Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ Scorpio black hole gateway

Just got back to the UK and realigning myself with the Glastonbury energy bubble and the contrasting grey dynamic to the superheat of Greece where I have been for the past two weeks.

This wavespell is so powerful ~ how is it affecting you?

I am writing this in Aquarius moon time at waxing moon so bear with me this is a biggie blog

Lots of links to click on here if you choose and gratitude to all the people who have created these wonderful resources I am sharing with you.

There are ten galactic portal days helping us in our transformational busting out of our cocoon time.

Are you going with the flow of it or resisting all that it is bringing?

It is an energy gateway taking us into another seemingly upside down reality if we allow it

rather like Alice through the looking glass we can experience a whole new world if we allow it to happen

Our ego may be putting up a fight right now to keep things as they are and continue with the status quo it knows

Be assured that what we resist persists so …

when we succumb

is the only real choice we have.

A few days ago I got the name Cassiopeia and as always it was out of the blue

this is how I connect with my higher self guidance

I do not know what it is about and have learned to wait and see as all will be revealed……

My conscious mind told me to do this yesterday and practicals came first so I found myself doing it today

which of course is the perfect timing……. and how Cassiopeia fits in

my conscious mind and ego often resists this process and as I let go of my conditioning I learn to allow it more and more

I recognise my own patterns of when I am in my ego space of risk assessing and acting from fear energies and beliefs

and when I am allowing myself to trust and let go of my mind being the leading role of my life production.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and allowing our process of not knowing is the key

Being balanced in our masculine and feminine energy within which is when we become true masters of our will and our ego transforms to become our friend rather than our inner critic

Today is day five of the Yellow Seed Wavespell and Yellow Overtone Star

Just been on a magic cookie trail of discovery for my blog and am loving the co creation of sharing this with you all

My partner David has an application on his phone which shows the constellation Cassiopeia directly above where I am sitting writing this blog 🙂

There is too much to mention on the synchronicity of the threads of the cookie trail which connects our trip to Kefalonia so here is a short version:

  • Ithaca is the island facing and is believed to be connected to Odysseus and Homer‘s writings of the epic cycle ~

The bigger picture cycle all about the sacred journey and a very early version of the hero/heroines journey

and the fool’s journey in tarot.

  • There are five stars in the constellation
  • One of the main topics of conversation with our children was about the tortoises on the island (we kept looking and didn’t see any) and this is also mentioned in the Chinese astrology link to this constellation
  • I have always had a connection to Greece and Homer – I remember playing the game of charades in the 80’s and using The Iliad as one of my charades even though I have never read any of his work and it was so out of keeping with what I was doing at the time – great for being difficult to guess 🙂 When we look back with awareness we can see where we have always been connected and following our path even though we may not have been consciously aware of it.
  • The metaphor is there in the story if we choose to see it about moving into this space of letting go of our ego

My gift is seeing patterns and helping others see theirs so we can make different choices instead of simply creating more of the same pattern

I am therefore a seer and more and more as I have cleared off my past ego emotional patterns I can connect to inspiration rather than ego led repeating history

My belief around this is that we each come into the world for a soul journey adventure and we have a starcode which is our astrological sign.

So we are in an amazing Mayan wavespell which is all about removing the barriers we have learned to create in childhood so we can be the true starseed that we are.

The Mayan wavespell is a wonderful tool for seeing the bigger picture and brings so much information together.

The key to seeing and being a clear seer is availing ourselves of the information about our pattern and the pattern of the universe so we can go with the flow


create consciously

We become very aware of our map of the world ~ which is what we have learned in our life so far based on our experience

We can also be aware that the map is not the territory

and so we have created our map

and so we can uncreate it and redraw it

we are the god and goddess energy this isn’t outside of us

however most of us are being reactive rather than proactive and still living our day to day life using maps we created in early childhood

most of us believe other people have the power

most of us believe we are seperate from our source energy

and we are fragmented both in our thoughts and our energy

when we work holistically we see everything is connected

and we start bringing the fractures back to centre

we heal our core

we focus on ourselves

we let go of feeling seperate

we can only do this from the inside out

all of the health dynamic of the body creates change

most people focus on trying to heal through this method as seperate from mind and spirit and this is

a seperation pattern

The starting point is to remember

that the universe is experiential

it brings us our map beliefs

it can only bring us that

so here is where the central point is

we have a starting point on our journey

this is today

this is now

where are we?

