks

to create magickal strategies

to raise our vibe

and open our channel of creativity

liberation from old ways