Blue Storm Wavespell ~ Catalyst


Blue Storm Wavespell



Day 1 of the initiation process in the Wavespell of transformation through liberating ourselves from the shadow way of living

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We are in the White Castle of refinement and truth and the energy signature started at Christmas

with the Red Skywalker Wavespell

Bringing Heaven to Earth

What felt hellish ? What was heavenly?

Key learning here for our awakening process.

We moved on to the Surrender and Death Wavespell which completed yesterday

White Worldbridger Wavespell

Did you get some cosmic nudges around what is seeking to die in your life?

Are you fighting that process?

Resisting it?

Not really sure what to make of events unfolding just now?

A key way to get some guidance is to learn more about current planetary transits so we can see what is

unfolding in the heavens

and how our unique star code ~ our natal chart at the time of our birth

is being strummed by the planetary movements and evolution is calling us to create change

This is a big tough love time

Time to get our star show on the road

and sometimes that involves a catalytic shake up


Now is the Wavespell to do that 

This is Isis time


This is My Thoth Card today and flavours the whole 13 days

The High Priestess

My Wavespell time represents my life journey.

Yours represents yours 🙂

If you don’t know when it is please message me with your time,date and place of birth and I will give you the info about your Mayan Sign 

If you know your Mayan Sign and want to know your Wavespell ~ look for your sign in this great chart by Tracey Gendron and click on the link which will tell you when it is.

We only have one every 260 days

These Wavespell’s all have a core process 

The Core Process is the same for all

The nature of each energetic is unique

13 Steps that take us through a spiral where

evolutionary change is possible

especially when we become proactive

instead of reactive

This is where the magic of life takes a quantum leap

We take full responsibility for everything appearing in our circle of influence

and we start to move from survivor to thriver 

experiential evolution

This Blue Storm spiral takes us from

catalyst to divine child

Travelling back to who we were before our incarnation

free from blame and therefore blaming  🙂

a different viewpoint to religious dogma of the child born into sin

We are born here to create worlds 

through our own personal life journey

and to be




catalyst for change

We all have this cosmic mission

we all choose to carry it out

in our own way

This energetic spiral is

the Owl


Here is the animal totem of The Owl

The Blue Storm energy pattern

is the energy that represents change in the same

metaphorical way that a storm does

There is a build up of energy that creates a change in temperature

a change in atmospheric pressure

our emotions create our personal storms

If we allow ourselves to let our emotions cycle naturally 

we get a very different experience 

to when we repress them

Here is a great article about this tribe by Resonant Truth


Diana The Huntress Time

Tomorrow’s challenge ~ always day two on the spiral ~

Yellow Lunar Sun

What code are we carrying?

When life seems harsh ~ is it really?

Or is that simply our “stuff” from the past clouding our view ?

What person do we become

when we get squeezed in life?

This is often the polar opposite of when we are in our element and life is going how we like it to

If we remain consistent no matter what

and it is authentic and genuine

we are in the eye of the storm zone

We have converted our shadow sufficiently into enlightenment

let go truly and deeply of our past emotional events and any frozen moments

A supernova remnant believed to be the remains of a massive star that exploded over 300 years ago.

called our soul fragments back in

and are ready to meet life’s challenges

on adventure mode

full throttle

with super sizzle


electrifying to encounter

Every cloud really has a silver lining when we are in a clear enough space to actually experience it

which is a very different space to….

intellectually knowing it


Are you ready to galvanise your life here on earth

and close the doors to the past with honour ?

Everything that has happened was meant to happen

Everything that is happening has a positive intention

to evolve planet earth

and all it’s passengers

Time for a new story

of Love

I have a workshop tomorrow and you can join it online by Skype if you choose


Love to be a part of your synergy 🙂

Picture Credits:

First picture:

Willow Arlenea

 Owl and Ice photo ~Jack Zuli

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