If we do not look where we are

If we do not love and accept where we are

then we cannot go anywhere else……

Many people are simply repeating their pattern they learned to keep themselves safe and creating a drama out of it

so drama it is

It really is that simple

are we being the star that we are?

Are we aware that we are acting out

using avoidance strategies for what is?


blocking receiving?


If we want to live a sacred life that is full of joy and harmony

we have to be it and tame our wild child

the rebel that strikes out to be free blaming others when in reality it is only ourselves that create emotional binding

the rebel without true cause

that is the child seeking to balance the people pleasing mask

If we do not evolve then neither will our circle of influence.

Most people are still repeating the ways of relating that they were taught as a child

that caused alot of emotional pain

and yet aren’t ready to create change by taking the steps required to end that scenario

it is the only way……

To take responsibility ourselves.

Today is the number five and the fifth element which is a truly magical number

it can mean a struggle

depending where we are on our path.

When we become very aware of our area of hurt we become able to transcend and transform.

This is what Scorpio energy is all about.

As we come into November we are at a time of fire transformation with bonfire night and an approaching solar eclipse on November 13 there is so much happening especially for Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio

This is significantly marked in the Mayan wavespell on November 14 of the start of the White Dog Wavespell which is all about how we live from a space of unconditional love rather than drama

Often we are looking for meaning outside of ourselves instead of being the star of our show

A Mercury Retrograde thrown in for good measure starting November 07 until 26

in my past this has always been a challenging time where I have faced adversaries who have pushed my buttons

as a reforming people pleaser I have struggled to be in the space of meeting the challenge

sometimes we need to rant too simply to let go of avoiding being unpleasing

however we create an energetic output with that

and this adds to the collective rant

so being mindful that this is always resistance to what is

the higher self has no need to rant

it is always ego based

and resistance to what is

 I found a new way of working for me that I love to share ~ using emotional freedom technique.

Feeling the trigger and then going back to times in the past when the resistance was created

letting it go

speaking from a clearer emotional and energetic space

Using this strategy allows us to integrate our past and heal our inner child

We are now in Self-Existing Moon in the Mayan 13 moons and now is the time of building that structure of the heart

firm foundations

being disciplined from love instead of fear

We are still in the new moon energy founded in Libra and waxing energy growing until Monday’s full moon in Taurus which is my moon sign.

Scorpio is the holy trinity

It is beneficial to know where we have Scorpio presenting in our chart to work with this awareness

The Snake of being in the skin we are in ~ we just visited that space with the Red Serpent Wavespell which was all about our addictions and how we use them to wear a mask and get our fix instead of walking our talk

The Phoenix is the bird that is created in the transformational fire of death of the old self so the free bird can fly

The Eagle is the visionary that flies high above the world and seeing the bigger picture of our life path rather than our ego fear

These are the last few days of the time of death and transformation in the blue energy of the Mayan wavespell and then we go into yellow which is power and expansion of  everything that has gone before

power from being true unto ourselves and the rich rewards that come

or power from being our ego selves which will bring big awakening on what we attract back

because the universal balancing energy will be our karma as we reap what we sow

we can run but we cannot hide from our shadow

This weekend I am creating a trilogy of workshops in Glastonbury at The Heart Centre

they are also available online so you can take part wherever you are in the world.

Places are limited due to space of the room and the online server so please reserve if it feels timely for you

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Here are some great resources I have loved exploring and thank you to those who shared them.

