Heaven on Earth ~ 5



Red Skywalker Wavespell

Day 5

Red Overtone Earth

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A great website for information about these Mayan energetics is


Caban is the Mayan term for Red Earth

Mastery day


We chose to be here

Whenever we are not here and now

ego is present

Presence is when we are free from ego thought and feelings

aligned with our source

Being ungrounded is feeling seperate from the earth

issues of not belonging

blocking our base chakra energy connection to earth

running on spleen fight or flight

using intellect as a mask

trying to logic our way through an uncomfortable situation

to avoid feeling the emotions that come with that new growth area

See yesterday’s blog ~ number 4 for great videos from Caroline Myss for this

In her book Anatomy of the Spirit

a wonderful structure is revealed


You can keep it really simple  

Using EFT and tapping

Be with the feeling and then tap on it

Whatever you are feeling

and then follow the feeling to reveal the source of your pain

whether it is physical or not it doesn’t matter


yes all

absolutely everything painful

has an emotional root

If you use this methodology as a first port of call 

You will

Know Thyself

which is the Mastery Route 🙂

The information of the methodology is secondary


You don’t need to know how it works

for it to work 🙂

Trust in your sacred feminine

Indigenous people do not over think

have a lack of future, past and fear language

they are present

and accept the nature of things

this primary pattern is what is the root blessing

of the so called

Mediterranean diet

the love of family and living in nature

living in co creation with the land

food grown with love

all emotions expressed as they are felt



simply putting Olive Oil on your salad doesn’t achieve this holistic approach….

and it is a step in the love direction

same with a glass of red

it can be wine…

it can be cherry juice …..

It can be rose water

What is of primary importance is that we take time each day

to be

at one



with source


Letting our body that comes from the earth

and returns to it when we are done playing this part

reveal our next step

red moon1

Our body is our philosopher’s stone

emotions direct us as to what is flowing

and where we have created a block

with our mind

our emotional mind

our flight, fight and freeze

This is our game of life programme

that keeps us safe as a developing adult and….

paradoxically keeps us stuck as an adult

following old rules

that require an upgrade


Whenever we are feeling blue

there is an opportunity to upgrade through transformation

and jettison our past

So if you are a Red Earth this is your life mission

To create clear and grounded Source energy

for yourself

and if you choose consciously share this with others

At this moment in time we are shedding emotional ego masks

such as….

emotional avoidance masks

imbalance of intellect

emotional eating

fantasy escape

ego rubs

co dependent relationships that allow someone else to be an imbalanced part of us

Mummy figure

Daddy figure

All goes back to our roots 🙂

Whatever our victim story

is also our salvation

Around 42 

whatever we haven’t resolved and evolved in the first part of our life 

comes back to haunt us 🙂

If you are approaching that age or around it 

all the clues are there

If you are 30 to 40 you are in prime position to work with transformation now so that when you reach your Uranus Opposition

You are over toning on a whole different level 🙂

At 52 in the Mayan framework

We become Elders

Here we are mature human life experientials

maybe 🙂

or we can be masters of avoidance

maybe a bit of both ?

This is a very new approach for many people still

so if you are offering frameworks as a light worker 

Have faith and remember this

When the gentry created new ways of making gardens hundreds of years ago

with visionary designers

they planted for future generations

We get to benefit from their self belief

Capability Brown was the most famous architect of these gardens in the UK

Just been on a magical cookie trail with this 🙂

Our first summer in Glastonbury we visited Stourhead 

If you click on the link it tells you more 🙂

We have always visited old houses 

love National Trust places 

they always have obscure plants for sale 🙂

This place also has a significant connection to the underworld as you will read 


was a renowned place of Magickal practice in the Temple of Apollo

on it’s grounds

Felt very strange 

Living in Camelot County of King Arthur legend I also discovered that Capability’s real name is……

Lancelot 🙂

Well Well Well

Who’d of thought it ?

Here he is Virgo, Lancelot Brown.

Perfect Earth shaper 🙂


If you are an Overtone

or in your Overtone Year

I am in my fifth year of my Blue Hand Thirteen Year Cycle

To find out use this Mayan Calculator by putting in your last birthday date

Foundation for the law of time decoder

or send me your info

This is a free service

This number represents the fifth element

Time to create wisdom from the first four steps or years

Or if it is your personal number then this is what you are here for this lifetime

having had previous lifetimes building the four previous steps 🙂

Remember …..

the more you clear your chalice

the more your create a crystal clear space

to let your higher source self

come in

The Aquarian Age that we are stepping into

is remembering that our human body

is the cup holder for….

Our God and Goddess self


Here is a great series of videos called The Template

This is number two

I find them very powerful for me as I 

listen to their words

watch the images

feel my feelings

let the emotion come

and tap on my points using my mind

with the intention of releasing whatever is ready to go 🙂

How did your Christmas Day fare?

We ate a curry cooked by my son

We played Trivial Pursuit ~ a Canadian version bought for £2.50 from a charity shop on Christmas Eve and discovered our limitations on knowledge about Canadian geography and culture ~

We laughed so much at the obscure questions

We bought chocolate as “gifts” and received one

3 in all

What I noticed was we still placed a lot of emphasis on food

We didn’t decorate except for a tree sculpture we have all the year round 

 ~ put some decorations on there

The Christmas decorations we brought down from the loft

we looked through and they are going to the charity shop except for a handful

more to sort over the hols

For me this is letting go of old ways

and allowing myself to be free of the consumer pattern


that my family chooses their pace to do this too

not me forcing them 🙂

It is amazing how freeing this is and the ripple effect it creates

as I change my consumer programming

it isn’t really about Christmas

Just using Christmas as a focus

I felt sad about Christmas past

and allowed that

and let it go

we cannot keep creating the past

We are in a New Age

Love to your mastery today

My Thoth card is Death



This is a key friend to welcome on The Heart Path

The Goddess place is reached….

Through the

Valley of Death

over and over again 🙂

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