pic by Maya Telford ~ We 3 Queens of Orient are

Today on January 06

It is the Day of the Epiphany

In the Mayan Wavespell on January 06 2019

It is a powerful day :

Red Galactic Skywalker 

It has been a revelatory few days for me with lots of magical learning

Lots of experiences around what I would like to create to share my work

Lots of practical solutions coming up for all manner of things


not even into the New Moon energy fully yet 😉

How about you ?


New Moon in Dark Goddess energy


15 degrees Capricorn with a Solar Eclipse

A woman wearing a necklace of skulls.
Feminine power of the deepest kind. Ancient, impressive, and formidable. Standing for the Dark Goddess. Authoritative, proud, and knowledgeable. Can be attracted to pouring on the power and becoming personally identified with dominant behaviors. Lack of compassion, very little forgiveness. Not generous-spirited. Imperious, demanding, and not to be denied. If sparked by wakeful seeing–redemptive and cauterizingly renewing. But if captured by old pictures–autocratic, ideological, and retaliatory. The perfect soul-gift for those with pure intention. Otherwise, a scourge.


Interesting opposite to that :

A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm. 
The soul, as divided as it can be between two diametrically opposed realities. Radical karmic crossroads. What is preferred, what you have a taste for and an affinity with is any known familiar world within which you belong and are not questioned. What you feel afraid of, forbidden from entering, are the vast, unknown worlds which partake of infinity. If given your way, the densely familiar worlds will surround and protect you for extended cycles. Spirit here must wait until all personal dramas are exhausted. Yet spirit here is not patient, and subtly curses your mundane endeavors for being so trivial. The resolution of this extreme polarization will require drastic self-loss and many subtle permutations to pass through in order to become whole again, when your karma has split you down the middle and left you there to work it out for yourself.

These are taken from Inside degrees fabulous website 

On a deeper structural level :

Mindfire ~ Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The responsibility of society to ensure the welfare and total health of the new generation.

The socio-cultural process must look to the future as well as to the past. It has created conditions which may harm the children who will carry forward its work, and it must try to repair these negative conditions through love as well as through physical care. In personal life, the individual should take great care of his fresh intuitions and his dreams of future growth. They are often fragile developments which the pressures of everyday life can easily distort or destroy.

This is the last stage of Scene Nineteen, which began with a powerful claim for socio-political power. The exercise of such a power can indeed produce social conditions which endanger the healthy and spiritual unfoldment of a community, and especially of its children. There is therefore constant need forTENDER CARE as well as skill to neutralize the destructive tensions of social living.

I had an amazing cookie trail yesterday 

I learned that the lingua franca in the Mediterranean and Middle East

around the time of Christ was Koine ~

Greek because of Alexander the Great’s influence 

Read more here 

I also found this painting of Giotto ~ I studied History of Art at school 

GIOTTO: ADORATION. Adoration of the Magi. Fresco, c1305, from the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua, by Giotto.

Pic by Giotto ~ The Adoration of The Magi 


Interesting story about Ursury behind that painting here 

Also visible Halley’s Comet  ~ article here 

More about the Chapel here 

Amazing article about The Magi here 


Shows how information often gets distorted and lost in translation ~ literally 

which can sometimes be “allowed” to happen in order to manipulate the masses

Today is a very important day for the individual

on the Gregorian Calendar every year

as The Magi is the wise soul within us revealing truth ~

when we heal we access our source code and connection

It was originally wise people

who were Sourcer ~ers and experts in the Art of Astrology and Astronomy  ~

some key planetary personal cycles in the article 

On the Wavespell spiral this time around 

we can see how we are integrating the

Red Skywalker Wavespell today 

What needs to end in our personal world so that we can live ?

The Red Skywalker Wavespell took place over Christmas

from the

17th of December to the 29th of December 2018

In Astrology I found a lovely

epiphany today 

The definition of

The Part of Fortuna in our natal chart

by Steven Forrest Astrology :

Our Ascendant is our Self Actualisation

Our Sun is our essence ~ the core of what we are 

When our Sun ~ our essence

is in Alignment

with our Ascendant  ~ our expression


there is no difference  between what we are on the inside


what we are expressing on the outside



then we have reached full integration

total authenticity


how would that feel ?

Living totally from truth and congruency of the soul embodied

This is the “goal” of our journey on earth 

The Part of Fortuna in the chart reveals the process

The Moon I believe reveals the lessons we have to learn

that are being unveiled ~

the core childhood ancestral patterning we are here to heal 

My Part of Fortuna is Libra at 13 Degrees :

Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely. 
When you are personally ill, disattuned, all broken up, you can find a kind of healing and transformation by exposing yourself to shared experiences that give you a boost and let you release what has gotten you to this point. You will find others in similar places to your own. Rituals and styles of change, of opening, of becoming somebody new can become a way of life in themselves–being thrust into collective cycles, taking on collective karmas, immersing yourself in what is going on with everybody. Feeling it all, sensing what it is like to be human, to be wounded, to be searching. Alive to the multiple chemistries, along an open-ended pathway. Yet you also tend to loop back, to grow attached to the way it seems and to be naive to what you are really doing after all. Experiences and processes must be springboards into really becoming free. And perhaps also by rooting into a place where love is born, out of whose source you can give so abundantly and be sustained in the universal flow, as one who kept at it until all the semblances gave way to the adventure authentically embraced.

In my 8th house ~ Integration ~ Scorpio’s home 

My Moon is in Taurus at 8 degrees in my 2nd house :

A very complicated hedge maze. 
Self-confounding. Fascinated, you are engrossed by the fabulous disattunement you seem to be stuck with. Suspended, enchanted, held fast by ancient errors, rendered safe or innocuous. Being held down by an old curse and not being able to find any way out of it. Nothing comes together. Meanwhile, you are entertained by myriad factors as diversions, living out secondary circuits, trying to be content. You’re good at reality adjustment, practiced in the art of making it work somehow, but deeply frustrated, profoundly alienated, and existentially doubting just about everything in sight. Waiting as patiently as you can for something to shift somewhere, anywhere. And becoming quite witty and bemused, with a biting edge that says “it is not funny.”

Hence my work revealed ~ illumination ~

key to becoming free

I love these amazing cookie trails 

Lots of love with your day of Magic

The Light is returning

amanda clark

Pic By Amanda Clark

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