Free Webinar ~ Initiation

  Free Webinar  Yellow Resonant Human  A Galactic Portal Day The first New Moon of the Gregorian Calendar is a big one with a strong message It is also a Solar Eclipse with lots of power structure going on in the starry skies Initiation Kali energy ~ reclaiming our soul energy through healing It arrives […]

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Heaven on earth ~ 8

  Red Skywalker Wavespell Yellow Galactic Sun The language of light in the tone of integration Galactic Tone 8 As above so below What is within is also without Please click on the links to follow a light trail to other information on other sites Every single person on this planet that has ever been […]

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Heaven on Earth ~ 5

  Red Skywalker Wavespell Day 5 Red Overtone Earth Please click on the links for more information A great website for information about these Mayan energetics is Caban is the Mayan term for Red Earth Mastery day Five We chose to be here Whenever we are not here and now ego is present Presence […]

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