Romancing the Stone

  Blue Storm Wavespell Top of the Pyramid day Red resonant Serpent Day Galactic Portal Day Please click on the links to go to other websites to explore more This links to one of the most powerful Wavespell’s of the whole 260 day bigger spiral Red Serpent Wavespell with ten days of galactic portals in […]

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Blue Storm Wavespell ~ Catalyst

Blue Storm Wavespell Catalyst Cauac Day 1 of the initiation process in the Wavespell of transformation through liberating ourselves from the shadow way of living Please click on the links to explore more by visiting other sites We are in the White Castle of refinement and truth and the energy signature started at Christmas with […]

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Core Strengthening

Red Crystal Earth Day 12 of Surrender Wavespell White Worldbridger Complex stability Structure and a Galactic Portal Day Remember to click on the links to expand awareness ~ they lead to other websites with more information. We are in the last two days of the refining wavespell On the 17th comes The Catalyst Wavespell Blue […]

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Catalyst Coming Wavespell

  White World Bridger Wavespell Cimi Day 4 The Structure Day of every 13 day Wavespell   Todays energy signature is  Red Self Existing Moon   Please click on the links to expand on the information which leads to other web sites all about awakening today to firstly our own structure   secondly as a […]

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