Creating sacred structures with sound healing:


Tom’s fab astrology bigger picture weekly report which is so apt as always 🙂

Love to you all amazing souls

Wishing you joy and abundant living wherever you are

unleash your dream and be the brightest supernova that deep down you know you are


Mirror wave ~ are you feeling unconditional love ?



It’s the last day of the white mirror wavespell and White Cosmic Dog

It has been a high intensity wave that is taking us deeper and deeper into the central core of the Tzolkin

and in doing so taking us deeper and deeper into our core selves

Lots of people having big emotional stuff coming up through their outer world

and pushing their buttons to reveal old wounds

My intention is to share practical ways to work with this

Ways that I follow myself and I absolutely know work 🙂

I am not a paragon of virtue and am still of course in the process

and I have done alot of emotional mind pattern match clearing since 2007

So before I share any intellectual information with you…

here is the secret to being unconditional


Emotional Freedom Technique

and I say that alot in my blogs

and I know alot of people will ignore it

because our ego mind knows best it tells us…..

and we have to use our cognitive mind to figure it out

and so I repeat

the way to be unconditional love

is to let go of all the conditioning and conditions your mind has created to allow you to feel good today….

Do you see?

The emotional mind does not live in the world of the cognitive

it is all about feelings

let feelings be your guide

let go of figuring it out

figuring it out is simply an ego device designed to keep figuring until you forget your pain

the ego mind doesn’t want to feel it

because when you feel bad you don’t function

and therefore in ego mind’s world you are unsafe

and it will do anything to keep you safe

 go to great lengths

even if it’s methodology is totally insane.

If you are very invested in your mind

having goals

fixing and controlling

then this energetic time is going to really push your buttons

because being unconditional is all about letting go

not constructing 🙂

Do you see?

If you are wanting to cling on to old ways of relating and behaving then you will really struggle now

See the pattern of the bigger picture

the key is to our little friend at the top of the page.

A dog will love you for very little reward

However it is conditional in a behavioural sense

Pavlov’s dogs showed how they could be conditioned to salivate at the sound of a bell as over time they were fed and heard a bell ring so their minds created an association

eventually you ring the bell and the dogs salivate for food without food being present

a dog – so theory says – doesn’t reason

it doesn’t have consciousness

and I don’t know if that is true or not 🙂

I can watch it’s behaviour and see it is very different to a cat……

that knows it’s own mind and will not be wooed by food unless very physically needy

 the dog simply lives in the world of  the emotional mind that we share with it

The bell response is a trigger

We have the same trigger response

We feel good when we get a pattern match from the past ~ maybe Christmas

maybe not  – it is all subjective depending on what our life story has been

We live our lives reacting to our past story through triggers

this is good, this is bad….. based on that

alot of this processing is beneath our consciousness  and in a different part of our mind to the cognitive….which is why we cannot access it with our cognitive mind

do you see?

The two systems are not compatible and they do not speak the same language

emotional mind is feelings led it isn’t logical

it is a pattern matcher

This is what Einstein illustrates with his famous quote:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

because they are different energetic ways of being

one is the past where the emotional button was created as a trigger

when that has gone it is possible to select from source as a clear channel because the enegetic possibilities have opened up and expanded

the emotional mind is not under attack so it can relax and allow and let go of the firewall

rather than be reactionary from the past it is clear space

when you start to tap the reasoning becomes clear

and you can let go

and see the pattern

and create a new belief system

It works for animals too because of this

and animals create the same energetic blocks as their owners as they are in their circle of energetic behaviour and influence

they do not have these illnesses in the wild

Let go of the logical is not the way to inner peace

When you totally let go of your mind you can still access it when you need to…

it just isn’t running the show

remember that life is all about our journey and let go of the destination

let go of the “hows” and “why’s”

