Heaven on Earth ~ 4



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 4 is the day of the structure

Please click on the links for more info from other resources.

I am creating this document as we go along ~ so when the 13 Day Wavespell is finished 

It will be finished and if you wish ~ gifted to you

When I work with people as a Life coach I give them documents to use for their own personal empowerment process

I am currently crafting 13 Documents for my new learning in co creation with

The Mayan Wavespell

All these multiple frameworks of raising consciousness in balance

Masculine and Feminine

Mind Body Spirit


that come from different cultures around the globe

Have a thread in common 🙂

They all follow the same code and formula

so whether you are using The Fool’s Journey in Tarot

Major Arcana structure link here


The Magickal Tree of Life


Artist Mary Stubberfield


The Pagan Wheel 


They present the same information

in different ways 

and with different intentions is all

There are many paradoxes…..

which become clear as ….

We become clear

and free from our conditioning

through transformation of our shadow and ego.

If we travel to other planetary frameworks offered by people who channel The Pleiadian  Framework

The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin is a great read if you are ready to go into outer space 🙂

Thank you for a cosmic nudge on this Domingo Gil who inspired this blog too 🙂

Fellow EFT ~ Er 🙂


The Keys of Enoch

this reveals the evolutionary code and reveals 

how ancient all these processes are ~ 

The Bigger Picture

of our universal creation pattern

for consciousness

At this time of revealing the great mysteries

everyone is included

we are all allowed access to

The Great Mystery School

of all time 🙂

Woo Hoooooooo

What an amazing time to be here 🙂

With these amazing insights come responsibilities too

To act as a Warrior of Light


The heart warrior who is constantly looking to himself and herself as a first point of call

so that whenever a shadow emotion is triggered

we take responsibility for healing this 



wherever possible

When we act from wounding…..

we live by the sword

and those that live by the sword……

Die by the sword

This is the structure of patterns

Certain patterns create certain outcomes

This is

The Truth

This is

Sacred Geometry

A Circle is a circle

It creates community

It has no beginning or end

It has no jagged points

It has certain qualities

It is inclusive when you are in it and part of it

If you are outside of it you are excluded from it

When we clear our inner space we create with the purity of the structure

We do not distort it

Our prism ~ our essence 

has no distortions

and so the light floods through

We are in a pure of heart space free from wounding

This is Christ consciousness

This is the Buddha

This is the divine child we are on a quest to return to

our true nature

a place of grace

using the Starcode of light

we beamed in on 🙂

Speaking of which…..

Merry Christmas

Today is the day we have created the birth of Christ

In the Mayan it is  Yellow Self Existing Warrior

In the tarot Day 4 is the Emperor

The day of creating a structure of mature masculine energy

and for the journeyer…..

New Beginnings

and death of the old ways

We have the Steps of 1 and 2 alchemically combined together ~

If you have done these steps…..

( This process can be used for any Wavespell in future 🙂 )

you have the raw data from the exercises on:

Heaven on Earth Wavespell Blog  1 ~ Intention ~ The Magus in you

Heaven on Earth Wavespell Blog 2 ~ Coming in from Goddess High Priestess in you

Heaven on Earth Wavespell Blog 3 ~ The alchemical electrical combination of the previous two days

and today you can see the structure to work with

so we can be peace

be love

be christ consciousness

be connected to source

be present with our higher self

What a Christmas Pressie to self this is 🙂

This is the enlightenment process

This is The Christmas Tree of Life

This is Sovereignty from within

This is the structure of soul transformation


Here is a document I created for a workshop I gave on The Day Out of Time in Glastonbury in 2012

which was the end of the 26000 year cycle on Winter Solstice

Living the heart path

When I booked this day with Glastonbury Positive Living Group

I had no idea that it was on this particular day ~ being very new to all things about The Mayan Wavespell 🙂

I had no idea of what I would speak of until very close to the day 🙂

The more we learn to trust in the way of the warrior of light

The more we allow what is being beamed through us

The structure I use for my clearing is Emotional Freedom Technique ~ or tapping

I share it with as many people as I can

because it is free

it is based on sacred geometry and holistic principle

It works

It creates a framework that is practical and simple to use

so simple that children can use it

and they do…..

It is empowering

It reveals what lies within that is seeking release

It is


The more people use this personal peace procedure in our world

The more peace we have on earth

Be Do Have

Whatever is on our inside

Is what appears on the outside

We are projectors of our inner world

and so….

the more people understand this and live it

the more our world will change

Most people still believe it is about creating change outside

and so we have a lot of misdirection attention

Imagine when the majority have reached this understanding?

When we share this message free from agenda 

emotionally free

attachment free

then it is heard in it’s truest form

with love

Until we have cleared ourselves this isn’t possible and …..

we absolutely can do it too

as it shows our structure

Doesn’t matter how many positive spin stories we weave

What addictions we use to avoid our hurt story

or how we try and “inform” others….

who are pushing our buttons 🙂

Until we remove our buttons ~

That is the light pattern we are transmitting 

always an old wound…..

we will attract the match for that wound

because that is the nature of the universe

Our heart attracts the wound at that time ~ a pattern match

until we heal it

The more inner cleanse we do

Emotionally 🙂

The easier this becomes to see

and we accept this process


Go with the Flow

The Lower chakras hold the secrets of our wounding

When we transform these the upper chakras open automatically 🙂

Great videos about this with Caroline Myss

Love to you and your Christ Consciousness Clearing


Today my Thoth Tarot is



We can only truly create anew in adulthood when we revisit and renew our code 🙂

Today is Saturn ~ the Lord of patterns and Structure

Expansion of these in The South

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