Heaven on Earth Wavespell


Red Skywalker Wavespell


Wishing you joy and love at Winter Solstice

in the Northern Hemisphere

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We have two more days to go before Christmas Day

Feeling relaxed having let go of the majority of the consumer spin

and so no need to go mad any more because my ego insists 🙂

Loving the light returning that commenced yesterday 

Leo waning moon and Capricorn Sun

connecting to the spirit of this time

Being present rather than buying presents 🙂

We have just been through the language of light 13 day spiral Yellow Sun ~ this link goes to my blog which explains more about this

This is the fourth Wavespell and if you have been following the blog and are connecting to these cycles energetically…..

you may be aware of your structure now

The holograph of you

where the light flows through 🙂

If you haven’t no worries ~ this is a never ending story circle

doesn’t matter where you come in

or where you have been

we start where we are

as and when

This Red Wavespell is the fifth ~ mastery time


Remembering that we started this gestationary  cycle on the day of death ~ 

Hallow’s Eve

Holy Day

Tis the season now for seeing how we measure our own self worth

are we naughty or nice?

How have we created a prism of our own making ?

Of course ~ that is what we are here for 🙂

So we get to see ourselves on parade

in the glade

In a skin

that is magically made 

to reveal our inner world through it’s energetic flow

fade and glow

Just like every other living being

reveals whether it is in it’s authentically attuned and aligned environment and receiving the nurturing it requires to survive

and if it is really aligned…..

to thrive 🙂

The holiday season with our relatives reveals this

very succinctly

Is it heaven on earth…..

or truly hellish with gnashing of teeth and renting of santa outfit?

In the UK it is a standing joke that many Christmas Day presents and company rituals

are to be born like a hair shirt

something that we simply bear because ….

because ? ? ? ?



Fear of saying no ?

This questioning isn’t intended to be judgemental about family

It is intended to raise authenticity as to….

How we really feel

and question our choices as to

what is motivating them 🙂

We are often letting our ego call all the shots and so ….

we make up excuses

What we can do if we choose is to stop……

allow ourselves to really feel the true feelings

and be with them


let go of our collective

attention deficit disorder strategies

our ego smoke and mirror strategy to avoid anything that creates discomfort

because when we learn to be uncomfortable with the


we get a paradigm shift

and return to our factory setting

Fearless mode






Well more of the time 🙂

So if you choose to use this blog as an awareness adventure

over the festive season ……

You can really see where you may choose to create something anew


in doing so feel peace on earth

no matter where you are

who you are with

and a complete absence of tinsel and presents

because it is all there

in our head and heart and that is all

there is between us and our bliss

So click on the link Red Skywalker Wavespell at the top each day and check out what day it is.

Today is the day of initiation.

Red Magnetic Skywalker

Do a list to your Spirit instead of Santa ~ your Angelic Self 🙂


The angelic part of you that is your Cosmic Career Guide 🙂

If you like to use tarot set an intention to connect to this energy within you

Maybe the first animal or bird you see and google it’s totem

~ remember you are the universe ~

and ask for your highest good to be revealed to take you on this

13 day journey.

I don’t know how to calculate this yet but if anyone does please contact me and share:

In the past thirteen years there hasn’t been Red Skywalker over this period ~ would be good to know when the last one was at this time to see the spiral 🙂

so this is very meaningful as we remember that instead of asking 

The Gods and Goddesses

We remember that is who we are 🙂

We ask ourselves for guidance as we are ready to listen

Have faith and trust

in expanding the sacred feminine in ourselves

instead of following the ego school of another qualification 🙂

Become an expert on how your spirit connects to you and free up the space

and that this way of being is very different to how many of us have been conditioned to live so far on planet earth

We are ready to commit to our journey and welcome in the light

making space within

by transforming our shadow…..

and learning new ways.

13 Day divination

I do a 13 card Thoth spread for myself and look at the card each


My card today is Ace of Cups

Transformation Ace of Cups

This isn’t the Thoth image but I loved it.

Thoth link here

I have no references for the artists on the pictures today ~ apologies ~ when I have followed the link they simply go to websites that do not state the artist.

This interpretation of the child in the womb is a lovely metaphor 

What is budding within us now that we will birth in Spring ?

What creativity is bubbling in our dark places

and as we transform …

the energy created is sublime 

What many people do not remember yet is that

it is in our darkness where our light is found 🙂

If you know this and know thyself 

then heaven is already within reach on a daily basis as this is the true Secret

The True Law of attraction

That the universe we are part of…..

brings us what we need rather than what we want

and indeed it is only possible to create the state of bliss and ecstasy 

ourself 🙂

The more we let go of past resistance creating




and the more we see the work of spirit in everything

that there is a reason for all

nothing has ever gone “wrong”

there is no need to fear anything

that this only creates separation

and that

we are here at our spirit’s behest as part of the divine plan

so to go with the flow

and ride the sledge of life

is the way to go

The truth is we are part of a Grand Design

and we have flexibility around how we do that

the more flexibility we create within us

and the more enjoyable the ride.

I am in the process of creating a new document that we can use

as a universal life coaching tool

to create shadow transformation.

If you would like to take part in this process over the next thirteen days please message me and I will send it to you.

Please let me know about your Spirit List here on the blog if you feel to ~

and or my new private Facebook Group for that very purpose ~flow with Jo

Winter Solstice 2010 Caged Lantern dreamstime_3847365

be interesting to see and share what people are seeking just now as their next step.

I am seeking even more letting go of old ways and trusting in my next steps…..

as and when they are revealed at the perfect time

Gratitude to everyone who is co creating with me 

Everyone is inspiring me to be in this world due to their influence

and now….

I am very aware of it

Remember that you are co creating every day in every way

simply by being a being

here on planet earth

and you are a priceless gift 


pure magic

Who needs anything else 

other than our beautiful spirit and splendour ?

Remember our angelic essence 

in all that we do

and letting go of hiding our “imperfections”

Love to your Heaven on Earth Process

I am mini blogging each day over this Festive period and will

share my journey with you.

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