Free Webinar ~ Initiation



Free Webinar 

Yellow Resonant Human 

A Galactic Portal Day

The first New Moon of the Gregorian Calendar is a big one with a strong message
It is also a Solar Eclipse

with lots of power structure

going on in the starry skies


Kali energy ~ reclaiming our soul energy through healing

It arrives in the early hours of

06 January 2019

In the Mayan Calendar today

it is a portal day of learning for the human being

Yellow Resonant Human

Please join me to learn more about the Cosmic Codes coming in at this time and where you are being influenced

There is no pre ~ requisite knowledge of the Mayan Calendar


Astrology required

If you have that ~ fabulous too

You know what has felt good for you specifically since the Creating Heaven on Earth process began

on the 17th of December ~ now we are coming to the time to integrate it
Be Do Have

The first part of the webinar is about me sharing some cosmic code information and how to use it for our personal transformation

The second part is all about you sharing yourself with other people in the group if you wish to
Take part in whatever way you choose

This will also be recorded

This Webinar launches my new monthly groups of

working with the moon

to create a powerful conscious intent

It is free ~

to allow access to all

free of money constraints


to allow sharing of these frameworks so you get to experience me and my work

This may be a brand new way of seeing your life on one level and a re~awakening on another ~ a remembering

My key focus in this life is to be part of the shift away from money as the primary focus and motivation in this world

It has become a God in terms of the ego mask
It is important for each one of us to be able to sustain life on earth and thrive here ~ we do that with money in part right now

One of deepest pathologies is the misuse of power with money and this goes back to the initiation of the patriarchal expansion

How it has become a definition of “success” in the world despite clearly revealing deep shadow ~ key for our awareness

We have also often sacrificed our soul to earn it and been in toxic relationship to have it in some way

We have seen the impact of this imbalance and deception and it’s culmination

We have lived it’s learning

Now it is time to feel and heal

and truly bring our gift to the world

from a clear balanced place of integrity within

We are embodying the change and learning to walk our talk

Time for the return to balance of the sacred feminine

She Who Is

We came here at this time to change our world by changing ourselves

I hope you will join me and your tribe to initiate a powerful intention for our journey this year

Creating your Cosmic Code Resources:

If you want to know your Mayan Sign here is a decoder:

If you want to create an Astrological Chart here is a guide of how to ~ this will show you where Capricorn is in your chart:

For more info please contact me :

Jo Kenworthy
07772 877028
01458 850769

Webinar links:

Part 1 Cosmic Codes at 7pm London time ~ 40 minutes

20 minutes break in between to tune in to what you are wanting to share

Part 2 Sharing our experience at 8pm London time ~ 40 minutes

You will need to download Zoom to take part:

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