Your divine guardian higher self has the route mapped out

There is a divine plan and a mission

and all we have to do is allow it

and be proactive

The Adjustment Bureau is a great film that illustrates this

we are on a plan and we have free will

and this can take us down heart paths of love and into shadow spaces

facing our challenges  help us to grow into spiritual adulthood by being disciplined

healing our inner child wound

and being an energetic match for where we want to be

If we don’t like being manipulated….let go of all the pattern matches on manipulating

If we don’t like being used….let go of all the pattern matches of being used


change our behaviour

The companies and governments of the world know this information and so they trigger us this way and that

to create the outcome they want

we are being manipulated as to their plan of how they want the world to be for them and they are doing this very consciously from a belief system that is based on fear ~ their past

and when I say “they” I am not intending to communicate blame or fear

It just is

and whenever we are being controlled and manipulated it is an energetic match from the past

and an opportunity to do something different now

see where we are seeking to control/fix/manipulate

to feel safe

or where we are being passive and dissolving into no boundaries

for fear of……?

We can say how we want our relationship to be

and it’s back to the slides….

Whatever has been happening on the outside

the inside slides of our past have been showing us where to go to create a change

If your ego is having a meltdown then there is lots of inner work to do

and practical shifts required so that the cycle doesn’t happen again

all the clues are there

Often we avoid doing the process and distract ourselves

this only serves to create more resistance to what this time of the year and the bigger cycle we are in is looking to birth in us….

emotions are designed to show us when we are in alignment with our source energy

they are our first pointer

they lead the way

they create a reaction in us

when we let go of reactionary patterns then we let go of being led by the nose like a dog

and we access heart wisdom instead

we become braver with our intuition

Here are some amazing quotes by Einstein:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

that is what is required now……

“In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep.”

be do have 🙂

Tomorrow we start a wave spell of the Divine Child energy

Blue Monkey Wavespell

this takes us on another wavespell of inner child exploration and how we are allowing ourselves to be the divine child we really are free from

ego pattern match inner child rant,

inner child learning that wasn’t from the light

making co-dependent relationships rather than co creative ones ~

wanting someone to be our masculine/feminine opposite instead of integrating that polarity within

being whole by integrating the parts of us that have gotten lost on the journey

When we are in the space of true balance we allow our circle

we allow ourselves to receive as well as give

If we struggle with trust and acceptance

having faith

jumping into the void

becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

and letting go of needing our diary filled

so our mind feels safe

then it is being shown to us now

the truth is we do not control anything 🙂

and we are everything

and when we relax into ourselves and our true nature

we allow the universal midwife to deliver us our dues

and when they don’t match our expectations

we can let go of  them……

and create changes in our beliefs

the only way is to go with the flow and see the bigger picture

the map is not the territory

seeing the territory and focusing on that

being free

from our mind

involves being in our heart

and being prepared to see that everything we have ever been taught from an ego space

is not what we are working from now

now is new learning

new ways of being

and to blaze that trail we create new pathways

we cross new thresholds

and face our fears

remembering that is all that they are……..

love to you today

unconditional loving souls

let Libra bring balance

Day nine and completion of the mirror wave

How are you feeling today as you sit back and survey the landscape and your creativity?

What amazing things have happened to your inner slides ?

Has your movie channel changed?

Many people have been emotionally white water rafting during this wave

and I have been a busy bee inspired by the meeting of minds

and the sharing of souls

I love my life and am so honoured to be living it

I am feeling tired and depleted today

it’s been quite a journey this year and the waves keep coming

I love the exhilaration change brings

some quiet time would be nice….

no chance of that when you live on ley lines…..

mission goes on

and on…..

I have met lots of people over the last week

some from my old hunting grounds in the North

Liz Green and I sat down in the Abbey together on magical Saturday

and shared some vibes

It was a revelation for us both and we laughed at the similarities of our shared journey

often people don’t “get” us as we have Aquarian energy

and see the bigger picture

and people think we are aliens….

that has been tough at times

and as we say in the North…..

the making of us.

Liz has been talking her talk and walking her walk on many a media

and wondering how she is being received

in Wakefield it can be tricky to have the courage to talk about vibrations and the like

and I admire her tenacity to speak her truth no matter how it is received

when you feel it in your heart

you know you would rather die than go back to the old ways of hiding your light

to fit in with the crowd

Often we can feel disheartened and doubt ourselves

and then we remember

when new paradigms are being created

wayshowers have to blaze a trail

someone has to go first

without a map

set sail and chart a course

so that others will follow

spiritual entrepeneurs

if no one ever says the new language

how do we ever have a conversation

we get stuck telling the same old story

someone has to start the song

in the brain new neural pathways are created

new behaviour

new models for living

and now is the time to start singing a different tune

so everyone out there who is aching to come out

about all the exciting magical stuff that is heart knowingness

speak up 🙂

It is White Solar Worldbridger and time to let go and go with the flow

bringing together the nine pointed star and mind, body and spirit

Nine in tarot asks us how we have completed

have we become masters of our art yet?

Nine is the shape of the labyrinth

we have gone in and around and now can we see what has come as a result of taking this journey?

Tomorrow will be the manifestation of what has come in the nine days

We are in for some more big picture self-examination as our planetary giants take us on a tour back to the year 2000.

This is Jupiter who is going retro through Gemini on the 4th of October – Red Crystal Moon in this wavespell.

Add on to this Saturn into Scorpio on the 6th and we are going to revisit an old cycle.

This is a new wavespell ~ Blue Monkey which is all about our divine child.

Jupiter governs the throat chakra and Saturn the base chakra….

so we have an exciting little trip down memory lane

Jupiter is all about expansion and Gemini in this instance relationships, with our higher selves and how we are living our sacred truth

or speaking in tongues….

any structures in our connection to our tribes ~ maybe birth families (and for me the thirties time of Saturn Return)

that were formed or had issues in the later part of 2000

are coming back so we can have another look

and so people from our past or archetypes who match them…

as we have unfinished energetic business to complete…

will be arriving soon.

My biggest meltdown in relationships happened in this period

and back then it was a tough road

and I survived and learned alot

and we are still together

having had alot to look at on the way

and to repattern and let go of our past

It was when I was given my first copy of Louise Hay “You can heal your life”

and wow how far have I come since that day in changing how I see the world

I have just done Louise Hay’s Mayan sign and she is a Blue Galactic Night born on a GAP day 🙂

Born in October….


Thank you Louise Hay your paradigm shift work changed my life

My ego struggled with it

my heart knew it to be true

Big skins started shedding when I opened that first page……

not long after I passed a gallstone

and I have repeated that in Glastonbury in 2010

crawling around in agony

my bitterness and bile being blasted out….

not a pleasant experience

I would rather use EFT and tap to let go instead

before I reach a critical point.

So brace yourselves for another layer as the cosmic soup is ready for another stir

and our opportunity is ripe for a de-clutter of the murky depths of

what lies beneath

at the waning time of the moon

If you want to let go of that old way of being for good contact me and we can skype

the more we can be proactive now and the easier the rest of the year will be


seize our chance while the going’s good

and the emotional evolution hasn’t got us locked in a vice

of our own making

we need to learn to have regular letting go

instead of leaving things until critical mass forces us to look

it can be tricky to negotiate with the fight or flight

and sometimes we have to sneak under the radar

with gentle hands

and lots of lavender lip balm

Lots of resources for you on my website just added.

Remember the only way to journey is to….


if you are still sitting in the same circle of influence as this time last year

with the same familiar faces

trotting out the same stories

face the fact

you are stuck

and it’s time to do some inner energy rewiring

before the cicuits blow

there is a storm on it’s way

and it’s bringing our future

by letting go of our past

cracking open the shells

to let in the light

If you are experiencing synchronicities

you are on the path to the stars